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Step 37 – Dissolving Karma

May 2, 2009

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scored for clarinet, piano, double bass + harpsichord




leave the past in the past

be present in the moment

don’t let the trauma of yesterday

ruin the bright sunshine of today

dissolve the karma

in a single flash of insight








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blessings and peace my friends



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Step 35 – Water, Water, Everywhere

April 19, 2009


do you drink enough water?

I often wonder so myself. At high school, I was very active in sports (running, cricket, squash) and would spend half my days all sweated up (I hope that’s not too raunchy 🙂 but yeah, always active. I drank _enormous_ amounts of water. Plus the food I was eating was fried, baked, or processed in a package. That only accelerated the dehydration issues.

that continues to this day.

still drink gallons of water, even if I’m not as active.

I notice in the summer months, especially, I can get a ‘dehydration’ headache very easily. Sort of a buzz in the mind, as if the pressure isn’t right. Quickly fixed with a few glasses of lukewarm water. Always amazes me that ‘cure’.

I’ve also read that Not Drinking Enough Water can cause gastritis and ulcers, heartburn, constipation, and even arthritis!! not sure about these ailments!

but what about you, do you drink enough water? and what type? (purified, bottled, filtered?)

and what about fluoridation? does that scare you?


original music by ggw_bach

scored for clarinet, harpsichord, and piano


Step 30 – All in the Numbers

March 16, 2009


what is the way to peace?
to become peace yourself

if you wish to see change in the world
become the change yourself

one person meditating
affects the entire environment around them

one smile flashed in the street
affects a whole crowd

change happens in the world
one by one by one

be the change you most want to see



blessings and peace

scored for strings, clarinet, and harpsichord


Step 23 – Self Identity

February 18, 2009


as one moves forward in time, one’s identity is constantly changing.

once a child, now a high school student, then a college graduate, worker, spouse, then parent. Our roles revolve and change over a lifetime. Different skills, different experiences.

but for what end?

we end up with stories to tell; some funny, some wise, a lifetime of different places, different faces.

but somewhere in there, something remains constant. A consciousness, a knowing, a perceiver.


right now, my self-identity is tied up with music, and a spiritual path. It has been a road traveled for 10 years now. Fun, exciting, unexpected, challenging.


but this too is a phase. Our self-identity is who we choose to live our lives as; the various positions we occupy in society. The key, I think, is not to cling to it too tightly.

Michael Jackson is just a memory of who he was, as is Michael Jordan. The roles pass.

in the end, all that is left are the memories.

Memories of a self-identity that once was.


blessings and peace

scored for harpsichord solo


Step 20 – Negative Greetings

February 7, 2009


life presents many challenges.

how we deal with them is a mark of our character.

1. the stimulus presents itself

2. we react

3. we observe the impact of our reaction

now, at times a Negative Greeting presents itself. Such an event is intended to cause fear and self-doubt in us; to question our integrity and ability. The proper response is love.


just recently I spilled some hot stew on my left hand. Its was a Negative Greeting


they have often been called imps, gremlins, or bad fairies. They play tricks on us. We cannot see them.


so we accept the tricks, the deliberate toying with our mind.

1. don’t get angry

2. don’t get mad

3. don’t ignore it

4. but greet these Gremlins of Fate with love and acceptance. Bring them back to the fold of Oneness.

through Love, all things are diffused, all Greetings are nullified.

A Greater Whole.


scored for 2 trumpets and harpsichord