Step 21 – Rotating Doubt into Light


scored for viola, harp, and french horn

for a long time I’ve doubted. Doubted myself, doubted the world, doubted others. A basic mistrust about the goodness of the world. It has taken me a long time to work through it.

One begins with trust. I was a high-achiever as a kid; always had to get the ace grades you know. But that was a seeking by external means to validate the inner self; at heart, I didn’t really value myself.

I got over this by understanding who I TRULY was. You see, these few words turned things around for me –

“you are a spirit having a human experience”

and boom! my life turned around! all these things and trappings I was always worrying about; status, money, position, rankings, fame — this became as nothing in those words.

a simple truth which rotated the Light of Focus from the outside, and back to the Inner. The core being.

these few words rotated the Doubt back into the Light.
and for that simple truth, I am eternally grateful.
blessings and joy my friends. It is your inheritance.


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12 Responses to “Step 21 – Rotating Doubt into Light”

  1. Doraz Says:

    Another enlightening post, Thanks!

  2. manifestcreations Says:

    glad to hear the message works for you, my friend. But when I hear or see “You are a spirit having a human experience” I cringe a bit.

    Too many people take it as an excuse to not take care of the parts of themselves that relate to time and space- the physical world. They won’t take care of their body. they won’t address their emotional baggage. They won’t push their comfort zones a bit.

    All these things are needed to grow, which is also learning. This is at least part of what we’re here for. We need to do our part, to:

    “Be spirits in human form, doing what a human needs to do”

  3. Esmaa Self Says:

    What a lovely side trip you have provided my day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, music and spirit.

  4. Molly Says:

    GGW—lovely post. Nice to hear about another’s journey home…

  5. starlaschat Says:

    Great art, inspiring. I also enjoyed your post. I am learning to look at life with a little more trust, jumping out into the world as my comfort is being a bit of a recluse. It has been interesting being more vulnerable to connect with people. To heal my heart allows me to venture more into life.

  6. zen Says:


  7. Emmett Cooke Says:

    Interesting post man – you always have interesting pictures in all your posts, aswell as muisc. The instruments you chose are quite an unorthadox combination, but work very nicely – great stuff man 🙂


  8. Rob Says:

    Cool words Mr. Bach – I love it!

  9. MamaRed (Jerilynne) Says:

    Fabulous, fabulous and I do love the composition. Thanks for sharing it. And, on behalf of the world, thank you for stepping into you! The authentic real, amazing you.

    Comment to ManifestCreations: I LOVE your edit on this line. I’m one of those who hasn’t been taking care of my physical being…fabulous on the other areas, willing to stretch and grow…the physical is next! Thanks for the reminder.

  10. karenloveyang Says:

    One of the pianos here has a bass E that doesn’t work. It is a little disconcerting, to say the least. But piano, even simple piano, is most enjoyable. It’s cool to see that you are so immersed in your love of music!

  11. Jay Koch Says:


    Just yesterday I gave up trying to create a business I don’t love. Today, I am excited because I am finally pursuing what I DO love, even though on the surface it will be harder to make money at it.

    So, get out there and do what you love.

    Trust yourself.


  12. gjgoodman Says:

    As a folk harpist, I enjoyed listening to your tunes. We probably don’t play the same types of music (I have recently joined a contra dance band), but the harp music I heard on your site is truly beautiful.
    Thank you.

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