21 Hidden Secrets of the Illuminati

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to celebrate Angels and Demons (dan brown’s latest film), I play a little devil’s advocate here. After all, the Illuminati CONTROL EVERYTHING, don’t they?




1. they control the media. yep, cnn, bbc, fox news, printed pages. Everything

2. they control banking. yep, and deliberately crashed their own financial system. Out of the chaos, a new world order.

3. they control medicine. with pharmaceuticals they pollute and corrupt your body. They already own your mind.

4. they control politicians. Both sides of the political game; both left and right, liberal and conservative. in every country

5. they control lawmakers / judges – everyone has had their youthful indiscretions. Sometimes blackmail / sexual incidents are deliberately set up. Everyone is under their thumb.




6. they control technology. ever since Roswell, we have been on a technological ascent. With harvested alien / ufo technology (back-engineered) we have reached our current technological peak. Companies such as GE were beneficiaries of seeded research.

7. they control weather – using HAARP technology they can cause / manipulate the seasons & hurricanes. Think Katrina.

8. they control frequencies. it has been said that mobile phone frequencies attune with the human mind, and distort / corrupt it. Deliberate?

9. the control food – using GM technologies, our food is being degraded of precious life. In the pursuit of ever bigger harvests, we end up with emptier foods.

10. they control life – a birth certificate says you have been born, a death certificate marks your passage from this physical world. Without this ‘official’ stamp, it hasn’t ‘happened’.


Illuminati Cross P397


11. they control religion. Christianity is the biggest faith on the planet, and the biggest of the big, is the Vatican. The Pope (apparently) is an Illuminati agent.

12. they control knowledge – universities are the gatekeepers of cutting edge research. Using carefully directed funds & research grants, knowledge is steered in a certain direction.

13. they control the military – the whole army industrial complex or weaponised might is powered by Black Ops projects. Underground bases.

14. they control the drug trade – the borders are safe, what gets through is totally permitted. the cia is in on drug running, and even organises the whole racket.

15. they control education. you can only make correct decisions with correct information. Education sees to it that you receive the wrong / irrelevant data.





16. they control the counter-movement: think the 60’s was all about rebellion? it was co-opted. Think Alex Jones tells the truth? where does he get funded?

17. they control space – all the images we get from nasa … have been airbrushed and tampered with. Bases on the moon, ruins on mars.

18. they control celebrities – Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith? mind controlled sex slaves.

19. they control the future – everything has been building up to 2012. Wait to see the big event! A cosmic slideshow!

20. they control … YOU!


everything is a conspiracy


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the truth will set you free

blessings, and much peace (especially of mind)

your friend



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3,145 Responses to “21 Hidden Secrets of the Illuminati”

  1. Stacie Says:

    great post. Although I think there is too much stigma associated with the word ‘illuminati”. The real people who control the world are the bankers, media and elitists.

  2. Zed Says:

    The one about education actually makes a lot of sense. 🙂

  3. bchboy1 Says:

    I wonder if the “Illuminati” are responsible for the new show Glee Club…

  4. keet Says:

    some of this makes me laugh; control the weather and frequencies?! lmao!

  5. Give Me a Break Says:

    This is bananas. Whoever wrote this is mad. They probably believe in every thing they see in movies. And don’t make crazy pics of Obama.

  6. Matt H. Says:

    about 60-75% of this information is actually true. just because society tells you something… doesn’t mean its true. why do you think secret societies exist?

  7. keet Says:

    just because some random person tells you it is true doesn’t mean it’s actually true. some of this stuff is seriously pathetic, who ever thinks that weather is controlled by people really needs some help. prove to me that this stuff is true and only then will i believe this nonsense.

  8. Israa Says:

    you have to watch the arrivals in youtube it talks about the secret society.

  9. keet Says:

    not everything on the internet is true, especially wikipedia! youtube isn’t much better.

  10. Dan Says:

    Read up on the Biderberg group and learn somethings you might not know. Some of you’ve not been getting out much or your very young and vulnerable.

  11. andre rossano Says:

    these things are true, take a look at the bush family. they went into Iraq to steal oil? and who do they blame for the 9/11 attacks? and why did George bush senior and his father fund Saddam Hussein? where did that money come from? think about it, we are being controlled and slowly but surely being killed off for a new world order (novos ordo). read more and open your eyes, they call themselves the enlightened ones but their true identities remain secret! but not anymore. we know who they are……u and I should strive on foreseeing that everyone is informed before hand before the dawn of the dark one is near. If you say you are a Christian then this you should know!


  12. keet Says:

    stop talking bull shit that you’ve discovered on the internet. get a life in the real world. sounds like you need to seriously get laid! dont give me any bullshit about this iraq crap. what you quoted there about the bush issue totally contradicted itself. stop trying to cause havoc making other people worried, and let people live there own lives instead of following the random illuminami and new world order shite you are talking about.

  13. Landy Vazquez Says:

    I think Fidel Castro controls more than the stupids Illuminati, nobody will never control the world. there is a brotherhood hidden behind every step that powerful figures make. Lit on the candle,take a look into the very close mirror & find your lonely eye, then tell me what you`v seen.

  14. CyberClaw Says:

    LOL… at Keet.

    “Get a life in the real world. sounds like you seriously need to get laid!”

    After saying stop talking about ‘bullshit’ then you write that sentence. That is absolutely restarted.

    Let me help you tho keet:
    Go get laid everybody, go get a job, go get a girlfriend, fret for your taxes and credit cards, worry about your new car or the latest computer you want to buy, figure out how your sprinklers work so that you can repair them yourselves, worry about which presidential candidate will be best in charge of ‘our’ country, and please for god sakes when that president is in office follow him blindly into the gates of hell.


    Keet, he is not trying to make people ‘worried’. In fact, the world you are so infatuated with does that plenty, but not with ANYTHING important.

    Remember that the path to the light is paved in Hard Battles, Mass ridicule, and cobble stones as hott as fire itself that must be walked upon to gain awareness.

    It’s the enjoyment of self worth, fulfillment of desire, comfortable furniture, appealing marketing and everything that we are obsessed with in this material culture that leads down the road to darkness.

    Light up the darkness.

  15. keet Says:

    to be honest, i dont really care about ‘your’ president, i’m not from america. i’ll help you though cyberclaw; the only thing to fear is fear itself, probably one of the best quotes ever said by an american.
    worry about what you need to worry about, follow what you want to follow, believe what you want to believe and live how you want to live. dont waste your time worry about what people believe is going to happen, like the crap with the millenium bug and The Prophecies by nostradamus.

  16. D Says:

    Just be aware and be good. X

  17. Rope Says:

    Well, what an interesting article and comments. Some of this stuff might be true… around 60% maybe but, the world will always be this way. you have to have those in the back controlling things. If we gave the world to everyone there would be mass chaos.

    All they have done (the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, Free Masons… or secret societies that are actually secret) is make the world run smoother. They have created illusions to keep us occupied so they can control until they die. Then it’s just a massive circle people fighting for Greed and Power because of Religion and Political Beliefs. Just Deal with the world and play along with that illusion it makes us seem like we are significant in some way. And get real it’s not like you or you and a billion people can stop them.

    And is anything going to happen in 2012? Yes, Big technology advancement not a nuclear war.. not “Jesus” or Aliens…

  18. Joe Says:


    “And get real it’s not like you or you and a billion people can stop them. ”
    That is truly a pathetic mindset. I think a billion people could and will if the time arises. It is only pussies like you who want to be enslaved and “taken” care of by big brother. Do you even know about the second amendmaent and why it is there? Jesus. And keen, your an apathetic idiot as well with no perception on anything philsophical. You just go with the whole go along to get along thing. And if you get a long you might get a little. its sad to see the close mindedness of people in the world. ALL of this is true. And if you want to figure it out then go fuckin research it instead of being a goddamn critic and asking everyone else to do it for you. People like you guys who have such a sore attitude towards humanity and freedom should are the whole problem in the fisrt place! Many BOOKS. Yes real books have been written about it. Not internet. Books. Go read them and you will see. Connecting the dots takes a while but in the end it all makes sense. You WILL ONLY FIND THIS OUT ON YOUR OWN. But this is pointless baceause you are already convinced. So be glad that other people DIE EVERY DAY so you can dick around and write comments on this website. So get involved or shut the hell up!

  19. keet Says:

    joe, you are judging me by a quote i put on a website, (i take it you did mean keet and not keen)? you dont even know me, and no i dont know what the second amendment is, why should i, i’m not american. what people write in a book is no different to what people put on the internet. many books have been written doesn’t mean anything, except theres many people writing the same thing. what is a real book? a book that is written on what someone believes is true, or a book that is written on what is proven to be true? is the bible true, is the Tanakh true, is the Qur’an true? you are clearly so judgmental and easily convinced. have you ever looked at things from two different sides of the story? what about the people that believed all that crap from michel de nostredame. yes things did fit into what he predicted, however you can translate his ‘prophecie’s’ into almost anything; its only been translated in hindsight. the millenium bug never happened like all those people said, ‘it was the end of the world as we know it’. i know people need to believe in something to live, however it doesn’t mean that you need to start an anarchy and try to brain wash others into believe what you believe. isn’t that what terrorist’s are known to do? you say that i dick around and write comments on this website; isn’t that what you’ve just done? what should i get involved in, an anti-everyone and everything cult?

  20. Blobby Says:

    After reading comments on this site, all I can say is,
    1…why should you call each other names over this? everone has their own opinion and should respect it just like your own opinion should be respected.
    2…if you know or believe all this illuminati stuff, then you know or believe it, and if you dont know or believe it, then you dont know or believe it………… YET!

  21. Uprising Says:

    We need to make a counter party. we need to make a group of rebels, insurgents, whatever. we need to end the illumanati.

  22. keet Says:

    we’ll call ourselves the rebel alliance! lmfao!

  23. matt Says:

    Keet doesn’t believe in the n.w.o but he checks this site daily. Who really needs to get laid ?

  24. keet Says:

    i get an e-mail telling me when someones posted a new message, so i can reply back. im just reply to you cocky arseholes that keep telling me that im not open to my own opinion however you seem to be trying to rebel against this NWO that is ‘controlling everything in the world including this freedom to think for ourselves’. stop all your bullshit that you keep contradicting and try living a real life.

  25. Eon Says:

    You know what in the end it all comes down to proof cause people only believe what they can hear or see… which in fact means that religion shouldnt exist…. so then why does it exist… cause we have to have something to look towards a comfort… but in doing so we try to find something wrong with what makes us comfortable as we are human and seem to find that nothing is perfect… well I say id dont acctually care if religion is true or not or that the world is controlled by one person or the other as long as i’m happy and got my shit in order. You people waste your time worrying about things that dont acctually effect you in any way. I mean for one have any of you ever been effected by the so called illuminati? and yet look at how many people read this post. I shows how un original we all actually are and how we need to create theories to try and miss prove something that was never proved in the first place. So stop wasting your time with this shit get up off your ass turn off the computer and go have a life!! cause else whats the point of putting up this post. If your not living your life then why complain about things that dont effect it!!

  26. Malado Says:

    This illuminati thing makes sense! They may be responsible for a negro becoming the leader of the US. Yes, he is the one that will usher in the anti-christ

  27. donie Says:

    justbeen watching a programe on this subject and i have beileved that there is a elite team running the show since i was 16 years old (now 49). just look at what we read every day through our media dumbing down or what they have us exactly where they want us.

  28. keet Says:

    chinese’s wispers… people keep adding more to the story making some of it stupidly unbelievable. some stuff may be true, however i believe that the story has been getting changed too much for it all to be true.

  29. someone Says:

    illuminati exists, it even controls what you think just like the confusions and arguements you have over it.

  30. aleviation4some Says:

    I pity the less witted man who actually believes all this is coinsidence and ignorant similarities. The “illuminati” does indeed exist and coming from a wealthy occult family, I will go a step further and say it is in the churches here in America. tHEY DO NOT CALL THEMSELVES ILLUMINATI. mORE LIKE THE ENLIGHTENED ONES WHO WERE CHOSEN TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD’S MYSTERY. First off, their goal is to fit in and join a church or be a pillar of society and they do that if they want to move on up the ladder. If you can really get close to a high mason or occultist(32nd degree or further you will learn more) They believe lucifer is a creator and be be called lucifer because satan is his fallen virtue. They go through allot of rituals, chants, and fill their homes with symbols. I remember my Grandfather’s masonic bible, mayan sun dial, and 302 skull & bones metal box he had in his collectibles. He died wealthy, alone, and many curses have been spread to my Father, brother, and I from our families ignorances. It is an enlightened path to hell where you get business opportunity in exchange. One thing I know about members in high occultic organizations or secret socities that really have some smarts and sophistication is “they really do hate people”. They will smile and shake somebodies hand then the next moment destroy that same person. They have the idea they are born to be above men through their knowledge and heritage. My experiences and not in free-masonry with illuminati and not saying they aren’t. Oil and Gas exec.’s on the NAFTA Assoc, new-tech soc., Club of Rome(many who’s who texas oilmen are members), kabbalah, Bohemian Grove, The 4th degree on(pike principle why I didn’t join), politicians(their affiliation binds them to secrecy=corruption networking that exists/new orleans-louisiana mob-gov), and on. That is what I HAVE SEEN IN PERSON. Illuminati= trade your soul and take oath for corruption and secrecy for $$$. its business-they laugh at other’s misfortune. I probably shouldn’t elaborate any further, they have threatened me and the life of my partners.

  31. the illuminati Says:

    the truth is that there is no proof but a dollar bill and are the intentions really evil. or is the destruction of religion better for the world because of the hate and war. God does exist but do we need to be extremist

  32. keet Says:

    you are just trying to make yourself big and impress in front of everyone with this crap you just made up. yes there maybe something out there. however if it was as big as you brag then you’d be dead and this would be wiped clean with us dead. seriously chinese wispers occurred during the time for god knows how long.

  33. StacieFrost Says:

    I can’t help but notice that some people seem to have some pretty warped views that aren’t backed up with factual evidence. If readers cannot understand what you are writing because your grammar is incomprehensible, how do you expect to get your point across? If you really want to try to root out truth from fiction, logic suggest you regard everything you read and hear as being fiction or having some fictional properties, whether intentionally created or based on a general lack of information to begin with until you can prove otherwise through reliable sources.

    If you are watching mainstream media such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC or anything related to Rupert Murdick…I mean Murdock, you are most likely brainwashed into believing everything you are told and incapable of making truly informed decisions about events occurring around the world. We should all try to stop using the term “they”. “They” are not one group of people working collectively; there is an entire web of fascist, morally deficient, very wealthy people with affiliations yes, but not working together in some mass conspiracy. Many of the individuals form groups that work together somewhat, mainly for their own individual benefit under the guise of benefiting society as a whole. Or at least that is how I see it.

  34. isaiah Says:

    Tupac Shakur…dead martin luther king…dead bob marley…dead jfk…dead abraham…dead and many more are dead or will be assassinated can anyone guess why?

  35. keet Says:

    yeah cos their time had come. everyone is born n everyone dies, what they do inbetween is their own choice.
    i know that you’re going to say its the illuminati that assassinated them or arranged their ‘suspicious’ deaths, however i’d like you to say why they would kill all them people and why there is no proof what so ever. was biggy a member of the illuminati? maybe James Earl Ray was, or they could have infected bob marley with melanoma. of course they did arrange the death of JFK; Oswald was paid by a member of the illuminati to be a suspect in the depository bookstore whilst another member of the illuminati waited on the grassy knoll. and of course they killed abraham. they even assassinated the russian royal family, led the round heads in the english civil war, and they killed hitler; or was hitler a member?
    i know everyone is open to their own opinions, however it doesn’t mean you have to ‘brain wash’ others in to believing just what you believe.

  36. isaiah Says:

    keet i have no intentions to brain wash you or anyone else i respect ur opinions like the other ones as well all im saying is that all of these guys fought against oppression in their own way and were killed for it i want to become an activist myself to fight for my freedom and yours too because soon the freedom we have left will be taken away completely when martial law takes place then you will believe but it will to late

  37. keet Says:

    i have freedom, i can go where i want, i can buy what i want, i can say what i want and i can do what i want. each of these people fought for different reasons with different oppositions. i almost guarantee u that all these assassinations/deaths were not connected in any particular way. why can people never believe factual events nowadays however they’ll always believe in something with no proof what so ever, just because it is against a government or their country. this New World Order is not Bush, Hiltler, Bin laden n all these others that people keep saying; its the people that believe there is one, they will end up forming a group big enough to try take over the governments, countries and then the world.

  38. Jjt Says:

    Just saw angles & demons, I got to say, ur ideas should put into movies! Hollywood will love ya, and your movies definatly will corrupt some audiances’ minds

  39. Howard Says:

    Well I have read many of the items above and can’t believe how easily people can be led by a few films and a couple of books. The people who make these media do it for a reason. Not for posterity or for entertainment as they don’t pay, they do it for large sums of money which hey guys, comes out of your pockets. They think as salesmen think, that is; Every potential prospect has in their pocket part of their pay packet and they want it more than you want to keep it.
    We as a populous are always looking for the next something to entertain and grip us whether it’s a new fairground ride or scary film. It’s like an addiction – we always look for the next hit and it’s got to be better than the last. I presume there have always been secret societies the world over since time began, some good and some bad. Humans, being as flawed as we are, will always think we can do better than those who we elect to power. We get disgruntled and either because of some influence (big pockets or big brains) can amass similar likeminded people together. Everything has a life span, the true Illuminati had theirs and are now gone. The Mason’s are still going strong now but will inevitably die out in time, only to be replaced by some new or revived sect from the past.
    You know the last time a mass populous were led by such similar ideas happened around the early thirties and that group were called the Nazis.

  40. keet Says:

    hold on, how is this being racist? are you one of those that translates what anyone says into being racist? it isn’t quoted as being obama himself, its quoted as it being the government. and it seems like you have a chip on your shoulder, its people like you that cause a lot of problems

  41. Blueangel Says:

    Ha..ha..ilmuniati is all of us, people who educate in reguler scholl is graduate of iluminati society…we are iluminati…people who educated…accept people is far from city….

  42. isaiah Says:

    keet try to focus on the last couple of sentences….the illuminati IS THE GROUP TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, GOVERNMENTS, AND THE PEOPLE

  43. keet Says:

    theres been several comments deleted on this, one of them was the comment that i was referring to. i’ve still got it in my deleted e-mails:

    “Author: red dog
    u people are just racists. u hate obama becos he is black. obama struggles to make it to the top and what do you bloody crackers do? u paint him with one ye and expect us to beleive that he is part of the illuminati jumbo crap. f**k you alll. u bloody arabs and racists. f**k u allllllllllllllllllllllll. i hate you.”

    do u see what i was stating now, it was aimed at this persons comment?

  44. oOo Says:

    Either way, illuminati or not. There is evidence that there has, and will probably always will be hidden societies. Safety, It is in our human nature to make sure others are safe, If it be controling them or just watching out as some would say. Take CCTV, A vast percentage of the UK is covered. For safety reasons, Police, Crime etc.

    Sometimes it takes a step back to see what is really happening. I personally feel, when they figure this out. Vast groups will form inside of the societies. Which may cause the the break up of many of the larger sized societies. Our human race will always become clouded with thoughts of perfection. But you cannot obtain it by manipulating things. Rebellions will form, Just watch.

    Free will. Sure, They controle things that are built over man made purposes. But hey, look at us. We are all unique, individual they cannot controle some features like this, As long as we remember and continue to remember who we are.


  45. oOo Says:

    As for the racist remarks, grow up. We are together. We are a family, a community, One world. We are the human race, From black, to white, to asian, to whatever you want. We will always be the same inside. Sure, Some act different. Talk different, Think different. But you cannot pick at little things like this. We were brought up in diferent places of the world, Different people, Which shape those communities and lifestyles.


  46. isaiah Says:

    i meant from the last comment directed to me keet

  47. keet Says:

    yeah, so what i was saying was that you, the people that believe about all this illuminati, are in fact this ‘new world order’ group. because someone has come along and said that we are not safe until we overturn our governments. it is NOT the government that are the ‘NWO’ it IS the public against something that may not even be there

  48. S.J Says:

    It rely sounds to me like this Keet dude has something close to the ‘illuminati’. You’re obviously one of them “christian’s” hu likes to manipulate everything to the benefits of th illuminatus…. because why else are you standing so strong in trying to make us believe there is no such thing as NWO and illuminati


    ..so it dont matter how much crap we say on this site.. u will always have a reply and u will read absolutely EVERYTHING we say to protect your kind

    …either that or u are seriously deluded and ignorant
    It just makes no sense why its so important to u what our beliefs are

    YOUU are an illuminati brother and please nobody listen to him using ur own terms such as ‘brainwash’ against YOU while he himself is trying to achieve that

    and its so funny ho wu know everything about everything!!!

  49. S.J Says:

    yeah and ppl I would suggest you looked at the teachings and findings of the Samarians, hence Iraqis

    They were the first civilization

  50. keet Says:

    for a start what the hell does this illuminati have in common with christianity? oh wait a minute, yeah someone made up a load of crap that you then decided to believe, being what seems to be a weak minded victim that can be manipulated quite easily.
    of course i am a part of the illuminati, how did you find out so quickly, you must be very knowledgeable. oh wait a minute, its just a guess, a prediction, something that has no solid proof what so ever just like this web page. im not religious at all. i dont worship any god or emperor or whatever else it is that you can worship. i’m just someone who actually looks at factual things and takes a look at what IS possible and what COULD BE possible and then puts things together to come to a final outcome. however the majority of this is just ridiculous. give me solid proof that there is such thing as the illuminati anymore.
    it seems that you just disagree with me giving my opinion on things, or anyone trying to give a different belief into this, which is in fact the first signs of terrorism, against all that dont believe what they believe…

  51. luvtoallppl Says:


  52. Harp Says:

    weather and frequencies? it is very possible.
    weather can be controlled using H.A.R.P, if you search you can find some interviews with afew scientists who spent years making H.A.R.P.
    And 440 hz is a frequency that causes radiation, thats why many instruments have their keys changed to 440.
    The Illuminati have been testing frequencies for well over 30 years now, they have found out the vibrations can make objects weightless.
    There is someone named Ingo swann he has been researching this for many years, he says using different frequencies correctly can create matter.
    You can watch interviews of Ingo swann on youtube.
    Learning about frequencies can change the world, it proves that our thoughts create our reality, why is that? It’s called the Law of Attraction, learn that and we can control the world. That’s what the news is made for> negative energy = karma.
    If we believe the end is near, then the end will come.
    and if you believe you will ascend, then you will.
    Wait for 2012 and choose which one you believe in.

  53. keet Says:

    again, where did you get this from, you tube videos? mobile phones control us, ever time i answer my phone i have the feeling that i am being controlled… by my girlfriend telling me to come home. yes of course the world will end in 2012 like it did in 2000. i dont believe the end is near therefore does that mean it will not come? are these scientists really people that worked on this HAARP or just con artists? what someone says doesn’t mean is true, why do you believe these people that say they designed the HAARP with no proof yet you wont believe what others say with solid proof? i’m still waiting for a true and proven fact that the illuminati still exist…

  54. davio Says:

    All of things here are true…. its vary surprising too see that other people do understand…… that educational institutions true purpose is just that, too manipulate and bend the human mind and body too work (slave) Many people have replied here, on this web page prove many truths stated are indeed true, buy ignoring the truth and saying people are crazy for believing this ……what they are too believe as bullshit…. these people my friends are the ones best controlled buy the secrete illuminati. One other thing im surprised the writer here didn t mention anything about the illuminati human sacrifice at bohemian groove in California once every year!

  55. yomoma Says:

    hey keet,no one has to prove shit to you.if you want the truth go find it yourself since you already know everything.its ok to be sceptical but you are just an ass.

  56. keet Says:

    you dont even know me yomoma. you tell me to go find the truth myself cos you cant show me jack shit, because there is no solid proof at all, only speculations. i dont know everything, i never said i did thats just you being judge mental. it also proves my point about how you, the people believing that this take over of the world is going to start happening, and you will start it; you are the ones that are going to try and do it. the believers of this illuminati are themselves the NWO they just dont know it yet; they are the group that will turn out to be the ones trying to take over the governments and the world just like i stated.

  57. davio Says:

    most conformed governments around the world are already controlled by the Illuminati and its been going on for quit some time now. the facts are all around us, look at the structures around us, someone had too trick people into building them, look at the food we eat, someone had too trick people into harvesting it, what about the roads we drive on etc i can go on forever. the point is the Illuminati use the common people as slaves and they are tricked by a thing called money, the general public simply just make life easier and comfortable for the elite.

    this next thing is for HARP ……440hz will increase the growth of white blood cells leading too cancer. sounds made in C3 and up one octave are generally mastered at 440hz … also 90hz cause the human brain too release serotonin, 90hz is the typical frequency baselines in music are mastered at……. u ever wounder why theirs that baseline in your favorite song that you just can t get enough of???

  58. keet Says:

    why does an increase in white blood cells lead to an increase in cancer? cancer cells are infected cells from any part of the body, white blood cells are what fight against diseases. there are monocytes, macrophages and lymphocytes all which fight viruses and diseases. how can an increase in white blood cells cause cancer? i’ve heard of this illuminati controlling people by the use of mobile phones before which again is just a conspiracy theory and not scientifically proven, (although the illuminati do control the science world so they wouldn’t release any findings of this would they?) whats this about the roads we drive on? where the romans part of the illuminati as well? like i keep saying, all of these are just conspiracies and have just been guessed by other people, then changed as it gets passed on like chinese wispers.

  59. davio Says:

    the roads was just another example of material things the people produce, and the cancer thing read up on it. tomato s increase chances of cancer too yikes! lol

  60. keet Says:

    curry’s slow down the production of dementures as well but it doesn’t mean its anything to do with the illuminati. a decrease in white blood cells increase the production of disease as well, however the decrease of red blood cells causes disease, the misshape of blood cells causes disease but also makes the person immune to other disease like malaria. it’s just what can happen to the human body; its not caused by the illuminati. what you eat, what you drink, what you do, where you go can increase or decrease the production of diseases and viruses. i suppose they infected the pig’s with H1N1 as well. like i keep saying, people keep adding more and more to this illuminati thing making it so unbelievable. there was a time when this illuminati existed in the 1700’s, however people now add so many speculations to them it is just unbelievable anymore.

  61. davio Says:

    “what you eat, what you drink, what you do, where you go can increase or decrease the production of diseases and viruses”

    the elite control everything stated here, what u eat is advertised on tv right? and who controls the media…….the enlightened ones. i bet there sending you subliminal messages too eat more tomatoes hehe! jokes

  62. keet Says:

    come on, you choose if you like or dislike something. you choose if you want to or dont want to eat something. i think all you people have been thinking that the matrix is a real life film. the illuminati could be machines that took over the world hundreds of years ago and they make us feel like it is only 2009, 2012 has already happened. i could start my own cult or NWO with this crap that i just made up.

  63. davio Says:

    no would have too be a mason too do that brother!

  64. keet Says:

    why would it need to be the free masons to do that? they’ve been accused of being jack the ripper before which was a load of rubbish.

  65. davio Says:

    you don t seek the truth, you don t know the laws of attraction and clearly you haven t struggled with your own self…. you seem too be so happy with how you have been programed

  66. keet Says:

    i am happy with how i have been programmed because i have programmed myself with the help of my parents (and i doubt they are the illuminati). like i say, i do what i want to do, i eat what i want to eat, i drink what i want to drink, i say what i want to say and i am who i want to be. i dont seek the extra rubbish that people keep adding on to this claim about a NWO.
    you dont see what you are doing; you are forming a rebellion against something that might not even exist anymore never mind be a threat. you are the ones that are the threat to yourselves and the world, YOU ARE THE NWO! when you see this it will be too late, you will look back and think, why did we do this to ourselves…?

  67. S.J Says:

    Keet.. y do u try so hard to make us disbelieve the truth?
    …what was u doing on this site in the forst place if u claim there is no illuminati.. y wud u search this shit up?

    ur just a manipulator.. plz nobody be fooled by this imposter

  68. keet Says:

    i disbelieve some of the things that people keep adding over the time about this illuminati. i have not been given any solid proof as of yet, all i get is ‘why dont you believe us?’ simple, you dont give me any solid proof that i keep asking for. i had heard about this before and had seen a program about it on TV which made me become interested in this NWO thing. the more i look into it, the more unbelievable it becomes. people keep adding more random things to this conspiracy making it even less believe. i think people just want to believe in something against the government and want to believe in something different. do you have any proven solid proof that all this is going on? (dont give me links to random videos on you tube)

  69. keet Says:

    also, how am i the manipulator? you are the ones trying to get people to believe something with no proof at all. you are scared that i have got a very strong point that NOONE has given any SOLID proof.

