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Step 29 – Snapping Old Habits

March 11, 2009


I think I was borderline OCD when I was a kid. Always making lists, scheduling my time, organising my books and comic books. It was all about putting things in order; all the time 🙂

it lasted well into my high school years. Sometime when I started working at McDonalds (ah, those were the days) those old habits dropped away. Maybe I felt I was becoming more of an adult (having my own money to spend, being more in control) that I didn’t need to obsess as much. So glad!

these days, my music demands a certain attention to detail. Everything has to ‘slot’ in correctly, work for a greater purpose. The parts inform the whole. It takes effort to ensure that everything is synced, harmonised, and balanced. Care is certainly a factor. But it isn’t obsessing! its about making sure its right, then moving on, not coming back and endlessly re-arranging. Once its done (and done well!) it looks after itself. OCD doesn’t recognise this. It constantly worries, and rechecks things over and over again. Looking for those horrid germs, or that unlocked door, or left on stove. OCD _can’t_ move on.

I’m in control these days, but not anal about it.

OCD is the washing machine of the mind. Going round, and round, and …

take care friends, and enjoy the music!!

scored for piano solo


Step 25 – Acknowledging Reality

February 25, 2009


when one comes across Liberating Information, one can get very excited.

start dreaming, envisioning, turning your life in a new direction

that is WONDERFUL when that happens!

but there is one caveat to that:

effectiveness is the measure of truth

if the information you have is truly Empowering, Liberating, and Self-Fulfilling, then it will lead to effective action. In your own life, in the lives of others, and in the whole world in general, the Positivity will spread.

it is a very easy test to apply.


one checks Reality, and Acknowledges what is going on.

scored for 2 trumpets and piano


Step 19 – Regenerating the Core

February 4, 2009


who are you?

at the centre of your being is your core self. The one who has always been there.

some call this spirit, others soul.

it is the prime mover, the sparker of consciousness.

it is the core.


sit quietly, and call these words:

I regenerate my core
my true self and being
I regenerate my core
the love and wisdom of spirit
I regenerate my core
and am whole and joyous
I regenerate my core
for this is who I am

love and kindness, my friends


scored for 2 flutes and piano


Step 15 – the Harvest

January 19, 2009


karma. what exactly is it?

one has heard the phrase: “as you sow, so you shall reap.” Now, I think most people can recognise a little bit of truth in that statement. Maybe not the whole truth, but capturing some of it.

what one does in life has a pretty big effect on what happens to us – “what goes around, comes around”. Sometimes the effects are delayed, or the exact connection may be lost to us, but a life spent in giving and love will be more joyful than one spent in conniving and cheating. The universe is measured in that way.

I best think of karma as the “Harvest Effect”.

all the things you do, think, and say send out shockwaves into the universe. These waves of intent will return back to us, as we collide with them in a future time. So many of the ripples we experience now are the effects of the past; lost behind the veil of conscious time.

Not everyone is brought to justice in this lifetime; not all giving is rewarded with kind smiles. But this Harvest radiates out into the forever space of eternity; all things will be returned.

respect karma!

scored for piano


Step 14 – Cleaning One’s Fridge

January 15, 2009


diet plays a crucial role for those on the spiritual path.

one good thing to do, is to empty your fridge. Check out all those condiments, those soft, pulpy veggies, that fruit juice from 3 months ago. A total cleanout, and start all over again.

monitor what you are putting into your body; for ultimately that comes to shape consciousness.

is it fresh? is it nourishing? is it the food of life?

each has their own path. Some will abstain from meat, others will thrive on it. Some will love fruits, others don’t have a sweet tooth. Whatever the specifics, there is a tailored diet for your body and condition in life; one matched that will give you energy, vibrance, and well-being. Up to you to find it.

But one can start by emptying the fridge. Start from empty, and build.

bon appetit!

scored for oboe and piano.