Freaks Of Nature

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A genetic mutation has left a kitten born in Perth with two faces.



A two-headed red slider turtle at Big Al’s Aquarium in Pennsylvania.



The see through frog created by Hiroshima University professor Masayuki Sumida.



Cy … the one-eyed kitten suffering holoprosencephaly



A waitress shows a frog with eight legs in a restaurant in Quanzhou, in southeast China’s Fujian province


Leonard Sonnenschein, president of the World Aquarium in St. Louis, holds We, a two-headed albino rat snake which he was selling on eBay.



14 Responses to “Freaks Of Nature”

  1. ssshhhhh Says:

    that is disgusting

  2. kas Says:

    i feel sorry 4 som of them but som a cute!!

  3. roman ahmed Says:

    omg look at allahs creations look what he can do!!! isnt this amazing
    we should all nelieve that this is surely the woork of the magnificent Allah swt

  4. alexis Says:

    hey i love this stuff!! ❤

  5. anti annal Says:

    Umm, no, sorry. It doesn’t work that way. If your god can mutate things, then that’s a horrible god indeed. How about humans? Are they still magnificent works of your god when they are completely messed up, and doomed a life of misery? Then again, in your country, they usually kill them right away. EVIL ALLAH. EVIL!!

  6. willa Says:

    WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… But cool

  7. Neoma Cooper Says:

    There is plain a lot for me to study outside of my books. Thanks for the fantastic read,

  8. Neva Honeymoons Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  9. chell Says:

    the one eyed kitty is cute no one jugeds the “freaks of nature” u might be a Freak a freak so the animals are not freaks. freaks in human have 8 toes or in china culyture they brake your toes bend them back into ur foot and tie it before the arch grows just to have small feet when ur a BABY so when these were baby’s this happed to them to

  10. Team Roster Says:

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  11. Jessia Echelberger Says:

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  12. Marcella Vates Says:

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  13. Jake Landreth Says:

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