  70. believer Says:

    keet, there’s plenty of proof on the net, tv, books, etc….you must to your research and cross reference all the information you gather…..Read the NEW TESTAMENT (not only in revelations)

  71. solid proof Says:

    keet if you disagree with what you call “shit”… and the rest, then, what the hell are you doing on the site? Who gives a shit about what you don,t wish to believe or how you live your life, people have a right to freedom of speech. No one is forcing anyone to beleive what is written here its there choice and those who are intereseted will go find proof for themselves. Why should anyone need to prove information to YOU!! Most people can think and feel for themselves, SHAME on you that you can,t find somethin more benificial from within apart from your physical needs!! And as for saying what you want well could it be something you could give rather than take away!! get a life!

  72. keet Says:

    the new testament? that fictional book that keeps changing everytime somethings proved wrong? i have read in detail the revelations chapter about the end of the world and how the 4 horse men of the apocalypse came to bring an end to the world. how st john had to save the day. i studied work by Durer that was based on this chapter. are you linking the illuminati to christianity? are you saying that this worshipping that the illuminati apparently do, where they sacrifice someone is based on christianity? or is christianity based on them? the illuminati wasn’t created until the 1700’s so it must be based on christianity. what would the pope have to say about this? oh no he is a member of the illuminati along with bin laden, eminem and all the other famous people. i cant find 1 bit of solid proof anywhere, if you have some then show me, if not then stop telling me to search for it when you are the ones trying to convince me.
    i am an open minded person, solid proof (really says it all in the name), and thats why i began searching about this NWO, however the more people tell me about it the more unbelievable it gets. you aren’t very good at debating are you? all you say is why are you on here, why dont you get a life. i can think for myself that is why i am disagreeing with some of the things being thrown at me. i think you are the one that is easily convinced. what i stated about i can do what i want etc was not meaning i am selfish, it meant that i was free and not controlled by anyone. what am i taking away?

  73. Bill Says:

    So what if people are easily convinced? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS Keet. If you don’t believe these things that don’t waste your time here.

  74. keet Says:

    i was open minded about it until i came on here and found out that all believers were like a cross between a cult and terrorists. dont like it when proven wrong, wont give any proof and threaten people that dont believe them. i think the world must watch out for you lot rather than this NWO. like i say YOU are the NWO. all i keep getting is told to shut up and that i shouldn’t be on here. well that sounds like communist leaders to me; you complain about not being free yet you dont allow freedom of speech yourselves.

  75. jj Says:

    I not arguing the existence of an secret organization. there might even be more than one. The mayor flaw in your website is proof. You say all this and you don’t have any proof. Do you have any idea what type of energy input it would require to start an hurricane or tornado or storm to the likes of Katrina. A nuclear plant can’t even create nearly enough. It is only god that can control the weather. Humans don’t even completely understands how the sea affects the weather. Get some kind of proof before claiming something. You are doing more damage to your theory than convincing anybody, at least someone with some common sense.

  76. oOo Says:

    Peoples comments over the past week, have consisted of someone saying something then you all jump to another conclusion. All it takes is someone to say one thing about illuminati, elitism etc and you all jump on that one idea and work on it. I personally feel this is how these “groups” have formed. By constant crap and rumours. For instance, take that childs game “chinese whispers -as some call it in the UK” – it starts with one sentence, it does not end with the same.

    Therefor I think I can agree with keet. I can tell some of you here are in for a joke, the way you all type does not really seem relevant to keets comments. I think its better if you, keet.,gnore some of the comments said. As they are mainly said to anoy or irritate.


  77. davio Says:

    These comments here are NOT too annoy of irritate, they are simply too educate and promote the truth. I understand it is hard for some people too over come these ideas, theories and beliefs due too the foot prints set in our memory.

  78. keet Says:

    its not hard to believe because of the footprints set in our memory, its because there is absolutely no proof at all that this is happening, just speculations and conspiracies from other people. like i have said i was open minded about some of this, however now from what i have been getting told, it seems to resemble a cult. im quite still interested in this conspiracy though.

  79. Kim panelli Says:

    n by Mormons are a front to ring in new world order

  80. Kim panelli Says:

    Tex marrs

  81. keet Says:

    what do you mean with the mormons being involved? thats quite interesting, i haven’t heard that before

  82. art shady Says:

    True or not,the illuminati has got every body reeling n believing,if not why are we talking about it.

  83. Another Voice Says:

    Faith n. – Belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof.

    Faith in religion, Faith in anti-religion, Faith in fictitious writings….
    …Most of the posts here rely on faith, heavily.

    Proof n. – Evidence or an argument that serves to establish a fact or the truth of something.

    …I see none of this anywhere on this site. The thought of the illuminati is impossible to prove.

    People will argue that the faith requires no proof (which the definition clearly states).

    Keets, you cannot fight faith with proof. It never works, that is why the Bible is still the best selling book on the market.

    I find all of this rather laughable. I believe that the page was originally written to be humorous and people took it and made a new religion. It does prove that the human race will never take responsibility for their own actions. The majority will spend valuable time finding someone to blame for the state of the world. Then when there is a lack of a person to blame there is the ‘invisible’ person, or groups of people. My kids call that person I Didn’t Do It.

  84. Grey Stone Says:

    Talk about africans being crazy, shit hope none of you are from africa cause you’ll scare me to the south pole! I like the one about living life like there’s no tomorrow; that could apply to everything we do or ought to do. To me, life is just one helluva long day (the longer you live the longer the day) and death…sleep that you’ve always yearned for; no kids waking you up, in fact never waking up! You’re all good people, but fuckin confused (like me)!!!

  85. agy Says:

    let me tell you something people from africa are just like you so dont be fuckin studid!ok back to the point,just like one of you said,believe on what you believe,live your life like there is no tomorrow!But stop beliving on some stupid illuminati crap,because ts not true!believe in your faith and let nothing detroy that!

  86. keet Says:

    agy i dont think grey stone was making fun of african’s, i think he himself is one and saying he’d get away from there if these conspiracies were being spread there.
    faith? i have no problem with religion in any gods and know that most of the time, that is what keeps people living. however there is them people that want to spread the believe standing in streets praising to people about how god helped them and tries to get others to join them. i dont like that, leave people alone. the same situation is here, people believe in something that keeps them living, but they try and spread word about it and getting people to join them. theres not much difference in the two situations. i have no problem with people believing in this, just stop trying to get others to believe it. both of these situations have no proof of being true, for all we know worshipping the god you believe in may be do good when you die. basically dont try and convince others to believe in what you believe unless you have proper solid proof that any of it is true.

  87. Ignorance Slayer Says:

    Holy fuck!!! Who is this Keet wanker!?!?

    Every single time i hear a post getting back to the topic of the Illuminati or interesting stuff, this keet guy whines, and whines and whines… “i don’t believe in this because no one came knocking on my front door and handed me a booklet detailing the Illuminati’s plans to establishing a New World Order.” Or “i wasn’t taught these things in school, or it wasn’t force-fed to me on the mainstream media, so there’s simply NO PROOF.” He is the physical manifestation of the typical heard mentality of the average sheeple, who spends all their time watching Fox news and NFL football all day.

    Then in later posts in ignorantly proclaims he’s “free” to do/say/go whenever or where ever he wants etc. What kind of fucked up world do you live in Keet? You’re free??? “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” is a famous quote (i forget the german author, sorry), and yet you keep embarrassing yourself repeatedly by your ignorance. Keet, you are restricted to go to many places on this earth, heck, you can’t even park your car in certain places at certain hours of the day for that matter.

    Please, stand in front of the CIA HQ and talk shit about Obama and you’ll find yourself rotting in the nearest prison thanks to the new Patriot Act. You’re NOT free to refuse paying your taxes, or bills because you’re enslaved by the system. If you don’t WORK for an Illluminati-controlled corporation, which is pretty much all of them, you’ll STARVE. But i’m very glad you think you’re free, moron.

    PS – Educate yourself before posting on these forums…the New World Order is a one-world government with centralized control of the government, banks, military and finance, which hasn’t even happened yet. So stop repeatedly counter-posting your dumbass comments like you some how think if you don’t believe it’ll happen, it magically won’t because it’s just all in our minds. The original author of this subject is metaphorically trying to tell everyone, “HEY GUYS! A GIANT STORM IS COMMING!!! CLOSE ALL YOUR WINDOWS AND HEAD TO THE BASEMENT.” But you’re the clueless moron standing in the middle of the field saying “i don’t believe in storms, STOP FEAR MONGERING.” So just STFU, turn on Fox News, grab an cold, aspartame-filled beverage and continue living in ignorance. Trust me, the excitoxins in the drink will make you fell much better…but you probably won’t have a clue why.

  88. keet Says:

    firstly i dont watch the shite NFL, secondly i dont watch the fox news and thirdly i’m not american thank fuck. i aint whining, i came on here because i was interested in this NWO and illuminati conspiracies. more and more of what people keep telling me are just making it more and more unbelievable. like i say all you try and do is abuse me for not believing what you believe, just like CULTS and TERRORISTS. i’m stating obvious FACTS and not conspiracy theories. i dont own a car, i dont even want to go to the US never mind CIA HQ, bills and taxes are what funds your country, famous saying by JFK; “dont ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” i enjoy my work, thats what i wanted to do and thats why i do it.

    you fear yourself, you are the up and coming NWO, you are the ones that want to take over the governments and control the world, you are the ones that cannot see it yet but when you do it’ll be too late! now stop trying to shut me up and take a look at your life. sounds like you are not happy with your life and you want someone else to blame instead of blaming yourself, so you blame it on this NWO thing.

  89. All Seeing Eye Says:

    What is important for the sakes of one’s sanity is to keep an open mind on the subject. Listen to both sides of the argument and respect opinion. Secret societies and conspiracies are indeed secret, so showing any proof on them is not so easy.

    I think there are secret societies, and I also think there is so much corruptness within the world we live in. History repeats itself in many ways and good and bad will always walk this earth as long as there is mankind, but even more so when there is a lure for money which breeds power, greed and hatred.

    I also believe freedom is non existent. We no longer live in caves and hunt for our own food. We are slaves to a society which is being controlled by those in administration who control the governments, banks and society in general.

    We all have the chance to get ahead of the game in society in our younger years. We have the choice to do well at school and learn a good education. I’m a strong believer in social outcasting. If you are a drop out in your youth you will get no favours from society. Some are fortunate to be born into aristocracy, and spoon fed into a better life. Most of us must fend for ourselves and must make the necessary sacrifices in our younger years to put ourselves in a better position later in life. If you learn the right education you will have the opportunity to go for that job you want to do. Unfortunately, if you screw up and live the life of Riley instead of getting your head into your studies you’ll become that slave of society. It’s your choice, nobody is forcing you to go off the rails are they?

    Now I believe society is split into different classes. We have the aristocracy, wealthy, middle class and the slaves of society. Most of us fall into the final bracket. It is the slaves of society who gets the rough end of the stick but unknowingly is the drive force behind the economy.

    Whenever there is a strike action, corporations suffer, and union of workers becomes a more powerful force. This is why the unions are slowly getting disbanded and employers are creating split workforces in their field of work. Different rates of pay, favouritism, promotion etc all contributes to an unsettled workforce which stops union of workforce. It basically creates the mentality of self, instead of a show of hands. Each to their own state of mind is created. When we saw the lorry drivers go on strike which almost brought the whole economy to a standstill the government panicked and had to settle things quickly. They dropped the price of fuel tax. already, the show of hands in this action overpowered the administration. The mass of lower class have more power than they realise, they are split purposely because they threaten the money men at the top.

    The world evolves around money. It’s a fact of life. Without the money we cannot buy food, clothes or pay our taxes and bills. Taxes and bills that are put into place to help with the administration which controls us.

    We are not exactly free are we? Unless we all go and live in that cave and hunt our own food. Even so, poaching and hunting are crimes these days are they not? So are we entirely free to live as we want to?

    As for weather control and mind control? I’ll keep an open mind on that, but for New World Order and secret societies who are hell bent on world domination? I do believe in this stuff.

    It’s all about money and power.

  90. Dazzle Says:

    People don’t be stupid everything this person has mentioned is the truth. In my english class in university i have been exposed to novels involved with pornography. think breakfast of champions and coming through slaughter.

  91. keet Says:

    all seeing eye has made a good point about the working class, with the petrol strike, the country came to a stand still. are these the people that can become the NWO because they rebel against the government? that is what extremist believers of the illuminati could end up becoming. it will be a rebellion against governments and countries that will cause and create a NWO then realise that it was themselves that they feared.
    dazzle what do them novels have to do with this?

  92. All Seeing Eye Says:


    The NWO is a movement to form a one world government. Already it is in place throughout the most of the world. This is very much conclusive.

    In Europe we have a union of nations. UK has joined the European union and recently Mr Blair has announced his application for European presidency. This is very coincidental don’t you think?

    In USA there is a plan in place to unite Canada, USA and Mexico into one union called the North America Union. There are plans in place to unite South America.

    In Africa now we have the African Union.

    Eventually we will see a union of the middle East.

    It’s a matter of time.

    Iraq and Afghanistan are already under control although the media have us all believe otherwise and that both these countries are still in utter chaos.

    This is portrayed in such a way to warrant the occupation of coalition forces in the middle east over the last ten years where secretly unknown to us gullible folk who listen to the mainstream media, during this period of time the coalition army have built military bases throughout the realm to tackle Iran and N.Korea, who are considered a bigger threat – Hence the recent news surrounding impending trouble from these latest two countries.

    Was going to war against Iraq and Afghanistan a way to occupy the middle east with military might. Why have our forces stayed so long when both Saddam have been dealt with and the Taliban been virtually wiped out? I must say, I smell a rat here.

    I really do think there is a plan in place to control the world under one government. Already we are seeing signs all around us in our everyday life. The influx of European citizens to and fro from the UK has gotten us nationals used to the idea of living with our overseas neighbours. The sense of nationalism is rapidly being eradicated. We are fast becoming a one world order.

    I believe the money men who control administration, the Illuminati, the free masons, the wealthy Jewish bankers etc want world domination because global distribution of money and power is their ultimate buzz.

    I believe in this stuff, but as for mind controlling drugs, weather control, electronic chipping, martial law etc… I’ll keep an open mind. If it eventually starts happening, then I’ll believe.

    The all seeing eye…seeing is believing.

    I also think the latest outbreak of swine flu is suspicious. Next they are telling us all that we all have to take a vaccine jab. I’ve rarely taken medication pills, I’m one of those who hate going to the doctors or pumping narcotics into my system. I am very wary about pills and jabs. How do we know that this forthcoming vaccine will be good for us? Because the government and media tells us so? The government and media who often tells lies. How can we trust a government who rob off our tax paying funds?

    Now if we make false claims and take benefits that we are not entitled to we are subsequently punished with fines or prison. If the ministers of parliament make false claims and take from the tax paying fundings they are pardoned by a simple apology.

    Who should we believe and trust?

  93. keet Says:

    with almost all the countries in the world there is the UN. are the UN this illuminati? like i say, some of the stuff can be taken as another secret group, however i do not believe that there is a group that can take over the world. theres the thing about too many chiefs, and thats what would happen. the same again, IF this world ever does become ‘one world’ then the same would happen as did with the USSR, it would fall. from this web page, all i can see is other people adding more to this conspiracy that makes it unbelievable. i dont mean to say that the illuminati or any other group exist, however the chinese whispers has come into play with people adding more in to the original story.
    the swine flu outbreak is just like any other virus outbreak like smallpox, chickenpox, AIDS, plague, etc. bacteria is something that can transform and adapt, thats how evolution works. Earth is meant to be able to hold 1 billion people, we now have 6 billion. people live in crowded areas, that makes it easier for viruses to spread. it is a way in which the world keeps a balance of the population.
    the threat of prison for false claims is more to try and scare people of them actually doing it. they would fine you and probably ask for you to pay it back, although prison is more or less if you do it again.
    we should believe and trust the people that we believe and trust. believe who you want to believe, trust who you want to trust, it is your choice and no one elses.

  94. All Seeing Eye Says:


    Do you trust the government? Do you trust the UN? Do you trust your boss or local council?

    Do you think society over the last decade has become more unstable and do you feel a sense of paranoia and concern these days? Do you feel a sense of uneasiness and unhappiness all around you? Is this evolution or an act of nature or is this planned by those who control us?

    Are we really being brainwashed by the media for example?

    A decade ago we didn’t hear of half of what we hear today in the media. The levels of murder, rape, burglary, anti social behaviour, rioting and vandalism has almost trebled in this last decade. Why?

    A sense of hatred, anger and discontent has festered in our society. Mostly triggered by uncertainty, insecurity, intimidation and the lure of money and power.

    You have to be honest with yourself. Things aren’t right at the moment and every passing year things aren’t getting any better are they? Why?

    Don’t kid yourself, there is something brewing, something nasty that you can almost taste in the air itself.

    Something which we all aren’t sure about, something we aren’t told about and certainly kept secret about.

    Either the media is purposely trying to unsettle our lives or things are already escalating all around us quicker than we would imagine.

    Ignorance is a blessing in disguise they say.

    Perhaps that’s what they want us…

    Perhaps they don’t want us to ask the questions they don’t want to answer.

  95. keet Says:

    basically i have never trusted the shite that the media say, especially ones like news of the world, the sun, daily mirror. things are not any worse now as what they were before. violence happened in the 80’s and 90’s with football just as bad as this ‘knife crime’ business. 60’s and 70’s there was anarchy happening, protesting. there were knife crimes just as bad but were not as well covered or reported back then. it is not known if its tripled, just that the reports of it has tripled. its the same as paedofillia, theres been more reports about it occurring, however a lot of it happen 30 or 40 years ago! as an adult you are more safer now walking down the road then you were 10 or 20 years ago.

    some people are too weak minded nowadays and cannot think for themselves; when an issue arises and they carry on about it, you argue against them and go into detail and they dont have a clue what you are on about because they are people who cannot think for themselves. these are also the people that can be easily convinced that the illuminati are taking over the world, (i do not mean all believers of the illuminati are like this, just that other people can be easily convinced and not question if this is true, false or a bit of both), hitler tried to take dominate europe however he failed, the romans tried it, the vikings tried it, the persians tried it, this can go on but the statement i am saying is that this is nothing new; there has always been someone or something trying to take over the world.

    we are only brain washed if we dont think for ourselves. some people now just trust what they hear from someone else, who heard it from someone else before that, who heard it from someone else before that etc. the papers are useless, i do not read the papers anymore, except maybe the local papers, i dont always believe what happens in the news.

    to be honest, i myself does listen to what the news says, what the government says, what the public says, however i then think about it and decide whether to believe it or not. thats what people should be doing.

  96. All Seeing Eye Says:

    I never buy the newspapers myself. Especially News of the world. Most of the newspapers columns are purely speculation, second handed information or plain lies. I hate reading about people like Katie Price and Paris Hilton. hanger on’s who live off the small minded. Gossip and celebrity updating is sickening. Most of these people have no talent whatsoever yet earn millions out of the less fortunate who droll over their pictures and lifestyle.

    Some of us work 70 hour weeks to survive, pay our taxes and pay for everything we need to put food on the table and supply shelter for our families while these celebrity spoon feeders have no sense of value , have no necessary commitments, have no sense of purpose. They have things given to them for free although having millions in the bank already. They have other people (the slaves of society) cleaning up after them and doing the less desirable chores which these good for nothing people are too lazy and stuck up to do themselves.

    I am getting fed up with hearing the lies spouting out of politician’s mouths. The scandals surrounding the rich and famous and the corrupt policies of my own nation who couldn’t give a toss about their own compatriots. Nationalism is quickly fading and the passion for my country I was born in and raised in is fast becoming a dying love.

    I am being told I must work to raise my children, that I must provide my own living standards for my own family, that I must pay my taxes and be that law abiding citizen.

    Then I see my overseas neighbours given free housing, given more benefits than I could ever have claimed for, treated with more respect, given more civil rights than I ever have had.

    I then look around me in my society and see it brimming with discontent, unhappiness, anger and violence.

    I accept crime has always plagued civilisation throughout history. It has always been around, but looking at society in today’s perspective and to how it was 20 years ago, I can honestly say it has deteriorated so dramatically.

    Crime has soared, unemployment has upped, prisons are overflowing, heinous crimes are not severely punished.

    The police force is weak, the judicial system is failing, the economy is at a low.

    The outlook is very bleak.

    Wherever we look and listen, the papers, the news, the local chit chatter, there more often than not is sadness all around us and the bringing of bad news. The world is seems very unstable in many ways and so is our own neighbourhood and towns.

    Wake up and look around you.

    I was just like most people today, the masses has it happens, the majority who are fed up with instability who would just simply ignore it and don’t take any of it in. I just got on with my life, minded my own business and worked hard for my family.

    Then I was assaulted in a chip shop for no reason, then I had my car nicked, then I had to sort out some unsavoury bullying towards my boy in school. Then I lost my job and had to settle for a lower wage elsewhere which forced my wife to work longer hours which interrupted with the children’s care. Luckily for us they have good grandparents who love and care for their grandchildren when we cannot be there. They have a sense of well being and fulfillment of life because in their day that was how things were. They could leave their front door open, their car doors unlocked without any fear of some crook entering and stealing anything. They also had enough help back then to cater for their families. They were treated with more respect it seems and most importantly had equal civil rights unlike most of us nationals today. The troubles seem to come thicker and faster now then they ever did before.

    It’s alright to sit tight thinking things don’t effect me, but it is all a matter of time before we all become a victim of today’s society. The society that nobody in administration seems to give two hoots about……

    You can’t seriously tell me that nothing is wrong! That we aren’t being treated on a level playing field and that we have total freedom. We simply haven’t have we in this big brother day and age?

  97. keet Says:

    i”ve been in a very similar situation. my dad was injured and unable to work for 9 months, got barely anything for sick pay so the debts piled up. had to end up selling the house to pay off the debts before the companies took away the house. went on to rent a house and managed to get some compensation from the work company because he was injured at work therefore should have still been getting full pay. over 3 years later and they are only just in the process of getting back on the housing market and buying a house, at the age of 58.

    i did move out just after this had happened as i went away to study and now live elsewhere, so i had to save all my money up for a year before i went away, take out a student loan and pay for everything myself. i am not bothered about that, i wanted to pay for myself however, the government are now saying that they will leave the student interest at 0%. it is meant to follow the RPI so should be in negative. this is not fare at all, they have bent the rules, last two years it has been 4.8% so it should only begin to even out for me. i do invest wisely and always have a saving account with a higher percent than my student loan but that is not the point. they have bent the rules when they would start to loose out. i am very careful with money, both spending and saving, and am trying to get a decent amount for a deposit on a house. i know i will soon be in a similar situation and that is why i always follow whats happening with politics, government and financial issues all over the world. its that simple butterfly effect…

  98. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    They should change the term Politics to absolute control over the less fortunate.

    There are things in society which needs addressing such like health care, policing, inflation and schooling.

    Our hospitals are overcrowded now with the influx of immigrants, our streets are unsafe with high levels of crime, our children are suffering with lack of education and potential career options, the price of food, fuel and clothing is exceeding inflation, the economy is weak and the housing market is callapsing…yet…what’s more important to this government? Expenses, joining the European union (soon to be world union), waging war in the middle east, giving out handouts to other countries, using our hard earned taxes to bail out everybody but us…selling our arses up the river to benefit themselves.

    The term terrorists is not so easy to determine. Who are the real terrorists?

    a) Is it the media who are hellbent on scaremongering us?

    b) Is it the government who is quick to send us out to war?

    c) Is it the banking systems that are hellbent on bankrupting us?

    d) Or is it the poor, uneducated middle eastern countries with no weapons of mass destruction?

    When you have an open mind, and you look at both sides of the story, which out of A) B) C) and D) above looks the more likely to be the real bringers of hardship and terror?

    Are we sleeping with the enemy? Are we really living in hell? Are we actually fulfilling our lives with love, peace and joy like Jesus would have it to be, depending on your faith?

    All we want is a free loving world, to be able to live in peace and befriend our neighbours, yet society today restricts us from doing this doesn’t it?

    We are encouraged to compete and challenge each other for everything. We have been programmed to accept everything around us. We eat the foods they provides us, watch the programmes they show us, read the books they write for us.

    We also don’t do the things they say we cannot do or they will punish us and we accept the laws and rules that are drilled into us.

    Yet when we see someone breaking these laws and see the lenient punishments being dished out are we getting the impression that we are really being encouraged not to do break these laws anyway?

    Things are confusing? Are they really trying to confuse us? Do they want us to feel paranoid and discontented?

    Remember these money men at the top are scared of unity. They are scared of the overwhelming populous rising up against them. History often repeats itself, where revolution and the coming together of hands completely destroys a bully’s world.

    It’s just like the school bully thing. The big kid who walks around tormenting the pupils until their victims eventually get together and fight back. The bullying often ceases thereon.

    Perhaps the happening in 2012 which people are so unsure about is the coming together of the victims of society, the less fortunate who are fed up with being controlled and stepped on. Perhaps this is going to be the big change or the final fight between good and evil which the bible predicts.

  99. post nubila phobus Says:

    Keet…… i bet you will be the first too run too the fema camps once the ufos, jinn and annunaki arrive! An amazing illusion is about too unfold!!!

  100. keet Says:

    you lot never read the comments do you, i no stupid american, im british. fema camps is what you have not us. you now saying that the aliens and the demons are coming? are they the force behind the illuminati or is this another load of bullshit that people keep adding to the conspiracies? the illusion is on you for when this doesn’t happen, then who’ll be laughing? you stocked up on your supplies, nucleur protective suit, food stock etc?

  101. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    The truth is out there, but you must research it yourself. That’s the game.

    The proof is all around us, but we only see what they want us to see or what we are programmed to see. If we need to see further we must open our eyes and our minds more. This is something they don’t want us to do. This is why they control the media and own the entertainment business so that they can programme us and distract us all from reality.

    Throughout history there has been many attempts of world domination by secret societies and all have failed by one common factor. That being the masses standing up against them.

    In the past brute force and conquer were their tactics but we are in a new age and the war is now fought physiologically. They will try to make us consent to the idea rather than be forced. This is why we are lied to since birth. We are only taught the things they want us to learn and when we become wise in our later years we are already programmed to not look for the truth. Unfortunately some people wake up and look for it and what they find is something corrupt all around them. We are nothing but slaves of a society which is being driven by money and control.

    We are purposely mislead, confused and frightened to accept everything around us.

    Why do you think there is so much crime and that over the years it has gotten worse?

    In every western nation there is enough resources in policing, justice and prison services to detain most criminals. It is as little as 1% of the population that is breaking the law. Yet instead of locking them away and throwing away the key they let most loose back into society with lenient sentences and fines. Why? So that there will still be a need for a police force and still be a need for security. They want us to feel threatened and want us to feel unsafe so that we bow down to them. It’s no different from the protection rackets within the criminal world itself.

    We must all wake up and open our eyes.

    I was a sheep, a follower of the way, ignorant and distracted from reality until I fell victim to the society we live in. I kept my head down and worked hard, payed my taxes (still do as it happens) but now I am not so ignorant. I’ve opened my eyes to the wider picture and looked behind some closed doors with the help of the Internet which is something they cannot control YET!!!!

    You won’t find any of the answers within your society. Remember they are secret and they hide things from you. You will not find them in books at the library, why? Because they control the councils and media. There is little information on the bookshelves in your local shops that will educate you on the truth. They control virtually every institution in the world. They control governments, religions, military, media, local councils, education system, judicial system and most of all the banking system.

    What gives them the ultimate power and control – MONEY!!! The money which we all work hard for and give them in one way or another.

    We live in a material world, a world where the lure of money has overtaken our own lives. We want to buy the latest products, buy the foods they produce for us, buy the drugs they supply us which kills off our minds. We just accept these things because they are all around us and we see no different unless we look further into the illusion.

    We pay our taxes, pay for our food, entertainment etc..

    Have you often asked yourself the question, why isn’t anything for free? Everything is about money and if you don’t have any nobody wants to know you…is this how mother nature wanted us to be?

    For Christ sakes, the need for change is coming. Perhaps in 2012 this latest attempt of a secret society trying to control the world will come to an end. Perhaps this is the change!

  102. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Psychologically was the word I meant!

  103. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Ever heard of pyramid selling? It starts at the top and filters down through to the bottom. The person at the top eventually creams in the money when their sales persons beneath them expands their sales persons and vice versa…isn’t this the same to how society works today?

    We have those at the top creaming in the money and power while the slaves of society at the bottom of the pyramid are making them money.

    This is the whole idea of the all seeing eye and the pyramid which is separated from those at the top. Wake up! It is us who are enslaved within the brickwork of their pyramid society.

    Look at their symbol. There is a break off from the pyramid to the enlightened one’s at the tip. They are there and we are here within the brickwork of the pyramid, imprisoned and we don’t even know it!

