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5 Effective Ways to Manage Your Time

April 29, 2009


don’t we all wish there were 25 or even 27 hours in the day? would make life a lot easier. Alas, we are stuck with the 24 cycle, and that’s what we have to make do with. Here’s a few ways of maximising the use of that time:


1. DON’T make to-do lists.

but won’t I forget, you ask? if its truly Important enough, you won’t forget. The whole reason we make To-Do lists in the first place is put all the Negative and Unpleasant Stuff down … so then we can shove it aside, and forget about it. Big Mistake! Its a psychological trick that the mind uses ..

so the best way NOT to do something, is to put it on a To-Do List. Not an effective strategy, is it?


2. PLAN IT in your mind

this is the best approach. Have a task, like grocery shopping? plan out the scene in your mind, the hour you will leave the house, the route you will take, the parking, shopping the various items … imagine it quickly, and let it play out. No need to dwell on it, but connect a few of the mental images. When it comes time to perform the task, it will seem as though there is already a pre-written script, guiding you along. The process and actual carrying out will seem rather easy and effortless, like riding along with a gentle ocean wave. Plan it, envision it, have it done in your mind before hand.


3. do what you’re BEST at

there are lots of people in this world with lots of expertise, and loads of experience … why not get them to do it? anytime you can shunt off a task to a professional or pro, take advantage of it. It’ll cost you money, but save you fiddling around, consuming precious hours.

I guess this is the essence of the modern economy – outsourcing – and it does work. It lets those who have the skills the opportunity to apply them, day in and day out. That means you have your time, and can do what YOU’RE BEST AT. Hone your own skills, and become the acknowledged expert. Best use of your time.


4. exercise

what are you talking about?, I hear you ask. Well, even though exercise takes up a precious slot in your day, it does Energise and Empower you for the other tasks in your day. Gets the blood rushing freely through the circulatory system, wakes the mind, and fills the lungs. Once the body is prepped, everything else will seem much easier, as if resistance had been dropped. A small commitment with a big payoff.


5. repeat Goals and Affirmations

if there’s something you want to achieve, or some point you want to reach in terms of professional development, state it in a simple sentence. Have it in your mind, repeat it a couple of times a day. Have it there as a reinforcement for all the other things you HAVE to do. It becomes the goal, a magnet point for all your other activities. It becomes the Over-riding Purpose.

state it simply, keep it clear.

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just a few of my tips

blessings, and peace



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