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Step 24 – Respect the Other

February 22, 2009


there is only one golden rule:
“do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”

or perhaps one could rephrase this as:
“treat others, as you would treat yourself”

this reworded version is much kinder, benevolent, and compassionate.  Less self-interested, and more unifying in its approach.


treat others, as you would treat yourself

can you imagine such a world?

scored for 2 violins, and 2 cellos


Step 3 – Acceptance

December 14, 2008


scored for violins and organ

radical acceptance of who and what we are can be difficult. That is to say, see the flawed image, and accept it is thus. Things can change, and will change, but right now, that is the way they are. The world is as it is, with you in it. See this clearly.

Accept, and acknowledge others. They are what they are, and as they should be, for now.

go in the light my friends.