  104. post nubila phobus Says:

    no keet i said jinn and annunaki NOT ALIENS! these entities are all around us, and yes they are the driving force behind us!

  105. keet Says:

    read your past post; you clearly say ufos, jinn and annunaki.

  106. keet Says:

    to be honest, (no offence meant), however you are beginning to sound like a cult leader. you say they are trying to control our minds and control what we believe and think; isn’t that what you are trying to do just now? there are books, TV programmes and internet sites about the illuminati beliefs. it all started with a book written by a ‘secret group of jews’ and called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.
    they control the papers, media and police force? so who says all this crime stuff is true? i live in glasgow and feel safer now then when i go back to where i originally lived.
    the pyramid system has been around for centuries with royal families, faro’s, leaders, etc hitler, napolean, gengis kahn, tutankhamun, oliver cromwell, henry VIII, the list could go on. some of them were right, some were wrong however they all had a reason for what they did and how they did it. i know i’m going to be told that some of thes if not all of these were a part of the illuminati, although it is believed that the illuminati were not formed until the late 1700’s.
    the “pyramid system” is what keeps control of the world yes, however if there was nothing like this then the world would be a disaster, like the book “lord of the flies”. to try and make it fair and equal, it would end up being unfair and become a disaster. it would be the saying “too many chiefs and not enough indians”. parts of the world are kept under control and safe, however with the rebelling it has caused chaos and that is why the world is what it is. like i say, the NWO is the people that are trying to fight against it, they just dont know it yet; when they do it’ll be too late…

  107. post nubila phobus Says:

    what do ufos have too do with aliens?

  108. keet Says:

    ufo’s have more to do with aliens then they do with demons, oh wait a minute thats right its the illuminati that want us to believe that and they are the actual ones controlling these ufo’s. it all makes sense now; are you religious?

  109. Bro. Matt 32nd degree Says:

    Where do you come up with this stuff/ Are you high?!

  110. post nubila phobus Says:

    im high all the time! lol jokes but no serious they will want you too beleive that ufos are alien space ships attacking the world forcing us too surrender too a new world government, and this shit is not comming from some stupid video on youtube or nothing, i have seen some fuked up shit, you don t have too beleive me and i don t care if you do because i really don t give a shit about people!

  111. keet Says:

    no. ufo’s are unidentified flying objects, most of the time they’re noticed around airports, other times they are just a blimp. the rest of the time its just new aircrafts being tried out. what strong clear proof have you seen then?

  112. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    You are so naive, I am no Occult leader, do you know what occult means? Occult means HIDDEN and this is exactly what I’m against. The Illuminati are the occult, hidden from our society and orchestrating their methods upon us all since the eighteenth century. We don’t even know it.

    Do you know why they call themselves the Illuminati? Because they are the enlightened ones. Why are they called the enlightened ones? Because they have been given the light and acquired the knowledge that us ordinary folk wouldn’t understand. What is this knowledge? It’s black magik which is acquired through Satan worshipping and because it sounds so ridiculous and insane, ordinary people wouldn’t believe it yet this stuff exists and only the chosen ones get given the light.

    Yet the chosen ones are hand picked into their society and must be of extreme wealth and hold some form of importance. Unless you are born into their own family of bloodlines, you will never be selected to be at the tip of their society.

    It all sounds a bit extreme, but it is after all a bit extreme.

    Hitler for example was a high member of this society which was founded within his own bloodlines. The problem with Hitler was that he wanted to achieve all the plans of the Illuminati tomorrow and tried to achieve their goals overnight. It doesn’t work that way, it is something that can be achieved over centuries rather than years and it involves control and consent rather than forced and conquest which is the last result.

    Look all around you, look at the Bush administration and you will find no difference between Hitler’s push for world power to that of the Bush administration. People don’t realise this, but the Bush family and Hitler were very close before the war, they had good relations. The skull and bones society in America worship Nazism, and the American dollar depicts the Nazi symbol which was founded as way back as the Roman Empire. They are all in it together yet internal fighting within their own society is always messing up their plans.

    If the ignorant masses or sheep fail to stop this world domination, we can all pray and hope that their own members stop it themselves with internal power struggling although praying will be a waste of time. Ever asked yourself why GOD never steps in to stop the violence and corruptness of this world? Because Religion is a face, it’s man made just like governments and politics, a man made illusion and smokescreen which these societies hide behind. We are so uneducated and misled it’s frightening. They own us and control us.

    Now at present is you’re in employment and are paying your taxes you are accepted in society and by these enlightened ones. At present we have an estimated 6 billion people on this planet. There are more people on this planet than there are jobs and resources.

    If you research these societies and occults you will find some startling information. Now I will use the word alleged because nothings proven within this controlled society we live in. But, researchers have found out some scary stuff. Apparently, these secret societies are hellbent on reducing population of the planet. It is as extreme as this. Is this why wars are generated and that violence is rife within our world? Is this why drugs are purposely distributed around the world which increases crime? Is this why we are seeing more and more disasters happening all around us? Is this why there are plans for martial law?

    I am not nuts, I work and pay my taxes, I am no occult leader but far the opposite. I want to live in peace and harmony and provide the best kind of love in life for my children. Yet what I’ve discovered threatens not just the middle east and uncivilised parts of the world. It threatens all of us when you discover the agendas of the Illuminati.

    They want to rule the world and they want chosen people to slave for them. Everyone else are surplus!!

  113. killuminati Says:

    These posts are funny. We ARE being controlled through everything we see. TRUST NOONE.

  114. Makavel91 Says:


  115. TOYOSI Says:

    well…am aphilosophy graduate from africa..based overseas…all this stuffs are said to be true..why?..cos frm the beginning..therre has always been a vice..a conflict of opposites..good..bad/fire ..water..etc…there must be a bigger secret..holding christianity together..esp when u consider the real genesis of the papacy..vatican ..catholiscm…then u know that they not only inherited christianity factioned out rfm judaism,..but thier problems as well…those secrets to which they are now custodians of…well…there is bound to be apocalpse..one way orr the other with thwe way..we arre being run ….thanks…

  116. Wolfgang1 Says:

    If most of people who are commenting on this subject could spell or construct a coherent sentence their arguments might carry some weight. Also, the use of foul language is further evidence of a weak mind that might indicate these people are probably easily influenced in what they believe. Try to sound more educated and one might be moved by your arguments.

  117. post nubila phobus Says:

    ouy/\nac/\ton/\pots/\eht/\tluc/\eht/\tluc/\etile/\itan/\sdlihcshtoR/\si/\eht/\ laredef/\evreser/\woh/\nac/\uoy/\pots/\a/\ecrof/\os/\lufrewop/\uoy/\ tnac/\ew/\evah/\lacisyhpatem/\shtgnerts/\laicnanif/\shtgnerts

  118. keet Says:

    i did not say occult, i said cult. both have two different meanings, cult is what people believe to be a religion however, it does not qualify to be a “real” religion, like scientology for example. basically leading people to believe something that is not able to be called a religion. Satanism is another type of cult. all you are really telling me is the same stuff that i’ve read up on and seen on documentaries, no proof just speculation.

    Hitler was a leader trying to take power of europe, possibly more. Gengis Kahn, was he a part of the illuminati? Greeks? Romans? British Empire? Vikings? theres numerous people that have tried to take power however none have actually succeeded. and dont tell me that the illuminati are in power of the world now we just dont see it.

    i am not naive, i just think a bit more open minded and realistic. it’s just like the people that follow their zodic signs or follow the Notrodamus theories, that are only noticed after they have happened and read absolute non-scence that can be converted into meaning anything.

    i am not a religious man, i am not saying there isn’t a god, i’m not saying there is a god, i just say give me better proof then books people have wrote and things people have said. all religion was not created by the illuminati, they did not exist until 1700’s, a long time before christianity, and even longer before jewis, islam, hindu; and dont say that they did exist back then but we just dont know it.

    Bacteria is the most powerful living substance and can quickly evolve to survive certain things like a change in atmosphere and immunity to new vaccines. don’t tell me that it was the illuminati that have learnt how to control bacteria in this world. they did not start the plague that killed about 25 million people in europe, or the spainish, russian or swine flu. dont tell me they created HIV, smallpox, cowpox, chickenpox or any other virus. this is just conspiracies again.

    you are only a slave if you want to be. i am dont saying occult i am saying cult, research it in a dictionary and you will see they both mean different things.

    killuminati if you trust no one you will get no where; you need to sometimes rely on other people to survive in life.

    Makavel91 a revolution is always formed, look at the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. all against what a government believes is right whether its war, democracy, job cuts or anything else.

    Wolfgang1 good point

    and post nubila phobus just because you type words backwards it doesn’t confuse sensible people and doesn’t make you seem intelligent, i had to do stuff like that when i was 7 years old.

  119. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    I am no cult leader either, I am not a religious person but I do believe in divine powers of the universe and the spiritual world. Religion is a man made as far as I’m aware of. Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc… when you look into each form of these religions they base everything all around planets and stars, especially the sun. They all say gods represents the universe and sun and they all say the son of god was born and resurrected around the same time, they just use different names and locations etc…

    If you research the lost world of Atlantis you will begin to understand some of the encoded messages within the holy writings of any religion. I do not want to go into the tale of Atlantis, but anyone who isn’t sure what Atlantis was and about civilisations that walked this planet after the dinosaur age will be enlightened to the knowledge. There are things that are simply hidden and not spoken of within our modern era, things that are incomprehensible and hard to swallow in our programmed minds concerning the past.

    If you think scientists cannot create and distribute bacteria or at least control it then you are naive. Also if you think knowledge and medicine wasn’t great in the middle ages then again you are naive. If the plague for example was incurable and highly contagious then how on earth did royalty escape death back then?

    The bloodlines of the Illuminati have been tracked all the way back to ancient Egypt, and everything the illuminati portrays refers all the way back to ancient Egypt from symbols, methods and the worship of certain deities.

  120. keet Says:

    for a start i am not saying anyone is a cult leader, i am saying that this is beginning to sound like what a cult would be doing.

    the royal family did not die from the plague for one simple reason; they lived in a clean environment. rats carried the plague, the rats lived in dirty areas, the poor lived in dirty areas, they then suffered due to the plague. also, the great fire of london was what helped eliminate the plague, after that there were healthier living conditions, sewage systems, etc.

    scientists can create and distripute bacteria’s however bacteria itself is always one step ahead, or maybe three. we cannot control bacteria from transforming everywhere, just in a laboratory that can be controlled.

    not all religions have a son of god.

    atlantis is the lost continent of the world, some believe that it is at the bottom of the atlantic ocean, others believe that it is in fact antarctica, and has moved with the earths plates like all the other continents have.

    speculation of the bloodline trails with the illuminati are tracked back to ancient egypt, not solid proof. who says that the illuminati didn’t just use egyptian symbols as their own, like hitler used the hindu symbol and turned it backwards.

    and finally, why do people keep saying that i am naive? just because i am asking for some real proof about all these conspiracies, that i still have not been given, it doesn’t mean i am naive. have you ever thought that you might be the ones that are naive because you want to believe that theres something controlling the world. maybe you dont feel safe, therefore need something to believe in, or dont trust the government. religion does one thing, it keeps people living for a reason, different to each other but still for a reason. people that dont believe in religion believe in evolution, some believe in both, either way they believe in something. maybe the people that believe in this illuminati and NWO believe in it because they have nothing else to believe in, either way people need to believe in something.

  121. TazZ Says:

    WHOAA!!! Got me thinking more deeply…think I’m gonna conduct a reasearch myself and find out if all this is really true, I guess we will never truly know what is from what isn’t but that’s life, people need something to believe in, people need something to look forward to, people need to know that they are working towards something that is worth it even though it may not be worth it!! YOU PEOPLE NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYSE AND EARS AND SHUT UP…LISTEN! Some so-called facts are actually facts and I personally believe most of these illuminati facts are just that, FACTS!! My mind has been opened up to many more things now including the truth behind this ‘cult’ if I may called the Illuminati. I’m gonna get my own facts and I never believe anything unless I get it from the source. Peace!


  122. post nubila phobus Says:

    omg keet you are a fuckin knob! i am from a family where i don t want them too know what i am saying you fuck! is it right what they do no? are u a dumb fuck-yes!

  123. keet Says:

    what? it’s not hard to work out, especially if i’m a “dumb fuck”. if you dont want people to know something then dont post it on a world wide open web page. why are none of your other comments in this very intelligent secret typing style? you have nothing to give me as proof so instead you try and cause insult. seriously this type of thing is for perspicacious people.

  124. post nubila phobus Says:

    haha, keet people like you are the reason why i have a not one but 2 huge televisions, play xbox all day with over 200 games, eat all day and don t care too waste food, swim in my huge pool all day, own exotic pets, have more than enough vehicles, live in a home way larger than necessary, drink expensive drinks, have tons of music equipment when i don t even play music, the list goes on dude! the point is open your eyes and look around you, the human race is enslaved by an illusion which is called money, money was created so that a cool thing called capital gain can be made by the people that play by the rules of jinn and annunaki, meaning if all my apples are represented by paper than my apples will never rot, you live in Brittan bro, don t you ever wounder who lives in the Westminster house?

  125. keet Says:

    you just dont make any sense, one minute you give abuse and cant take being proven wrong, the next you are so happy with yourself and judging people for having a different opinion from you. seriously you know nothing about Britain, you dont even know how to spell it. you’re lucking that Britain helped you over the past 8 years. you really need to take a look at this web page again and actually read what its about, instead of just trying to abuse people, because you aren’t even able to succeed in that.

  126. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    I too live in a clean environment, I disinfect and spring clean my house regularly and I work within the food industry where cleanliness is essential to the workplace. Therefore I should be exempt from contact with bacteria yet I still catch the common cold and occasional seasonal flu. Does this destroy your theory that Royalty escaped bacterial illness because they live in a clean environment? If something is airborne and contagious there is nothing that can be done to stop catching illness. I suspect the royalty in the middle ages had vaccines and adequate medication to prevent and cure the plague which was not on offer for the mass population. This was all down to depopulation of a world that was overflowing with people. Don’t you see this?

    The great fire of London was no different to the great fire of Rome in AD43. The Christians were accused of starting the fire and were marched to their deaths by the tyrant Nero who most probably started the fires himself. After All he had a reasons to do so, he began reconstructing a new city to how he wanted it and had a new palace built. When the city burned he happily played a lyre on the balcony overlooking the flaming city of Rome. Not the image of a man who was angry and shocked and it was no secret that he hated the christian religion.

    As for the Nazi symbols used by Hitler, you will find the pope using the same signs on his own clothing, the Vatican square when seen from a bird’s eye perspective is the national Great British flag. There are so many signs and symbols that bring many things into connection. The Queen’s ceremonies are the same as the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt and the illuminati’s symbol is the pyramid and the all Seeing Eye of the Egyptian god Horus which represented the sun.

    Did you know that British royalty were mummified and buried under the Great Westminster of Abbey when they died? Is this any different to the burial proceedings of Ancient Egypt and their leaders? There is so much similarities to our own royal families to that of Ancient Egypt it’s either very coincidental or perhaps decedent. There is so much ordinary people who cannot think no further than they think they can actually know about history, world affairs and religion/science – a major conflict between both cults because religious believers are upset with scientists exposing their beliefs with feasible evidence they uncover. As technology advances and scientists uncover more about the planet’s history and universe the more religion is destroyed and exposed. This is a struggle between both institutes that is raging throughout the modern era and when you read into the history/legends of Atlantis you will find the same problems that happened to that civilisation leading up to their demise to the problems we are facing in the world today.

    People need to wake up and so some homework, get themselves spiritually prepared for we are heading into another dark age which is coming quicker than expected.

    I am not here to tell anyone what to do or to scare anyone into oblivion. I am here to simply say “somethings not right, some thing’s happening all around us, we are being deceived and mislead and we must prepare ourselves mentally to how to deal with the inevitable”

    We were not brought into this world to be slaves, to be controlled by others. We should be helping our brothers and sisters and provide a safe environment for our children. Ask yourself the question, are we actually doing this throughout the world?

    All we see on a daily basis is hate filled crime, wars, deceivement, harm, destruction of our own planet and greed. Isn’t this enough proof for you?

  127. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    descendant I meant, quick typing!!!

  128. post nubila phobus Says:

    how have i been proven wrong? lmao i can t be i live in what you guys call conspiracy, keet your a fagot, go get some pussy and stop arguing with everyone here who is right!

  129. post nubila phobus Says:

    you know what too seems keet you are defending our Illuminati life style, are you one of us? anywho keet go fuck yourself!

  130. post nubila phobus Says:

    oh yea and all seeing eye, you are on the right path, you will find your answers!

  131. post nubila phobus Says:

    lmao, oh yea and keet i live in germany so wtf are u talking about helping me?

  132. keet Says:

    it doesn’t stand as proof at all, how does it link to this NWO and illuminati?

    a common cold is very different to the plague. also the cold is a bacteria that keeps evolving so there is no actual way of stopping it, and it is an airborne virus so you could catch it in a supermarket, your local pub, the news agents or simply out in the streets or your own back garden. the plague killed millions of people in europe alone, due to rats being the main course of spreading the disease. people lived in an over populated area so it was impossible to keep it under control. there was no sewage system, people threw there rubbish and excrements out onto the streets. it was only the great fire of london back in 1666 that helped kill off the plague. the city improved after that, having sewage systems etc. technology has advance dramatically since then with medicines to help deal with the flu and other viruses. how many people die of the cold or the flu in the uk?

    the vatican city also likes like a key hole, does that link it to a locked away secret? of course there are links from ancient egypt all the way to the 21st century. the reason? because it shows evolution evolving. it doesn’t show any proof whatsoever of the conspiracies on this page. everyone is inspired by someone else, musicians, artists, photographers, leaders, business people, the list keeps going. everyone can be linked to something in the past because that is how evolution works. man created the wheel, that can be linked to the car, the train, hydroelectric systems. the creation of electricity can be linked to the TV, radios, computers, heating systems, telephone. do you see how easy it can be to linked one thing to another over the years?

    Atlantis is a fiction theory, there is nothing to say it existed as the way the stories say it did. some people believe that the bermuda triangle is the pathway to Atlantis; again just a theory.

    I do think people should be prepared for what happens in the future, however it should be about their financial status, the economy, their jobs, their plans, what they want to do. we are not slaves unless you call getting paid for what you do a slave. if we were slaves we would not get paid for working.

    all the press report is bad things that happen, not the good things. is a hospital remembered or in the news for saving millions of lives? NO! is it remembered or reported when a mishap occurs? YES! what does that tell you about the press? people aren’t interested in the good things that happen in the world, only the bad things. you prove this yourself by what you just said. just because these things are happening it shows no proof whatsoever in the existence or creation of a NWO or illuminati.

    Again i am still waiting for some proof from the people that are trying to convince me this is all true. please do not keep informing me that they are so secret that we cannot see it. and also, NOT aimed at you The All Seeing Eye, dont just put some stupid abuse on here because you have nothing else to show me, it just shows that you are the naive one.

  133. keet Says:

    ok then, we helped your country come out of communism and rebuilt your country after WWI and WWII. be thankful for that.

  134. keet Says:

    you are proven wrong by giving no solid proof after i have asked the questions about the links to all this. you haven’t given any, all you said is that it is to do with UFO’s, jinn and annunaki.

  135. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    Can you explain to me why the judicial system tends to side with the criminal rather than the victim? Why is it called the criminal justice system and not the victims justice system or the British justice system etc for example…?

    Why are the banks allowed to do as they please? How can banks and corporation’s announce bonuses and profits when there is recession and poverty?

    How can we justify going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan when the things we were told as reasons why for going to war ended up being lies and cover ups? Did Iraq have WMD’s?

    Why did the US government refuse to carry out an independent enquiry on 9/11 world trade terrorist attack? Why did they insist to carry out their own?

    Why wasn’t the America public told about the closing of the Mexican and Canadian borders which established the American North Union?

    Why wasn’t the British public able to vote for the joining of the European Union?

    Now these questions are just a few important questions that has never been answered or properly addressed. Is there any connection?

    Why are we subjected to so much negative press and bringing of bad news in the media and why is pornography, violence and bloodshed easily accessed by our own children not just from the Internet but by everyday entertainment industry such as magazines and violent movies?

    I get the impression we are encouraged to accept crime, violence and disasters upon civilisation. Why? So that we can relate to it as normal. Is it normal?

    You can’t seriously tell me that nothing is wrong or that the modern world isn’t purposely being misled or deceived? Isn’t this naivety?

  136. keet Says:

    first of all you are going way of the subject here; this is about the existence of a NWO.

    First the criminal justice system. yes it is messed up in the rules of law, and does need sorting out, however this has come about by lawyers bending the real laws so they win for their “so called victim”.

    second, the banks control the main foundations of what keeps tis country going. it is like a card pyramid, take one at the bottom and it will collapse. the banks have messed up and the government are now warning them that they need to start lending again or consider big fines. the people getting the bonuses are the way their contracts are written. barclays and HSBC made a huge profit, however we know that lloyds TSB and HBOS made a minus. remember banks dont just get given money they earn money, whether its lending to other banks and business’s or investing in the stock market.

    Afgan was due to what happen in 2001, Iraq happened due to speculation of a possible threat. Saddam was not letting people come to inspect iraq and actually kicked inspectors out of the country a few years before any of this came about. When inspectors were coming back in, he caused diversions to delay them getting to places they wanted to inspect. what would you think if someone did this to you? would you think they had something to hide? unfortunately he did have something to hide, although it wasn’t possession of WMD it was him trying to hide the fact he didn’t have WMD. he admitted he didn’t want iran to find out because they were a threat to him. you say about all the bad things happening around the world, being slaves, weren’t the people in iraq like this much more than us?

    the US government has things they dont want to reveal just like saddam did. all governments have things they dont want to reveal, main reason because it can show weakness to their opposition, whether in be another party or another country.

    i dont know anything about the borders issue thats not really something i’ve known about.

    the british public vote for their leader who is the one that speaks for the country, that is what being a democratic country is all about. i say to the people against decisions made by the UK government, “did you vote?” and when they say no then they shouldn’t complain.

    there is one connection about these questions, you asked them, that is it.

    we are subject to negative press because thats what the public are interested in, who’s going to print something that no one wants to know about? they want to make as much profit as possible. a lot of the time, the press twist things to make it worse than what it actually is or even make up speculations. the magazines and movies are the same, they produce something that people want to read or watch because they want to make money.

    there are things that are wrong with the world, however because people have different beliefs, different lives and different minds, it all comes down to the fact, does everyone want the same?

    this is not done by one particular “secret society”, it is done by different people. re-read this web page again and you’ll see that you are going completely off track about what this is all about. it is about the elledged secrets of the illuminati.

  137. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    I am not going off track at all. Everything I’ve discussed in my last post concerning Government, media and entertainment are controlled by the Illuminati? Allegedly? So how is this going off track?

    Why didn’t the coalition forces finish off Saddam after the Gulf War? did they need a later excuse to invade Iraq years later?

    Now looking at the government issue, why are we always having to accept two major parties? It’s either Labour or Conservative yet nearly every person I meet either say they haven’t voted or have voted for another party yet we are always told it’s either out of Labour or Conservative. Is there really any other party ALLOWED to be in contention? Yet when we see either party in power the same old same old comes out at us. Are they actually working with each other or for someone else? doesn’t matter who is in charge of office we are still subjected to the same old policies and control we are always under. Pay your taxes and go to war when we say so ETC…

    The same happens in USA government…it’s either democrats or republicans in office and to hell with every other independent party that properly represents the people. You can bet your bottom dollar that the democrats, republicans, labour and conservatives all represents the banks and puppet masters and not the people. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see this. It’s a rule for them and a rule for us, always have been and always will be.

    You’ve admitted that money is the problem. Money is what drives the entertainment and media business you claim and it is precisely money which separates corporations, governments and banks from the mass population on the planet. we are not of the elite and could never be so why do people defend them so much? You can bet your bottom dollar they couldn’t care much for the likes of us. Our banks bankrupt us and try as hard as they can to repossess our homes and belongings, our governments are hellbent on taxing us for every penny and send are sorry arses out to war, our corporations want slave labour and force us to work for as little as we can. Here is a prime example, the government say they will help the people out of slave labour by introducing the minimal wage which is now under five pounds an hour. Who are they kidding, sitting on their hundred thousand pound a year salaries? How the hell can someone live on five pounds an hour? How can a family live on this wage? Are they taking the pi$$?

    Okay, I earn a lot more than this and can live comfortably and provide a home for my family. I refuse to own credit cards and have no poor credit history. I am a strong believer in spending within your means, but five pounds a hour is a joke. Corporations are now allowed to pay just over this amount so who are they helping really? The people or the corporations? The fat cats reap the bonuses while the workforce is payed peanuts to barely survive. How is this different from slavery? Okay you are getting paid to work but you get paid not to work also which only came in to play through agreement with governments and central banks, one must do his research to find some of this information. The elite or Illuminati have the world bowing down to them because they control the central banks and world money.

    Everything is about money,

    What is created from money?

    greed, power and control which turns nations against nations and brothers against brothers.

    This is why there is little love in this world and why there is so much hate. We are being ruled and controlled by money freaks who care more about their bank balances than the care for the human race.

    we are heading for a period of darkness and people can be ignorant, naive and stupid all they want but I feel people most of all should be spiritually prepared for the inevitable.

    Money is currently a way of life for many people but little do they realise it will also be a way of death.

  138. post nubila phobus Says:

    all seeing eye-there is no point trying too get through too keet, he wants too defend the world order plans, let him, hes not like most people, he probably lives the same care free lifestyle as myself, the difference is i don t beleive what my family does is right, i want the slaves of the world too know what the truth is.

  139. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Post nublia phobus,

    I admire your honesty. Do you think Madonna was trying to tell us something back in the 80s with her song LIVE TO TELL? I mention Madonna because she is clearly wearing the Illuminati sign on her coat in the above picture and researching her songs for signs I find the song LIVE TO TELL very revealing, especially throughout the mid 80s when there was no Internet. Was she trying to warn people about the secret societies? It’s no secret she is participating with the elite and delved into the cult. She was very moved emotionally when she visited Africa and saw how AIDS was destroying humanity in these parts of the world back then.

    Did you think Princess Diana too was trying to speak out or JFK at that matter? Both represented the people more and both were outspoken of the atrocities of the world.

  140. post nubila phobus Says:

    lol, no maddonas songs were written too add insult too injury get it? and princess diana was killed because she was not elite family by blood, and jfk was not a mason and he wanted too change the way the federal reserve sytem worked, so they killed him too!

  141. post nubila phobus Says:

    oh yea by the way my mom loves Madonna! lmao

  142. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Post nublia phobus,

    Okay, I understand your point about Diana although why did they allow her to marry into the family if they knew that her bloodlines weren’t pure? This didn’t make sense.

    As for Madonna, people try to imply her songs have hidden messages such like 4 minutes to save the world ETC..

    Live to Tell is a mockery of religion is it not? She is basically telling people that religion is a hoax which is why she strapped herself to a crucifix when she performed live.

    What did she mean when she said she has seen beauty and where it is and that we couldn’t see it and that we couldn’t live the life she gives? Can you enlighten me?

  143. post nubila phobus Says:

    its not about allowing it was something that was accepted at first, than became a problem when diana felt powerful, the beauty would be the light which is entities such as jinn, slaves can not see them nor use there powers.

  144. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Jinn, anunnaki…

    anunnaki is a race from the planet Nibiru is it not? This planet is allegedly where we originated from and is due to orbit the earth in 2012 which will cause catastrophic polar shifts. We are nothing but a slave race for them on planet earth. We have been colonised here because Nibiru’s resources were destroyed when it collided with another planet. Some say earth was created because of planet collision millions of years ago. They made us into our human form and stripped us of powers and That they watch over us in their true form. Are the Illuminati basically the Anunnaki?

    Or are they?

    The alien brotherhood of Saturn, planet of darkness, destruction and war. Were we visited by aliens from another planet and are they watching over us and taking control of our planet. Some conspiracy theorists believe we are slaves for an alien reptilian race. Are we?

    Jinns are shape shifting humanoids that can be summoned by black magic. although I believe in this stuff they are usually at some one’s command. If they are running the show then who summoned them?

