Two Heads, One Body: Abby and Brittany Hensel



18 Responses to “Two Heads, One Body: Abby and Brittany Hensel”

  1. Angel Says:


  2. Ana Says:

    is that heard

  3. Rachel Says:

    I feel bad for you guys but that is still really cool.

  4. Lisa Says:


  5. Dubai Says:


  6. ince Says:

    You must be weirdos. You both go to the toilet at the same time? Lesbos. You both wear the same clothes at the same time. What is funny though is that if one of you had a boyfriend, you would both sleep with him together. You both catch a ball at the same time. You both have a bath together, even when youre 189 years old!

  7. FL Says:

    ince, you’re an asshole.

  8. Chief Redelk Says:

    The eyes are the windows of the soul… When I look into your eyes, and see your lovely smiles I see two angles with lovely souls.. I know how cruel ignorant people can be. I also know that normal is what we as individuals find normal for us ..You wonderful ladies have suffered much and been called names by ignorant people who do not understand that you are as normal as they are. You are as normal as a lion or a fish.. Life is normal no matter how it happens.. you may even be extraordinary due to your circumstances which requires courage past and beyond the laid back life styles of the masses.. I only hope you ladies have the best happiest life you can find..I know with two minds there are two individuals. You may share one heart but you both have singular feelings and emotions. Your feelings are normal . Your desire for love and respect is normal.. You are human, you are normal humans under some usual but normal for you circumstances..Bless you both..If we ever meet in person I have a big hug and a cheek kiss for both of you lovely ladies. Blessings, Chief Redelk

  9. Kevin Says:

    You two are awsomeeeeeeee in the heart and in both minds cool to be you two.

  10. Tsukikage Says:

    In a way, it looks odd, in another way, it looks quite ordinary. I have heard that conjoined twins often have trouble with everyday life, and kinda thought that many would look sad or grumpy, or something, but you two seem quite happy 🙂
    Oh, and ince, that comment was nothing but stupid -_-‘

  11. william Says:

    wow u too are vary beautiful !

  12. Lukas Says:

    Hi. I just wanted to ask You if You could do me a fauvour…My girlfriend is writing a master thesiss zbout conjoined twins….evan i am fascinated about Your story. You should be taken as live evidence of courage, strenght and many other things that are really important in life. You are a symbol of a fight in life and everybody should know about You… Now, can You sign a photo for my girlfriend and send it to me ??? i would be really thankfull . And if she finishes her work , if You would be interrested i will send You a copy. Thank You. Lukas P.S. Sorry for my english , i come from Poland so it is not my native language…

  13. Lukas Says:

    It is for Katarzyna by the way 🙂

  14. Amadis Says:

    God love Abby – Brittany forever.

  15. yfhred Says:

    Hmm… I’m sure they can both suck my dick. That would be awesome.

  16. linda Says:

    you sucks yfhred

  17. aedrian Says:

    how do you move? i mean, who controls your body?

  18. Alric Samuel Godfrey Says:

    Well as they say two heads r better than one!

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