Step 34 – Kundalini Rising


what is the spiritual path?

it is a progressive tuning of the core centers:

1. red ray is about raw energy, survival

2. orange ray is about reproduction, and personal power. When used well, an individual has self control and balance, when dysfunctional, a person seeks to dominate others.

3. yellow ray is social, and is the group consciousness. Cultural mores and norms.

4. green ray is love, the center of all things. It is the primary lesson to learn while on earth.

5. blue ray is truth. The speaking of it.

6. indigo ray is the so-called third eye of the buddhists. It is insight, wisdom, knowledge.

7. violet ray is the total summation of all the others. The Crown.


there are many interpretations of these 7 centres. Some have labeled them the chakras (from Hindu tradition), others see them as the seven primary Rays of Light (a physical, or rainbow interpretation), others still work in Harmony and Music (the 7 tones of the musical scale) … and so forth. The number 7 is one that resonates strongly in the spiritual world.

this is just my personal and particular reading of the 7 Rays.

Kundalini Rising happens when all these seven centres are open (that is unblocked) and well tuned (in relation to each other). This is necessary for the Full Harmony, the cosmic tune to play inside you.

there is no secret path to achieving this. Forget enlightenment; it is all about experience, and working through your own personal traumas. The blockages that you have incurred in your own life; going all the way back to childhood. I know I have had to work through many painful memories in recent times; some buried quite deep. It is most liberating in the end when one has faced those deepset issues.

blessings on the way; we all have our personal path to travel.


original music by ggw_bach

String Symphony #1 :: my most epic work so far!! (~11 min)

scored for violins, violas, cellos, and plucked cellos


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12 Responses to “Step 34 – Kundalini Rising”

  1. Jeremy Cook Says:

    I enjoy your music.

  2. Carole Deshazor Says:

    I love the music, very soothing. I feel my kundalini rising

  3. mare Says:

    Kundalini bliss… soothing & relaxing…..perfect!

  4. Doraz Says:

    I am happy to be traveling with you in your own personal path! Wonderful! Thanks!

  5. Redbendad Says:

    Thank you for the music and for your interpreation.

  6. ClayZflute Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks you!

  7. angela1127 Says:


  8. KeriCDN Says:

    Had this playing the background while I worked and it helped me concentrate, great work!

  9. ToolBoxGirl Says:

    I can see myself practicing yoga to your music…beautiful!

  10. LynnW Says:

    First time listening in on your creation. Very peaceful. Thank you.

  11. jagminder Says:

    nthn gr8 u didnot specify how 2 ublock it!!!

  12. inbif Says:

    lovely music! 🙂

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