  145. keet Says:

    because the only thing you now go on about is what the government have and are doing. you are repelling against the government.

    first thing. the coalition did not finish saddam off in 92 because the UN mission was to defend kuwait from the iraqi invasion. the second gulf war was to over run saddam and stop funding and suppling terrorist groups that also lead to the independence of iraq.

    the government issue. when voting you can only vote for the party members in your local area, because there are more tories and labour leaders, they have more local areas that can vote for them. when i was living in a small town, the national election came up and i could vote for either a tory or a labour. reason being that there was no one in my area running for government. this gives both labour and tories better odds of getting in. the idea of voting for your government is so that they can run the country on your behalf. it is just like owning shares in a company; you can vote if you want the chairman to stay or leave each year at the general meeting.

    the same situation happens in the US, the democrats and republicans are the two bigger higher funded parties.

    money is not the problem, its how money can be used that is the problem. banks aren’t the ones making us bankrupt, we are the ones that decide to take a loan, a mortgage or a credit card. we are the ones that decide were to put our money and what to do with our money. the problem is that people have not been taught how to work the system, and should be taught especially now. i am a self taught saver. i learnt how the banking system works by doing research, reading books and watching what has been happening. i am careful with my money and spending, i am not a carefree person, i rent a flat shared with other random people, i have finished uni and am working a job that i didn’t plan on doing, i survive well because of what i have been doing with my money over the past three years.

    i know there are situations when people are made redundant and then struggle to pay, however the government have brought in an extended rule so that it makes the home owners “safer” and give them more time to try and find a job to keep them afloat, they also offer free advice.

    the national minimum wage rate is £5.80 an hour for 22 and over from october this year, 18 to 21 it is £4.83 and younger is £3.57. when i was working part time at the age of 15 i was getting paid £15 for a saturday job 9 till 5. there was no minimum wage for people under 18 back then. it was only labour that brought in a minimum wage for youngsters.

    if people learn how to deal with their money then they can deal with their life. it’s hard getting a job at the moment, i know as i finished uni last year, still because i invested my money wisely i have survived, and i dont mean in shares, just ISA’s, regular savings, fixed bonds, etc. i kept track of what i was spending and what i was earning, making sure i was in the black rather than the red. if i was in red i was able to short out my spending.

    why are you blaming the government for private business owners giving big bonuses when it is not under the governments control? when the take over of RBS happened, the government have tried to stop sir fred goodwin of getting so much for his retirement.

    also all seeing eye, i believe that post nubila phobus is just trying to con you into believe that they know all about what is going on even though they have said absolutely nothing that fits in with any of this and just keep throwing abuse. i know i am going to get criticized and abused for saying this but i dont care. think about what post nubila phobus is saying and read the past comments and you’ll see that post nubila phobus makes no sense and just has spur of the moment comments. you will see what i mean when the sun does come out and shine after the clouds, hint hint!

  146. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    you will see what i mean when the sun does come out and shine after the clouds, hint hint!

    That is the meaning of Post nublia phobus, I am aware!

    I just find it very odd that only two parties in both the British and American governments dominate throughout time. Yet when I ask many people here in Britain who they vote for the majority of them vote for neither party. Yet they always get in on majority vote!!! It gives me the impression that no other party that represents the people can compete, they just show up for example!

    Are we really given a free vote? Do we really have any say in the matter?

    Both parties basically use the same politics and use the usual spin doctor stuff on the ignorant and uneducated public. The only difference is they promise tax cuts etc yet never keep any promises. They still send us to wars that don’t really concern us and still make us pay high taxes in one way or another. They cut fuel tax but raise council tax for instance. We always get hit in one way or another.

    The minimal wage fiasco is a joke. The government will always help corporations over the public and always bow down to the banks. People can live in denial all they want but the reality is the banking elite rule the world. Unless everybody stop using the banks and withdraw their moneys and stop living off loans and credit we will always be controlled by the money men. Sadly it has perhaps gone too far.

    I can live within the controlled environment as long as there is no harm done towards my family. I can accept the NWO as long as I can live in peace and protection for my family. However, what I’ve learned about depopulation and about secret underground bases developed for the elite family worries me. There is something out of place and the unstable world we are living in is proof of this. Lets just hope for mankind and all the good innocent people out there that dec 21st 2012 passes without catastrophic harm. If there is some secret malevolent society hell bent on depopulation and carrying out ancient prophecies and are secretly planning the destruction of our planet I just hope they get retribution and burn in hell. I will prepare myself and my family spiritually to go to the right place for we are good people and we don’t want to inflict pain and misery on mankind!!

  147. post nubila phobus Says:

    all seeing eye- ill explain too you how this works ok, the Illuminati are not annuanaki, but they do warship them, and yes they come from another planet but not one in our universe, they reside on the planet which our universe resides ON! whats does this mean………..that they live on the next atomic level after us, this makes it appear too humans that have or can see them possible for these entities too be everywhere at once, its like you holding a physical object and in respects too an atom in the sub atomic level you could appear everywhere at once, these things can posses people, its happened too me, and ive seen them a few times, oh yea and jinn and annunaki are the same thing, jinn look like aliens and when they transform they are called annunaki, they look like what Ancient Egyptians called goddesses, like Ra, Horus, Anubis…………. etc. The only one i have seen was Horus.

    Have you ever heard that all religions are not real and designed buy the Illuminati too create wars and separation? Ancient Egyptians had the real true religon……….. the same religon the Illuminati practice today!

  148. yaser ziaee Says:

    is illuminate the dajjal (christ evil)?

  149. post nubila phobus Says:

    no they are not, but they are waitting for him

  150. TazZ Says:

    Damn it Keet you two need to stop arguing like little girl scout cookie sellers and get back to the real world! This is unbelievable…kids!! No disrespect but guys, c’mon arguing is pointless, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so let each other believe what they want to ok that’s why it’s called “their own opinion”. it’s theirs, don’t try and change someone else’s mind you’ll just make things worst! Peace!

  151. keet Says:

    excuse me tazz but you’re making false accusations there. i am not the one trying to convince, i am the one they are trying to convince. if you read the comments you’ll find them asking me questions and trying to give me so called “proof” to convince me that this illuminati controls the world. i am not trying to change anyones mind, i’m just answering questions to say why i dont believe some of this stuff.
    so tazz go tell the rest of them to stop trying to convince me into believe all this. it seems people are just taking sides now, one against the everyone else.

  152. MrBig! Says:

    This is a quite interesting forum, although, as usual, it has been taken over by those wishing to obsfuscate, cloud the issues, anger, or simply insult others.

    Firstly, nobody is under any obligation to prove anything to anybody on this forum. You post what you wish to impart and others may take it for whatever they think it is worth.

    One particular user consistently asks for “proof” of a conspiracy. The only thing that constitutes “proof” of a conspiracy usually involves evidence consisting of the recorded words of the conspirators themselves, and usually recorded by hidden cameras/microphones, etc. This “proof” certainly exists. But more than this, the drive towards World Government (or the New World Order), is hardly a “conspiracy” in the traditional sense of the term. It is a plainly-stated agenda of a number of international power brokers, with full doctrinal ideology contained in their published writings. H.G. Wells called all of this the “Open Conspiracy”, in that it was a hardly any big secret. The world is absolutely awash with documented and published writings of powerful persons stating their wish and endeavours to construct a new world order led by an all-powerful World Government under their control.

    There is also plenty of “evidence” from the lips of these very same conspirators. For example, at a 1991 meeting of the Bilderbergers, leading globalist, Chairman Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, Founder of the Trilateral Commission, leading international banker, and one of the world’s most powerful capitalists, David Rockefeller, gave a speech to the 1991 Bilderberg conference that was never intended to be made public, but which was secretly recorded and disseminated by an inside mole.

    Consider carefully Rockefeller’s stated gratitude to the media outlets who had known for years about the plans for their New World Order, but who had ensured to keep it quiet:

    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries. We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

    Here’s a quote from Henry Kissinger, former U.S National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, from that same Bilderberg conference:

    “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order (referring to the 1991 Los Angeles riots). Tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond (i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion), whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” – Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991.

    Note that Kissinger’s obviously nefarious scheme contemplates the foisting of a fake alien attack on the world to terrify populations into surrendering their freedoms to a World Government. This statement clearly indicates two things:

    1. These people will stop at NOTHING to wrest “individual freedoms” from people worldwide to enhance their power.

    2. They are determined to establish World Government, using both lies and all forms of elaborate deceptions.

    Kissinger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and also a member of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. These organizations exist to facilitate the international banker’s interests in subjecting the world to their dominion, and the establishment of their new world order, a World Government they will run with no possible challenge to its power.

    Here’s another quote, from a senior Federal government official in the Clinton administration:

    “In the next century, nation states as we know them will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.” Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time, July 20th, l992.

    For a person who lives in Britain, the laws which currently govern their country are primarily enacted not by traditional legislation passed by the Westminster Parliament, but by the regulatory edicts of the unelected European Commission. In fact, the plain statistics hold that 75% of British laws are now enacted purely to ratify European Commission dictats. There is ample proof of a conspiracy in relation to the manner in which the European Union was established. Firstly, the British people were asked to decide, in a 1975 referendum, whether or not they wished to remain in the European Economic Community (as it then was), and were assured by all advocates that this entity was to remain a solely trade, industrial, and economic structure. This was all a lie. The European Union which has now been foisted upon the people of Europe, has been developed by stealth, cunning, and deception by people conspiring to restrict or outright negate democracy.

    For example, the European Commissioners brought forward a referendum on the new European Constitution they wished to enact. The people of Ireland, France, and Denmark voted to reject the new Constitution because it transferred yet more powers to the unelected beaurocrats of the European machine. Then, far from accepting defeat on this issue the liars of Europe re-introduced the new Constitution, but now in the form of a treaty (specifically the Lisbon Treaty), which contains precisely the same provisions as had been contained in the defeated Constitution. Judges in German courts recently ruled that the Lisbon Treaty represents an unlawful power-grab by the EU elite in that it removes from the separate nations of Europe their right to construct and implement individual policies on defence, foreign affairs, health, education, and a host of other areas of government encroaching on the constitutional prerogatives of the member states. But this ruling will not deter them. They will establish a fully functioning European superstate by any means required, whether fair or foul.

    Americans are quite right to fear the development of a North American Union. I have been writing on this subject for seven years. Secret plans for the North American Union have been underfoot for decades, and are now being carried out in a similarly deceitful manner to the methods by which the EU has been established. First the people are assured that the new body is purely a TRADE entity (in Europe the European Economic Community, in America the North American Free Trade Agreement), then they are told now that this trade agreement has been reached, of course we have to have some executive infrastructure to administer it, then bit by bit, this executive infrastructure is handed the functions of government. In Britain, it didn’t matter whether the Conservative or Labour Party was in power, the European Union was strengthened all the same. In America, it doesn’t matter whether the Republicans or Democrats are in power, the North American Free Trade Agreement was put in place, and is now being strengthened under the auspices of the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America, with plans for a single currency for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. By default of this agreement, the U.S Constitution will eventually be obsolete, and the citizens of North America will one day find themselves living under a new system of government that was designed to serve the interests of the people who created it, not the interests of the people as a whole.

    Even the biggest sceptic can surely see that our so-called political “leaders” are bought and paid for by the owners of big business.

    For a British person (like myself), one small point to consider is Tony Blair’s decision to take Britain into the Iraq War, and a lesser-known aspect of personal aggrandizement on his part. The British and American conquerors of Iraq authorized a number of leading American banks to mortgage the oil assets of Iraq for thirty years. Since leaving office, Tony Blair has now taken up a highly-paid consultancy directorship within one of those banks. This is more than simple corruption. It is part and parcel of a broad conspiracy to deceive and profit for both monetary assets and power. Now, what came first for Tony Blair, the offer of the lucrative position with that bank, or the decision to take Britain into that war?

    Now let’s take a brief look at “freedom”. One particular user of this forum asserts an ability to “eat what he wants.” I will start by examining this particular belief he holds, since a very important development on the world stage gives the lie to this claim. Firstly, unless one entirely produces their own foodstuffs, every part of it, anyone in this modern world claiming they can eat what they like is under serious delusion. There are an enormous and endless array of rules and regulations governing what goes into our food at the production level. As the very first example, water supplies in western nations are fluoridated, and eminent scientists deplore this as a naked iniquity, citing data proving that fluoride in no way enhances dental health, as asserted by officials, and is in fact useful only as a sedative similar to velum, or Prozac. Fluoride is in fact the main ingredient in Prozac. Fluoride simply lessens aggression, and adds nothing whatsoever to human health, dental or otherwise.

    There is also the aspect of genetically-modified foodstuffs now permeating almost every product on the shelves of our grocery stores. Our “leaders” are now working tirelessly to ensure that producers will be under no requirement whatsoever to indicate whether any product contains GM ingredients, or is even wholly GM produce. They are instituting a system under which all GM product will one day soon simply be accepted as the order of the day.

    But most frightening of all is the coming of the Codex Alimentarius, to be implemented worldwide under UN dictate this December. Anyone who has not studied the stipulates of the Codex Alimentarius has neglected one of the New World Order’s most terrifying instruments of destruction, soon to be released upon countless billions of unsuspecting people, and those of you who mock “YouTube videos” on this forum are advised to watch a particular YouTube video called: David Rockefeller talks about overpopulation.

    In brief the Codex Alimentarius mandates, worldwide, the treatment of all dairy animals with recombinant hormones produced exclusively by one company, Monsanto. These hormones facilitate the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization’s policy of removing all effective nutrients and vitamins from foodstuffs worldwide. How’s that for an active conspiracy? The Codex also reintroduces the use of a number of highly dangerous pesticides previously proscribed as absolutely lethal.

    You want proof of a conspiracy? Let’s talk about swine flu. The UN’s World Health Organization has mandated that the so-called swine-flu epidemic be treated by governments worldwide as now a level six pandemic. This is despite the fact that so far only 400 people worldwide have died from it. Raising it a level six pandemic means governments can authorize MANDATORY vaccinations of their populations, bringing huge profits for the drug companies, which, in the United States, have been given absolute immunity from prosecution, or liability in the event that anyone is in any way harmed, or even killed by their concoctions. 400 deaths in the timespan of this so-called outbreak is no pandemic by any stretch of the imagination. Younger readers will have no knowledge of the last swine-flu scare in America in 1976. Let me warn you, the American government, media, and drug companies conducted a massive campaign of convincing people to take the swine-flu vaccine in 1976, which enriched the companies selected to produce it. Only four people actually died of the swine flu. The rest all died from the vaccine. Don’t take my word for it. Look into it yourself. I have done my part. You have been warned.

    Everything you really need to know about the World Health Organization (WHO) is very clear just by looking at their official logo. Take a good look at the WHO’s logo and understand that what you see is what you get. Venomous poison.

    As for anyone seeking proof of the existence of the Illuminati, this is completely irrelevant. It makes no difference what these people call themselves. Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Freemasons, the elite, Skull & Bones, Jesuits, Opus De, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission. What matters is the effect of their actions, and the clear and certain construction of a system of government in which the people have no say. The European Parliament is a sideshow with no power to review or rescind any decision of the European Commission. Lech Walesa, the former President of Poland, describes this system as communist, and he should know. With the creation of these various “Unions” around the world (European Union, African Union, Asia-Pacific Union, North American Union), democracy is being quietly removed, replaced with an arbitrary system of government identical in structure to Soviet Communism, with its Politburo and self-selected leadership. These Unions are to be formed and ultimately merged into an unelected World Government. Notice that in all futuristic science fiction films the government is NEVER a democracy, but always a ruling council, or Politburo, or a single all-powerful dictator whose rule is enforced by military power, not consent.

    When the Lisbon Treaty is finally in force, despite the German court ruling and the rejection of its provisions by the Irish, French, and Danish voters, there will not be a single European nation from Great Britain to Romania that has any remaining national sovereignty whatsoever. The individual national governments of the European nations will be reduced to the role of local administrators for the EU Commission dictators, with no more authority to effect anything than your local council (or City Hall for you Americans). This is the true face of the New World Order, the gradual and systematic removal of democratic rights, and their replacement by the rule of unelected elites backed and controlled by the overlords of finance capitalism exercising the power they have accrued through control of the central banks.

    Control of the central banks is how the bankers have gained full control of the politicians. Let’s examine the American Federal Reserve.

    I will not go into all the details of all the policies and procedures the rich have had instituted in order to make their overall operation seem so complicated that the average man has difficulty understanding it. With the smoke screen of these policies and procedures removed, their operation is quite simple. Our setting is the United States; but the same situation is found in many other nations throughout the world, for the same conspiracy operates in nearly all countries today.

    It is necessary to understand that the Federal Reserve Bank, which figures prominently in this scenario, is not owned by the United States government as many believe. The central bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, is a private bank, owned by some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. This bank has nothing to do with the government other than the connection which allows the operation described below. The Federal Reserve Bank has a total, government-enforced monopoly in the supply of money. Before they had the central bank, each individual bank competed with other banks; the customers, the consumers, got the best deal. Not any more.

    We all know that today the United States government borrows money and operates under astronomical debt. Why is this? Common sense dictates that a policy of such enormous debt will sooner or later destroy the organization which practices it, for the interest on its debt must increase beyond its income, making payoff impossible.

    Now to our scenario. Here, roughly, is how the operation proceeds. Suppose the United States government wants to borrow a billion dollars. The government issues a bond for this amount, much as a water company does when it wants to raise money for a new pipeline or a new dam. The government delivers this bond for the billion dollars to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank takes the bond and writes an order to the Department of Printing and Engraving to print the billion dollars’ worth of bills. After about two weeks or so, when the bills are printed, the Department of Printing and Engraving ships the bills to the Federal Reserve Bank, which then writes a check for about two thousand dollars to pay for printing the billion dollars’ worth of bills. The Federal Reserve Bank then takes the billion dollars and lends the billion dollars to the United States government, and the people of the country pay interest at an exorbitant rate each year on this money which came out of nothing. The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank put up nothing for this money.

    We see, therefore, that when the United States government goes into debt one dollar, a dollar plus the interest goes into the pockets of the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. This is the largest, the most colossal theft ever perpetrated in the history of mankind, and it is so slick, so subtle, and so obfuscated by propaganda from the news media that the victims are not even aware of what is happening! And how is the principal and interest paid on this “debt“? Wages are withheld, “kept back by fraud,” from the paychecks of the workers in taxes which go to pay these gigantic sums of interest to the international bankers, not the administration of the country.

    When you consider that they are indeed international bankers, not simply American bankers, or American citizens, then you begin to understand why they lust after World Government, and why they use their enormous, limitless wealth to fund and control the politicians and media empires that will follow their agenda, and do nothing, nor publish anything, that goes against it. You think you’re going to see stories on this conspiracy in the News of the World, or the Washington Post, or on CBS News, when the people who own these publications and media outlets are either in hoc to these financial powers, or so terrified of their power that they dare not stand in their path?

    The Constitution of the United States gives only to Congress the power to coin money. If the U. S. Congress coined its own money as the Constitution directs, it would not have to pay the thousands of millions of dollars of interest that it now pays each year to the bankers for the national debt, for money that came out of nothing. Incidentally, according to the Communist Manifesto the personal graduated income tax and the central bank are two of the ten steps required in order for a country to be subverted by the communists.

    Since the people who own the Federal Reserve Bank are the same people who totally control the United States government from behind the scenes, you can perhaps understand one of the reasons they want the country to go so astronomically into debt. You can perhaps understand one of the reasons for the wars they get the United States into. You can perhaps understand one of the reasons for all the foreign aid programs, welfare programs, and all the other unconstitutional programs designed to spend the United States into bankruptcy. These people have amassed fortunes of hundreds of billions of dollars using the Federal Reserve operation and other schemes equally underhanded. They have enough money to buy and sell virtually anybody they want. They have enough money to buy and sell virtually any government they want. These people are without a doubt the most powerful in the world.

    In June 1963, President Kennedy began the process of shutting down the privately-owned Federal Reserve, and ordered the printing and circulation of new United States banknotes, in place of Federal Reserve notes. Five months later his brains were blown out. By an amazing coincidence, Abraham Lincoln had a similar battle with an earlier American central bank in 1864, the second Bank of America. In 1865, he was shot dead.

    Look up this video on YouTube: The President Who Told The Truth.

    For the biblically-minded among you, the construction of this “new world order”, is described in Revelation 17 as a woman riding a scarlet-coloured beast. It goes on to say that this beast has ten horns, and that it will eventually turn on the “woman” riding it, and attack and completely devour her and destroy her.

    For those of you who will inevitably attack my injection of religious aspects of all this, consider the words of the leading lights of the Catholic Church:

    “We are determined to take possession of the United States, and rule them; but we cannot do that without acting secretly and with utmost wisdom. If our plans become known, they will surely be defeated.” – Charles Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, The Wickliffe Press, Protestant truth Society, Wickliffe Avenue, 104 Hendon Lane, Finchley, London, N3, 1885, p. 373.

    “How sad will their awakening be, when, with our out-numbering votes, we will turn them, forever, from every position of honor, power and profit! What will those hypocritical and godless sons and daughters of the fanatical Pilgrim Fathers say, when not a single judge, not a single teacher, not a single policeman will be elected if he be not a devoted Roman Catholic? What will those so-called giants think of their matchless shrewdness and ability, when not a single Senator or member of Congress will be chosen, if he be not submitted to our holy father the Pope? What a sad figure those Protestant Yankees will cut when we will not only elect the President, but fill and command the armies, man the navies, and hold the keys of the public treasury?

    “Then, yes! then, we will rule the United States, and lay them at the feet of the Vicar of Jesus Christ [the pope], that he may put an end to their godless system of education, and sweep away those impious laws of liberty of conscience which are an insult to God and man!

    “The American people must be very blind indeed, if they do not see that if they do nothing to prevent it, the day is very near when the Jesuits will rule their country, from the magnificent White House at Washington, to the humblest civil and military department of this vast Republic.” – ibid, p. 374.

    The Papacy (Order of the Jesuits) is one the world’s organizations that has been most forcefully working for a new world order, and fully intends to rule it, and is, indeed, the ultimate dual master of these secret societies, in concordance with the British House of Windsor (Order of the Garter). For those who will now require proof of the existence of the Catholic Church, I say go look for it yourself.

    However, it is this “Church” that is represented by the woman riding the scarlet-coloured beast, and it is this entity that the beast (secular World Government) will destroy and devour.

    For those who seek “proof” of the existence of the “Illuminati”, and its ultimate, current subjection to the Church of Rome, I say I offer no such proof, because such proof is subjective. You see it if you want to, or not.

    But for those who doubt the existence of the Illuminati, however, you MUST explain why there is a symbol of an Egyptian pyramid on the American dollar bill. You must explain what on earth an Egyptian pyramid has to do with the American people, because the Egyptians certainly do not have the Statue of Liberty, or pictures of Congress, on their currency. You MUST explain the significance of the raised capstone above the pyramid. You MUST explain the significance of the ALL-SEEING eye above the pyramid. You MUST explain the meaning of the Latin words on the dollar bill: “Annuit Coeptis – Novus Order Seclorum.” and “E Pluribus Unum.”

    Why are they using Latin language, and Egyptian symbols, on American currency? What do these symbols and Latin phrases signify?

    Don’t forget those YouTube videos:

    David Rockefeller talks about overpopulation
    The President Who Told The Truth

  153. keet Says:

    for a start when i said “i chose what i eat” you have turned it into something else. i said it meaning that i am not force fed down my throat, i chose to eat it. you are taking things i said and transforming them into something it doesn’t mean. also, fluoride is not added to all water supplies in britain, it is the choice of the local councils; wakefield’s water supply does not contain any added fluoride.

    most of your speech is about governments, again it is governments trying to be more powerful than each other, feeling threatened by others. they want to be what the USSR were back when they were formed; more powerful and more of an opposition to others. like i’ve quoted, many “groups” whether politicians, armies, warriors or explorers have tried to conquer.

    the reason for adding interest charges on to a loan from the Federal Reserve Bank is so that countries dont just get a loan for nothing, all the countries would be wanting money from them, money for nothing. what would you do if offered money with no interest added? the Federal Reserve Bank don’t gain all the money back and hand it out to each other, the money thats been paid back is also used to loan out to other countries.

    the swine-flu issue was over rated, it started by killing over 100 mexicans in a short period of time. the virus seemed very threatening due to this, however it has been over judged. it is not as lethal as originally thought, however if countries start cutting back now on handing out vaccines then many people will panic and cause havoc with protesting. it was not designed to make money for medical organisations.

    the bible stories of revelation are so obscure that they can be translated into meaning many different things. some of it means dont trust women; adam did, samson did and look what happened to them. a lot of the bible was written not on facts just stories. its similar to the nostradamus prophecies, the text has been taken and transfered into what someone thinks it means. why are none of these translated before the incidences occur?

    are you sure that JFK was assassinated due to his “process of shutting down the privately-owned Federal Reserve, and ordered the printing and circulation of new United States banknotes” and not anything to do with the mafia perhaps? i believe that you know about the alleged links with joe kennedy and the mafia, which does put a plausible link to the killings of both bobby and john kennedy. the mafia saw betrayal by bobby as he started a relentless pursuit on the members of the mafia. the teamsters didn’t like this and thought they would get back at bobby by first assassinating his brother, then getting him. This is just another conspiracy, however this would mean that kennedy was assassinated not for his speech on freedom of information, but for the back stabbing of what his father had said and his brother had done. another little conspiracy about JFK is the affair he allegedly had; could you trust someone that would cheat and lie to his own wife and said that there should be no such things as secrets?
    JFK also formed the American Irish Foundation that actually funded the IRA for their guerilla warfare against britain. His party backed a coup against the government of Iraq, killing leftist and communists; it may sound like a good thing, however Saddam himself is alleged to be a part of this killings. Blair tries to stop the communism and threats to civilians and the world but gets criticized for it. I do believe he was a good man, however his decisions were not always as peaceful and anti-secret society as people have thought.

  154. keet Says:

    also i did watch the videos mentioned. would google, a member of this CFR allow such a video on a website they own? after all they did buy youtube quite a while ago.

  155. keet Says:

    about the David Rockefeller video, he has a good point. this world is big enough for a population of 1 billion people, now with 6 billion there is less living space, meaning more crowded areas, easier for viruses to spread, not enough jobs available leading to more poverty, less food per person causing malnutrition and starvation, more motor transport being used meaning more pollution, less living space, more crops needed meaning less water per person, this list can keep going. he has a very strong point. china tried to bring in the ruling of 1 child per family and you get better funding; it didn’t work it lead to more back street abortions, abandonments all because the people wanted males to pass on their family.
    the video has a lot of cuts as well and only shows what he video editor wants you to see; what else did he say? it would be better if you hear the whole of the speech so you are able to see what he really means and not just the negative clips from it.

  156. TazZ Says:

    Keet I never said I was taking sides neither was I making accusations I was simply saying end the argument cuz everyone is entitled to their own opinion…I was actually backing you up cuz you had your opinion and people just did not seem to agree with it they tried to change your mind. I read the comments already and I do agree with you…give us proof of all this talk about the illuminati controlling the world and our lives. Keet stick to your word no one can change your mind and quit arguing with them it’s kinda pointless ya feel me!

  157. keet Says:

    ok then sorry about that, i misunderstood what you had written.

  158. TazZ Says:

    It’s cool!


  159. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    Slightly off track now, but does have some relevance towards the Illuminati because they worship deities from these times.

    The ancient Egyptians, the ancient Mayans and all ancient civilisations recorded by man point to serpent gods that fell to earth and breeded with natives on the planet. This is allegedly was the forming of the human race written down in holy writings.

    Drawings on cave walls depicted serpent looking gods coming to earth. The Egyptians had knowledge and technology which was unbelievable to acknowledge 10,000 years ago. Are these serpent gods and a term written down in the holy bible of giants that walked the earth and of falling angels really alien life?

    Do you know about the story of Atlantis and the planet Nibiru which astronomers say is the twelve planet residing on the edge of our universe which every so many thousand years rotates around the galaxy and passes by earth and the sun causing catastrophic polar shifts to our planet which destroys entire civilisations. Could this have happened to Atlantis ( the sunken continent lost under the Atlantic sea) thousands of years ago? If this is true then it brings so many things into perspective to who we are, where we have come from and who god really is which is not some holy being watching over us but alien life from some far away planet that is returning to earth.

    I believe the ancients worshiped the sun as the main god and the planets as lesser gods. The Mayans had the most accurate calender and the Egyptians had the most sophisticated civilisation on earth. Did these civilisations receive certain knowledge and wisdom from other entities unknown to man today? If they did then it will explain many things and I’m sure, if there is an alien presence on this planet Nibiru that passes by Earth and returns every so many thousand years we will certainly witness something ourselves in our lifetime sooner than we realise.

    Are we purposely not told about these things. It will explain how we are put into the dark over the beginning of our existence on this planet. Indeed we may have evolved from apes but at what expense? Interbreeding with aliens? Something that we are not informed about because that will mean they will have to tell us everything and it will scare us all to death.

    If this planet Nibiru is returning to earth as some astronomers will tell us then that means another wiping out of civilisation on this planet is coming in the future and another new age begins thereafter, with chosen few who will in return receive more knowledge and wisdom from our passing ancestors every so many thousand years. Is this why the governments are secretly constructing under water bunkers off the coast of Australia for example? For the chosen few.

