Having More Money than Free Time


the curse of the modern working life is not having enough time. One wakes up, races to work, has a hectic day, and runs around like mad in the evening. When we finally collapse into bed …. the cycle starts again. 5 days in a row.

where is the free time? the time to think? and ponder?

in the end, we earn money, spend it, and that is our lives. The treadmill of work.

remember a time when this was different? as a kid, those endless summer holidays, those long afternoons sitting on the porch, those long car rides to distant places. Then, we had TIME. Loads of it. No money, of course (how many things did we DESIRE to buy?) … but we had time. Time to learn, and muck around.

how things change.

In adulthood, we work, work, work away …. building our physical possessions (house, car, toys) … but we are Time Poor.

that’s a sad state of affairs!



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