Scary Maze prank


14 Responses to “Scary Maze prank”

  1. nick Says:


  2. farrah Says:

    i’m gonnah get u and i’m gonna kill your ass until u fall in the toilet boul in hell and your bolls will be all black because of the kakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. victoria Says:

    hoe watch out because bolls might fall out and the girls will be sucking it and u will never get to piss and lick my ass and my minge until u die i will kill u and family okokokoko!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. your face Says:

    hahahahahahahahahajajajajaja that fat kidd almos had a heart attack. that kid lost his bolls and noe their small ass hell ps. im going to kill ya so watch ur bakk.

  5. Merachli Says:

    Listen guys. WTF is okokok and akakakak. You need to grow some balls before commenting like fucking douchebags. Go Lern Spik Engrish.

  6. wilmarie Says:

    who ever made this games scared my friends

  7. wilmarie Says:

    you rock

  8. wilmarie Says:

    hahaha you know that if you keep makeing games like this you are going to make people keep crying that are like six years old

  9. wilmarie Says:

    dont be mean

  10. wilmarie Says:

    hahah you are scared of a game that is fake

  11. you suck blood Says:

    you are scared a a game hahahahahahahha

  12. stefanutzul44 Says:

    hahaha it one loset the children

  13. Says:

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  14. scary ghost videos Says:

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