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Step 13 – Hidden Knowledge

January 12, 2009


scored for piano, bass, and bassoon

there has been much that has been hidden from us.

Knowledge, wisdom, ancient traditions.

the shamanic teachings of a long time ago.

yes, there is a conspiracy. Hard to believe, but yes, it is there. They represent the dark force, those who elevate themselves to positions of power, and dictate to us how to live. How to work. How to spend our free time.

this knowledge is hidden. The so called esoteric. Things like tarot, astrology, the christian gnostics. Sacred geometry, meditation, geomancy. Lots to explore.

but the flame of knowledge burns bright for the seeker.

step forth into the light, and reclaim your inner power.


the time of Hidden Knowledge is past. The darkness will be exposed. We will live free.

Knowledge is Ours.


Step 9 – Financial Soundness

December 29, 2008


it is hard to move forwards in life if you are dirt poor. To achieve dreams and ambitions, you need some finances behind you. That is why taking care of the MONEY side of things is so important.

the spiritual path need not be one of poverty; but it can be one of great simplicity. The more material things you commit to, the more the debts you owe. There is a danger in that.

Sound Finances lead to a certain peace of mind; that your body will not be threatened with want or despair; that the rent and expenses will be taken care of.

Sound Finances frees up the mind to concentrate on the Important Things; whatever those things may be.


scored for viola, oboe, piano, and cello.


Step 6 – Having Fun

December 21, 2008


sometimes the spiritual path can be portrayed as being a little dour, without joy. But not so! It doesn’t have to be all serious!

having fun, being joyful is very much a part of spiritual growth! it’s seeing the comedy of life, it’s ironies, it’s unfortunate misunderstandings and overlaps; it’s the wry smile of someone who KNOWS.

experience teaches us many things; that there is tragedy, there is downfall – but there is also the Uplift, the rising on the tide of Joy.

Be Happy, and guffaw a little. Laugh out loud to the soundtrack of South Park.

life’s full of mirth.

scored for clarinet, piano, and bassoon.


Step 2 – Uncertainty

December 12, 2008


scored for violin, harpsichord, and piano

when we step onto the spiritual path, uncertainty can ensue; we leave behind the firm, solid opinions which we have been accustomed to, and we venture into the realms of possibility and change. Such times can be confronting and challenging. And yet we feel hopeful at the same time.

Uncertainty is part of the journey.