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10 Ways LOVE = Happiness

May 21, 2009

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there are many kinds of love, but how many exactly?

here I examine a few forms of ‘LOVE’, and how thy equate to happiness.


1. love of wife & husband = happiness


yes, the primal bond, that between man and woman, defined as marriage in our society. A long, life-term bond, which in the best case scenario, runs up to 4+ decades. This long term LOVE, provides security, stability, an inner knowing that your mate is there, providing support. One goes through the vicissitudes of family, work, birth & death, ageing, and happy learning. This long term wife / husband bond is truly magic. LOVE = HAPPINESS.


2. love of family & family

brother and sister love 2

there’s nothing like putting up with an annoying brother or sister, or with a kooky, strange aunt or uncle. Familial bonds engender a certain tolerance, a long dogged patience, an over-biding acceptance of quirks and even outright eccentricity. Your family bonds are unique in this way … never to be duplicated, or even replicated. You know your family members, all their inner workings and dealings, their histories ..a special bond in familiarity. And we love the familiar! LOVE = HAPPINESS.


3. love of friend & friend


some friendships are short lived, but intense, others build up over the years. Some college buddies may call out of the blue, and a whole history and memory is resurrected in an Epic Drinking Session. Buddies. Pals. Friends. Heroes to each other, as the song goes. Friendships are wondrous – this is the mark of peer to peer – between equals, who choose to associate and share their life stories. Your friends (the really good ones) lead to much joy. LOVE = HAPPINESS again.


4. love of person & passion

Motivatedmanpic-main_Full 2

if you find what you want to do in life, you will be happy. Simple. Said. Your CALLING is fulfillment. Easy. Abundance. You connect with your Passion … and you will be happy. Guaranteed. Again, LOVE = HAPPINESS.


5. love of person & world


if you look out each morning and see a scary world, you WILL be scared. If you look out and see your fellow brothers and sisters, all making their way as best they can, stumbling, trying, then you feel an inner bond with their struggles and dramas. If you can truly embrace the world, accept it as a fellow playground of spirits, then you will Never Feel Out Of Place. It will be a shared experience … to the very end. If you can come to accept and love the world … you will be happy. LOVE = HAPPINESS to repeat the mantra of today 🙂


6. LOVE … for itself


feel the inner harmony and balance of love … with no other reference point than yourself … and you will be happy. It will spring from your eyes, bound in your steps, empower your words … it won’t be containable! an infectious, viral JOY! a smile from ear to ear 🙂 Joy in itself. Love by itself. LOVE = HAPPINESS all on its lonesome 🙂


7. LOVE …. and forgiveness

Forgiveness 3

you know, the act of forgiveness is more about YOU than the other Person. How so? if you refuse to Forgive, then you are going the opposite way, YOU ARE HOLDING A GRUDGE. If you hold a Grudge (whether it be hate, dislike, aversion, or just recalling the injustice done to you) you harbor these negative feelings inside yourself. You are poisoning yourself by not Forgiving. It ends up damaging you more than them. You must forgive, love, and move on. By forgiving, and showing a truly Forbearing Love, you will be whole again, regardless of the wrong done to you. Forgive, and be happy in the present. LOVE = HAPPINESS.


8. Love … and divinity


this is a touchy one. I’m not quite sure how to express it. But if you can recognise the intrinsic divinity in all things (maybe animism?) then the Love will swell in your Heart. If all things are one … then All Things Are One. Hard to get your head around! but yes, I believe this eternal, infinite love … will bring you to the bounteous fountain of Joy. LOVE = HAPPINESS if you can wrap your head around it!


9. love, you know, the sexual kind.


I won’t need to say much here, or do much convincing. Love … as in the sexual, act of congress kind …will make you happy, no doubt. The brain chemicals do it. Love = happiness here for sure. If only for a short while 😉


10. Love … because there’s nothing else to do!


seriously, what else are we here for? to making faster, more streamlined cars? to catch the latest episode of 24? these things are fine, but what is deeper meaning behind life? Surely to love, live, and learn? LOVE … because I can’t think of anything better to do!!

in short, bring Love into your life, in all its myriad senses and guises, and I’m pretty sure you’ll increase your Happiness Quotient (measured in smiles / hour). <big grin>


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blessings and peace my friends



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