Being Cornered


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15 Responses to “Being Cornered”

  1. Willis Whitlock Says:

    It’s usually other Christians who are doing the oppressing. Way too much emphasis on being the right “brand.”

  2. Lee Says:

    I agree with Willis…not for the same reason though…I’m an Atheist and its their fault that they’re being oppressed.

  3. Joe Vince Says:

    I agree with both of you guys. I am a Christian and I think that Christians have just gotten away from the meaning of our faith. In the book UnChristian they make the quote “Christians today are known more for what they stand against than who they stand for”. That is the real dividing line. If we want to stop being oppressed we need to stop judging people and do what Christ did. Love.

  4. Michael McGannon Says:

    Unfortunately, the seeming majority of American Christians (or European Christians) do not actually follow their religion, which is love. They condemn those they are supposed to love, and they condemn each other. Though, who is perfect?

  5. mommymystic Says:

    yes, I am on a religious debate forum, and am always amazed when this view is expressed…it’s very convenient (and emotionally satisfying) to think of yourself as a persecuted martyr I guess…I sort of posted on Christianity this week too, re: American Idol here in the states…got my first hate comments, which I deleted…debate I can handle, hate, no.

  6. Willis Whitlock Says:

    Perhaps the pic chart section for non-religious should be larger. No matter what they call themselves, any person who oppresses another should not be categorized as religious– or shall we say moral.

  7. Zuzanna M Says:

    To love, to respect, to get along with others-Have respect for Mother Earth.
    Appreciate the good things life offers. Be tolerant and peaceful…To live in harmony with people, Nature and those who have different point of views. What else we need to practice to accomplish and fulfill life?
    One more think. . . “Always listen to your heart”. . .Thank you!

  8. Reasonable Robinson Says:

    What goes around comes around. There is a clear difference between holding a philosophical/theological – metaphysical/religious point of view and prosletyzing. How would anyone like it if I told them they MUST agree with what I have just written!

  9. Plain Jim Says:

    Oh, balderdash. If you want to read the New Testament so that it’s about love, you can find the verses to support that. If you want to read it so that it’s about being the right kind of believer, the “Not everybody who says, ‘Lord, Lord’ will be saved”, the “He who is not with us is against us”, you can find those verses, too. I’ve given up on Christians. Until you can decide what you’re about, and marginalize your wackos, you’re no better than the Scientologists.

  10. Cindy Says:


  11. Bruce Says:

    I love the common Christian perspective that aborting an unborn embryo is the worst murderous crime…yet blowing men women and children to pieces in unjustifiable conflicts is A OK!

  12. D-san Says:

    Which parts of the Christian Bible are you guys referencing when you say that Christianity is about Love? For every quote extolling the virtues of love in the Bible, there is another advocating genocide, slavery, or bigotry. In my mind, the latter cancel out the former – if a public figure in our modern age made any comment about exterminating idol-worshippers, they’d be mutilated by the media. Doesn’t matter how many other times the person praised love and hope and peace.

  13. Right When Your Wrong Says:

    “Which parts of the Christian Bible are you guys referencing when you say that Christianity is about Love? For every quote extolling the virtues of love in the Bible, there is another advocating genocide, slavery, or bigotry. In my mind, the latter cancel out the former”

    I’m always saddened when people forward these comments who are ignorant in the the teachings of the Bible. If you picked up a model airplane and unfolded the instructions. On one side you have the starting point and on the other is the finished step. The former is not an opposite to the latter in D-san’s comment, it’s an continuation… AND WE STILL MISS THE INSTRUCTIONS.

    The Old testament was about (seriously overgeneralized) God and his attempts to show the Jews that no matter what he did, conquer other armies, create Kings of small children or part waters to save their rears, just 10 simple commandments is all they had to follow and they couldn’t do it.

    The whole time he was saying that because you fools dont follow the Law, you’re going to make Me send my Son and you’re even going to miss this and kill Him off too… He did and all Jews at that time knew it because after they Killed Christ the temple vale riped from top down. (research the vale).

    So he sends His Son. Still the wrath of God is against sin… But we have a way to cleanse us from this vile plague, Christ’s resurrection. NO OTHER WAY… Not a pope, not a preacher, not the belief in muhamad claiming to be the second Christ… One Christ, one Bible and one way.

    The evidence is all around you… Are you really interested in looking?

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  15. Adeline Says:

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