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Step 5 – Wise Compassion

December 18, 2008


scored for 2 trumpets and tuba

sometimes we want to be of help – any way we can. This urge to ‘save the world’, to be the martyr of these times is the natural overflow of love. But the feeling must be tempered. Just like you yourself are responsible for your own life, so too is each other single individual responsible for their life course. To direct others, to interfere even out of good intentions violates the basic principle of free will.

such love much be tempered by the knowledge of wisdom. When these two principles are combined we arrive at a higher form of compassion; one in which empathy is present, but despair is not. There is suffering, to be sure, but such is mortal existence.

wise compassion results in a steady peace of mind, balance.


Step 1 – Journeys

December 11, 2008


scored for trumpet, harpsichord, and cello

the journey begins here my friends.  A single footstep into the spiritual realms of ascension, peace, balance, and wisdom.  Blessings to you.