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Step 12 – Good with People

January 8, 2009


part of the spiritual experience is coming to terms with the society in which you live. Sometimes this can be quite difficult; one feels changed, different, and it is hard to communicate this experience to others.

but in the end, we are Individuals living in a collective group; associations are paramount.

One skill that is easily developed is empathy; a deep understanding of what someone else is feeling.

Compassion goes hand in hand with Empathy.

as we journey further and further, we recognise our unique differences, but also the Huge Amounts of Common Ground that we have; we can become good with people, and share our experiences.

the joy of spirit shines in us all.

scored for two clarinets and harpsichord.


Step 10 – Future Waves

January 2, 2009


scored for harpsichord

the Future calls us.

it beckons, as a giant wave of change.

many are expecting something to happen in 2012.

it acts as a focal point.

feel the change.


Step 4 – Creative Outings

December 16, 2008


one of the first things you’ll notice when you open up to new ideas is the flood of creativity; you start thinking “do things really have to be this way?” and “why can’t I do it this way?”. This is the Creative Energy entering your life, affecting every decision you make; how you dress, what you eat, what you think. The true Individual that you are starts to emerge.

This is the Creative Outburst. It is what all true artists, musicians, authors and creative types are plugged into; it is the infinity of possibilities, the swirling myriad of perspective, the untold spectrum of light that is available to everyone. We just have to be receptive enough to it.

scored for flute and harpsichord


Step 2 – Uncertainty

December 12, 2008


scored for violin, harpsichord, and piano

when we step onto the spiritual path, uncertainty can ensue; we leave behind the firm, solid opinions which we have been accustomed to, and we venture into the realms of possibility and change. Such times can be confronting and challenging. And yet we feel hopeful at the same time.

Uncertainty is part of the journey.


Step 1 – Journeys

December 11, 2008


scored for trumpet, harpsichord, and cello

the journey begins here my friends.  A single footstep into the spiritual realms of ascension, peace, balance, and wisdom.  Blessings to you.