    The planet Nibiru is allegedly the home planet for the Anunnaki who the Illuminati worship and receive unknown knowledge and wisdom from. We were originally placed on this planet as workers for the Anunnaki to collect the planet’s resources and minerals for them which are few on their own planet. Every many thousand years their planet returns and they come back to the planet to collect the resources and trade knowledge and wisdom.

    Consequently the passing of planet Nibiru causes worldwide disasters that wipe out most of civilisation apart from the chosen few who are saved and given the knowledge and wisdom and in return the chosen few will be the one’s chosen to control the new batch of slaves on the planet to work the lands and collect the resources.

    Is this a bit extreme or could this tie in everything?

    Here is some information on this by David Morrison who is the Senior Scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

    He says,

    “People may not be aware that a rogue planet on a 3,600-year orbit is about to enter the inner solar system and visit a catastrophe upon Earth. This threatening planet was discovered by the ancient Mesopotamians, who named it Nibiru. It was known also to the Mayans, who associated it with the end—December 2012—of their “long count” calendar. Although astronomers and space scientists are tracking Nibiru, this information is being kept from the public as part of a worldwide conspiracy. This official silence cannot be maintained for much longer, however, since by 2009 Nibiru will be visible to the naked eye from the southern hemisphere, and already Earth’s axis is tilting, changing the length of the day under its influence. As one aficionado recently wrote to me: “Why are you lying? It’s coming, and everyone knows it.”

    Anunnaki & Nibiru – The Return

    By John Jaeger

    An ongoing interest and debate has been Planet X. This allusive planet has been linked to the myths of the Sumerian Tablets, which speak of the returning of Nibiru (a mythical planet said to visit our solar system once very 3600 years due to its elliptical orbit). Nibiru is said to be the home of our forefathers; the original creators of the Human race; the gods of the Old Testament. Is Nibiru real? The writings of the Sumerian Tablets as translated by Zachariah Sitchin and pre-date any known written history, seem to suggest that it is.

    Many current day “seers” and “self-proclaimed emissaries of Alien Beings” preach about the coming events, which will include major Earth changes. I’m sure that even without a degree in Rocket Science, any of us can understand just how the arrival of a planetary sized object would impact the forces being applied against this planet, would have a major impact. Of late, we’re seeing our weather patterns change; major earthquakes reaching 9.0; storm of the century – every other week (or so it would seem) and let’s not forget the sudden increase in activity of volcano’s.

    The question of Alien existence is still merely a question. Through out the ages, proof has existed to support Alien interaction in our development and progress. Cave drawings; Ancient Hieroglyphics; mid-evil paintings – all show what we’ve come to identify as the stereotypical saucer or cigar shaped UFO’s. We can’t deny that these exist and seem to represent something extraordinary.

    A study of the myths in the Bible also reveal many interesting discoveries. The issue can certainly be debated until we’re all long gone but it would appear that the stories of the Bible, written around 200 BCE, are actually a re-telling of stories from much earlier on – thousands of years earlier! The Sumerian’s documented the stories of the Bible in the third millennium BCE! Their stories offer some of the best accounts of our creation and the events of early Mesopotamia. Yet, our Religion-based society continues to propagate the rewriting of our history for its own means.

    There is no secret that the canonized version of the Bible from Constantine’s’ day has left out many relative books. The Gnostics; Book of Thomas; etc., were not represented because they were either not available at the time OR they contradicted the message Constantine wished to deliver to solidify his rule as Emperor. If you compare the various Christian religions you’ll find that different versions of the Bible are used. Some have incorporated the “found books” while others continue to ignore their existence and suggest that they are not legitimate.

    Now, consider this. What “if” the events of the Bible are more-or-less true. What “if” the events in the Old and New Testaments really did happen pretty much along the lines we’re told they did but… much earlier!

    There is significant proof to date the Pyramids to around 11,000 BCE for their construction. Certainly, with our technology of today we could build such monuments to the precision of these great structures – but… what about back in 11,000 BCE? The Humans of the Bible were farmers and Shepard’s. The technology didn’t exist to create such structures. Now, look at the Maya and their Calendar. Their understanding of astronomy and astrology far exceeded their ability to understand the stars yet they provided us with a calendar, which has been exacting. The examples of technology exist through out our history yet scholars often refuse to consider this when putting together their thesis or journals. It isn’t mainstream science, thus it would bring way too much attention and critique and essentially ruin their career. But why?

    Anyone with a computer can research these facts on their own and come to their own conclusions. Anyone with common sense can objectively examine the facts and determine that “we’re not in Kansas anymore”. By exploring these facts, we change everything we’ve ever believed in. We start to question our faith. We have to because what we’ve been taught isn’t what really happened. Most lies are based in truth at some point. Often, good intentions turn sour. Now, add thousands of years into the mix and you’ll find an alarming trend of using Religion to control. Fearing God (yet God is good, right? He cares about us and our well-being, right?) and tossing around the Devil has kept Religious leaders in power and often carved the way for Kings to reach a status of divinity among his subjects.

    The fact is, if you research you’ll find that the events of the Bible just don’t add up with the time these events are said to have occurred.

    Next, one must consider that the stories of Jesus are a retelling of Pagan myth. Osiris was also a man-god who was born of a virgin and carried out miracles (which by the way closely parallel those of Jesus nearly word-for-word). If you consider that the Pagan’s worshipped many gods and that this belief system dates back long before the Biblical times, the stories of the Sumerian Tablets start to take on a whole new meaning.

    In the Sumerian Tablets, the story of Creation and the Garden of Eden are shared. The Great Flood is also a favorite written in the tablets. These stories aren’t changed all that much when represented in the Bible – however, they are manipulated. The Sumerian Tablets tell of the Anunnaki; a race of beings from Nibiru who created Humans by taking the indigenous beings on Earth and splicing their own DNA with that of the Aliens. The Anunnaki were greatly advanced beings and created the great monuments found on the Earth; Moon; Mars and other solid planets/moons within our corner of the Universe.

    The purpose for creating Humans is also written in the Tablets. Humans were created to be servants of the gods. Many would have called the early humans, slaves. We were used to mine precious minerals such as gold. Still to this day, gold is considered a highly sought after mineral. Researching the Sumerian tablets will also tell you reasons for this unique status of gold.

    So, what about the Bible and the stories in the Bible? Are they fake? The answer to that will unfold over time, however it is most likely that these events were real at their core. Even the stories of Jesus, were real. They just didn’t occur when we think they did. If you consider the speculative orbit of Nibiru and the suggested 3600 year cycle, we can begin to establish a time-line for these events. First we must be careful not to deviate from what has already been written in our earliest documents (the Sumerian Tablets). We can extrapolate based on this information but we must stay relatively true to the core or else our own references will be just as flawed as the Bible.

    We know that the Pyramids were built around 11,000 BCE. That means the Anunnaki must have been already here around that time. Considering that the cycle of Nibiru is this 3600 year cycle, we must conclude that anyone left here was stuck here until the next cycle. We are told that the gods had long lives but it doesn’t seem imaginable that their lives would last the full cycle of Nibiru. So, we must then factor in the length of time that Nibiru would be accessible from Earth during its orbit. It has been suggested that the planet would only be visible for a few months but the length of time that it would be accessible might be years if not hundreds of years. Any advanced culture capable of creating hybrids would be seen as gods to their creations. We have that technology today. We mix-breed animals to create animals with special traits; colors or behaviors. We mix-breed plants. We’re on the edge of cloning. So, the idea isn’t so crazy when you consider these things today vs. even 100 years or less, ago.

    We must also then consider that there are other beings than just the Anunnaki roaming the Universe. But that is a discussion for another PUFOIN Perspective.

    Now, taking in the orbit of Nibiru and the fact that there were and still may be, alien outposts on Mars and the Moon, we can begin to paint a picture of the events as described in the Bible. Many have questioned the “virgin birth”. Why is this so difficult a concept to accept? We have the technology to impregnate a female who has never experienced intercourse. So, right away, the idea of a virgin birth has to be considered plausible based on our own level of technology, today.

    If this birth were between an advanced being and a Human, the offspring might have some advanced abilities. Even if the offspring didn’t, the ability of the “father” who IS an advanced being could give that impression should he intervene on behalf of the son. Actually, all of the events spoken of about Osiris/Jesus persona could actually be factual. To the people of the time, simple things we take for granted today would seem like miracles.

    The true problem rests with our version of the Bible. We singularize the gods. One must consider though that the “god” of the Old Testament isn’t the same god of the New Testament. A simple review of the Bible will help to identify this. One god ruled with an iron fist. The other, with mercy and compassion. There is no doubt that a power struggle would occur between the gods. If we are indeed offspring of these beings, then we are the best evidence of this. Thus, it would make sense that there would be “groups” of gods who would have told their servants to honor no other god but himself. It makes sense that this would be the cause for suddenly making the Pagan plurality of gods into the Jewish and Christian singularity of God.

    The study of the Pagan beliefs is truly fascinating. It must be studied with an open-mind because the idea of these deities is so foreign to the common belief system it becomes difficult to absorb.

    Next we must consider the myths, which speak of the return of Jesus. Now, if you take into context the alien equation, the idea of a returning god is not so far-fetched. If the gods are truly on this 3600 year cycle, it would make sense that they’ve left and will return. It is also plausible that during this time we’ve had interaction with other alien beings who do not support the Anunnaki. The question of whether the Anunnaki are friend or foe can be debated. If we were created to be subjects of the gods, it would make sense that we wouldn’t wish to be their slaves when they return. The idea of other aliens interacting within our society may be to provide us with advancements so that our awareness level would be high enough to understand the threat and our technology would be advanced enough to provide us with a means of defense.

    The question of time-travel must also be called into the equation because of the suggestion of future events. Interestingly, the Bible is an excellent source of what is to come. Unfortunately, we don’t often understand this until the events have come to pass. Could the Anunnaki have the ability to travel through time? Well, while they “could” it seems unlikely because if that were the case, they’d be able to know about our advancements. It seems much more likely that other alien beings are more advanced than the Anunnaki and shared these future events. These aliens were the “angels” who came to Daniel and John. They planted the seed of warning in an effort to help guide us along a path, which would allow us to advance in our understanding; our awareness of our place in the Universe and in our technology. We advance quickly when we use cooperation. The Bible prophecies speak of this oneness within our nature and the need for us to get along and work together. Obviously, these prophets knew that the only way for us to advance in the time allotted was to get us to “play nicely” with one another. How better to do this than to write a code of ethics (of sorts) for us to live by.

    So, what if all of this speculation is true? What if we were created to be slaves? What if we are waiting for the return of the gods? What next? When?

    Well, many of the Native American prophecies tend to point to the year 2012. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. The Hopi Prophecy Rock points to a certain path we must travel, etc. The Inca prophecies also point to around 2012. They speak of the coming of the next density of existence. We’ve been able to extrapolate that this will be a time of ascension. This ascension isn’t too dissimilar to the “catching up” or the “rapture” as spoken of in the Bible. Those who’ve become spiritually awakened (aware of their place in the Universe) will ascend into the next plain of existence. Those who are still bound by the ways of the creators and the materialistic world will be left to see the return of the Anunnaki (the end of their 3600 year cycle). These people will see great changes in the Earth because of the influence of Nibiru. They will also see great battles between the Anunnaki and the Humans of Earth. The prediction of 1000 years of peace may only come about at the hands of the benevolent alien beings currently helping us to advance our level of technology.

    It would make sense that we will see huge advancements over the next few years as we approach this 2012 deadline. It would also make sense to consider that anytime from now through 2012 that the Anunnaki may be close enough to actually travel in ships to Earth in limited numbers. It would make sense for them to assume that not much has changed since their previous visit. To those who come in advance of their planet, their discoveries may be quite unique. It may even be an Anunnaki who is the “anti-Christ”. It would make sense that the Anunnaki would choose the region of former Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) for their return. The predictions speak of the anti-Christ coming from this region and gaining power in the European Union. It speaks of nations coming against Israel.

    On a side note, it adds a new light to why the United States and its allies chose to attack Iraq at this time in our history. Are they perhaps preparing for the return of the Anunnaki?

    Our nations are working on space based initiatives for planetary defense. Ronald Reagan spoke of threats from outside of this world in one of his speeches. He was the first to suggest a space based missile system (Star Wars). It would seem that our Government’s are already interacting with Aliens. Look at the advancement in our technology over the past 100 years. Are we being prepped for Armageddon?

    There will be many view points on similar topics. There will be many who agree and many who disagree. In the end, only the reader can choose to explore for his/herself or continue to stand true to his/her faith and trust in the authority of their Church. It would be sad for people to not explore the role of Religion in controlling the population. It would be sad for people to not explore the way the various Churches have changed their doctrine to stay modern with the times. The RC Church said that the Earth was the center of the Universe and threatened early scientists who offered proof of the contrary. The RC Church now admits that Evolution is more than just a theory and accepts it as a more plausible means than Intelligent Design – yet, in the scenario explained above, the Intelligent Design is actually a fact!! How can anyone stand true to Religion when it continues to change its doctrine? If Religion were unyielding and thus supported by the science, that fortitude to stay true to Religion would be understandable. Unfortunately, science and Religion do not stand together and the only thing bending is Religion.

    As spiritual people, we need to have a faith system. We rely upon our faith to help us through tough times. We pray to God to help us. What if the being that is helping us isn’t the God we’re praying to but rather, a galactic consciousness intervening on our behalf? What if it is simply coincidence? Again, the theories can abound but the facts can not so easily be dismissed by those who are enlightened and want to know more.

    Are we in the end-times? That is merely a matter of personal perception. The Earth isn’t going to end in 2012 and neither is life. If the Anunnaki are an advanced race and if they return in 2012 en masse, civilization as we know it may change forever. Look at the events of the past and the cycle of these events. It is pretty likely that the fall of the advanced civilizations will in most cases correlate with the cycle of the Anunnaki. Look at Egypt; Atlantis and other great early cultures. What happened to them? Where did they go? Were they becoming too advanced and a threat to the Annunaki? Did those with an understanding of their place in the universe ascend leaving only the materialistic individuals to service the gods? Have we advanced far enough in this phase of existence to be enough of a challenge to the Anunnaki?

    What’s yout take on this keet?

  160. post nubila phobus Says:

    I don t know what everyone keeps arguing for, if you all want the answers I have them, like i said i know about these things, i am a born mason with a masons name taught the secretes of geometry and illusions. my sur name guards the Vatican church and controls billions of gov spending. whats all the arguing about?

  161. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Okay post nubila phobus,

    You claim to be a mason. How high are you in their society?

    Also, as someone with knowledge and wisdom, can you give us any assurances that the masses of civilisation will still be here after Dec 21 2012?

    You claim to be a mason but you are not of the elite, only royal bloodlines can be of the elite. It is known that masons under the 33 degree initiation will be no safer than the rest of us if any purposed plan to save a few from depopulation or catastrophe is in the pipeline.

    You’ve been honest to announce you are not happy with your family’s interests and the things they are planning for most of us. I admire that and all I ask for now is one thing from you.

    If I play along with this NWO will I be safe and will my family be safe from harm both physically and financially?

  162. keet Says:

    first of all post nubila phobus, if you are a part of the masons then why are you posting all this stuff on a web blog?

    secondly, i dont mean to be offensive all seeing eye but reading that story was boring. you put a lot of repetition in there. to be honest i am not convinced.
    why do you always mention about the egyptians? why not the romans, the greeks? they too had their own gods their own structures their own believes.
    this ssounds like a similar thing to that cult committing suicide to get on board that alien space ship behing Halley’s comet. maybe its not december 21 2012, maybe its july 28 2061 when Halley’s comet returns, or maybe they are two different kinds like you mentioned.
    what do you think about JFK’s conspiracies then with the mafia? how it was them that assassinated him for what his brother was doing? how about his funding for the IRA? and his secrets he wouldn’t tell, yet stood against secret societies for their secrets?

  163. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    You only find it boring because you disbelieve. That’s fine, your time will come hopefully, you’re not ready yet! Remember, I wasn’t too!

    Now you are doing the same as you accuse of others, is that hypocritical? You ask for proof about conspiracies surrounding the US shadow government and JFK’s assassination then go and inform us it’s all down to the Mafia and secrets of the criminal world. Will you be shocked if I told you the Mafia and the government work together? So my answer is you’re damn right for you can bet your bottom dollar that their are connections between the Mafia, secret societies and the shadow governments. Remember the Mafia have close connections with the Vatican Church and they drive around in with their own licence plates and guess what? The Police cant touch em!!!! How’s that for starters???

  164. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Keet read this,

    The Great Money Lie

    By James Donahue

    There has been a story making the rounds on the net about a research study at some unnamed and obscure university. The study finds that people can’t enjoy money that they don’t earn with their own hard labor.

    That old saw has been sounding for years and the masses . . . those that work as slaves for the rich . . . seem to have bought it hook, line and sinker.

    Back in my younger years I befriended a fellow named Mike Lucas, then involved in heavy litigation against his employer. Mike had been fired for his involvement in bringing a union into the shop where he worked. Mike, who still keeps in touch from his digs in California, has a wonderful brain. He understands more than most people how the system works. He won his lawsuit and retired at a relatively young age.

    Lucas believed that the myth about the poor not enjoying “easy” money was a deception, passed down by the few wealthy people who run the system. He saw it as a way of helping to keep everybody in a deceived form of slavery. I believe he was quite right.

    There is an ironic twist to this story that most people don’t think about. When the poor acquire sudden wealth everything changes for them in extreme ways. If they don’t take time to plan how they are going to deal with this change, and perhaps seek special counseling, they often run into big trouble.

    Over the years I saw this happen when I met multi-million dollar lottery winners and then went back to visit them ten years later. It was not uncommon to find that their marriages failed, they were involved in litigation with former friends and relatives, and sometimes they were plunged into bankruptcy.

    People with unexpected wealth become instant targets for con artists and quick witted fellows who are skilled at taking money away from those who are unschool in the art of hanging onto it. Primary targets are lottery winners, family inheritance recipients and the retired elderly.

    The problem with our society is that we have allowed money to be our god. Money is literally the controlling power over the people. It is worshipped. When people lose it they sometimes become so despondent they commit suicide.

    We train children through our public education system to prepare for jobs to earn money. We teach them the value of money. Parents give their children an allowance that “teaches” them the value of money. Everything is geared to implant a slave mentality in our children as they pass through their formative years. Public schools don’t teach children to think of being industrial, social or political leaders, or to develop right brain abilities.

    I knew I was destined to be a writer early in life. Yet my father, a chemical engineer who worked for a company that produced monosodium glutamate to poison the brains of millions, encouraged me to go to college and prepare for a career in science. He saw money as success. He warned me that a career in journalism would leave me a pauper.

    I didn’t buy the call of money then and I have never regretted my decision. I followed my calling and spent a lifetime enjoying (almost) every minute of my vocation. I am still writing and probably will continue doing so until my brain quits working and/or my fingers can no longer tickle the keyboard.

    My point to all of this is that the lure of money is a lie. Those that have money are usually skilled at acquiring it from others, and also keeping it from the thieves that nibble at their doorframes. The rest of society is frantically groveling in the dust for some way to gain access to a wealth that, for them, is unobtainable. The rich will make sure of that.

    Also, I believe my father was wrong. While wealth can make a man comfortable, it does not bring happiness or success. Even wealth that is hard-earned can’t do this.

    The thing that matters for everyone is love. Without love of one another, family, children, neighbors and the Mother Earth, we miss the true purpose of our existence. I don’t see much of that being passed around these days.

  165. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Keet read this

    Suppose All Truths Were Lies

    By James Donahue
    Some years back I had my first chance to question reality after reading a book by Vance Packard titled “The Hidden Persuaders.” The author told of the ability of skilled advertisers to use subliminal messages to influence people to buy certain products.

    Admittedly, Packard’s exploration of mass mind control in his time was narrow in its scope, but the book helped me understand how easy it is to dupe large numbers of people, even entire nations, into believing anything you wanted them to. Adolf Hitler was a master at this kind of stuff. Numerous other world leaders have successfully tricked their followers into accepting lies as truth. Even George W. Bush succeeded at it for a while, and some people still believe we have valid reasons for being at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, even today.

    When we are at war, think of how our government’s propaganda machine goes to work on the way we perceive the enemy. Notice how effectively we have painted the bearded Muslim as an evil terrorist. The brainwashing has been so well done since 9-11 that all Muslim people, even valid U. S. citizens, are under constant suspicion. Some report having difficulty boarding aircraft for routine travel.

    Before that the Serbs were characterized as mass killers who murdered thousands of innocent Kosovo men, women and children. Our media compared them to Hitler and the Nazi regime. During World War II the Germans were characterized as evil, goose-stepping soldiers who were mechanically following a madman with a little square bush moustache and a slash of hair drawn over the right side of his forehead named Hitler. To this day, that type of moustache is rarely seen.

    The Japanese soldiers were depicted by editorial cartoonists of that day as cross-eyed, buck-toothed little people who looked too silly to have been any danger to anybody.

    Today, however, our perspective of the Japanese, and the Germans, is much different than it was in 1942.

    Our point is that people can be easily controlled through skilled conditioning, and made to believe almost anything the leaders want them to believe. Our understanding of the tendency to manipulate the mindset of people makes us natural skeptics when it comes to believing even the most dramatic of events. Thus we tend to question everything, even the facts behind the 9-11 attacks because there appears to be intended motive designed to strip Americans of Constitutional freedoms.

    During my years as a journalist, I practiced a basic rule when gathering information for a news report. When there was a disagreement, we always heard both sides of the argument, then looked somewhere in the middle to find balance.

    Contemporary author, the late Robert Anton Wilson described what he called “tunnel reality” in his Cosmic Trigger trilogy. Tunnel reality is the way Wilson claimed most people perceive the world around them. He said we tend to look with one eye through a long dark tube (think of a cardboard toilet paper roll) and accept what is visible to us at the other end as our world. We reject expanding the vision by opening the other eye.

    Why do we do this? Wilson believes that there are two primary reasons: (1.) we are molded from childhood by parents, the church and our schools to accept a cultural belief system approved by the tribe, and (2.) we are conditioned to be fearful of looking beyond the comfortable little world we are taught to accept as our reality.

    Unfortunately, we live in a fear-based culture. We are afraid of death. We are afraid that if we violate the rules established by the church, we will be condemned to spend an eternity in hell. We are afraid of not having money and will do anything, even lie, cheat and steal to get it. We are fearful of pain and suffering so we cling to a terrible job that provides health insurance rather than break from the pack. We are afraid to take a chance, to quit that boring routine that provides a regular pay check and security. Consequently, few of us ever get a chance to follow our bliss.

    Most people are conditioned from the moment they enter this world to be slaves to the few who run it. All people who work those dull jobs for meager wages, and are satisfied with going home at night and consuming a six-pack while letting their minds be further dulled by television athletic events, are no more than servants of the taskmasters. They have no original thought. They are so conditioned they would never consider changing their situation.

    The few who dare to break from this mold, to open the other eye and look beyond the dark tunnel, enter a brave new world that leads to fantastic freedom. These are the people who sometimes become the kings; the ones who are masters of the sea of blinded slaves. They also risk becoming the persecuted ones, targeted by the pack for daring to be different.

    Some examples of such contemporary persecutions come to mind. I think of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Timothy Leary, Jessie Ventura and even Charles Manson to name a few. Ventura is the only one of the four who did not go to prison, but he once made himself a target when he dared to publicly proclaim the church “a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.” It took guts to say something like that.

    I also believe that the troubled human condition goes beyond what I have said so far. We are not simply three-dimensional beings. There is a fourth dimension to our existence. It is a spiritual realm from which we came and to which we still are closely linked. But our ties there are pushed down into the subconscious. Most people never think about it at all. But it is real, and it has a profound effect on everything that happens to us. It even affects the way we think.

    As I have written before, there appears to exist a spiritual conspiracy, supported by entities in sub-space who play with our minds and keep us restrained.

    Why would they do this? Could it be because sub-space beings are afraid of what we might become if the human race ever wakes up to discover its full potential. As allegedly stated by the Elohim after Adam and Eve tasted of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, “Behold, the man is become as one of us . . .” Indeed, with both eyes open and both sides of our bicameral brain functioning at full throttle, we find the god within us. We become the creators of our own universe.

    We have been fooled for thousands of years by various religions that would have us looking outside of ourselves for a grandfatherly god in the sky who looks down over his creation, and manipulates our lives. This is a lie. The truth is that that God has always been in us. Anyone who has a soul possesses a spark; a piece of the light that collectively is God.

    Scientists know that we humans only use a small fraction of our bicameral brain when we go about our daily routines. Few humans like Einstein, Plato, Aristotle and other great thinkers have gone much higher. Most of us live our full lives using only the left side of our brain. So why were we given such large brains if we don’t use them? Indeed, that question has baffled us for a long time. Is it possible that we have been blocked from evolving to a state of godhood that is supposed to be our destiny?

    Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that everything we think is true about good and evil is a lie. What if there is no heaven or hell, no good or bad, no light or dark. What if, as I have suggested in past writings and based upon personal out-of-body visits with sub-space, death is actually a passing from this physical earthly body to a spiritual realm and that there is no end to our existence?

    If this were true, then everything we believe today is a lie. By accepting the fear-based theology of the religion we believe we must follow, we have managed to enslave ourselves in a way no human despot could ever have imagined.

  166. post nubila phobus Says:

    all seeing eye……………..

    lmao, what makes you assume im not from a royal bloodline? lol, well you right im not, and yea i don t have a rank in a social group like i said im a born mason, it does not mean im in an association with a club, but too be born one you are stuck with being in the know, too know what too know yet how too know where too know, that is the geometry too it.

    how can it be possible all traffic lights are the same colour in every country?
    what do advertisements have in common with your local traffic lights?

  167. All Seeing Eye Says:

    what do advertisements have in common with your local traffic lights?

    Dunno, Enlighten me?

    However, can you answer my other questions. I make good assumptions or am I just using parts of my brain I couldn’t use before?

  168. post nubila phobus Says:

    the colours used for traffic lights are red for stop, yellow for yeild or slow down for a red, and green is for go of course, so now think about commercials or flyers you get in the mail as an example, the same colours are used as a manipulative way too make people STOP and think, yeild and be CAUTIOUS or go and BUY. they use this as a strategy when it seems fit too what product or service is being sold.

    now your other question i think you are building ideas on what information you have learned, you may be a Scorpio also and able too use more brain power, Scorpios from a masons bloodline or not from a masons bloodline are still a born mason. i myself am a born mason, a Scorpio as well, and a practicing stone mason making myself a mason by 3 different dimensions. now tell me are you a Scorpio?

  169. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Yes I am,

    Notice how I like to stay up late in the evenings to explore the secrets of life. Scorpios like the darkness more than the daylight and are more mysterious and deeper thinkers. So I am a mason, it must have something to do with the universal power residing in me…

  170. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    I will go into the reasons why the traffic lights are used in the red, amber and green colours. Different colours evoke different emotions in humans. Red generally symbolizes danger or warning, making it a good choice for “stop.” Green is calming to us, probably because it is prolific in nature and a sign of health and abundance, so it might have lent itself to mean “go.”

    Curiously, amber, is associated with warmth, happiness, and the sun. Despite these connotations, it was chosen to symbolize “caution.” Perhaps because it contrasts well with green and red, and is highly visible without being too harsh on the eyes of motorists.

    On supermarket shelves our foodstuffs also come in traffic light coloured information about the product.

    So, if you see a red light on the front of the pack, you know the food is high in something we should be trying to cut down on. It’s fine to have the food occasionally, or as a treat, but try to keep an eye on how often you choose these foods, or try eating them in smaller amounts.

    If you see amber, you know the food isn’t high or low in the nutrient, so this is an OK choice most of the time, but you might want to go for green for that nutrient some of the time.

    Green means the food is low in that nutrient. The more green lights, the healthier the choice.

  171. TazZ Says:

    Ok so what about blue lights?

  172. post nubila phobus Says:

    yea those colours create 3 kinds of emotions. not many people think about it, yet it is the same colours in every country?

  173. TazZ Says:

    Yes but I was just wondering cuz blue is one of my faves along with green, white, black, yellow, grey.

  174. post nubila phobus Says:

    oh yea and only men are masons.

  175. TazZ Says:

    So tell us again what exactly makes a man a mason?

  176. post nubila phobus Says:

    you have too be born one, the rest you have too figure out.

  177. TazZ Says:

    Ok cool. Thanks.

  178. magmatic123 Says:

    asfar as the weather goes only nature is controling it. The world is way to random even for a illuminati. we know their are ellite societies that exist but everyone is to selfish and greedy to work as one network. love is a major key element missing from the diabolical

  179. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Despite anything that has been said on here people still need a faith and a belief in a system. Without rules and laws, people will do whatever is necessary for survival. The weak minded and physically poor will become the victims of the strong.

