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30 Things to be Grateful For

May 13, 2009

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gratitude 2


1. having a functional body

2. having a family that cares

3. knowing that you are living in times of great change

4. having the internet and all that it provides

5. having the opportunity to work, and the means to better yourself

6. smelling the fresh air each morning, leaving the house and appreciating the green around me

7..having two hours each day, which I can devote to whatever I please

8. having twitter

9. having wikipedia

10. having wordpress


gratitude rock
11. witnessing the creativity of others on a daily basis

12. having a sweater when its cold

13. having electricity that is reliable (no brownouts, few blackouts)

14. having water that is clean and on tap

15. being able to shop for groceries almost any time of day

16. seeing the trees shake in the autumn wind

17. knowing my best friend is living in the same world as me

18. having had a long education, and the opportunity to give back now

19. having the peace of meditation

20. hearing the voices of disembodied podcasts


love and gratitude crystal
21. seeing the wonders of the animal kingdom

22. coining new language and phrases, day by day

23. laughing and smiling at the humor and art of others

24. sharing a lovely conversation with a sympathetic friend

25. asking others for assistance, and receiving a quick response

26. feeling the joy of a full belly

27. waking up from a long, dream-filled sleep

28. ¬†knowing there are answers … out there … somewhere

29. sharing this space with you ALL



monk gratitude

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for all these things, I am deeply GRATEFUL.

I say Thanks.

blessings and peace



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