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Step 36 – The Chess Player

April 25, 2009


life is a game

do you agree? some may find this analogy rather disagreeable. That is totally understandable. Let me explain my position:

yes, life is a game. But the goal is not to win, to beat ‘someone’ else. No, that would be cruel, and imposing one’s will. No, life is a game, but the end goal is quite different.

here – the reward is happiness.

Life is a game, because to achieve this elusive end – joy, bliss, happiness – we must approach every day with an eye to strategy, and a sense of planning. We have to know what resources we have (the pieces), how best to deploy them (the moves, and countermoves) and a sense of where everyone else is (the best way to interact, the timing). Here, Life is a Game of Chess.

and know what? you are the Chess Player here!

you have the pieces (language, education, money) and its up to you to deploy them out on the Field. It’s up to you to take command, and make all the key decisions. No-one else is playing for you!

But remember. There are no winners or losers in this Grand Game of Life; there is only Joy and Sadness. And that is very much an individual affair. It’s in YOUR HANDS!

original beautiful music by ggw_bach

“The Harp Marriage”

scored for Flute and Harp (~5min 30 sec)


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blessings, and joy



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Step 32 – Reach One, Reach All

March 29, 2009


image by Irene Nowicki

if you could say one thing to the entire world, what would you say?

one sentence, that suddenly rang out loud and clear, for all to hear.

in all languages.

what would YOU say?


a) stop fighting and war, let us live in peace

b) this financial crisis will be short lived; stop worrying and stressing

c) the planet is in danger, let us save it now

d) love is all there is, that is what we are here to learn

e) the wise man eats and sleeps well

f) all is one, and one is all

or perhaps –

g) man, have you seen this LOLCAT. soo funny!!


x) something else?


Original Accompanying Music

a blissful track, slow paced and contemplative.

Zen Piano <  > scored for piano, flute, and cello (~7 minutes)


Step 22- Complex Brew

February 14, 2009


life is a complex brew

many components.

to succeed, the right mix is needed:

combine –

1) mind: thoughts, wishes, desires

2) body: food, exercise

3) spirit: meditation, dreamwork

once the right balance is achieved, life becomes an easy, smooth flow; challenges arise, and are met with an equanimous mind. One no longer stresses.

full confidence is achieved.

prepare for 70 years, then simmer.

scored for violin and cello, flute and bassoon.


Step 11 – Unblocking

January 5, 2009


many areas of out lives can get clogged because of trauma. A bad experience, that we put away, and never want to think about again. But the scar remains, unresolved, a weak point in the human energy system.

part of unblocking is opening up the chakra centres. From the ground up, there may be seven broad areas of consideration, corresponding to the 7 colors of the rainbow.

red – personal survival
orange – individual power
yellow – social consciousness

green – love

blue – understanding and wisdom, with words
indigo – deep compassion
violet – spiritual union

any blockage at a lower point prevents the full flow of energy upwards and onwards. We all have areas to consider and work on; this is a daily practice; like keeping the body showered and clean.

unblock. and find the way to freedom.

scored for flute, harp, and horn


Step 4 – Creative Outings

December 16, 2008


one of the first things you’ll notice when you open up to new ideas is the flood of creativity; you start thinking “do things really have to be this way?” and “why can’t I do it this way?”. This is the Creative Energy entering your life, affecting every decision you make; how you dress, what you eat, what you think. The true Individual that you are starts to emerge.

This is the Creative Outburst. It is what all true artists, musicians, authors and creative types are plugged into; it is the infinity of possibilities, the swirling myriad of perspective, the untold spectrum of light that is available to everyone. We just have to be receptive enough to it.

scored for flute and harpsichord