Step 36 – The Chess Player


life is a game

do you agree? some may find this analogy rather disagreeable. That is totally understandable. Let me explain my position:

yes, life is a game. But the goal is not to win, to beat ‘someone’ else. No, that would be cruel, and imposing one’s will. No, life is a game, but the end goal is quite different.

here – the reward is happiness.

Life is a game, because to achieve this elusive end – joy, bliss, happiness – we must approach every day with an eye to strategy, and a sense of planning. We have to know what resources we have (the pieces), how best to deploy them (the moves, and countermoves) and a sense of where everyone else is (the best way to interact, the timing). Here, Life is a Game of Chess.

and know what? you are the Chess Player here!

you have the pieces (language, education, money) and its up to you to deploy them out on the Field. It’s up to you to take command, and make all the key decisions. No-one else is playing for you!

But remember. There are no winners or losers in this Grand Game of Life; there is only Joy and Sadness. And that is very much an individual affair. It’s in YOUR HANDS!

original beautiful music by ggw_bach

“The Harp Marriage”

scored for Flute and Harp (~5min 30 sec)


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blessings, and joy



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10 Responses to “Step 36 – The Chess Player”

  1. James Says:

    I do believe that life is a game – and one with an opponent. One’s opponent, though, is only oneself.

    I recall a mantra that I heard many hears ago that seems appropriate to this situation – “The purpose of today’s training is to defeat yesterday’s understanding. ”

    We only ever can strive to be better than what we are.

  2. Jenine Says:

    I like to play the game without planning, just make the moves, and hang on to see how it goes.

  3. Zuzanna M Says:

    I like the picture in this blog; it shows that life is a game, but also a puzzle.
    We are the travelers in a maze of life. Each wrong step makes an impression – It could costs a lot of effort to correct the wrong moves. Often time we shall think before making another move, just like in the Chess playing… Excellent thoughts!

  4. Sylvia van Velzer Says:

    Lovely! My husband and i love chess, collect chess sets, and find wisdom in the game.

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Very good logic and great music choice. Always, keep the check mate in mind.

  6. Shade Law Says:

    OUTSTANDING!!!! Wonderful piece, thank you so very much for sharing with me and the world!

  7. Rickbischoff Says:

    I know music more then chess and say…
    your soul resonates through this sound GGW_BACH

  8. judeshaw Says:

    Great music to start the day with and yes it’s definitely in our hands to chose joy or sadness.

  9. Susannah Says:

    Beautiful music – great post.

  10. Herman Says:

    Trace back the history of chess to the beginning…the ultimate ‘mind’ game verses the ‘psyche’ of oneself.To achieve ‘checkmate’ one does not defeat one or the other……the endgame is a self-realiztion of being one with the game of life… or lose,life goes on.

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