The Infinite Buddha

Metatrons Art Gallery

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12 Responses to “The Infinite Buddha”

  1. kate smedley Says:

    beautiful image of the buddha, thank you

  2. Zuzanna M Says:

    “Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.” – Buddha

    Excellent photo of Buddha.
    Thank you…Z.

  3. Shade Law Says:


  4. Ziplocedgreens Says:

    Maybe no one noticed, but that picture being used with the buddha is actually what a theory of the universe is. One theory is that the universe is one big entanglement of lines and it looks like, well that ^. without the buddha.

  5. Nathaniel Wolfe Says:

    Ziplocedgreens is referring to the supersymmetrical E8 theory proposed by Garrett Lisi, who has a number of experiments lined up at the LHC and was I believe featured in a TED talk.

  6. ggw_bach Says:

    the TED Talk spoken of is here –

  7. roentarre Says:

    Truely dreamy and stary

    Great art!

  8. Rickbischoff Says:

    WOW, infinite geometric patterns…
    …THNX! also for the VID, just faved on YouTube…

  9. Caroline Says:

    Truly amazing image!

  10. Knightvolt Says:

    It brings inner peace to me..enjoyed it!

  11. Marsha Camblin Says:

    Great illustration – Thanks

  12. Visit generic_anchor_text.dat Says:

    Visit generic_anchor_text.dat

    The Infinite Buddha | 100 Musical Footsteps

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