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Step 20 – Negative Greetings

February 7, 2009


life presents many challenges.

how we deal with them is a mark of our character.

1. the stimulus presents itself

2. we react

3. we observe the impact of our reaction

now, at times a Negative Greeting presents itself. Such an event is intended to cause fear and self-doubt in us; to question our integrity and ability. The proper response is love.


just recently I spilled some hot stew on my left hand. Its was a Negative Greeting


they have often been called imps, gremlins, or bad fairies. They play tricks on us. We cannot see them.


so we accept the tricks, the deliberate toying with our mind.

1. don’t get angry

2. don’t get mad

3. don’t ignore it

4. but greet these Gremlins of Fate with love and acceptance. Bring them back to the fold of Oneness.

through Love, all things are diffused, all Greetings are nullified.

A Greater Whole.


scored for 2 trumpets and harpsichord


Step 19 – Regenerating the Core

February 4, 2009


who are you?

at the centre of your being is your core self. The one who has always been there.

some call this spirit, others soul.

it is the prime mover, the sparker of consciousness.

it is the core.


sit quietly, and call these words:

I regenerate my core
my true self and being
I regenerate my core
the love and wisdom of spirit
I regenerate my core
and am whole and joyous
I regenerate my core
for this is who I am

love and kindness, my friends


scored for 2 flutes and piano


Step 17 – Light-ness

January 27, 2009


scored for organ solo

“like swimming through concrete” – that is how I have often felt in my life.

whether depressed, or just down and out, or even just going through the motions of high school; there was a sense of restriction, of keeping things held back. Like chains on my soul.

but as one moves along the spiritual path, one frees up these weights we have placed on ourselves. Modes of thought and behaviour that we have learnt from our environment, our parents and culture. The accumulated assumptions of the world around us.

the sense of ‘lightness of being’; of being a free spirit, a creative dancer on the shores of life. To enjoy the moments of each day with a welcoming smile. To wave to passing souls.

by letting go of things, we become free-er, light-er. We can drift over the happenings of our lives, seeing things from a more balanced perspective; not get caught up in the dramas.

We are light with Joy.


Step 15 – the Harvest

January 19, 2009


karma. what exactly is it?

one has heard the phrase: “as you sow, so you shall reap.” Now, I think most people can recognise a little bit of truth in that statement. Maybe not the whole truth, but capturing some of it.

what one does in life has a pretty big effect on what happens to us – “what goes around, comes around”. Sometimes the effects are delayed, or the exact connection may be lost to us, but a life spent in giving and love will be more joyful than one spent in conniving and cheating. The universe is measured in that way.

I best think of karma as the “Harvest Effect”.

all the things you do, think, and say send out shockwaves into the universe. These waves of intent will return back to us, as we collide with them in a future time. So many of the ripples we experience now are the effects of the past; lost behind the veil of conscious time.

Not everyone is brought to justice in this lifetime; not all giving is rewarded with kind smiles. But this Harvest radiates out into the forever space of eternity; all things will be returned.

respect karma!

scored for piano


Step 10 – Future Waves

January 2, 2009


scored for harpsichord

the Future calls us.

it beckons, as a giant wave of change.

many are expecting something to happen in 2012.

it acts as a focal point.

feel the change.