Why NOW is the Best Time to be Alive


1. You can get fired from your job … today.

some may view this as a negative, but I consider it a positive! it means an opportunity to shift workplaces, try a new job, start your own business venture, whatever! at the very least you get some time off work.

2. wonderful online content

with all that free time, you’ll be able to spend your life on the web. This isn’t as sad as it used to be lol. With youtube, twitter, flickr, last.fm … you have abundant sources of super-free online content. Plus the paid options (itunes, netflix) aren’t too shabby either. In any case, one need never be bored again.

3. crumbling social barriers

at the same time our economy crashes, that means old institutions and ways of doing things are failing too. When everyone’s in the same sinking boat, it doesn’t matter what race, education, or philosophical background you come from. Everyone’s facing the same situation. The commonalities start to bind us together.

4. asking questions

when everything hits the shitter, people want to know why. We start asking questions. The media starts asking questions. We demand answers. Greater transparency is coming day by day.

5. baseball is back

a totally arbitrary reason to be joyful, but hey, it’s my blog! six months of non-stop double plays ahead. Sports heaven.

6. <insert your own reason>

NOW is the best time to be alive because …

smiley-faceso it ain’t all bad!!


8 Responses to “Why NOW is the Best Time to be Alive”

  1. Zuzanna M Says:

    When I was fired from the job at first, it was frustration, but when I looked around in another few days things start looking better and brighter! So it was NOT all that bad to be fired from the job. I my experience was a positive step ahead, a new Challenge…For now on , I’ve decided to enjoy my life doing things that I like… e.g. surfing the net or go for a walk…Life is good!…Smiles:)

  2. wyominggal010 Says:

    So refreshing to see someone taking the bright side of the problems we are facing today! I truly believe that most of the downturn, not including the banking and car industry problems and of course, higher unemployment figures…….are mostly due to the negativity and “perceived” fears constantly being put out by media sources.

    So much depends on consumer CONFIDENCE in the world view. On a personal level, I was watching too much news and beginning to believe all the hype that my world was crashing around me, until I turned off the TV and realized that I’m just fine, my personal world is just fine, actually doing better than I ever did.

    We need more positivity, less gloom and doom predictions and I commend you for your remarks!

  3. Deb S Says:

    Hey ggw_bach, I’m with you on April 09′ IS a great time to be alive! Hey we are 6 feet above ground (not below), the weather is getting warmer every day, more opportunities are knocking on the door, etc. What more could we ask for! It’s totally one of those things of perspective. Do you look at the glass as half full or half empty?

  4. wondereric Says:

    I was laid off after 10 years at my job. I’ve spent the last 8 months, starting my own business, getting back into my creative work and actually have been successful with it so far. If I hadn’t been laid off I probably would have spent the rest of my life there being miserable!
    It is a great time to be alive! Follow your dreams!

  5. AstroGirlBunny Says:

    I agree. It definately is a scary time but then you realize how good your life is and losing your job is not the end of existence. All around companies are going through changes and you’re right – we shouldn’t become too attached to our current job. It’s not healthy and it is what is it, good or bad.

  6. Kris Says:

    I agree today is the best time to be alive for so many reasons. fresh out of college & never having gotten a job. Student loans passed due but I’ll always have those to pay off. I was adventurous enough to take myself to LA and back all by myself & that is cool.
    NASA found the ingredients to heal the ozone layer. I’ve tweeked my meditation to a sweet love status. I’ve had time to finish one novel and complete 50% of my other seven writing projects, ample time for research, paint seven story boards, work at a free theater, mondays I spend art class time w/ my home schooled niece & that is valuable, I learn more in my online relations than I ever did in class, I’ve built more friends than a paycheck would allow me to, life is good & I have $1.39 cents.

  7. Wayne Says:

    Whenever someone I know gets fired or quits, I congratulate them. Now they can do what they want to do, and perhaps even improve their situation.

    Sometimes it take imposed opportunity to make it happen!


  8. neon skateboard wheels Says:

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