Step 20 – Negative Greetings


life presents many challenges.

how we deal with them is a mark of our character.

1. the stimulus presents itself

2. we react

3. we observe the impact of our reaction

now, at times a Negative Greeting presents itself. Such an event is intended to cause fear and self-doubt in us; to question our integrity and ability. The proper response is love.


just recently I spilled some hot stew on my left hand. Its was a Negative Greeting


they have often been called imps, gremlins, or bad fairies. They play tricks on us. We cannot see them.


so we accept the tricks, the deliberate toying with our mind.

1. don’t get angry

2. don’t get mad

3. don’t ignore it

4. but greet these Gremlins of Fate with love and acceptance. Bring them back to the fold of Oneness.

through Love, all things are diffused, all Greetings are nullified.

A Greater Whole.


scored for 2 trumpets and harpsichord


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7 Responses to “Step 20 – Negative Greetings”

  1. fibi Says:

    Truly beautiful.. I love your words, your music, the pictures.. You are doing such a wonderful thing..

  2. Guy E. Lawson, R.Sc.P. Says:


    Just stopped by for a quick visit since you popped by my place one day. Want to let you know that I enjoyed my stay and that I am going to add you to my blogroll. You have a wonderful place here, should’ve come by sooner.

    All the best,

  3. isewcute Says:

    I love your tweets on twitter…you are one of the more ‘spiritual’ & ‘creative’ people I follow!

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. rjjs8878 Says:

    I also stopped by your blog because you left a comment on mine. I didn’t realize until today that you compose the music included in your posts. I can be rather dense at times. What a talent! I have always admired people with musical abilities. I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

  5. Doraz Says:

    I too believe love conquers all, but one needs to be in the position of inner peace to be able to convey that love to others around them. Nice post.

  6. Molly Says:

    Great post ggw. Love is the answer, but I believe one needs to learn how to have that response. Needs to learn how to deal with the negative reactions/responses(anger, ill-will, hatred, greed, jealousy, animosity, etc) from time to time. Most people aren’t born knowing how to do this.

  7. Red Says:

    I have really enjoyed your music and glad I found you – I agree with Doraz and Molly, finding the internal place to share “love” can be a journey unto itself!

    Much Love and Blessings!


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