    Without any rules, man is more likely to turn to the bad side than the good side. There must be a law for everyone otherwise there will be anarchy on earth. Man will turn to his animal instincts and become a primitive predator. In this scenario, there would be more bloodshed, crime and wars without any form of control.

    Whether people believe in religion, governments or accept laws, these things have been put into place to restore some order in the world. The only downside to this is the people who take to the reigns at the top, and what is their true intention and agenda.

    If we have people in authority who respects life and wants the best for us then we have a strong faith and belief in our constitution. If we are ruled over by evil conspirators who thrive on money and control and suffer a life in a regime environment, then it will be a matter of time when that is exposed and the right people (people with good intentions) will move in the right directions to restore humanity again. History normally repeats itself in this aspect, but the planet survives and people move on, those that are fortunate to survive any wars. My own parents lived through the bombings of world war 2, they have seen the ups and downs of civilisation in their time. We could very well see out our own.

    20 years ago the faith and belief in the system was much stronger. Why has it weakened and why are people now looking for answers? Why are people becoming more suspicious, paranoid and angry with their constitutions and faith systems today?

    Now that religion is fast becoming a dying belief because scientific evidence is basically destroying the church and people are now asking for the truth and questioning their own faith. Now with the Internet exposing our governments and picking holes in the media and of people stepping out from the occult societies spilling some beans on the secrets that have been deliberately hidden from the mass population, people are also losing faith with their constitutions and laws.

    What we must all be careful of is destroying all the faith systems in operation from religion, governments and law and order because without these faith systems in operation the world will be a much darker place and open to any kind of evil on our own doorstep.

    Although corruptness and lies are now becoming very evident within the institutions that govern us and control us today, what is even more worrying is if these were suddenly overthrown and destroyed the corruptness and evil would spill the earth even greater.

    Regimes fall and tyrants come and go, and all are replaced eventually. Good times will always follow bad times, but a faith system and belief will always remain because without it, we will all suffer at the hands of our own. Man is a predatory animal, that is fact! Without laws and order or a faith man will kill to survive and man will lose any sense of value, moral and love completely. Sometimes it is better the devil we know they say and don’t always expect what is right from wrong for what is sometimes right is very often the wrong!!

    The most likely destruction of this planet will be man made. It seems the most logical explanation or theory. Lets just hope there are enough underground bunkers to save us if world war 3 does happen!!!

  180. post nubila phobus Says:

    all seeing eye- well put there brother! you are truly in the know.

    “why do you always mention about the egyptians? why not the romans, the greeks? they too had their own gods their own structures their own believes”

    Keet the reason why we mention the Egyptians is because that religion is the only true religion, the entities that govern us physically and mentally are the jinn and annunaki, wither you like it or not.

    All other religions were created too add confusion, create wars and separate languages. If everyone knew the truth of what entities truly govern the world than it would be impossible too create slaves.

  181. shadow of rei Says:

    I believe this N.W.O. conspiracy is true.
    There is something going on and we are all about to find out.
    To you all, do not sit here and argue about what is true or a lie, ready yourself for what is to come.
    But remember what it means to be human, remember all the pain we caused this planet of ours, remember this…
    We can not help to know we will never understand each other, each fighting for ones self to live is life and nothing else.
    For there to be joy there must be pain.
    There for one is put in pain for another to find joy and happiness.
    The government is not the only one we should look down at, we are as they looking for justice as us looking for peace joy and happiness.
    Aren’t we all just human.

  182. shadow of rei Says:

    And the questions we are all bound to ask is who is working for Satan?, but the real question is are you.
    God said to worry about nothing and love unconditionally but we are all doing the opposite.
    Always have faith, because God left us with hope for a reason.

  183. post nubila phobus Says:

    god is the sun bro, the nucleus of our solar system also known as Ra, it does not think about what we do right or wrong nor does it care, its simply an element which gives us life, refreshes our water and keeps our planet and spiritual realm in an orbiting balance.

  184. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Why is it that children are taught mostly to use their left side of their brain? Why are we brainwashed to use only the left side of our brains?

    Humans are the only animal on this planet that only uses one side of their brain, why is this?

    The right side of the brain functions the opposites to the left side of the brain. There are few that can access both sides of their brain, why? Because we will taste the fruit of knowledge and great wisdom and become like GOD himself!

    Perhaps this is the path we must take to become spiritually enlightened and bring out the god that hides inside of us all.

  185. post nubila phobus Says:

    taking the drug mdma allows people too use more brain power, releasing serotonin and the speed compound in it causes this as well as euphoria and epiphanies but it can be really dangerous. I don t suggest using this drug there can be severe consequences from what i have herd.

  186. post nubila phobus Says:

    oh yea and the left side of the brain thing you mentioned. Your right side of your brain knows well about geometry, we can t have everyone understand geometry than the slaves would figure out how the energy flow and frequencies works. this is why they teach children too use there left side of the brain, the left side of the brain is what follows orderly instructions.

  187. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    The right side of the brain is more creative. It also gives the insight of the bigger picture and is more subjective.

    Our left side of the brain is more objective, it also is quick to accept the basic functions and is influenced by the subliminal. Most of us are taught from childhood to function our left brain over our right brain. The obvious explanation for this is so that we are programmed to be controlled, influenced and manipulated.

    The right balances out the left and vice versa and anyone who can use and control both sides of their brain acquire wisdom and knowledge to unimaginable levels. Great scientists like Einstein could access both parts of his brain and there are far greater avenues to explore if we could unlock the mental restraints that block our freedom of thought.

    To be able to do this one becomes GOD and able to use the powers of the universe.

  188. shadow of rei Says:

    To tell you the truth there is something bothering me about our moon.
    In ancient mythology there where three gods that came from one, the moon god was born from the left eye the sun god from the right and the storm god from the nose.
    I think that was just a way of saying that the moon has something to do with the left side of our brain, why, because the moons gravity does effect every one of us daily.
    But the thing is i don’t know why or how.

  189. shadow of rei Says:

    The only thing i think that block our thoughts are emotions.
    To be apathetic is a gift and will be hard to achieve.
    But even i have been working on apathy since i first figured out what it was to be human.

  190. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Emotions are very mystical. The brain is constantly at war with both sides. This explains how we are feeling so up and down on a consistent basis. One day we feel low, depressed, sad, unhappy and are tempers are tested, another day we wake happy, cheerful, carefree and nothing seems likely to bother us. Notice how the sun seems to bring the light out of us more than a gloomy, cloudy and rainy day. The light and sun affects are mental state and we tend to differ towards the right side of the brain when the sun is shining but quickly revert to the left way of thinking when the day is dull and miserable.

  191. post nubila phobus Says:

    all seeing eye- since you are a Scorpio this has probably happened too you. have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt something sitting on your legs or pushing on your chest?

  192. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    I’m not really aware of it, but I have woken suddenly on the rare occasion without any real explanation. What is very strange which I will add, when I was a child I had great interest and fascination with UFOs and I used to sit and watch the sky at night looking for them out of my bedroom window. Never ever saw anything apart from the occasional bright light that seemed to move forwards and backwards but it could have been a shimmering star. I am now trying to look on life with an open mind and tell myself anything is possible. In this mode I can accept the inevitable and be spiritually prepared for any journey which I am destined to take.

    Last night, well past midnight I sat outside my porch and watched the skies but unfortunately the sky was blanketed and there were no stars unlike the night before when the moon was bright and the stars were lit up brightly. As I sat staring into a blank night sky I heard a weird shriek coming from inside some bushland beyond the field in front of me. It was a very strange noise. It could have been a badger or fox, do badgers or foxes make strange sounds?

    I’ve read somewhere that underworld creatures come out at night that are not visible to the naked eye during the day, especially in dense environments like forests, woodland and caves. I am aware of this and hearing that noise got me thinking. Is there really creatures living out there among us which are indeed unseen like we are told in folklore and mythology?

  193. shadow of rei Says:

    Tell me…
    What will be done by everyone of you if there was something chaotic about to happen?
    Enlighten me…

  194. (x)² Says:

    Why because we all are not going to be ready for the end,
    but if any of you are to survive than remember this…
    what will a human do if there was no food left to eat, what will you do if there was nothing to survive with or for.
    We will all try to kill each other to survive and many lives will be lost in humanity’s struggle to survive.

  195. MrBig Says:

    keet is in the illuminati!

  196. payne Says:

    Keet could be in the Illuminati and so can others but to accuse someone is to direct attention away…

    All i have to say is that i will kill every member of the Illuminati when the time is right.

    I will destroy every single thing they worked on for the past millennium or so!


  197. post nubila phobus Says:

    so you want too kill me? not all Illuminati are bad, just the ones in practice are there bro!

  198. F.&.A.M. Says:

    please dont put down what you dont even have any solid proof of, lucidity of the mind will show you manny things.
    i would start here.Image or sight is geometry of the eye as sound or noise is geometry to the ears. ETC… (EXECPT)
    as to the equation of the mind which is a simple one, follow the equation set before you.

    Also atlantis NEVER! exisisted…. it goes by another name….

    private social societys and private spiritual societys or organizations are private and to be sought out and found by their seekers, thats why they last so long.

    (NOT THE BOOK) but morals and dogma seem to colide and ruin everthing good,man has done.

    I am a freemason their really are no secrets to it, well their are but you would feel really dumb if you knew what they were, think shriners hospital..

    i am seeking further insight into myself,and yes i belive in god!,
    i find most of the answers i am looking for in the rose cross, i am not a member but a reasearcher who might join if and when the chance arrises..
    if you wish to have any further contact with me please contact the person in charge of the sight and have them contact me with your commets and questions.
    J. Doe

  199. post nubila phobus Says:

    you may be a mason as well there bud, but you sure don t know who or what you are serving. let me ask you are you an accepted mason? or are you a born mason with true masons blood like myself? and are you a Scorpio? there is a huge difference im interested too know? the thing is citizens 99.9 percent of free masons are slaves too the elite families, and do not warship, act upon nor know the geometry of the light, only myself, other elites and family members know or work with the true secretes.

  200. payne Says:

    You might not even be alive by then and only the ones who stand in my way will get what wait for them in my family’s generations.
    But why ask you don’t even know me or neither me you.
    You need not to be afraid.
    I exist only in peoples minds, I’m just a way of life, a personality that will be alive when necessary.

  201. jane Says:

    stuff about religion s really grt!!!!!!!

  202. shadow of rei Says:

    So then what is the difference?

  203. post nubila phobus Says:

    whats the difference between what exactly?

  204. post nubila phobus Says:

    oh and payne you seem too be nutz, your mentioning that you want too kill people on the net? and yea i think your personality sucks! lol get a life you can t stop the order, killing people won t stop it, the light comes from entities which are eternal $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  205. post nubila phobus Says:


  206. payne Says:

    Ok so then ill kill you let me know who you are and where you live and if its close ill show up no doubt no matter what!
    Fear me because I’m no ordinary person i have purpose in these arguments and conversations.
    This site is monitored by many important people and what i say can give me answers to many of my questions with out even asking one.
    So back off!!!!!

  207. post nubila phobus Says:

    why would you want too kill me? im a good person. i think you need some help buddy!

  208. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Why do people result to violence and emit negativity? Why threaten someone or intimidate someone?

    Why can’t people accept that we are all the same. The only difference being is that we are locked into physical bodies which we all see through third dimensional sight. Beyond the physical form and mental state we are actually made up of the same energy. Instead of stealing energy from each other with negativity in the form of anger, hate, intimidation and threats why can’t we willingly share our energies instead openly. We can only do this by becoming One and basically radiate goodness which comes in the form of unconditional love and simply being nice to each other.

    The laws of the universe are simple. What goes around comes around. If you are a helpful person, warm at heart and willingly nice to people you will find that happiness and help will come back to you. On the other hand if you are horrible, nasty and vindictive you will receive negative energy which attracts negative energy which means that all the bad you dish out will come back to you.

    This is how it works. The Universe goes around and comes back on itself. Our planet goes around and comes back on itself. The weather goes around and comes back on itself. What goes around comes around. The tide comes in and then it goes out. The grass grows in the summer and it dies in the winter, but it grows again in the summer. What goes around comes around.

    If you are a bully and you go out of your way to upset and intimidate someone you can bet your bottom dollar that someone, not necessarily the person you bully will come along and do it to you. How? Because what you give out always comes back to you. It’s the law of the universe and life itself. I call it divine retribution.

    Those who want to hurt will always feel hurt themselves. Those who are not willing to love will never receive love. It’s the letter of the law.

    SO if anyone thinks they are BIG and CLEVER by bullying or intimidating they can be assured of one thing. They are far from BIG and CLEVER, because if they need to act in this manner then they are already suffering pain themselves. There is no hiding from divine retribution.

    If a sufferer wakes up to their mistakes, release the negative energy, they can seek positive energy and love but they HAVE to earn it. Remember, what goes around comes around but you must put out first in order to receive. If you want to be a arsehole all your life you will attract aresholes. It’s life!!!

  209. payne Says:

    we are different in many ways
    violence solves nothing right you are
    but our beliefs make us who we each are
    i am lookin for some one in particular and he is just hiding like a coward funny aint it
    but i have no problem with any of you
    sometimes i say things to get other things out of someone
    the coward im looking for will be found in good notice and my clan will find him so hear me out coward
    and he is here in one of these comments
    come out come out
    where ever you are

  210. post nubila phobus Says:

    haha, payne i bet u think im the anit christ! you sound like a middle eastern person bro!

  211. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    we are different in many ways

    How? We are all developed through atoms and energy. We are all made up into the same bodily form. The only difference is in our minds. We think different yet if we search deep in ourselves we all share the same destiny. We all evolve the same way, but some of us are quicker at developing and some of us are wrapped in cotton wool and spoon fed into reality because of one’s bloodlines. Why are the masses of people being deceived and lied to? Why can’t we all experience our destiny as a human race together? Why do those at the very top enjoy to see the most of us suffer? Isn’t God’s intentions to be good natured? Why are people at the very top insistent on dishing out so much negativity? Remember, what goes around comes around, it’s the law of the universe and there is NOTHING bigger or cleverer than the UNIVERSE!

  212. payne Says:

    so then let destiny bring us together so that i can show you payne
    but post nubila phobus you are not even listed amongst those who i am looking for
    so be gone

  213. keet Says:

    for a start, are all people that are not convinced by this web page and comments in the illuminati? seriously mrbig, do you think everyone that questions this stuff is in the illuminati?

    payne, say what you want and try to make people feel threatened however it doesn’t really work on the net.

    all seeing eye, what is there to say all of what the egyptians believed was true? who says that the translation of their hieroglyphics is actually true? who says what we translated of their believes is true and that it wasn’t something else?
    and at night you can hear many weird noises, i once heard a squeilling noise at night; ended up being a fox that had hurt its paw.

    tazz, blue is a calm colour can make you feel relaxed.

    artists, photographers, inventors, designers, all need to use their imagination on the right side of the brain to become good at their profession.

  214. post nubila phobus Says:

    so be gone? you sound like a fag dude! haha you want too show me payne? keep walking around in circles around your dumb gold balls, that is enough payne watching how stupid you people are! oh yea and by the way payne is spelt PAIN…. retarded slave!

  215. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    all seeing eye, what is there to say all of what the Egyptians believed was true? who says that the translation of their hieroglyphics is actually true?

    The Egyptian religion is the purest out of all religions because every other religious belief written afterwards were fashioned from the earliest worshipings on the planet. All other religions known to most of us are reinvented faith systems.

    The only other religions that are pure and as old as the Egyptian religion were the South American Mayan religion, the early Chinese religion and the Sumerian religion and all three civilisations beliefs were identical to very detail. All ancient calendars revert around the cosmos and all end in the same time predicting a new age on the planet. The most striking coincidence were their recitment of their gods. All were depicted as serpents coming down to earth from the skies. How could each different ancient civilisation thousands of miles apart without any real knowledge of each other’s presence in time all come to worshipping the same thing and basing their civilisations around the same principles of planets and stars? They most certainly had more awareness and information back then on the meaning of life than we could even imagine in our controlled and distracted civilisation today.

    How could these ancient civilisations have more idea about the universe, the planets and the stars than we do today when technology was non existent?

    Keet, don’t you find this both fascinating and worrying at the same time? Why have we been misinformed and lied to since the beginning of human civilisation? Why are we kept in the dark and made to be ignorant? What is the purpose? What are they hiding from us?

    Believe me, someone, somewhere has all the answers, but they’re not willing to disclose the information to the masses. Perhaps we ALL have the answers ourselves all along if we could just stop thinking, relax and trust ourselves to want to truly know the truth!!!!

  216. keet Says:

    they also thought the sun rotated around the world. ancient religions explored the world conquering different countries, learning from one another whilst wiping out each religion, they didn’t start out from scratch. thats why they seem similar.

    we aren’t always kept in the dark, just because we have no answer doesn’t mean we aren’t being told something. the problem is people don’t like it when they don’t have an answer, so they have to come up with something to believe such as these speculations just to keep them stable.

  217. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Yet when we analyze religions that have been written and re written since the early civilisations we see the same coincidences and meanings behind each tale.

    Jesus was described as the son of GOD who was brought into this world in a virgin birth and had healing powers.

    The Egyptian GOD Horus too was the son of the Sun GOD Osiris who was sent to earth and had great healing powers.

    SO is Christianity just another glorified spin that resembled the Egyptian religion?

  218. keet Says:

    i agree with the religions and beliefs being similar, thats how everything works, everything has taken inspiration from something else.

    so answer me this question, if their beliefs were so good and accurate then how come their belief in the sun revolving around earth was wrong? surely if they were wrong about one thing they could be wrong about other things…

    ancient greek is older then egyptian, what about their beliefs?

  219. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Ancient Greek is less documented and adjudged mythical. Although they too related their gods to divine deities in the universe. Zeus sitting on his throne watching over everything! Although there is no such thing as a divine father looking down on us sat in a throne in heaven. There is more chance that gods are worshipped by the people that actually see them, such like serpent gods????

    Also, I have reverted to Ancient Greek when I mentioned about Atlantis. If you read into this tale, you will find a civilisation far more advanced than ours today over 10,000 years ago. Chariots of the gods spring to mind. Divine beings coming from the skies in what were perceived as flying chariots??? Falling Angels and virgin births with the gods and of Giants that walked the earth resembling god’s offspring. All very fanciful yet coincidental with every other ancient civilisation which tells of divine beings falling or coming to Earth.

    In caves throughout the world that have been time framed to the very first humanoid civilisation within the stone age depict etchings of cigar shaped aircraft in the skies and of serpent looking people. coincidence?

    As for Egyptian theory of the sun moving around the planet, again they didn’t go into space themselves and had no possible grasp that their planet was moving and couldn’t understand that the sun was stationary. When they saw the sun rise in the morning and the sun set in the evening they assumed the sun god was moving in the heavens. They couldn’t feel the ground moving beneath their feet so had no idea that the planet was actually round and rotating.

    However, this does not imply that their serpent gods revealed everything to them or that they were taken for a space ride either. What is more telling is that different civilisations throughout different timescales all tell of serpent gods coming from the skies. It is more feasible for any worshipping aimed directly for deities that were seen with eyes rather than on written knowledge handed down through holy writings. The eyes of truth have more awareness and knowledge than the words and sounds of others.

  220. keet Says:

    atlantis is just a myth and has no proof of any existence at all. it is as real as the easter bunny.

    etchings have been translated by what people think they mean; they may mean something else and may have been translated wrong. cigar shaped aircraft? could be a cloud, or a falling boulder, maybe something else.

    what proof is there that the egyptians saw anything with their eyes? all we know is what has been written then translated. basically hieroglyphics are just the same as the bible.

    what serpent gods? the serpent gods may not be real, they may never have seen them and have just believed in them as their gods. come on you are just contradicting everything about ancient egyptian belief and other beliefs.

    eyes of what truth? who knows the truth?

  221. post nubila phobus Says:

    hey keet ive seen these things though, there not gods though like i said annunaki, someone once told me that my father must have been practicing some ritual shit and braught home the entities with him, i saw horus the hawk looking thing, and i said before i have seen jinn many times as a child they used too wake me up, pull me off my bed and shake me. keet what do you think about that? am i crazy? or is it just part of my masonic bloodline?

  222. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    atlantis is just a myth and has no proof of any existence at all. it is as real as the easter bunny.

    Yet you asked me about the ancient Greek religion and their worship of gods. Isn’t this mythological?

    How do you explain different civilisations, different timescales, all depicting serpent looking gods that came from the skies? All without any knowledge of each other or of their beliefs?

    It is more realistic to think that people in these times worshipped something that they could see rather than religious institutions of today who worship things written down as gospel based on hearsay.

    How could the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Sumerians all worship the same thing when they didn’t even know of their own existence and beliefs?

    I suppose you accept what is told you rather than what you can see, am I right to think this?

    You believe in faith systems that are put into practice by those who control us. I don’t blame you or hold you responsible for your beliefs because you are simply programmed to be controlled by others. There is so much going on in your life that you cannot explain yet for one minute you cannot deny that questions have filled your head at some stage in your life.

    Who really am I? Why was I born into such a violent, insensitive and corrupted world? Why must I have to work most of my life and why must I have to be fearful of losing my job, my possessions and my life? Why do I feel so sad and incomplete and why am I so goddamn moody? Why do I attract such bad luck? Is there any sustained Love in this world or are we all intent on making life so difficult for ourselves? Why do I feel my life is just one repetitious ride? Why is most days always alike and so similar? Why do I have such tedious habits? Why am I so concerned about what others are doing or getting, especially when it is more and pleasurable than what I’m getting? Why must I feel so confused, anxious and weary? Why is there so much negativity all around me? All we want is a stress free life and feel loved yet why aren’t we getting it? Who or what is blocking our happiness and well being? When we are depressed, sad, angry and desperate do we even realise the damage we are doing to our own bodies? The damage we are doing to our own minds? The damage we are doing for our children? what hope is there? What is the real meaning of life and purpose of life? Is it to control others and have the biggest bank balance and best job? Or is it to enjoy life to our fullest and spread love to one another? Think about it…..

  223. Ashutosh Yawale Says:

    well im not sure abt the rest of the stuff, but the thing mentioned about nasa has to be true, if u dont beleive it then please see the actual footage, u can see strings people

  224. Ashutosh Yawale Says:

    or just watch the movies like resident evil or the novel from sydney sheldon i dont remember the name of that novel, but i think they all are trying to tell us the same


  225. keet Says:

    post nubila phobus, say what you want i dont care anymore; if it did happen well done write a book about it, if not then you just want to brain wash others and are playing along with this thing.

    all seeing eye, i give up. you continuously translate what i say into something else. i said that atlantis was a myth then you translate it into me saying that ancient greeks are a myth. i never said their religion was real, i just said they were. i’m saying the egyptian translations could be false, their beliefs may be false, who knows. all you are are one of those people that is against something so much that they believe in something else, just to try and make other things seem wrong. that is a cult. now stop transforming my text into random crap, and stop trying to judge me even though you dont know me. isn’t that what you are against, people judging others? i am not one that is brainwashed, i dont believe everything and i think for myself. do you not think that you have been lead into believing something? you have been lead into believe more on this web page alone.

    ashutosh yawale, theres no strings its just marks that you can get on either the film or whilst printing, i know i dev and print film and slide myself. also there is nothing on here that mentions the moon landing.

  226. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    I never said that ancient Greeks were myth, I said that their religion was based on mythology such like their gods. Zeus is not GOD, he is not some holy person sat on a throne looking down on us in heaven. That is as real as the Easter bunny.

    I am not trying to convert you into anything so I am no cultist. I don’t believe in religion or any faith system created by man. I don’t follow any occult society or any control institution. I am against control, I am against those who are ignorant of themselves. The only GOD I worship is ME! That’s not being selfish either, far from it. When you discover your true self you understand your purpose, your meaning and your future. I am against those who want to satisfy their own needs in expense of others. I am against the ones who follow their ego more than their heart.

    I am not judging you, I feel sorry for you. I feel you are trapped in your little box and can’t find any doorways that can lead you to liberation. If I was judging you I would call you ignorant and selfish, but because I am not judging you I am saying I don’t blame you. Because I can’t find you at blame for your lack of understanding, I will say you are misled and misinformed rather than ignorant and dumb for example. I am not judging you one bit in the slightest. I wouldn’t label you selfish because of your naivety. I wouldn’t label you selfish because of your subconscious state. You unfortunately are more reliant on others to explain half truths and lies instead of trusting yourself and your intuitions for the truth.

    There is no harm done or no bad feeling on my part. I would easily say that you appear to me as somebody who isn’t in tune with himself, his own mind, his own physical body and his purpose of life. You just aren’t ready for the truth. One day I’m sure you will be, everybody will be…

  227. Ashutosh Yawale Says:

    well u MAY b rite abt strings Keet, but have u seen the flag waving?????

  228. keet Says:

    all seeing eye, saying that i am trapped in a box and that i follow what others say is calling me naive in a ‘polite’ way. just because i dont believe your stories it doesn’t mean i am wrong and don’t know what is happening. “the only god i worship is myself”? they are the words of a cult leader.
    a cult is a system of “religious” veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.
    to be honest, i dont believe islam, jew, christian, hindu, budda or any other particular religion is true or false; i just say show me proof. what happens when 2012 comes along and all that happens is great britain do well in london 2012? what would you say then?
    i do follow only one thing; myself. people can only show me the doorways, i am the one that walks through them. i choose my path, no one else.

    ashutosh yawale, the reason the flag appears as it is is due to there being barely any gravitation pull, and a totally different atmosphere to earth. anything else you want to throw at me to answer?

  229. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    i do follow only one thing; myself. people can only show me the doorways, i am the one that walks through them.

    This is the prime example to what I am saying about you. Following yourself isn’t the answer. It’s just a polite way of being selfish. People don’t show you the doors you find them yourself. This is the prime example of you relying on others to give you half truths and lies.

    Just because I said GOD is inside me doesn’t make me a cult leader. How? Because GOD is inside everyone. You are right to say that YOU choose the pathways that present themselves in many crossroads in your life. YOU are right to make YOUR own choices, but already YOU are not CHOOSING your pathways. YOU are reliant on others to CHOOSE them for YOU. YOU’VE even admitted it!!!

    As I said, YOU’RE not ready yet for the truth. And I will say it again, It’s not YOUR fault. Until you free up your restraints in life will you be able to even glimpse the REAL truth…

  230. keet Says:

    seriously now stop this bullshit you keep doing; twisting what i mean. people show me the doors so i have more than one option, i can follow them, follow someone else, or go my own way whenever i come to it. dont tell me i follow them all the time because i know that is not true and you are only trying to guess and actually judge me. i am the one who chooses to go through different doors. following myself is not selfish; i do things for others as well as myself. all it means is that i follow what i believe to be the right path. you do not follow what you think, you proved it yourself by listening to post nubila phobus and following him straight away. i have been asking questions, i am not convinced easily, it takes much more than what this web page has to convince me in such things. it takes more than the bible, qur’an, tanakh or any other books, sites or word of mouth for me to believe something so big.

  231. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Living in denial is the first concept that must be fathomed. Denial triggers the left side of the brain and absorbs negative energy. If you cannot be honest with yourself you cannot find the truth. Dishonesty attracts dishonesty. It is the LAW of the universe. What goes around comes around. The secret is freeing up one’s mind and following one’s intuitions instead of one’s guidance. If you ask for proof you are asking for others to lead you. All doors that lead to salvation are hidden yet all doors that lead to exploitation are opened and clearly marked.

  232. keet Says:

    so let me get this right; if i believe in something else that has no proof such as christianity then i am following others and i am wrong; if i ask for proof and will only follow it then i am wrong, if i believe in myself i am in denial. so all you are saying is if i follow you then i am right, even though i am following someone else with no proof and entering the door of exploitation. if i follow you then i am entering an already opened door therefore i am being lead into exploitation. basically either way, no matter what i do or dont believe, who i do or do not follow, i will always be wrong. you really need to think this through because you are just contradicting yourself yet again.

  233. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    I am not asking you to follow me. I do not seek others to follow me. I am no cultist. I follow my intuitions, I study myself and absorb my own energies. I am reluctant to give people any advice because of your precise reaction to any given. Don’t listen to me, don’t accept anything I say, I really don’t care!!! However, you judge me as contradicting yet I have never asked you to follow me. The answer is to follow no-one but yourself. If you ask for proof or guidance you will never find any answers. Remember the law of the universe. Whatever you do, think and acknowledge is the world you will live in. If you want to trust others but yourself you will always be controlled. If you cannot believe in yourself you cannot believe in anything. When you ask for proof you are in denial of yourself and anything you want to know will be denied.

