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Step 28 – White Magic

March 8, 2009


magic has a bad rap these days. after all, one cannot ‘conjure’ things out of thin air, can we?

or perhaps we can?

maybe we should examine what we mean by ‘magic’, and in this case, so-called ‘white magic’.

Magic, at its core, is about getting results. There is no real modern analogue for this term. Some self-improvement circles bandy the notion of being ‘effective’, ‘real’, or ‘getting what you want’. Nice expressions, but what is REALLY happening?

1. an idea, image, or desire flashes in the mind

2. we want to see this happen in ‘reality’.

3. we effect this change (or not, depending on the case :-))

magic is about making this process seamless and efficient. Forget all the past baggage associated with this term, just concentrate on the results and the process.

magic is about consciousness and the transition from the mind into 3-d reality. The more we can make this happen, the more we ‘materialise’ … not out of thin air, but through conforming with real, practical principles.

nothing spooky about it!


scored for two flutes, and one cello


Step 19 – Regenerating the Core

February 4, 2009


who are you?

at the centre of your being is your core self. The one who has always been there.

some call this spirit, others soul.

it is the prime mover, the sparker of consciousness.

it is the core.


sit quietly, and call these words:

I regenerate my core
my true self and being
I regenerate my core
the love and wisdom of spirit
I regenerate my core
and am whole and joyous
I regenerate my core
for this is who I am

love and kindness, my friends


scored for 2 flutes and piano


Step 8 – Loving Kindness

December 27, 2008


Loving Kindness prepares the heart for all good things. It opens us up to the infinite beauty of creation, to the wonders of joy and spirit. It is an open and receptive hand held out.

it begins with oneself. Loving Kindness directed inwards means:

1) forgiving oneself of faults
2) taking care of one’s body, one’s habits, one’s work

then turned outwards to the world, Loving Kindness means embracing people of all faiths, all backgrounds.

Loving Kindness is goodwill, friendliness, and acceptance. Treating others as you would treat yourself.

scored for two flutes and one bassoon.