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Step 34 – Kundalini Rising

April 12, 2009


what is the spiritual path?

it is a progressive tuning of the core centers:

1. red ray is about raw energy, survival

2. orange ray is about reproduction, and personal power. When used well, an individual has self control and balance, when dysfunctional, a person seeks to dominate others.

3. yellow ray is social, and is the group consciousness. Cultural mores and norms.

4. green ray is love, the center of all things. It is the primary lesson to learn while on earth.

5. blue ray is truth. The speaking of it.

6. indigo ray is the so-called third eye of the buddhists. It is insight, wisdom, knowledge.

7. violet ray is the total summation of all the others. The Crown.


there are many interpretations of these 7 centres. Some have labeled them the chakras (from Hindu tradition), others see them as the seven primary Rays of Light (a physical, or rainbow interpretation), others still work in Harmony and Music (the 7 tones of the musical scale) … and so forth. The number 7 is one that resonates strongly in the spiritual world.

this is just my personal and particular reading of the 7 Rays.

Kundalini Rising happens when all these seven centres are open (that is unblocked) and well tuned (in relation to each other). This is necessary for the Full Harmony, the cosmic tune to play inside you.

there is no secret path to achieving this. Forget enlightenment; it is all about experience, and working through your own personal traumas. The blockages that you have incurred in your own life; going all the way back to childhood. I know I have had to work through many painful memories in recent times; some buried quite deep. It is most liberating in the end when one has faced those deepset issues.

blessings on the way; we all have our personal path to travel.


original music by ggw_bach

String Symphony #1 :: my most epic work so far!! (~11 min)

scored for violins, violas, cellos, and plucked cellos


Step 33 – Intuition

April 6, 2009


when all else seems dark, there is one thing we can always rely upon

and that is our intuition.

it is the internal compass that we all have, the inner voice that whispers to us: “that’s not a very good idea, I don’t think you should do that” or “why don’t you try this today, it might be good for you”.

who knows where it comes from? the voice of an angel speaking in our minds? past experience filtered and processed, and applied to the present moment? us tuning in to the akashic field? who knows?

all that matters is that we have this ‘Intuition’ and it helps us out enormously!

personally, whenever I have gone _against_ my gut feelings on an issue, I have always ended up the worse for it. Like a sense of failure. Like ending up at the wrong end of a conversation. Like not getting the outcome I was hoping for. But in those cases where I have trusted the ‘gut feeling’ things have _usually_ ended up in the good books.


my best experience re Intuition has to be my decision to leave and then return to University. The timing here was critical. Straight after I left High School, I enrolled into a scholarship-sponsored IT degree. This was back in the mid-90’s, when IT was really taking off, and industry professionals were considered ‘gold’. I should have had it made. 3 years of intensive study (including industry placement), a few years of working, and I’d be making big bucks. My future was financially rock solid. It didn’t work out that way.

the doubts started creeping in about 3 months in. This stuff that I was learning … it was sort of interesting, sort of challenging, and also sort of useful. But did I value it? Did I really want to work in this field? after a brief stint of industry placement, I decided no. An IT professional was not for me.

but I was locked in. Enrolled, my parents had expectations, I was receiving a scholarship. Surely I couldn’t bail on this? What would I do with myself? surely I was too far gone to change now?

I stuck it out for a year … lying to myself all the time. The worst year of my life, without a doubt. My mind was split, fractured, tormented. Total self-inflicted suffering. and know what? when I had had enough of the pain and self-stupidity, I finally listened to the inner voice of Intuition. I quit.

and gave myself a sabbatical year.

when I went back to study (at a different college) I took a much more varied sampling of courses. Variety to spice the mind. My Intuition had won out.


what’s been your best ‘Intuition’ experience?


original music by ggw_bach

Oboe Interlude :: scored for strings, oboe, and piano (~~6½ minutes)


Step 30 – All in the Numbers

March 16, 2009


what is the way to peace?
to become peace yourself

if you wish to see change in the world
become the change yourself

one person meditating
affects the entire environment around them

one smile flashed in the street
affects a whole crowd

change happens in the world
one by one by one

be the change you most want to see



blessings and peace

scored for strings, clarinet, and harpsichord


Step 27 – Heartbeat of the Universe

March 5, 2009


can you hear that? no, what is it?

that, my friend, is the Heartbeat of the Universe.

pulsing quietly, ever-present, in a dance of atoms and molecules

inside stars, inside the mind, inside the stomach of a tiger

the pulse and beat of the cosmic creator, the arch mathematician

a symphonic patterning, overlay of rhythms, disparate tones

all working for a higher unity

moving through the densities, ascending to ever higher scales

it is a tune playing today, in joy, in resonance

it is here, it is now

the Cosmic Pulse.


scored for strings, organ, and harp


Step 16 – Open-ness

January 23, 2009


“a stranger is a friend we haven’t met”

I love that quote. It says much about our inbuilt suspicions of others; their motives, their ‘bad-ness’, their mistrustful characters.

but aren’t we all human beings? just doing the best we can? aren’t our motives the same? to find happiness, joy, balance, and wisdom? some might be misguided in how they think they will achieve those aims, but the fundamental drives are the same.

the commonalities are there.


some of the people I value most in life are the ones I had a bad reaction to when I first met them. They were too much of this, or too much or that, or weren’t considerate enough, or too pushy. They were my own biases. But when I got to know them better (through a forced work environment) I could appreciate their stronger qualities; maybe traits I didn’t have. A valuable lesson.

in more normal situations, I would have avoided those people, and not gained from a connection. Through open-ness, and withholding judgment for a-while, I openly benefit. Give people a chance to show the full range of their character and life experience.

I’m much more embracing these days 🙂

scored for strings (1st and 2nd violins) and bassoon