Podcast Entertainment is the Best Entertainment


as the media continues to crumble in the face of the internet onslaught, many new forms are rising up before us. One of these is these is the much maligned PODCAST.

what is a podcast?

just think of it as a radio show … that has been released as an mp3 file. Guys talking, interviewing, presenting their views …

there are loads of them out there. iTunes is a good place to start searching. Podcasts are available on all topics … and are usually released weekly (although some do daily shows, mainly proper radio programs publishing on the web).

once you find a crew that you really like (check out FilmJunk or the 404) it becomes a total hook. Better than tv, better than films or video. Because its so genuine and raw. It’s REAL.

so break out of the old media paradigm, venture into something new.

Podcasts are the entertainment of the future. Easy to produce, insightful, regular … and FUN!!

podcasts, podcasts, podcasts ….



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