  234. post nubila phobus Says:

    keet- you are right all seeing eye and myself should stop trying to explain to you how things work. we can t provide you any proof, but i do have away that perhaps you can seek deeper enlightenment. this is how……… grab an object that can reflect light it can be anything like metal, a star in the sky or even a sink filled with water, now try too focus your eyes on the 4 dominate points that come off the reflection this energy is what we know as eternal energy, the four points will never connect again making them eternal. doing this over and over for days, weeks or months will eventually lead you into an epiphany. hopefully this may give you some understanding.

    all seeing eye- there are actually 3 laws, one is the laws of attraction which fits in with your laws of the universe, remember the universe is energy that makes up a physical object in the next atomic level making it true there is atomic law, and there is dimensional law. have you read up on your masonic birth date? there is tons of info out there that can explain why you are a born mason.

  235. ted Says:

    ye all full of shite

  236. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    No, some of us are all aware and more knowledgeable than others. No offence, although I’m not the one throwing childish and uneducated insults at another. I suppose you use language and a mentality that you are only aware of. I suppose you talk in a way which you receive yourself from others. I feel sorry for you, I genuinely do. Your life must feel so meaningless and empty…

  237. post nubila phobus Says:

    sounds like the words of a slave!

  238. Someone Says:

    I Believe There is a secret society as a matter of fact there is many i have just started researching them tonight,i know this sounds crazy but i saw a comment on a tomb raider movie about the illuminati so i was curious and i am just blown away by how much they are IN EVERYTHING and what they symbolise CONTROL and POWER also these words like Luciferian and Satanic and The Pentagon and how ALL the presidents were involved in the illuminati what i dont understand now is Obama is supposedly Christian? is he involved as well? another question just how does this illuminati control christianity? I have so many Questions that i dont know how to word at this point i am still reading about this illuminati…personally this is mind blowing :s

  239. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Their ultimate goal is ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, One monetary currency and one military. Power is control, absolute power is absolute control. If they succeed in their quest of New World Order, the majority of us will be at risk. The most frightening revelation within the elite movement is to reduce the population as little as 500 million. Even the secret society members of lower initiation aren’t safe!!!

  240. Cool Smatt Says:

    Even as i write, am watched by the all seeing eye at the bottom of my task bar, as ‘privacy report’ but i know it is not.They might control almost everything, but the certainty of time of execution, is not theirs to decide. God, the creator of every mortal and the universe, supervisor of every hidden thought of the heart, controls event with his own time table. It is only when he permits, that they can execute their hideous plans on humanity at any given time. this is food for thought for them.

  241. post nubila phobus Says:

    god does not think or feel, god is just a ball of fire in the sky we call the sun. Satan is the true power.

  242. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Satan or Set???

  243. mark Says:

    i’m quite shocked at the reactions from some people, who quickly resort to calling people mad who think weather modification exists. Its a proven fact that governments manipulate the weather, if you spend 30 seconds googling ‘Haarp’ and ‘chemtrails’ – which have now been exposed by the German government and on the History channel you will see this is the case. Geez. Some people need to wake up tot he possibilities around them and use the internet to research things, rather than wanking and writing pithy comments on websites that they know nothing about. Cunts.

  244. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German writer, 1749-1832)

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    —Arthur Schopenhauer (German philosopher, 1788-1860)

    Revelation 13:16-18 (King James Version)

    16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    July 1774, A Summary View of the Rights of British America by Thomas Jefferson

    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day. But a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (administrations), too plainly proves a deliberate systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.”

    The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is better than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labours, we may turn the public mind which way we will.” – Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati

    “Princes and Nations shall disappear from the face of the Earth … and this Revolution shall be the work of Secret Societies.” ~ Adam Weishaupt

    “It is necessary to establish a universal regime over the whole world.” ~ Adam Weishaupt

    1844 Coningsby, the New Generation by Benjamin Disraeli, first Prime Minister of England

    “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

    1848 The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels

    “In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”

    “But, you will say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education by social…. The Communists have not invented the intervention of society in education; they do but seek to alter the character of that intervention, and to rescue education from the influence of the ruling class.”

    “1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.”
    “3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.”
    “7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.”
    “10. Free education for all children in public schools… Combination of education with industrial production,”

    1876 British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli

    “The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments’ plans.”

    1880 John Swinton on the independence of the press

    “The business of the New York journalist is to destroy truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon; to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. We are the tools and vessels for rich men behind the scenes. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

    “We know the powers that are defying the people. Our Government is in the hands of pirates. All the power of politics, and of Congress, and of the administration is under the control of the moneyed interests. The adversary has the force of capital, thousands of millions of which are in his hand. He will grasp the knife of law, which he has so often wielded in his interest. He will lay hold of his forces in the legislature. He will make use of his forces in the press, which are always waiting for the wink, which is as good as a nod to a blind horse. Political rings are managed by skillful and unscrupulous political gamblers, who possess the ‘machine’ by which the populace are at once CONTROLLED AND CRUSHED.”

  245. Zombie Says:

    Keet: The truth is out there. Which “proof” of the “truth” are you looking for. You’re an ignorant fool in denial about alot of things because you can’t find the truth out for yourself.

    There are alot of famous quotes just posted above – do the research of some of the names that have titles relating to power figures that pull the strings – It’s not “one” person, nor one “group” it’s been stated by them themselves even, i can’t understand how you’re so blind about so much crap. If you want the truth about something go out there and find it.

  246. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Okay, I’ll try and explain to people to how things work. What I will say should be taken as food for thought. I am reluctant to explain too much because uneducated and misinformed people will not believe in something that their left brain is programmed to ridicule and disbelieve. Since childhood we are all taught to accept anything mysterious and mystical as fantasy. We are all not in tune with our spirit and soul. We do not understand mind control and inner energy. We do not understand that everything around us materialises within many dimensions. It is all within the universal evolution of everything, from our universe, planet and soul.

    At present we see everything with 3rd dimensional sight, and we only use our basic 5 sensory instincts. Sight, hear, smell, touch and taste! With using these insights we all take in our world within these sensory limits. What most of us are all not aware of is our hidden insights that are triggered through right brain hemisphere energy!

    Look around you and notice everything 3rd dimensional. Everything is of 3rd dimensional shape and appearance. Machinery are mostly square shaped, houses, cars, bridges, trees, all appear in our eyes in three dimensional form. This is the lower vibrational level of energy that these particular things emit through our limited senses. We see everything through our eyes as matter and see these things as a physical object.

    We people in physical form. We see people through our 3rd dimensional sight. Yet underneath this form everything is simply made up of energy and vibrations emitting through dimensional frequencies.

    Now what people don’t realise is that they have an inner eye or third eye that is situated within their forehead region of the brain. Through freeing up one’s mind, releasing left negative brain hemisphere energy we can open up this eye and see our inner spirit and energies, thus taking us into our 4th dimensional awareness which resides on the next vibrational and frequency level. When we achieve this we see life differently and understand that the world we live in through 3rd dimensional awareness is actually an illusion created by those who control our left sided brain hemisphere.

    Now onto the interesting part.

    Would people be shocked if I told them we never die!!!

    Well our physical 3rd dimensional form eventually dies but our energy, soul and consciousness never dies!!!

    Our physical bodies are merely a vessel or vehicle that takes us through 3rd dimensional experience of living. When that bodily vehicle breaks down or is suddenly destroyed our energy soul ascends into the next vibrational frequency and we live life within the 4th dimension.

    Now the problem is we will always have those who want to suppress our knowledge and energies so that they can live a stress free and energetic 3rd dimensional experience at the expense of others, that others being the slaves!!!! The masses that are lied to, controlled and forced to take in negative energy. When the majority of us are residing in the lowest form of vibration we emit negative energy and fail to access right brain hemisphere energy that unlocks the spirit and 4th dimensional existence.

    Now what we must understand is that we are simply part of everything that exists. We are nothing but energy within energy which all vibrates within different frequencies. Our energy never dies but our consciousness changes depending on awareness.

    Unfortunately for most of us we are purposely lied to, suppressed and not told the truth so that certain people or other energy entities can feed off of our energy and live a full existence while we suffer negative energy and a miserable existence that is filled with so many wrongs than rights and so much evil than goodness.

    Money is their tool which breeds hatred and control.

    Their biggest threat is energy coming together in a positive light. A coming together of the masses and the spread of love, oneness and togetherness is their biggest downfall.

    We all have a choice.

    We can live right side or left side brain hemisphere.

    If we choose to live in a negative world, a world driven by lies, money and control we will live a life of cheap thrills and many lows.

    If we choose to give up the negative energy and realise that money and control is merely an illusion and a way to split the positive energy from the negative energy, we can eventually see the light and live in happiness, absorbing positive energy without the use of material things and power that people crave for.

    We are all the same physically, all made up of the same energies and atoms. We are all the same apart from our minds. We either live a life of positive energy or a life of negative energy. That’s the choice, but always remember the laws of the universe. What goes around comes around.

    There are laws of attraction that is the same as the law of the universe. There are laws of dimension and matter. The latter is how our minds manifest the world we live in.

    When the universe evolves in terms of finding higher vibrational levels and frequencies, our planet evolves too and so will we eventually.

    My advice is, people should get prepared for the changes.

    Ever heard the terms

    mind over matter? When someone says this they mean that the mind is more powerful than the physical body and when people control their own minds they can heal any kind of pain.

    That’s right (as in terms of opposite to wrong which implies right sided brain thinking)

    He’s bright, (meaning clever or intelligent. Someone who sees the light and tastes the fruit of knowledge)

    Take a look around you in the world you live in. Take in symbols, signs and take in meaningful phrases and cliches. Most have some reason for them. Try to look behind the message and see the message behind the message and understand the wider picture. If you can achieve this then you are bright and enlightened. You have access to right brain hemisphere.

  247. post nubila phobus Says:

    well put all seeing eye!

  248. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Love is Harmony and without it in the beginning of a form, that form could not come into existence at all. Love is the cohesive Power of the Universe and without it, a Universe could not be.

    So in theory, if there is a malevolent agenda in process it will be the undoing of life as we know it.

    As I said before, the most feasible reason for the destruction of our planet or for the extinction of the human race will be man made. Man holds the key to eternal life, but man can only live eternally if he learns to love all. Love is the essence of life, Pain is the essence of death!

    People wake up and take notice…

    The more we separate ourselves from humanity the more we are bringing about the end of days. If we live ungodly, live under the illusion of control systems which breeds hate, anger and frustration we will lose positive energy. Life can only go on when energy is positive. We are all ONE living organism under ONE universal consciousness. If we begin to pull in opposite directions and continue to avoid the FUNDEMENTAL elements for LIFE to exist in the world we live in, we begin to construct our own downfall.

    At present there is enough love and goodness within our world to keep it existing, but for how much longer?

    If we continue to ALL detach ourselves from the truth and keep believing in man made control systems, these man made control systems will be our undoing!

    Man made control systems are not divine or godly. Man made control systems are just! They are devised to control and enslave. They are put into place to serve their creators and masters, not to serve the people they control.

  249. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Just imagine this.

    If all the people around the world came together as one, placed all their personal wealth into one basket. All the money available in the world is then destroyed. It is only pieces of paper! Wipe all currency on banking computers clean.

    Then everyone becomes one!

    Everyone is equal like they are in body and spirit!

    We help each other and heal the sick…

    We work together and build a paradise on earth. Homes for everybody, food for everybody, health care for everybody.

    All hate and crime disappears. There is no need for security, no need for wars.

    We explore space together and seek higher technology and wisdom together.

    We evolve faster and experience eternal life in the highest vibrational frequency available, but everybody will be ready for higher ascension and nobody gets left behind.

    We live in peace and harmony. There is no such thing as hate, anger and dishonesty.

    We can only live in positive light. We can only live with truth, with true unconditional love. We will live fulfilling lives eternally because our energy never dies…We will all understand the world we live in and all understand we all have our part to play to keep the universe cleansed.

  250. kjellson Says:

    I could write a book about some reactions here…If you’re not educated about this subject, please keep your ignorance for yourself and do something usefull. I’m just going to pick 1 thing i want to give comment for, being; some people realy find it ridiculous when they read “they’re controling the weather”…well, if you think that’s funny, did you see the last olympic games in beijing? What was it again they did over there during the games? Oh yes, the chinese government promised no rain during the whole olympic games. What did they deliver? excacty that, with one little exception one day during cycling. However, you should ask yourself how they did that, and know (that’s one thing i know for SURE) that the technology that we see in the public arena (like our life-controlling(religion)gadgets, ipods, cell phones, etc, are lightyears behind the advanced technology that excists in secret. I could go on with this forever, but experience has already thought me, that some people just don’t WANT to see, they are want to be ignorant, ad be proud of it at the same time. Most of them, are just to lazy to make a difference. And you know, the only thing that evil needs to take control of our world, is good men to do nothing.

    you realy believe what you can see,…is al there is….?


  251. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Lets look at what is known as your sixth sense…

    I’ve already mentioned our basic functions of five senses which we have already evolved within our consciousness to accept as reality. Smell, taste, touch, see and hear.

    Our sixth hidden sense which we are all close to discovering and evolving within our own consciousnesses is INTUITION.

    INTUITION: Sixth sense…

    Intuition is that first plane of awareness where one human being can interpolate or extrapolate sensory input to form a conclusion reached either through deduction or induction. Intuition defies two-dimensional logic, yet it is intuition that allows us to go beyond our five senses, and to extract a compatible relationship of shared Humanitarian experience between one consciousness and another.

    It is intuition that allows humans to accept their conceptualizations of the input created from the first five senses. It is DENIAL of the sixth sense of intuition that allows humans to say to themselves, “I did not smell/touch/hear/see/taste that.” This denial is also a rejection of the Ideal – that which says that we do know what we know.

    The mental plane of consciousness has been the biggest enemy of intuition, in the sense that humans often perceive that ideal and logic are somehow mutually exclusive. One is “provable” in the third dimension, and the other is not; does that make either one any more or less real?

    It is the Sixth sense of Consciousness that will allow humans to KNOW, and to accept that they know. Those humans who limit themselves to the five senses are living in the Dark Ages, and submitting to slavery of the imagination. Those who KNOW are the ones who know that creation begins with the imagination; to begin something new, outside of what is “known”. When something becomes “known” well enough, it is then accepted by humans into the physical dense frame of reference.

    The secret is trusting yourself and understanding yourself. If we rely on others to answer our deepest questions thus receiving half truths and lies we will always be controlled and manipulated by those who want to control us.

  252. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

    – Albert Einstein

    This is important. The lower the energy within ourselves the more we rely on our basic senses to perceive the world we live in. The lower the energy or negative energy as I like to call it, the more we are enslaved within the illusion of 3rd dimensional existence, but more worryingly enslaved within the matrix of information which is stored into our brains by control systems that are put in place to purposely lower our vibrational levels and awareness.

  253. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    So how is it that we exist as matter?

    Albert Einstein alluded to this answer.

    “We, the people of this beautiful planet, are really beings made of energy, but we exist at the 3rd dimension because our atoms have a specific frequency which makes us able to exist in this very 3rd dimension. This specific frequency is stable enough for all our lifetime. Using this information, if we are indeed capable of accelerating and decelerating the frequencies to make us able to exist in the 3rd dimension, then naturally, we can use this in order to travel inter-dimensionally throughout the infinite multiverse…and here lies the key to the true evolution of the human being race. Once we learn, or progress far enough, to accelerate and decelerate the vibrating frequencies of our atoms, then, in theory, we will be able to exist in the 5th dimension and in parallel universes of this wonderful multiverse.

  254. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Oh by the way.

    Best way of rising your positive energy is by laughing…

    Any being in higher vibrational dimensions are forever laughing.

    Ever seen the get smash advert during the late seventies where aliens were forever laughing at us mere humans. It’s symbolic to higher vibrational life. Laughter rises the vibrational level and promotes love and frequency. If you’re forever laughing and happy you are more in tune with your soul and ascension.

    This is why control systems are in place to lower people’s vibrational levels and promote negative energy.

    This is why your boss does not want you to be happy at work and why governments, hierarchy and the mass media promote discontent and sadness with their mind controlling antics.

    This is why we are led to believe that life is full of hate, corruptness and evil to basically make us feel sad so that we vibrate lower energy and become slaves to their matrix society.

    Happiness and laughter promotes Love and higher frequency vibrations.

    If your rich, famous or in powerful positions you are more in tune to Ascension because you are simply happier and more energetic and more in tune with body and soul. You have the time and space to meditate, have the money to buy the natural foods with real and pure energy, have the higher awareness and knowledge to help with ascension.

    People are so naive and have no clue to what is really happening out there. All they have to do is trust themselves and look for the answers and the answers will come to them naturally. Its LAWS of attraction which takes control and no man made system can prevent the LAWS of attraction or UNIVERSE!!!! It’s Nature’s freewill…

    By mass control and manipulation most of the people are simply being prevented of their natural evolving instincts and progression. It’s absolutely against human nature!!!!

  255. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    GOD did not create man in his image but MAN created god in his image!!!

    Most of us accept that we are physical bodies and having a spiritual being when the TRUTH is we are just spiritual beings in a physical body…

    “Life is a mystery, NOT the mystery in books, NOT what people talk about, but one that has to discover for ONE SELF!”

    How is it, they have money to fight world wars yet not to feed the poor of the world?

    We do not live in a PRISON which we can see, hear, touch or smell, but we live in a PRISON of the MIND itself!

    Whatever our fears is the reality we live in.

    The body is the unconscious mind.

    If there were no leaders one would lead himself, this is why we have such a sense of intuition, so why don’t we lead ourself? The truth is we do not need leaders because everyone should lead each other, we are all one within one conscious mind.

    The biggest crime ever was to be imprisoned within our own minds. If we can discover our beginning we can make the necessary changes to heal civilisation.

    Spirit and physical body are merely representations of conscious and subconscious mindset, yet we must keep in mind each is its own entity. It’s awareness that separates them!!!

    How do I get more awareness?

    Free up your mind, seek the truth and become more knowledgeable. The more information you gather that exposes the matrix of illusion the more aware of the truth you become. The next stage will lead you to another stage and coincidences appear everywhere!

    The biggest challenge is to overcome fear which manifests people’s realities. Fear vibrates at the lowest level of frequency and possesses the most negative energy among feeling and emotion. If we fear we attract what we fear and those who sense fear can exploit that fear.

    It’s nature!

  256. post nubila phobus Says:

    all seeing eye-

    look up the 3 levels or degrees of a scorpio, i think you will find that you have achieved the second level or possibly the third, the third level is the acceptance of what you have just stated. ask the admin for my email address, you are a smart person, i would like for you to keep in tough with me.

  257. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Does this next paragraph explain myself to you?

    “I have already taken a few steps on the spiritual path, and I have dedicated my life to my spiritual nature to some degree. The intense desire nature within me continues, however, to pull myself toward the physical expression. I constantly find myself at a turning point between pursuing a material desire and following a more spiritual inclination.

    I have the capacity for major changes in my life. Others may find my decisions remarkable, as I can take a 180 degree turn with relative ease. Each of these major shifts brings me closer to understanding the unfolding plan of my spiritual life. At this time I may appear to be motivated only by material desires, but each turning takes me further on the spiritual path. If I look back, I can see that my decisions have all blended into one direction. I see the logical unfolding of spirit woven into seemingly disjointed actions and decisions.

    First I test my physical appetites with food, sexual desire and physical comfort. These sometimes become rather boring. Ambition and the desire for power increase the emotional thrill and the momentary pay-off. At the third stage I tackle mental challenges of spiritual pride. If I transcend all three levels, I then function from a more spiritual base. I cease to seek physical emotional and mental thrills for their own sake, and use my personal power to transform my own life and to help others.

    I face a tall order if I make spiritual progress. I need to remember my own beginnings as I seek success in any of my endeavors, spiritual or otherwise.”

  258. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    “I am are very strong-willed and proud, but intensely private and not easy to know well. Behind my quiet exterior lies a great deal of emotional depth, sensitivity, complexity, and also fierce determination. When I want something I go after it rather quietly but insistently and wholeheartedly – and I usually get it.

    I am not a person who lives lightly or superficially. I want to live passionately and intensely and am not averse to challenge, danger, or to facing the darker side of life – human pain and struggle. I function well in crisis situations and often seek them out, for I enjoy the feeling of living at full capacity.

    I am very intuitive about other people and especially about their unspoken feelings and hidden motives. I usually have strong, immediate gut reactions, either positive or negative, which prove to be correct. I approach life very instinctively and am not always fully conscious of why I feel or act as I do.

    In relation to others, I am rather cautious, sometimes even suspicious, until I get to know and trust them – and trust doesn’t come easily to me. When I commit myself emotionally to someone, be it friend or lover, I am intensely loyal and devoted to them, but I also expect the same kind of unwavering, undying loyalty in return. If I am ever betrayed by someone I care deeply for, I am capable of hating and retaliating with as much fervor as I once loved. Nothing is done halfway. In fact, I am intensely involved and often jealously attached to whatever I care about, be it person, idea, or cause. There is definitely a streak of emotional fanaticism in me.

    Because of my natural reserve, others may see me as something of an enigma. I am quite self-protective and often defensive. I am also very magnetic, especially to members of the opposite sex.”

  259. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Scorpios operate on three levels of soul evolvement; adding up to three distinctively different types of Scorpios. The first level is the Scorpion. This is the least evolved and most drawn toward using their powers the wrong way. The criminal element of Scorpio comes under this level. Then there is the eagle – the highflying, entrepreneurial, successful Scorpio, who seems able to rise above adversity and transform bad-times into good. Then the highest expression of this sign is the Phoenix Resurrected. These Scorpios are detached and extremely powerful. They are wise beyond their years and act as leaders and are an inspiration to others. Quite frequently a Scorpio goes through the three levels of evolvement in one lifetime – but the levels can operate out of sequence.

  260. post nubila phobus Says:

    you forgot to mention the first level is called the snake. lol

  261. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    I referred to it as the scorpion, but it is also known as the snake.

  262. ROLLOTOMAZ1 Says:

    please could anyone tell me if there are any illuminati living in Cuba ?

  263. post nubila phobus Says:

    there are Illuminazi s in nearly every country, dominantly in countries that are populated by Caucasians and Latin Americans/Spanish. For more information ask your local bank or reserve system.

  264. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    What people must understand is that the Illuminati operate behind the scenes and reside mostly in discrete and wealthy nations. They rule the world banks and have their hands in most nation’s actions. Any wars, uprising and depressions throughout the world more often than not are created by the elite movement of this group whose bloodlines go right back to the ancient Egyptian era. Most are European aristocracy and Royalty and they hide behind control institutions such as religion and government, calling the shots and manipulating the masses. Do some research and be surprised at what you find.

  265. post nubila phobus Says:

    all seeing eye
    “Most are European aristocracy and Royalty and they hide behind control institutions such as religion and government, calling the shots and manipulating the masses.”

    This is what i tell people when they ask about Geometry and Satanism…… We tricked the world to warship the sun, a ball of fire in the sky that has no true thoughts, no hopes, an entity that can answer not one prayer.

  266. C. A. Romero Says:

    Hey “The All Seeing Eye” your comments are interesting, I’m a started, young, beginner, and new in this conspiracy (not believing) but knowing it’s real, but the majority of people out in the world talking about “GET A LIFE” telling us to get one when they are the one’s who just let people tell them things since they were children, yes it’s true knowledge is power but the REAL knowledge and history is more powerful then the one’s that are just told to you, but it’s also not a bad thing to learn the basics in school because when you learn the basics and find out the lies, you can compare and contrast to an audience of beginners learning the truth, but you also need to be an electrifying speaker, which is what I like about your words and how they are placed, I never thought about the illuminati until a few weeks ago, but since last year my World History teacher has been telling us the truth, to read between the lines in the history books and to back up your evidence, where internet comes in, but internet has so much info you need to be able to seperate the right from wrong knowledge given to you, before all this I always asked myself how can they figure out who killed some random individual in my community but they can’t figure out who killed John Lennon, Malcolm X, MLK, Ghanhdi, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson (yea I thought he was just some lil person who had nothing to do with importance accept music, but then I learned from my friends and backed up on the internet he was giving out information about the illuminati), and I Tupac. All of these men (and boy, MJ) have been assasinated but no one knows who? lol people are so, so media-controlled, and when you just wake up and SEE how easy it is. I compare people who don’t believe or think about TRUTHS as Children because you can tell children anything and once they hear that first they keep that first and foremost from everything in life (GOD) but funny, what I believe must be done is all the believers get a secret organization in which we change ways of life the way its supposed to be, like quiet wars against the NWO, like BWO, Better World Order, but it doesn’t even have to be world order, it has to be something legitimate where we could gather all believers but like the illuminati do they have a SECRET organization, we might as well have it SECRET from them too. But what am I saying, its suicidal but anything that was built by man can be takin apart, right. But first we must gather the facts and groups, make sure we don’t get turned out to be named terrorists or Nazi’s because that secret society has enough power to make us look like what they call bad people. The Illuminati members are in Government, Media, Entertainment(music, movies, etc.), Politics, Business(if we make up enough money, money controls status right). so if we do, wait when I mean we I mean the Legitimate Believers/Knowers. Um wait whats your name? I know I’m doing this over the internet, my name is Christian, age 17, better young then late

  267. C. A. Romero Says:

    kjellson Can you tell me more about your last comment, yes through past experiences but now your talking to someone who wants to hear, tell me more if you get on here again

  268. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Now I will say just one thing here,

    The Illuminati worship Lucifer who was a fallen angel. When one discovers the real truth they can fit pieces of the puzzle together and form a complete picture. One needs to uncover the past and learn their origins of life, and I will give people a clue here, Atlantis the lost continent!!!!

    Now evil entities are devious, but they are not allowed to harm us mere humans physically, only mentally, why? Because they exist only in the 4th dimension upwards. They work for Lucifer or Satan if you follow Christianity. They are known as many forms of entity. In Asia they are called Djinn or brotherhood of the snake although the Chinese know them as Dragon people. Ever wondered why the Chinese worship the Dragon? In Africa and Tribal Australia they are known as snake people that live in the ground or caves. The ancient Mayans knew them as Serpent gods, the old bible knew them as Nephilim. The Ancient Egyptians knew them as serpent people, but they are not godlike at all. They are against good and love, they thrive on negative energy and are what we perceive as evil spirits.

    Now our real gods are our real creators. They are the Anunnaki, and God is Anu although the Egyptians knew him as Anubis.

    The indigenous people here on earth were experimented on and a slave race was produced to mine the land for gold and build portal vessels on the surface of the planet to assist the Anunnaki with time travel. This is why the Pyramids and temples were erected 15 thousand years ago. The original slaves of the planet revolted against Anu and they were mostly destroyed and fallen Angels were sent to earth to create a new race in the appearance of themselves to slave the land although slaves were stripped of their powers and suppressed of knowledge to discover their powers. However, the fallen angels fell in love with the beautiful women they created and they mated with them. The women gave birth to giants that walked this earth thousands of years ago, there are some burial sites around the globe that have dug up skeletal remains of giants. The bible tells of Giants that walked the earth.

    Anu was angry at the fallen Angels who in turn revolted against Anu and they were stripped of their powers and sent to earth. Anu punished the human race and the fallen Angels for creating such offspring and sent the great flood to destroy humanity and the giants.

    The fallen angels built an ark to save as many animals and life they could to rebuild after the great flood.

    The tale of Atlantis is closer to our origin than one might like to think. Look it up and read about it.

  269. Hashashin 1 Says:

    The illuminati are a secret society… SECRET SOCIETY… If they even still exist the only way you’d know about what they do is if you were a member. Perhaps If they still truly exist, they have exactly the reputation they desire. How is anything at all known about them… They have spread the word themselves. Why???

  270. Hashashin 1 Says:

    Creative. All Seeing Eye. I applaud your enlightened fiction.

  271. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention…

    HARP technology and the ability to manipulate weather conditions is very possible. How? Through creative vortex energy. The exact reason why the pyramids were built around the globe in their precise locations that have the ability to channel into the Earth’s matrix energy field.

    People think Oil and gas is essential for energy? It’s readily used because it costs more money to distribute around the globe. They can charge more for their usage.

    Vortex energy is free as is solar energy. There are many types of energy but the most expensive kind are man made energies such as gas and electric. They can charge people the earth for them, pun intended!

  272. post nubila phobus Says:

    1 percent of the world have bloodlines traced back to jinns.

  273. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Jinns are 4th dimensional entities. In Eastern Asia they were described as genies – hence the tale of Aladdin – they posses magical power and granted wishes upon people who released them from their astral realm. They had the ability to manifest matter through mind power which was how they managed to magic up their wishes. They know how to manipulate the illusion of the mind.

    Now most of us are descendants from the Nephilim who mated with indigenous women on the planet. We are suppressed of knowledge and stripped of cosmic power or we would become like GOD and taste the fruit of knowledge.

