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10 Dirty Secrets of Personal Development

April 25, 2009


here’s the stuff THEY don’t want you to know …


1. personal power is YOURS.


long and the short of it, this is all you really need to know. YOU HAVE THE POWER. End of story. You don’t need to buy some book, sign up for some expensive 3 month program, or purchase a bunch of audio books. The Power is Within You. That cannot be stressed enough.


2. personal development is a lifelong commitment


how often have you been sold the ‘9 day program’ or ’30 days to change’ line? they make it sound easy, right? follow this simple recipe, and you’ll be thin, smart, rich, and young. Wow! who wouldn’t sign up for that! but the true story is that these short-term commitments never pay off. Old habits drift back, and any temporary gains fade like the morning mist. If you want to change, it’s a lifelong path.


3. deep satisfaction

these programs all sell you on the end result. They flash it on the infomercials, they talk it up in the blurb. The big promise. But what is missed is the personal journey you go on. So much emphasis is placed on following a program, hitting all the deadlines, that the actual EXPERIENCE is totally missed. True Personal Development is felt deep inside; as a stirring of the inner self. Don’t mistake the end for the path.


4. total change

all these guru’s have some specialty; this guy tells you how to make money while you’re sleeping, this person learns you on how to shed those pounds like melting butter, this guy reprograms your mind so that depression and sadness will disappear like an overnight dream. What is entirely missed is that Personal Development is a total change of who you are. Its a deep examination of your personal philosophy; some of your deepest assumptions about the way life works. This is not easy, or trivial. But its the only way to real, lasting, powerful, and rewarding change.


5. the plateau effect

what is never talked about in the books is the ‘plateau effect’. This is where you will make some initial gains or improvements, and then you will level off for some time. It could be days or weeks, but it will seem like you are making NO PROGRESS. This is ok. Is is part of the experience. Just keep sticking with it. What happens is that a lot of the internal pieces are being juggled and shuffled. It might look like you’re not getting anywhere, but persist. When the pieces are all ready, they will fall into place. Then you’ll take the next leap up … overnight.


6. you are your best teacher

forget gurus or tailored programs. You yourself know the way. You just need to study the best examples possible, and determine your own way, in your own time. No pressure.


7. there are no shortcuts

Honest. Just accept this simple fact, and all those offers and programmes will start to lose their appeal. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. Every child stumbles their way through their first language, everyone falls off their bike at least once. No Shortcuts. Learn by making mistakes, learn by trying, and trying again. You might need a few guides, but you have to experience everything yourself. That’s the only way you’ll ever internalise the deep lessons of Personal Development and Change. You can’t ‘download’ the knowledge you need to know, as appealing as that might be 🙂


8. passion is the key


things won’t change, unless you are genuinely excited and eager to change them. No one can give you this passion. You have to have it yourself.


9. love is the answer


hey, no bullshit! you will only progress when you accept this simple fact: love is the answer. When you learn to love and accept yourself, love and accept others, your personal development will accelerate to mind-boggling speeds. Once you become Internally Healed and Whole (by accepting and loving all that is), change has a conduit through which to flow. Personal Development will be yours.


10. personal development is a lucrative industry

the players in the game will actually cite this, and use it as part of their spin. Become as rich as I am – they shout. But honestly, where is the money really coming from? Sounds like your wallet. Any time you hand over money for a promise, you are trading away your personal power. Bad news. Stop the industry in its tracks by developing yourself, in your own way. No Holosync cd’s, no Anthony Robbins. what do the drug ads say? Just say no? Dead right!

once you reclaim your own internal sovereignty and look to yourself for the answers, true Personal Development will unfold like a natural blooming rose. As Krishnamurti became famous in his lifetime for being the ‘anti-guru guru’, you too can tread the same road –

be the anti-guru guru!!

blessings and peace



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