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3 Good Reasons to Start a Blog

April 27, 2009

everyone by now has tried their hand at a blog. But why should you truly commit to it, and make it a serious project? Would anyone want to make an argument? here are 3 good reasons that I can think of:


1. a blog establishes your online presence

Internet connection
this is first and foremost. your blog is essentially your home on the web. Your own personal space, which you can pimp out as you please, add the links that you want, change the template, whatever. You have total control. But a blog is just more than a custom website: a blog is the means by which you can deliver your thoughts, findings, music, images and video to the world … in an easy format. WordPress is by far the most popular blogging software, and you can jump over to for a free hosted blog, or download the free software for even greater customisability. Either way, its one of the most liberating steps you can ever take. Avoid blogspot like the plague. It has a reputation for being the ghetto of spammers and newbies; the templates are ugly, and the commenting system is from a digital hell. WordPress all the way my friends.


2. a blog offers infinite growth


once you are set up, your blog can begin to grow. The first couple of months can be excruciatingly painful. Maybe 30 hits, 50 or 70 a day, barely touching 100 if you’re lucky. How to attract readers, and establish reliable blog traffic? that’s one of the greatest unsolvables of the online world. By hard work and graft, cajoling your friends into visiting, pimping your stuff on forums and twitter … by hook or by crook, you damn well earn every single pageview. It’s hard hard work, and a true test of resolve. But if you persist by blogging 3-5 times a week, go out there and promote it, the comments and the visits will come. Slow, and arduous, I’m telling you. But once you get a platform, a voice for yourself, the breakout moment will come. It’s different for each person (depending on their niche or interest) but those that stick in there and produce honest, authentic, valuable content will reap the rewards. And that moment will come.


3. a blog is your ticket out of here


this is the great dream, to live off your bloggings. Who doesn’t dream this? to wake up each morning, tap a few keystrokes into your blog, and watch the traffic and money flow in. IF ONLY! This is the dream, and the lure for many novice bloggers. But honestly, how many even make $100 a month from their writings? not many, methinks. I won’t vouch for monetary success, but there are many examples out there. Self made bloggers who earn the bulk of their living through their articles, affiliate marketing, sideline advertising, and general ‘online presence’, They are out there. And they represent the infinite dream of every aspiring blogger. May we all dream long and hard!

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blessings and peace



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