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Step 33 – Intuition

April 6, 2009


when all else seems dark, there is one thing we can always rely upon

and that is our intuition.

it is the internal compass that we all have, the inner voice that whispers to us: “that’s not a very good idea, I don’t think you should do that” or “why don’t you try this today, it might be good for you”.

who knows where it comes from? the voice of an angel speaking in our minds? past experience filtered and processed, and applied to the present moment? us tuning in to the akashic field? who knows?

all that matters is that we have this ‘Intuition’ and it helps us out enormously!

personally, whenever I have gone _against_ my gut feelings on an issue, I have always ended up the worse for it. Like a sense of failure. Like ending up at the wrong end of a conversation. Like not getting the outcome I was hoping for. But in those cases where I have trusted the ‘gut feeling’ things have _usually_ ended up in the good books.


my best experience re Intuition has to be my decision to leave and then return to University. The timing here was critical. Straight after I left High School, I enrolled into a scholarship-sponsored IT degree. This was back in the mid-90’s, when IT was really taking off, and industry professionals were considered ‘gold’. I should have had it made. 3 years of intensive study (including industry placement), a few years of working, and I’d be making big bucks. My future was financially rock solid. It didn’t work out that way.

the doubts started creeping in about 3 months in. This stuff that I was learning … it was sort of interesting, sort of challenging, and also sort of useful. But did I value it? Did I really want to work in this field? after a brief stint of industry placement, I decided no. An IT professional was not for me.

but I was locked in. Enrolled, my parents had expectations, I was receiving a scholarship. Surely I couldn’t bail on this? What would I do with myself? surely I was too far gone to change now?

I stuck it out for a year … lying to myself all the time. The worst year of my life, without a doubt. My mind was split, fractured, tormented. Total self-inflicted suffering. and know what? when I had had enough of the pain and self-stupidity, I finally listened to the inner voice of Intuition. I quit.

and gave myself a sabbatical year.

when I went back to study (at a different college) I took a much more varied sampling of courses. Variety to spice the mind. My Intuition had won out.


what’s been your best ‘Intuition’ experience?


original music by ggw_bach

Oboe Interlude :: scored for strings, oboe, and piano (~~6½ minutes)


Step 18 – Returning the Mail

January 31, 2009


now, this is going to sound like a rather strange and esoteric subject to some.

but what is “returning the mail”?

good question. Glad you asked. Now, I perceive of the world as a whole bunch of interactions. There are people in the world, and animals, but what really defines life is the interactions we have. Now, to me, there are two basic interactions we can participate in:

1. we can be giving (whether literally, in the case of giving someone an object) or perhaps giving in the sense of emotional support, or just plain old speaking. We are projecting ourselves out there.

2. or we can be receiving. Here we are at the other end of the interaction. The receiving can also be a form of ‘taking’ sometimes; for those who are of a selfish bent. But in most cases, we act as the recipient, and are grateful.

now for the flow of life to work, we can’t always be in the receiving mode. As a child we benefit immensely from our parents` love, because we are vulnerable and still learning. But as we grow older, the balance of the interactions changes, and we start to realise what we can offer to the world. We start ‘giving’.

now for me, ‘returning the mail’ means sending back into the world all the love we have received. Not hoarding it up, dwelling on it, being entranced by it. We have reaped the full benefits of others` free givings; it is up to us to give it back.

And not necessarily to the ones who gave it to us. Find those in need, then pass the mail onto them. They will read the message inside, and be over-joyed!

scored for clarinet, oboe, and cello


Step 14 – Cleaning One’s Fridge

January 15, 2009


diet plays a crucial role for those on the spiritual path.

one good thing to do, is to empty your fridge. Check out all those condiments, those soft, pulpy veggies, that fruit juice from 3 months ago. A total cleanout, and start all over again.

monitor what you are putting into your body; for ultimately that comes to shape consciousness.

is it fresh? is it nourishing? is it the food of life?

each has their own path. Some will abstain from meat, others will thrive on it. Some will love fruits, others don’t have a sweet tooth. Whatever the specifics, there is a tailored diet for your body and condition in life; one matched that will give you energy, vibrance, and well-being. Up to you to find it.

But one can start by emptying the fridge. Start from empty, and build.

bon appetit!

scored for oboe and piano.


Step 9 – Financial Soundness

December 29, 2008


it is hard to move forwards in life if you are dirt poor. To achieve dreams and ambitions, you need some finances behind you. That is why taking care of the MONEY side of things is so important.

the spiritual path need not be one of poverty; but it can be one of great simplicity. The more material things you commit to, the more the debts you owe. There is a danger in that.

Sound Finances lead to a certain peace of mind; that your body will not be threatened with want or despair; that the rent and expenses will be taken care of.

Sound Finances frees up the mind to concentrate on the Important Things; whatever those things may be.


scored for viola, oboe, piano, and cello.