The Seven Indestructible Laws of HUNA

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the  7 Laws of Huna come from an ancient Hawaiian Tradition.  They are time-tested, and I believe them to be thoroughly effective and true.  See for yourself!

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“thoughts manifest reality”

everyone knows this one, as best popularised by the best-seller “The Secret”  Yes, the law of attraction is at work, and yes, it is under your control.  The Outside World is just a manifestation, an interpretation of your inner world.  See fear?  then everyone will become scary.  See love?  then loving kindness and friendship will follow you around.  You create the attitude, the atmosphere, and others of like mind resonate to this.  All begins with a thought.




“attention directs energy”

where you choose to focus your mind, there the universal energies will go.  Like a LASER BEAM, your attention directs and creates, scanning constantly.  Your attention is what you use to create.  It is always in your hands.  Even in times of pain or distress, your attention can be directed to the physical, or it be be turned elsewhere (witness hypnosis).  Attention is Everything.  Attention directs the energetic flow.




“all power originates within”

there is only one creator in your life, and that is you.  You are the creative force, the genesis of all events.  This creative might is under your control; it directs the harsh circumstances you encounter (for your own personal growth) as well as the riches and ease which can be yours too.  The power is WITHIN.  Everyone has it, everyone can tap into it.  All power, all within.  Acknowledge this inner strength.



“there are no limits”

once we acknowledge the ‘Inner Power’, then we realise there are NO LIMITS.  Beyond time, beyond space, we can draw upon infinite energies.  Truly there are no limits, except those that we place upon ourselves.  Is there any limit to success, to the creativity of a Beethoven?  any limits to the wonder of technology and the bounties of the internet?  Truly we have succeeded the wildest dreams of any science fiction writer of the 1960’s.  Indeed, there are NO LIMITS.


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“now is the only time you can do anything”

the past is gone, the future is yet to be created.  NOW is the only time.  Be here, taste it, feel it, don’t run away from it.  Don’t deny it, don’t distract yourself.  Be in the present.  The more you are grounded and ‘here’ the greater your potential for action and change.  Live it … and act.




“love is happiness”

this is simple: love is happiness.  Not jealousy, not anxiety, not about worries or concerns.  If you truly love, you are happy with it.  As it is.  Flaws and all.  Love is joy.  Love is happiness.  If there are any other emotions, then it is NOT Love.  For LOVE IS HAPPINESS.  Simple.



“effectiveness is the measure of truth”

the true measure of anything is if it WORKS.  If it doesn’t work, it’s a Lie.  Truth ALWAYS WORKS.  Its the best test of anything, including the Huna Principles.  Test things, try things … whatever works, that is the truth.  Whatever doesn’t, just discard it and move on.  Everyone has their own truth, which works for their current life situation.

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blessings and peace my friends,



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13 Responses to “The Seven Indestructible Laws of HUNA”

  1. Jonathan Lockwood Says:

    I enjoyed this quote: “See fear? then everyone will become scary. See love? then loving kindness and friendship will follow you around.”

    This past weekend someone told me, “There is nothing wrong with the universe–except our opinion of it.”

  2. Sabre Says:

    Very nice!
    Thank you for putting these out there.
    Yes I came here from your Tweet…LOL

  3. Della Says:

    ok, let’s take law #3………… will really get alot of publicity on this one………

    Call the local news media and tell them that you have unlimited creative power, and you will prove it by creating life!!! Tell them that you will start with something small and not too complicated so that they won’t be too dazzled to coheranly report it. Then create an EARTHWORM!!!!!!!!!! You should do great on the lecture circuit with that one!!!

  4. Della Says:

    ok, how about the biggie……… number 1

    I imagine you wouldn’t get alot of “amens” from the thousands of little African children kidnapped daily into sexual slavery, or to be brainwashed and turned into soldiers. (some as young as 7 or 8 years old) Their captors use UNSPEAKABLY cruel and evil methods to bring them under subjection!!

    Is the law of attraction under these little ones control?????

  5. azoptimist Says:

    Our mind definitely creates our reality (actually, our perceptions). If we all became positive thinkers, what great place our world would be! Thanks for then inspiring quotes! 🙂

  6. toan hoc Says:

    It ‘s a perfect writing. Thank you.

  7. Robert Says:

    I get so easily distracted by the internet and great blogs like this. Experience the moment.

  8. Luciana Says:

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