Twelve Star Signs & Their Biggest Hurdles





— ego

aries constantly faces the hurdle of the ‘me, me, me’ universe.  This is the paradigm in which they exist.  They must constantly defend their turf. be on the lookout for invaders.  They are bold, daring, and even dangerous, but this is Aries’ greatest pitfall; not seeing beyond themselves.




— not growing up

it has been said that the Taurus Star Sign is somewhere stuck in the 7-14 age bracket.  They are clever, nifty in terms of physicality, but have trouble seeing beyond a material world.  Taurus can be intellectual and probing, but are often limited by a literal interpretation of things.  The Bull has problems growing up.




— the allure of words

gemini’s love to talk, interact, communicate.  This is what they are born to do.  They are the facilitators, the talking heads, the best friend who talks to you at any time of Night; they love words & language!  but this universe in which they dwell, full of language and linguistics only goes so far.  Some things, after all, are ineffable.  There is a magic beyond words 🙂




— creature comforts

cancer builds his shell, full of the comforts and allure of home.  Its safe.  Its snug.  Its cozy.  Its reliable, safe, and full of family.  Its a truly loving environment.  But creating this divide – my space here, yours there – cements the notion of THIS, and THE OTHER.  Everyone insider the circle is my friend, everyone outside is a stranger.  This division is an arbitrary one, for in the end, ALL IS ONE.


5. LEO


— constant attainments

leo seeks to shine and be recognised for the greatness.  Nothing better than praise and recognition.  After all, this is how Great they are.   But there comes a time when one has achieved enough, succeeded enough, and the Constant Striving becomes a false call, and the rewards are no longer satisfying.  At that stage, one can become the Inner Mystic.  For Leos, this is a hurdle large indeed.




— constant judging

virgos are the master technicians of the Star Signs.  They can diagnose, manipulate, control, and perfect almost any practice you can conceive of.  They are discerning, they are factual, they are real perceiving.  But the material world is only one aspect of existence.  There are places that are not so susceptible to this ‘fact-based’ approach.  And there, judgement and criticism is actually a negative.  One needs suspend judgement at times.




— ???

I know almost nothing about Librans.  I pass.




— integrating the underworld

Scorpios are masters of power and darkness; they go where others fear to tread.  Dark imaginings, negative emotions, control.  This is their domain.  Theirs is the world of SHADOW.  This aspect of our psyches is an omni-present one, but one that most of us choose not to deal with.  Not the Scorpio.  They live in this place of imaginals.  Bravo to them.  But integrating this Shadow with the world of Sunlight and Day can be difficult for them.  It is their particular hurdle.




— sticking with things

Saggitarians are so brilliant, versatile, and adaptable they end up sabotaging themselves.  There are so many avenues they can pursue, so many causes they can take up, so many banners they can fly, that they end up scattering their energies to the wind.  Finding something, sticking to it, totally committing to the end; this is tough for Saggitarius to do.




— rigidity

so we come to my Sign 🙂  Capricorns love to work systems, put things in easy boxes.  Probably why I came to write this article.  But the world is never as simple or straightforward as the Capricorn would like it to be.  They like clear definitions, clear delineations, but in the end things are fuzzy and blended.  Capricorns need to loosen up, and learn to travel where the flow takes them.




— too much intellect

Aquarians are the geniuses of the Star Signs.  They do things that leave the rest of us with gaping mouths.  Bold leaps, quick deductions.  They truly are the Wunderkind.  But this brilliance often deludes them into thinking they always have the truth; I mean, they get so many other things right, they must get everything right, right?  Not always so.  The truth can be elusive; and the intellect may not be enough to grasp it.




— not being hard-assed enough

Pisces have a reputation for being push-overs and being wishy-washy.  Like someone who is too meek, and doesn’t want to impose themselves.  The Fish Sign has many admirable qualities (embracing, humanitarian, compassionate) but expressing themselves to a wider world can be difficult for them.  They are all too willing to let others take charge, direct the show.  But sometimes, you know, the Fish has to stand up for itself 🙂

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just a few of my offhand observations

feel free to disagree 🙂




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21 Responses to “Twelve Star Signs & Their Biggest Hurdles”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I think you might be on to something with Taurus. When I was a kid, my hero was Peter Pan!

  2. Gigi Says:

    LOL! I am a Libra. And there’s a lot to be said about that 😛

    Librans take a LOT of time to make a decision. It is pure torture to watch them weigh equal and completely opposite points of view seemingly infinitely to reach a balance. Librans love to talk and are in love with love. They can be downright annoying without meaning to, half the time, and pleasant to have around the other half. Libra faces the particular hurdle of just feeling instead of intellectualizing everything. They run the risk of appearing insincere even though they are not.

  3. mommymystic Says:

    Nice job…I’m a Pisces, and you definitely have something there. In retrospect, my entire twenties (I’m now 42) were about working through this – I studied martial art and had a corporate career, and they both were forums for learning how to stand my ground and manage my assertiveness. People are often surprised when I describe that phase of my life as being essential to my spiritual growth, because karate and corporate life seem so un-Pisces like, but I see now that they really were – helped me learn how to ground myself…

  4. Molly Says:

    Yeah, I’m all Aries but working on it daily! Thanks for the post, GGW!

  5. StuartDMT Says:

    As a Gemini…. well, I’m speechless.

  6. Wednesdaychild Says:

    Libra = “Devil’s Advocate” Tend toward difficulty making decisions because they can clearly envision all sides of any issue. Always seeking balance that is never quite attained. Excellent choice of person to discuss important decisions, as long as you’re willing to hear all the possible options – including some fanciful or even preposterous.

    I would say Libra’s hurdle is to learn how to maintain balance when the slightest breeze sets the scales aswing.


  7. Nina Says:

    Libra’s are selfish people, they are users. It’s all about them. They think their the only ones with problems. They are liars too! Trust me, I’ve seen them in action!

  8. Ani Says:

    Hi i am an Aquarius!
    I have been in LOVE with astrology! and you are spiffy correct! 🙂
    For all the types!! I have literally made these observations in my friends!! THANKS MATE!!

    Adding to mommymystic’s comment and Wednesdaychild’s comment

    Librians are very quiet you are quiet and they will be chatty if you are chatty. They play the roll of TIT for TAT! careful not to be messed emotionally, Revenge will follow in a way you would have never expected!!

    Also Capricorn i have also found to be very HARD WORKING!! i never found out why but i always saw that.


  9. Dylan Says:

    What is an inner mystic?

  10. Mattias the AWESOME Says:

    I am definetly an arie, I usually talk about how awesome I am (My signature is always Mattias the awesome) and I’m always trying to force my political ideas in the throat of others and I usually mess people around, trying to gain control of their minds^^

  11. kedrick bee Says:

    If the illuminati really exist I am ready to obey the law by life or any thing required. Let them contact me or give me a signal

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