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Step 37 – Dissolving Karma

May 2, 2009

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scored for clarinet, piano, double bass + harpsichord




leave the past in the past

be present in the moment

don’t let the trauma of yesterday

ruin the bright sunshine of today

dissolve the karma

in a single flash of insight








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blessings and peace my friends



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Step 35 – Water, Water, Everywhere

April 19, 2009


do you drink enough water?

I often wonder so myself. At high school, I was very active in sports (running, cricket, squash) and would spend half my days all sweated up (I hope that’s not too raunchy 🙂 but yeah, always active. I drank _enormous_ amounts of water. Plus the food I was eating was fried, baked, or processed in a package. That only accelerated the dehydration issues.

that continues to this day.

still drink gallons of water, even if I’m not as active.

I notice in the summer months, especially, I can get a ‘dehydration’ headache very easily. Sort of a buzz in the mind, as if the pressure isn’t right. Quickly fixed with a few glasses of lukewarm water. Always amazes me that ‘cure’.

I’ve also read that Not Drinking Enough Water can cause gastritis and ulcers, heartburn, constipation, and even arthritis!! not sure about these ailments!

but what about you, do you drink enough water? and what type? (purified, bottled, filtered?)

and what about fluoridation? does that scare you?


original music by ggw_bach

scored for clarinet, harpsichord, and piano


Step 30 – All in the Numbers

March 16, 2009


what is the way to peace?
to become peace yourself

if you wish to see change in the world
become the change yourself

one person meditating
affects the entire environment around them

one smile flashed in the street
affects a whole crowd

change happens in the world
one by one by one

be the change you most want to see



blessings and peace

scored for strings, clarinet, and harpsichord


Step 18 – Returning the Mail

January 31, 2009


now, this is going to sound like a rather strange and esoteric subject to some.

but what is “returning the mail”?

good question. Glad you asked. Now, I perceive of the world as a whole bunch of interactions. There are people in the world, and animals, but what really defines life is the interactions we have. Now, to me, there are two basic interactions we can participate in:

1. we can be giving (whether literally, in the case of giving someone an object) or perhaps giving in the sense of emotional support, or just plain old speaking. We are projecting ourselves out there.

2. or we can be receiving. Here we are at the other end of the interaction. The receiving can also be a form of ‘taking’ sometimes; for those who are of a selfish bent. But in most cases, we act as the recipient, and are grateful.

now for the flow of life to work, we can’t always be in the receiving mode. As a child we benefit immensely from our parents` love, because we are vulnerable and still learning. But as we grow older, the balance of the interactions changes, and we start to realise what we can offer to the world. We start ‘giving’.

now for me, ‘returning the mail’ means sending back into the world all the love we have received. Not hoarding it up, dwelling on it, being entranced by it. We have reaped the full benefits of others` free givings; it is up to us to give it back.

And not necessarily to the ones who gave it to us. Find those in need, then pass the mail onto them. They will read the message inside, and be over-joyed!

scored for clarinet, oboe, and cello


Step 6 – Having Fun

December 21, 2008


sometimes the spiritual path can be portrayed as being a little dour, without joy. But not so! It doesn’t have to be all serious!

having fun, being joyful is very much a part of spiritual growth! it’s seeing the comedy of life, it’s ironies, it’s unfortunate misunderstandings and overlaps; it’s the wry smile of someone who KNOWS.

experience teaches us many things; that there is tragedy, there is downfall – but there is also the Uplift, the rising on the tide of Joy.

Be Happy, and guffaw a little. Laugh out loud to the soundtrack of South Park.

life’s full of mirth.

scored for clarinet, piano, and bassoon.