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Seven Powerful Ways to Develop Your Spirituality

May 6, 2009

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everyone wants to become a spiritual master these days. But how to do it?


1. meditation


pure and simple, do the hard work. look inside, still the mind, observe pure consciousness. Meditation is the truth path to the inner authentic self. Some discover god, some their inner buddha, some just their plain old spirit nature. But in all cases, there is a REVELATION, of the inner kind. It is deep, honest, and truthful reflection. Meditate your way to bliss!


2. study the masters


there are those that have gone before; learn from them. No need to become a disciple, or temple monk; just look at their writings online. Genuine spiritual wisdom is always passed along freely; no charge SIR! This is knowledge for all ages, all men, all women. True spiritual masters put themselves out there, knowing full well the truth will overcome. Learn from them!


3. Size down, go part time


one of the truly magnetic drains on the human soul is WORK. But it’s unavoidable. We all need to earn our living, provide for a family, so on the work chains go. Find work that is congenial, or that is not too stressful. Find work that is Compatible. But above all, don’t become a slave to your job and the money that comes with it. Size down, reduce expenses, go part time even!


4. mantras, affirmations


all our waking day we may be assaulted and barraged and sniped at by worries and concerns. Sometimes its an emotional stress, sometimes financial, but it all takes alway from our mental strength. Using mantras – om om om – or powerful affirmations – I am true, I am he – can help concentrate and refocus the mind and attention.


5. use music of the ages


there is always a music section in new age bookshops. Celtic flutes, buddhist chants, nature music – all these genres will be represented. This is powerful spiritual music to awaken the Inner Soul. Use wisely, and watch how much you spend! it can get pricey 😉

of course, my own music is geared towards spiritual transformation, of which you can find all the free tracks here – The Music Centre. Couldn’t resist the plug 🙂


6. find podcasts of the now


there are Others out there, also seeking. They are on the web, making public their own Spiritual Journeys. seek them out, and compare notes with them. They are fellow Travellers. Some write blogs, others do podcasts, and others still try to work with the visual form in Art and Video. They are out there … just take the time and find them!

sometimes you can learn a lot more from your peers, than those Masters that are too far above you. Your peers speak your language, live in the here and now, and struggle with the EXACT SAME issues that you do. Befriend them. They will be glad for the company!!


7. Trust Yourself


above all, on the spiritual path, back yourself. Have inner faith in your own powers, abilities, and self-worth; don’t hand over your sovereign identity to anyone else; you are Better Than That. Develop your own core; awaken the spiritual power WITHIN. In short, just Trust Yourself.

your intuition and dream life will guide you here.

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blessings on the path fellow seekers

love, joy, and unbounded happiness



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