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21 Hidden Secrets of the Illuminati

May 16, 2009

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to celebrate Angels and Demons (dan brown’s latest film), I play a little devil’s advocate here. After all, the Illuminati CONTROL EVERYTHING, don’t they?




1. they control the media. yep, cnn, bbc, fox news, printed pages. Everything

2. they control banking. yep, and deliberately crashed their own financial system. Out of the chaos, a new world order.

3. they control medicine. with pharmaceuticals they pollute and corrupt your body. They already own your mind.

4. they control politicians. Both sides of the political game; both left and right, liberal and conservative. in every country

5. they control lawmakers / judges – everyone has had their youthful indiscretions. Sometimes blackmail / sexual incidents are deliberately set up. Everyone is under their thumb.




6. they control technology. ever since Roswell, we have been on a technological ascent. With harvested alien / ufo technology (back-engineered) we have reached our current technological peak. Companies such as GE were beneficiaries of seeded research.

7. they control weather – using HAARP technology they can cause / manipulate the seasons & hurricanes. Think Katrina.

8. they control frequencies. it has been said that mobile phone frequencies attune with the human mind, and distort / corrupt it. Deliberate?

9. the control food – using GM technologies, our food is being degraded of precious life. In the pursuit of ever bigger harvests, we end up with emptier foods.

10. they control life – a birth certificate says you have been born, a death certificate marks your passage from this physical world. Without this ‘official’ stamp, it hasn’t ‘happened’.


Illuminati Cross P397


11. they control religion. Christianity is the biggest faith on the planet, and the biggest of the big, is the Vatican. The Pope (apparently) is an Illuminati agent.

12. they control knowledge – universities are the gatekeepers of cutting edge research. Using carefully directed funds & research grants, knowledge is steered in a certain direction.

13. they control the military – the whole army industrial complex or weaponised might is powered by Black Ops projects. Underground bases.

14. they control the drug trade – the borders are safe, what gets through is totally permitted. the cia is in on drug running, and even organises the whole racket.

15. they control education. you can only make correct decisions with correct information. Education sees to it that you receive the wrong / irrelevant data.





16. they control the counter-movement: think the 60’s was all about rebellion? it was co-opted. Think Alex Jones tells the truth? where does he get funded?

17. they control space – all the images we get from nasa … have been airbrushed and tampered with. Bases on the moon, ruins on mars.

18. they control celebrities – Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith? mind controlled sex slaves.

19. they control the future – everything has been building up to 2012. Wait to see the big event! A cosmic slideshow!

20. they control … YOU!


everything is a conspiracy


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the truth will set you free

blessings, and much peace (especially of mind)

your friend



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I am Not a Piece of Paper

June 10, 2008



We have John Harris with us from the website “The People’s United Community”. John recently gave an interesting talk titled “It’s an illusion” on the topics of Law, Legalese, Common Law, Birthright Law, Corporate Law and much more. We’ve invited him to talk about his research, his thoughts and opinions. We begin to discuss 9/11, 7/7 and John’s “wake up” process. We move on to discuss: Law, Law Changes After 9/11, Common Law, Commercial Law, Realization, Natural Connection, Statue, Status, Paper, Birth Certificate, Title, System, Sterling Pound, Their Policy, Money, Brain, Person, Social Dominance, Public and Private Statues, Roman “Civilicus Law”, The Ego, Messiah Complex, Jesus, Lose the of eye’s of the Ego, War, Owning Land, Magna Carta, Admiralty Law, Subject, Police officer, Policeman, Riots in the UK (Summer of discontent).


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