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Great Tits

March 23, 2011

Hentai Tits

Feline Tits

Show Me Your Tits

Big Tits are Not a Crime

Tits Tease

Monster Tits

Ugly Gigantic Tits


Young Web Cam Tits

Tits in your Face

Tits Flashing in Car


courtesy of Metatrons Art Gallery

Metatrons Art Gallery

March 23, 2011

my new site


This Blog is Moving!

June 2, 2009


it’s been fun here on, but I feel the need to strike it out on my own domain. So, today marks the official move for 100 Musical Footsteps.

The details are here –

Official Welcome!

hope you can join me!



Being Cornered

May 23, 2009


Some of my Favourite People on Twitter

May 22, 2009

twitter bird 2


#FollowFriday 22 May, 2009


@os1019: documentary film maker who is a total visionary.  Graphic art.

@solipsistic: podcaster, and surfer of the electronic music realms.

@musicformedia: young composer, currently taking a 12 month tour of Australia.


@Radiant_Heart: a kind, gentle spirit.

@mommymystic: a seeker on the path.  Very good blog!

@dragosroua: on the road of self development, and making real change.


@wadeis:  a street smart Aussie, recently moved to the US.

@420thoughts: seeking bliss through the leaf

@CrypticFragment: a wonderfully wild and compulsive tweeter


@HeARTwork: truly loving and warm spirit, artist.  From Perth, Aus.

@bikerbar: my original model for tweeting.  Totally switched on, sparking.

@LilPecan: very funny and witty.  a must follow!


@sheephogan: irreverant, breaking the mould, and truly unpredictable!

@DiamonDie: a sharp, and observant tweeter from Finland.

@afirmin: unofficial poet laureate of twitter 🙂



twitter bird 1