Some of my Favourite People on Twitter

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#FollowFriday 22 May, 2009


@os1019: documentary film maker who is a total visionary.  Graphic art.

@solipsistic: podcaster, and surfer of the electronic music realms.

@musicformedia: young composer, currently taking a 12 month tour of Australia.


@Radiant_Heart: a kind, gentle spirit.

@mommymystic: a seeker on the path.  Very good blog!

@dragosroua: on the road of self development, and making real change.


@wadeis:  a street smart Aussie, recently moved to the US.

@420thoughts: seeking bliss through the leaf

@CrypticFragment: a wonderfully wild and compulsive tweeter


@HeARTwork: truly loving and warm spirit, artist.  From Perth, Aus.

@bikerbar: my original model for tweeting.  Totally switched on, sparking.

@LilPecan: very funny and witty.  a must follow!


@sheephogan: irreverant, breaking the mould, and truly unpredictable!

@DiamonDie: a sharp, and observant tweeter from Finland.

@afirmin: unofficial poet laureate of twitter 🙂



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