Evelyn Paglini Interview – Apr 28, 2009


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Coast to Coast Summary

Predictions and Natural Magic
Witchcraft practitioner Dr. Evelyn Paglini shared her predictions, as well discussed using Natural Magic to change your luck and life. She has seen a rise in dark forces over the last two years, and recently had a series of visions about the next 1,000 days. The visions were curiously accompanied by the song Stars and Stripes Forever and contained a sense of overwhelming pain and emotion. Here is a rundown of what she sees coming:

* Beyond the current numbers, 3-4 million more homes will be foreclosed in the United States.
* Crime and suicide will escalate, and there will be more massacres like the Virginia Tech. incident. A group of people will use explosives in one massacre.
* Unemployment will continue to rise until the latter part of 2010.
* This is a buyer’s market with opportunities for good deals, for those with the wherewithal.
* The current swine flu is not the virus she previously predicted would be “unleashed” and kill hundreds of thousands.
* The Earth is going through a mini-cleansing over the next 4-5 years and we’ll see extreme weather.
* A storm with huge winds will come up from Florida wreaking massive destruction and flooding along the Eastern seaboard.
* Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin will have flooding and small earthquakes.
* California will have two earthquakes within a 12-month period that will be stronger than the Northridge quake.
* A killer heat wave will hit this summer as well as next year. Arson fires will plague California and several other states.

Paglini shared methods of using Natural Magic, the harnessing of energy and forces, to achieve a desired goal. The ability to enter into a meditative or alpha state is crucial for conducting rituals, she said. She spoke about the use of specific candles and essential oils for different purposes. Her “change your luck” ritual is posted here.

A Tale of Homelessness
First hour guest, Charles Springer discussed his experiences being a homeless person. Though now housed and in school, he spent a year and a half on the street. He talked about how at times he felt invisible, though conversely there were always people around, and a lack of privacy.

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