Step 33 – Intuition


when all else seems dark, there is one thing we can always rely upon

and that is our intuition.

it is the internal compass that we all have, the inner voice that whispers to us: “that’s not a very good idea, I don’t think you should do that” or “why don’t you try this today, it might be good for you”.

who knows where it comes from? the voice of an angel speaking in our minds? past experience filtered and processed, and applied to the present moment? us tuning in to the akashic field? who knows?

all that matters is that we have this ‘Intuition’ and it helps us out enormously!

personally, whenever I have gone _against_ my gut feelings on an issue, I have always ended up the worse for it. Like a sense of failure. Like ending up at the wrong end of a conversation. Like not getting the outcome I was hoping for. But in those cases where I have trusted the ‘gut feeling’ things have _usually_ ended up in the good books.


my best experience re Intuition has to be my decision to leave and then return to University. The timing here was critical. Straight after I left High School, I enrolled into a scholarship-sponsored IT degree. This was back in the mid-90’s, when IT was really taking off, and industry professionals were considered ‘gold’. I should have had it made. 3 years of intensive study (including industry placement), a few years of working, and I’d be making big bucks. My future was financially rock solid. It didn’t work out that way.

the doubts started creeping in about 3 months in. This stuff that I was learning … it was sort of interesting, sort of challenging, and also sort of useful. But did I value it? Did I really want to work in this field? after a brief stint of industry placement, I decided no. An IT professional was not for me.

but I was locked in. Enrolled, my parents had expectations, I was receiving a scholarship. Surely I couldn’t bail on this? What would I do with myself? surely I was too far gone to change now?

I stuck it out for a year … lying to myself all the time. The worst year of my life, without a doubt. My mind was split, fractured, tormented. Total self-inflicted suffering. and know what? when I had had enough of the pain and self-stupidity, I finally listened to the inner voice of Intuition. I quit.

and gave myself a sabbatical year.

when I went back to study (at a different college) I took a much more varied sampling of courses. Variety to spice the mind. My Intuition had won out.


what’s been your best ‘Intuition’ experience?


original music by ggw_bach

Oboe Interlude :: scored for strings, oboe, and piano (~~6Ā½ minutes)


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20 Responses to “Step 33 – Intuition”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I try to listen to my intuition everyday when it is talking to me, which is occasionally. Sometimes just giving instructions on which streets to take on a drive.

  2. delicate flower Says:

    GGW…My intuition is much more highly developed than I would like.. and as a result I don’t always listen. I need reminders, such as this, to take the time to pause and listen. A recent case would be in following the link from your comment on my blog to your blog. As I looked at your page I saw a picture of a violin, I think, and clicked on it. It seemed to call for no particular reason. I listened to the composition for that entry and was pulled into a place I needed to be. I can’t say why, or what it was I needed to complete. The music felt as if it moved in waves through my middle and lower back. It settled me and gave me a chance to remember the connections I have with my body. Pretty powerful stuff.
    thank you, df

  3. Angelina Says:

    Only me, myself, and I, have the answer to the question that has to do with my well being, when no one else can answer. Great music choice.
    : )

  4. Tessabouche Says:

    It is God speaking to me and I listen. I never go against what he tells me to do.

  5. Crystal075 Says:

    Too many to recount, I am, after all…a female.

  6. Laurie Says:

    I listen all the time ! šŸ˜‰

  7. Rachael Black Says:

    Nice post!

    Spent several years as a professional Tarot reader. This would be due to my BFA in Music -grin-.

    Intuition is very similar to ‘reading’ a situation or person. It’s virtually the same.
    Always go with it.
    You followed what you already knew. Good man.

    BTW I do not believe in psychic ability, ghosts or UFOs. I do believe in our ability to use the subconscious for guidance šŸ˜‰

    aka that Eccentric Pianist on Twitter

  8. John K. Says:

    Thanks for your post. Here is my post: my sister was in town to see my mom so we met at my mom’s house. Out of the blue my sister mentioned she was bummed that she couldn’t go to Berkeley, CA to see Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (circa 1993). After learning a little bit about him from my sister, my intuition was to take a friend of mine to see him. He gave an awesome talk about being present, mindful and compassionate. He spoke with such clarity, we were both moved to study Zen and thus began my journey into meditation and the “middle way.” The practice of looking deeply and and practicing compassion has helped me enormously over the years and continues to this day.

  9. roentarre Says:

    Simply stunning image

    So poetic

  10. Molly Says:

    Love the music. And here’s to intuition…..

    It’s what I’ve lived my life by, thank god.

  11. Doraz Says:

    When I take time to “listen,” the World speaks to me. Nice post! Love the musical!

  12. Okie1701 Says:

    ggw_bach, I do enjoy your site. Thanks for the music and the musings. I wonder if intuition is a thing of youth? As I’ve grown older I tend to pause and reflect before taking an action or even speaking; considering every consequence that could follow. Damn you Spock…damn you.
    I adore the oboe, never could play it worth a damn.
    Thanks again. =)

  13. annaldavis Says:

    Good site! For me God works with my intuition to guide my decisions. For a time in my life I didn’t listen to either God or my intuition, and the results weren’t good. Life is better and more fun while listening! Who knows what might happen next?

  14. Nora Says:

    I have missed a lot of opportunities and gotten into some fixes by not listening to my inner intuition. I think I’ve grown some and learned to listen to it more now that I’m older:)

  15. Laura Says:

    Thank you for such beautiful music. We must learn to listen to our intuition, and we need to really see. Been burned in the past when I’ve not listened to my intuition-sometimes it’s only a whisper, but have learned to listen to it. Thanks again!

  16. Aniko Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing life experience and musique.J listening and I appreciate very much!

  17. Esther J. Williams Says:

    GGW, intuition has played a powerful hand in my whole life. When I was a young little girl, I had inner creative urges that I went with and today I am still listening to my inner creative soul. The core of each human being is a streaming spiritual essence from whence they receive messages. I listen to mine all the time.

  18. Dirk Johnson Says:

    If I allow reason, whether coming from my own mind or from a friend (or anyone else) to sway me against my intuition, I invariably regret it. I used to feel that I had to justify all of my actions to *someone*, even if that someone was only me. An intuition is difficult to justify within a reason-centric mentality. Now I allow my intuition itself, as much as possible, to be my justification to myself. I’ve even been known to tell others in professional environments, “I can’t give you a reason, but when I have an intuition this strong, I simply have to go with it.”

  19. Lisa Says:

    Hi GGW and thanks for stopping by my blog… this is such fascinating stuff. I would recommend Derren Brown’s “Tricks of the Mind” which provides compelling discussions of the complex non-verbal cues that constantly feed what we might call intuition. There is no division, really between the rational and the intuitive, the sensed and the proven. I have found that whenever I sit and do the maths to try justify a particular decision, the carefully appraised information almost always ends up pointing in the same direction as the intuitive impression did in the first place…

  20. Kurt H. Hoyer (Kopi) Says:

    My name Kopi – Kurt of pure intent illustrates how important it is to believe in yourself and look with-in your heart for answers. To listen to your own Intuition and act on that you heard in your heart To look in one’s self ( to oneself be true) you are more connected to the infinite than seeking answers in the outside world.

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