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Step 25 – Acknowledging Reality

February 25, 2009


when one comes across Liberating Information, one can get very excited.

start dreaming, envisioning, turning your life in a new direction

that is WONDERFUL when that happens!

but there is one caveat to that:

effectiveness is the measure of truth

if the information you have is truly Empowering, Liberating, and Self-Fulfilling, then it will lead to effective action. In your own life, in the lives of others, and in the whole world in general, the Positivity will spread.

it is a very easy test to apply.


one checks Reality, and Acknowledges what is going on.

scored for 2 trumpets and piano


Step 20 – Negative Greetings

February 7, 2009


life presents many challenges.

how we deal with them is a mark of our character.

1. the stimulus presents itself

2. we react

3. we observe the impact of our reaction

now, at times a Negative Greeting presents itself. Such an event is intended to cause fear and self-doubt in us; to question our integrity and ability. The proper response is love.


just recently I spilled some hot stew on my left hand. Its was a Negative Greeting


they have often been called imps, gremlins, or bad fairies. They play tricks on us. We cannot see them.


so we accept the tricks, the deliberate toying with our mind.

1. don’t get angry

2. don’t get mad

3. don’t ignore it

4. but greet these Gremlins of Fate with love and acceptance. Bring them back to the fold of Oneness.

through Love, all things are diffused, all Greetings are nullified.

A Greater Whole.


scored for 2 trumpets and harpsichord