    The fallen Angels had wings and cosmic powers. They were banished by Anu. They created man and women on earth. Our original purpose were to slave the land for our creators. The indigenous population revolted against Anu and were mostly destroyed although some survived and retreated to the forests and caves to live. This is why we have tribal people around today. The evolved DNA experimented population that were later deployed on this earth are mostly around today but there are hybrid members among us or Nephilim. They are also able to shape shift. These people are also known as jinns or Annunaki, brotherhood of the snake etc.. They have access to cosmic power and can reside on every dimension. They can time travel, appear everywhere at once and thrive on negative energy. In Christianity, they are known as evil spirits, in Asia they are mostly known as Jinns. Their leader is Lucifer who was the leader of the fallen Angels thousands of years ago.

    Their first offspring with the indigenous women were Giants that possessed powers. The women who were chosen by the Nephilim became witches or wiccans for they learnt how to access cosmic powers. The Giants ruled the world back then and created a slave race to serve them and their cosmic fathers. The Giants however became very greedy and consumed everything, eating all the livestock and crops and seizing all the gold that was mined for themselves. They become cannibals when the crops and livestock ran dry and began eating the slaves.

    Anu was angered and sent the great flood to destroy the giants and the nephilim. Although the great flood wiped out almost all of them, some survived and remained living for the next few thousand years. The Nephilim can live forever and they can reborn into new bodies for they have the ability to ascend and choose their pathways of the future. Some decide to stay in the 4th dimension and upward, although they are banished from the higher realms by Anu. They have sinned and he has washed his hands of them. They are what Christianity refer to as demons or devils.

    Now the majority of the population today are descendant of the Nephilim, but we don not realise our own powers and we are stripped of them. We are also suppressed of knowledge and right brain hemisphere which is the only pathway to spirituality which experiences further dimensional existence. When we do die, we will all automatically go to such places depending on our spiritual life and our consciousnesses and awarenesses. If we are driven by material things, driven by lust and greed have little knowledge we will be normally be reincarnated back into either an animal or a slave back on Earth until we can find our way back to godhood. However, if we have sinned terribly, such as commit murder, rape and pillage then we are at Satan’s or Lucifer’s mercy. He can either send us to the astral realm of negative energy in the 4th dimension which the holy bible tells us that is hell, or we reincarnate at something of his choice. We either reincarnate as an animal or insect depending on our crimes or we reincarnate to serve Lucifer in human form. This is why the majority of the population unknowingly serve Lucifer because there are few good men among us these days. The majority of people lust and desire for material things and they have lost their godhood. Anu turns his back on those who do not love remember. There is such a thing as afterlife. Look up the ancient Egyptian ‘book of the dead’.

    When all the good men have ascended from Earth, then hell will be on earth and the astral realm of the 4th dimension will claim its ultimate goal. A material world where they can lust and greed each other without any law and order. No love will exist.

    Look around you and see this materialising by every day around us. Like I have said, something is in the air, you can almost taste it. Something isn’t right or good these days, something is brewing and it is nothing godlike. Ask yourself the question. Do you want to have HELL on earth? The way we are going, this is exactly what we are heading for. The LAW of attraction will see to it…

  274. Steven Says:

    Your article is mediocrely entertaining though extremely unknowledgeable. Ugh kids that think they know what they talk about its a sad world with this lack of knowledge. good luck with your Fail articles.

  275. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Lack of knowledge?

    How do you perceive knowledge?

    Knowledge that has been given to you by others or knowledge which you have gathered yourself?

    Do you believe in intuition? Do you believe in self? Or do you feel outside sources are more believable? Do you think schools teach children everything they need to know that will help them throughout their lifespan? Do you think any government actually dictates the running of its country? Do you think religious institutions and churches show their followers the whole truth and the absolute truth?

    Do you feel people are suppressed of knowledge, true knowledge and kept in the dark over the origins of life and spirituality?

    You are absolutely correct that we live in a SAD world though. SAD is a low form of vibration. SADDNESS is very dense such as fear, both reside in the lower realms of negativity. The more SAD we are the more we FEAR, the more we think negative, the less awareness we are. When we are sad and feeling low we instinctively think negative thoughts, we become prisoners of our own minds. We rely on others to guide us, rely on others to provide for us. We then accept everything we see through basic senses as reality. We see it as normal.

    When we are in this low vibration we are stripped of knowledge for we use less brain energy. We are easily controlled and manipulated by those who are more aware, more knowledgeable, more energised and more in tune with body and soul.

    The biggest crime ever was allowing the few to enslave the many. We all have the same capabilities, the same DNA makeup and the same destiny that the few have kept from the many.

    Look all around you in the world today and be honest with yourself. DO you think we are living in a world that promotes peace and love? Do you think the forces of good are running this world? Do you think those who are so say creating a NWO are creating an order in the best interests of human nature?

    Lack of knowledge?

    So, can you give us some of your knowledge or are you one of those who feel it necessary to hide the truth from the mass population? That is depending you have any knowledge on the subject.

  276. alvero Says:

    Would you please “enlighten us” Steven, or are we unworthy of such knowledge…

  277. post nubila phobus Says:

    sounds like a crack head to me!

  278. Death Says:

    In the name, mem samekh… Death to the dragon clan!

    oh yes and theres a group of them located in jacksonville nc … some moved to wallace nc. rose hill also. DEATH TO THEM AALL BWUHAHAHAHAHAHA

  279. post nubila phobus Says:

    wtf is a dragon clan?

  280. Aaron Says:

    No Prooft what so ever for this shit. The idiots that write this complete crap are worse than the people that are apprently doing it. Its aload of Hippy bullshit. Go get a job and stop trying to make your favourtie films real you cunts.

  281. jojo x Says:

    i also believe this is true.. well at least 70% of it. to the people who think this is just happening to america you are the ones who are completly mad there taking over the whole world that why its new WORLD order!! i believe its the banks that are behind it all controlling the goverment and everything else.. obamas just a puppet on a string saying the things you all want to hear same as bush, the last REAL president was Kennedy and what happened to him?? Assasinated! They will soon control all the money in the world they already have the euro so the control all the money in europe (excludes Britain) there planning to change every continents currency into similair to the euro.

    To All Seeing Eye: i completely agree with everything you say.. we all need to stand up and fight for our world these people on here really piss me off just critizing what they dont even know about if they actually got off there fat arses and did some research themselves instead of going with the flow just getting by in life probly flipping burgers in mcdonalds you would soon see the true!

    And last of all to Keet:

    Your a complete ARSHOLE!
    the government CAN control the weather and do, its called HAARP Technology (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
    by beaming billions of watts of radiated power into the ionosphere..the electrically charged layer above earths atmosphere, this heats up the ionosphere and disturbs it which causes the raditions to bounce back down to earth causing allsorts from hurricanes to droughts! they can actually pin point which area they want to target. And the scientists behind this operation can actually stop these hurricanes and so on from happening so why didnt they stop Katrina??

    All these people care about is themselves they certainly DONT care about your ‘best’ interests!

  282. alvero Says:

    Yes the banks deffinitely do control the government….Im currently a soldier in the New Zealand Army and we have recently been given new army ID cards..if you hold the card at a specific angle you would see the symbol of the world bank..a globe with longitude and latitude lines..

    Of course there are probably many symbols of a globes that have longitudinal and latitudinal lines…But this symbol on the card is not similar, It is EXACT..

    Like comparing the Mcdonalds logo on a cheeseburger wrapper, to the wrapper of a Hamburger…..It is the same

  283. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Government warns of 60% increase of domestic fuel bills by 2016 to meet the demands of supply.

    This is exactly what I’m referring to by ways and means to suppress people of wealth and to rob them of their hard earned money.

    We have many types of energy that could be cost effective and free. Instead of over charging people with man made commodities the government could introduce a scheme so that everybody can have solar panels installed on their properties or provide cheaper ways of collecting energy from the earth’s magnetic field.

    Oil and gas/electricity require manpower to obtain and distribute around the globe. Wars are generated over such commodities, why? Because the super rich elite keep monopoly of the wealth, keep themselves in power and be able to control the masses.

    If scientists are allowed to do their work, technicians are allowed to build the correct apparatus to channel the earth’s natural energies both in the atmosphere and under ground vortex energy people could have much cheaper fuel bills or free fuel bills.

    Instead of using taxpayers money on the military, creating wars or polluting the world with toxic waste from man powered energy sources the governments can construct cleaner and energy efficient apparatus around the globe.

    It’s sickening when one realises that wars, depressions and slavery only exists because of a few who need to satisfy their own selfish needs.

    Create a problem, cause mass panic, offer a solution.

    The problem is the solution only benefits themselves and not YOU!!!!!

  284. Death Says:

    The Little Book Of Death

    In hebrew the numbers 666 add up to the word parts not translated, meaning in raw form. They translate to Mem samekh vav sofit. Often times he is called Mem Samekh.

    DCLXVI is the roman numerals for the number 666, which was used in the time of Revelation when it was written. The system of numerals was common to be written on graves as the hebrew numbers were equivalent in the same manner used for dates to the Romans.

    D translates to the hebrew as kaf sofit. Since Kaf sofit is not proper for the beginning of the name you must transliterate sort of to the likewise symbol used in its place without the elongated bar which is dalet heh, because the bar denotes a final form of a word, being the transliteration for the letters d and h which is dalet heh instead of kaf sofit. So kaf sofit is the equivalent of five hundred which is transliterated in a way of saying to be dalet heh. Qof is the next number which is the equivalent of one hundred. Dalet heh qof with the heh qof being used in conjunction with each other as deriving a vowel. So Dalet heh qof is the equivalent of Da in the first two letters of the name even so because of the use of heh and qof being conjunctive with each other as forming a single letter. The third letter is nun sofit but since its not the end of the word the likewise symbol must be used that is vav because nun sofit is also a final form.. Nun sofit which is fifty is translated to vav which is the transliteration for the letter v. So the first three letters of the name of Death is Dav. The next part of the name is yod heh aleph which is the translation of ten being yod, heh being five, and aleph being one.. which tranfers itself into an I and because of the conjunction of the words in hebrew when added one to another with the system of dots and punctiation in forming a conjunctive letter from the previous. The D at the end i do not yet know about. i read it i thought but forgot and its still a little foggy about the yod heh aleph being the i without a d in conjunction because i seem to think it was for the conjunctive letters being added together but i am not sure with even the kaf sofit denoting a d at the end of the word because it is also a final form.

    The prophecies relating to the end time says that god will establish the throne of David forever so it must be that they believe this guy is who he establishes. David is the closest name i found with what seems to be in line with end time stuff as a calculation of the number 666. If you find Isiah prophetic in future tense The messenger of the lord destroys Babylons army and they turn back around. I seem to think there is a mention of a servant named David relating also to future things.

    Im guessing he will start with a company like what i thought, where you borrow on credit to barter, according to a principle of credit to purchase items in order to barter, and interest. Since this would cause less taxes yet enslave the poor according to the laws. It says He enslaves both small great poor and free.” This would be because of the laws in this nation not “enslaving” his own companies such as bartering on tax would be replaced by interest being his own profit instead of the governments for what seems to be for the people and seemingly the people who could afford would profit instead of the poor. Someone said this is just the credit union.

    The phases of the celestial map. We have the mans face, the ox’s face, and the lions. of the last of these is the Eagle, or Scorpion Of the Four Creatures, and the Living Creature. Which represent of four riders or four gods or four cycles in sixteen, being Death, as i guess. Dealing with the Black hole and Habbakkuk. To which God says “To my chief musician, On my stringed instruments.” God and Death “fight to the sound of their music.” In the next world it is said that Death fights Pharoah and two others.

    The Theosophists say He changes his looks like every five years, and his structure of values frequently to fit the situations, and Has blonde hair. “The Superman.”

    The commander that just took over the armed forces in all of middle eastern operations and asian operations name is David Petraeus and guess what… he dyes his hair.

  285. Viewer Says:

    I just came across this forum and started reading. I don’t know who Keet or The All Seeing Eye is but I will say this:

    Keet you appear to be a major asshole – a first class SHEEP who is living in a very deep coma. The greatest power on earth is mind control which is everywhere – in the supermarkets, in publishing, in the media, in advertising, in education, in so called ‘tradition and culture’ … you name it – everyone knows that. Our way of life including our fears and joys in this life are all man made. And this control comes from the ruling power who controls governments.

    To the All Seeing Eye – Have you not heard. Do not cast your pearls to swine. Not that Keet is a pig but he/she/it is extremely ignorant. This means that you cannot reason or debate with such a person. HE/SHE/IT IS INDEED ASLEEP and debating like the programmed robot that he/she is.

    ‘Do not cast your pearls to swine’ means that such a person will never understand nor appreciate the value of truth and wisdom.

    I would like you to know All Seeing Eye and those who also know the truth that there are many who are aware of this controlling power that moulds the world as we know it and plans every future political event which shapes the lives of all but knowing is not enough because knowing cannot stop it. As long as people live their lives in a coma like keet and argue while asleep with those who have knowledge, the illuminati will continue to control everything… and you have all seen just how difficult it is to wake someone up (like Keet) from their induced coma. Such people get up and go through their 24 hour day like robots until the day they die and never once ask WHY?

  286. nono Says:

    To keet or anyone like you who oppose the secret society, I have one simple question for you. Why in some countries like USA, natural medicene can NOT be patent? ONLY DRUGS CAN BE SOLD! All these drugs are toxics to the body and it only harms you rather then healing you. Isn’t this one way of depopulating? Their are more diseases then ever before.

  287. Stoned Says:

    Come on! For the guys that believe everything written start using… for the guys that need to see something to believe NEVER TAKE LSD!!! you are going to believe to little green thiefs that want your socks! the only good that comes from this thing is that some webowner posted a “ball”post and you made him the favor to add his hits. Come on… they were doing it with aliens back to 80s and 90s…but then we called it bbs and r-line..!… now suddently there are illuminati organising some master paln… after that was 2012… i wonder when the end comes will we get a warning>?? Probably not …

    It was fun reading ur posts. Please continue,,, we need stupid people for many many many things! Take care….

  288. Yomerengues Says:

    Yo digo que . . . todos están re-locos. Les encanta andar de catastróficos. mejor pónganse a leer cosas constructivas o a filosofar en la eternidad del cangrejo. Si algo va a suceder, pues dejen que suceda.

  289. Stoned Says:

    i COULDNT keep myself away from keyboard… but dude… every soul in this ball post are speaking (write…) English… would you be so kind to write in English… Because we understand that u know English! otherwise u wouldnt post an answer here…! Dude its plain stupid if not only rude…! We dont live in LA so Spanish arent a must! 😛

    Btw… here is the english version of the above!

    “I say. . . all are re-mad. They love to go catastrophic. please read more constructive things to philosophize or crab in eternity. If something will happen, then let it happen. “

  290. naşim nayan Says:

    son kozunuz olsun zorda sukunet bu imgesel örgütleri bukadar abartmaya gerek yok

  291. naşim nayan Says:

    köpeğe gem vurma kendini at sanır TURK ATA SÖZÜ

  292. Bravo Says:

    These are all facts , THESE leaders AR DIRTY

  293. shaquiqua Says:

    Y’all have waaaaaaaay too much time on your hands…..

  294. Britney Spears Says:

    Hey y’all this is all REAL they are liek making this things to our heads and putting all kinds of poison in our food and I as an ex disney employee can say that this happens to our kids EVRY DAY YALL, they put ALIEN TRACKS on our food and sell cheetos made of Doritos to OUR KIDS, Y’all belive it or not they brainwash us and stuff I mean for reals, is just sad that in this time and day time and times, we people have to suffer liek this.

    Love Y’all Brit.

  295. Real Says:

    I don’t know if everything about this is real, but ppl need to know that the government is corrupted and that there’s so much going on behind closed doors. So you better roll with the Most High, and accept Jesus Christ and your Savior and Lord because you never know if your gonna be here tommorow, or the next minute…

  296. alvero Says:

    post nubila phobus & All Seeing eye…Im interested to know what your views are on 2012…

  297. f a y e z Says:

    watch arrivals serires at


    search for the truth and find it yourself.


  298. Fat Says:


  299. Slink Says:

    OK to everyone. REMEMBER THIS! “Money and Greed Is The Root to ALL EVIL”. Now with that in mind, start doing some research into who controls what. If you look into the 13 original bloodline of the ILLUMINATI, you will find the rockafellars, Astors, DuPont, Rothschild, etc, Now go look into what those families own….

    Ok now go check out the OTO, check out thier symbols, thier mission statements,

    I read the “left behind” series of books, and it stated that “The One” will call himself names like national great master bla bla bla….

    at the OTO website, look up sabazius x.

    He labels himself as the “National Grand Master General” or Supreme and holy king.

    Now tell me people, are we really this stupid that we cant even see the true evils going on behind the curtains. Satan is everywhere!

    Notice the all seeing eye on that green one dollar bill you got in your pocket, go on take it out.

    see the pyramid
    Under it says ” NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.

    Thats means NEW WORLD ORDER

    come on people, what more evidence do you need.



    Somewhere in revalations it says something about when information is at mans finger tips that the endtime are near…

    i believe everyone needs to start looking into wwho thier real true, and only god is, because the time for that may becoming to late. find him, and ask for his forgivness.

  300. Slink Says:


    The statements collected here—the Mission Statement, Program Synopsis, Vision Statement, and Values Statement—summarize the nature, purpose, and direction of U.S. Grand Lodge. Together, they form the basis for our planning, and the standard against which we measure our accomplishments.

    These documents were produced by the Executive of U.S. Grand Lodge and by the Strategic Planning Committee during 2005 and 2006. Work on a detailed plan informed by these documents began in the summer of 2006. On April 15, 2007 e.v., the Executive formally adopted the first strategic plan resulting from this process. The plan will be reviewed and amended annually as we accomplish existing goals and set new ones.
    Mission Statement
    The Mission Statement (which is also available here) provides a summary of the purpose of O.T.O. U.S. Grand Lodge. It is intended to answer the question “Why does U.S. Grand Lodge exist?” as briefly and clearly as possible. It is essentially a brief distillation of the Program Synopsis, which follows.

    Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. is the U.S. Grand Lodge (National Section) of Ordo Templi Orientis, a hierarchical, religious membership organization. Our mission is to effect and promote the doctrines and practices of the philosophical and religious system known as Thelema, with particular emphasis on cultivating the ideals of individual liberty, self-discipline, self-knowledge, and universal brotherhood. To this end, we conduct sacramental and initiatory rites, offer guidance and instruction to our members, organize social events, and engage in educational and community service activities at locations throughout the United States.
    Program Synopsis
    The Program Synopsis is a more detailed examination of the purposes of O.T.O. U.S. Grand Lodge, and is based on an analysis of O.T.O.’s foundational documents (Books 52, 101, 161 and 194; Khabs Am Pekht; the Ramaka Prospectus; and the Constitutions of 1913 and 1917). It is essentially a more detailed version of the Mission Statement.

    The Program of the U.S. Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis is as follows:

    1. To create, maintain, and promote a structured society of men and women within the United States of America, who are united by their acceptance of the Law of Thelema, by a common interest in Magick, Yoga, and Hermetic Science, by the common experience of ceremonial initiation and sacramental ritual, by common pledges of fidelity, cooperation, and mutual aid, and by certain common ideals, namely: individual liberty; self-discipline; self-knowledge; universal brotherhood; and opposition to tyranny, superstition, and oppression.
    2. To manage and govern this society in substantial conformance with the principles set forth in the writings of Aleister Crowley and other historical leaders of Ordo Templi Orientis, with the approval and under the authorization of the International Headquarters of Ordo Templi Orientis, and in such a way as to ensure its continued survival and promote its continual growth and advancement.
    3. To provide certain benefits to the members of this society, including, but not limited to: participation in sacramental rituals; social community and entertainment; pastoral guidance and mediation of disputes; instruction in Hermetic Science, Yoga, and Magick; and opportunities for creative expression, community service, and development of beneficial social and professional relationships.
    4. To preserve and advance the principles and practices of the religious, philosophical, and magical system of Thelema, and to promote the principles of individual liberty and universal brotherhood.
    5. To conserve and manage books, documents, and other properties of historical or practical value which it may possess.
    6. To establish physical centers of activity for the society in diverse locations throughout the United States of America.

    Vision Statement
    The Vision Statement presents our idealized vision of how U.S. Grand Lodge should ultimately develop. Thus, the Vision Statement is the least stable of these documents; as the Order grows and changes, and especially as objectives below are met, we will revisit the Vision Statement periodically to set our sights on new objectives.

    1. We envision OTO USA as a model religious and fraternal order of occult initiates, and a leading proponent of Thelemic thought and culture within the United States.
    2. We will maintain a physical presence near every major population center in the country, from which we will offer services in support of our mission to our members and to the public.
    3. We will uphold the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness in the practice and dissemination of our religious, spiritual, magical, and ethical teachings.
    4. We will espouse and defend the principle of individual liberty while cultivating strong fraternal bonds within our ranks.
    5. We will foster harmonious and constructive relationships with the academic, business, civil, and greater social communities within which we operate.

    Values Statement
    The Values Statement clarifies the principles underlying U.S. Grand Lodge planning and operations. All our policies, initiatives, and other decisions must adhere to these principles. They are the ethical basis of our work.

    1. We support the liberty of the individual and the cultivation of self-respect, self-knowledge, self-discipline, and self-responsibility.
    2. We affirm the bonds of fraternity and expect fidelity, frankness, cooperation, mutual aid, and good faith among our members.
    3. We value hospitality in our community and promote peace, tolerance, truth, and respect to the Order within our temples and precincts.
    4. We advocate the principles of Scientific Religion and Universal Brotherhood, and oppose tyranny, superstition, and oppression.
    5. We accept and uphold the Law of Thelema as promulgated in the Book of the Law and the writings of the Prophet of the Aeon, Aleister Crowley.

  301. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    Some useful information there…

    Can you enlighten people on masonic knowledge or should I say Kabbalah Knowledge or should I say Sacred Geometry? How about the purpose of checkered flooring in the masonic lodges or about Jinns or even about anti matter or dopplegangers? How about Frequencies or dimensions? How about ancient worshipping of the serpent or should I be more specific and mention DNA? LOL!!! All this genetics and harmonics and solfeggio is so confusing to the simple and brainwashed minds of the many!!!! What is a Markeba? Is it UFOs? Is it the Anunnaki? Is Satan Jesus or Lucifer or are they the SUN? LOL!!! Ever looked in the mirror and seen your reflection? Or is it a portal? Can it be your alter ego? What are those stars in the sky that move around a lot and shine red and blue before disappearing? What is the purpose of crop circles? Are they sacred geometry? Are they the coming of Nibiru? Are they DNA triple helix potential? Where is the capstone on the great pyramid of Giza? What are Vortex energy points? What is the significance of crystallized energy? Did Atlantis exist? Did Giants once walk this earth? Were they the Nephilim? Why do we worship mystery religion unknowingly and why are we supporting the matrix of illusion? Can we all find our third eye and become enlightened? Do I need to go on?LOL!!!!

  302. the great one of tibet Says:

    its the truth people so what are we gonna do about it

  303. slink Says:

    Thats jus it tho, It’s so intertwined within our society, that really, the only way i see something happening, is its gonna be a miracle, it gonna be the rapture, when ever it happens, maybe that’ll be enough to open peoples eyes.

  304. Blam Says:

    Your Crazy!

  305. keet z illuminati Says:

    bwewabelawo avunula kyengamba nga mumanya illuminati abafuga…yah say it like it is 😛

  306. Josh Says:

    That’s the stupidest post that I have ever read!

  307. joshua Says:

    guyys….trust this …this is true..but there are more to be revealed….it connected to christianity 100% and i been doin research on illuminati and mason for 7 years

  308. Mary Says:

    Do not be deceived! “Their throat is an open grave, with their tongues they keep deceiving, the poison of asps is under their lips, whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness; their feet are swift to shed blood, destruction and misery are in their paths, and the path of the peace have they not known. there is o fear of G-d before their eyes, (Romans 3:13-18)
    All these images and words are from the department of lucifer, the prince of this world. the satan, the demons, who controls almost everything on earth, but they cannot own it. One-world religious, New world order and others eventually will NOT stand on their feet, they will be cast all into HELL. For example, Do you remember “The Tower of Babel and the confusion of the tongues ? From 612 B.C. to 539 B.C. Babylon became the dominant world power, where Babylon is today? Between 430 B.C. to 332 B.C., Persia was a world power, where Persia is today? What about the Alexander the Great, wanted to united the world, where Alex is today ?
    So all the members of the Illuminati eventually will NOT stand on its feet !!! They did not created this world, so they cannot own it !!! Read The Holy Bible and follow where it says in the last days, the power of the heavens will be shaken… There is only one way to save you and that way is JESUS CHRIST, you believe it or not.

  309. evian33 Says:

    I have a few problems with all of this.
    Wilde said he did not want to be part of any society that would have him as a member. This is quite true but if you were part of an elitest society, if you were one of the richest people on the planet, if you did control some banks, media. etc… do you not think that you would still ask the question;
    “is there another even more secret society??”
    I think that is just part of human nature…to question?? Curioisty and the opposable thumb have allowed us to evolve into beings that question. But i refuse to believe that even the Lord-High-Grandmaster of the Brotherhood of Light-Masons-Alpha-Beta-Kappa doesn’t wonder what am I NOT part of??
    Secondly, I would hope there is an exceptionally evolved heirarchy of people in power and not just the Himler style propoganda machines we call politicians! It is comforting to think that people with brains effect high-level decisions. Maybe the Masons are just a charitable organisation, maybe the Illuminati does what it says on the tin…just light!
    Look at the sunrise in the morning and watch the world wake up and come to life as it is hit by the light. Notice how that big star that earth spins round in it’s goldilocks orbit somehow brings things to life. But to mention one of mankinds great ‘thinkers’, take Buddha; did he not become enlightened by seeing the world through different eyes??
    Finally, my grandmother (born in 1920) was one of the brightest stars I had the pleasure of knowing. Now i don’t proport this as my belief but and i quote (roughly!);
    “this is heaven”.
    Now I don’t for one second believe that there aren’t places on this planet that seem like hell, but for the majority of people, if we wake up and see the splendour around us, invite those around us to rejoice in the richness of life and can manage to do this every day in life! Then I say, welcome to the Illuminati Brothers and Sisters.
    You want to know a secret, well I’ll tell you, open your eyes and look…look at what you have been granted as a living entity on this planet. Choose life.

  310. victoria Says:

    This website is controlled by them.

  311. evian34 Says:

    More than likely…but why would ‘they’ bother.
    You say they and I say us. We that are fortunate enough to have been granted the miracle that is a life to live. Don’t simply wash your hands of a wrong that you see within a society that you live in but try and change it.
    ‘Grant me the strength to change the things i can,
    the serenity to accept the things i can’t
    and the wisdom to know the difference.’

    I say spend less time looking for the wrongs at the top and concentrate ensuring that the community you live in (within this town and country and continent and planet) is as good as you can make it. Holy God! I sound like i’m preaching from the new testament ( and btw most other forms of religious script written by former members of this human race). but all i am saying is, reach out to what you can touch and try and change the things around you you can effect.

    A secret society of old men who know a speical secret that only they know. Or a corrupt government ..(i mean really…no…surely not!). Interesting concepts…they do provoke thought and sometimes even intellgent discussion but…if you were suddenly granted the ability to fly do you think…
    A. you would become a comic book superhero
    B. you would exploit the power for your own gain alone
    C. you would still be late for work!

    My point in all this rambling is…(and i recognise there are some more and much less fortunate than others)…but for the vast majority of us somewhere in mediocrity…we, you, i, us! have been granted a go on this planet with a whole life of our own. Life… a secret none of us will ever be able to fully explain.
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, then your’s is the earth and everything in it and what’s more, you’ll have woken up and taken a big old whiff of the coffee in front of your nose, someday my child.

  312. Elena Says:

    So if they control everything…we’re all screwed. No way of us being “set free”

  313. Andy Says:

    ….they control wheather? Holy crap.

  314. Delsy Says:

    They don’t exactly control everything because there are people breaking out they have changed the Bible alot but the stuff in Genius, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers and Exodus. Those are probably the ONLY really reliable ones. Maybe Revelation but except from that then yeah… it kinda sad because all of this is true…

  315. Aiza Says:

    Its not what you see. Its not what you hear. Its not what you believe.
    Its what you read between the lines. See what will happen in 2015 with the economic markets. See what happens now with the financial markets.
    A new worldorder will come

  316. Edgar Says:

    Isso é formidavel.Espero q essa sociedade ainda esteja realmente viva,com os mesmo ideias.A igreja catolica ja fez vitimas demais nesse longo periodo catastrofico.

  317. kaidis Says:

    man this room is fucked up i mean all the fighting for what when we need to come togeather thats what they want us to tear each other apart no matter if its the illuminiti or the goverment period they killed all of our heros controlling evrything the way you live think act your money everthing 2-pac said it best killminiti all of his songs are a message to us stop bobbing your hear to the music you blind fucks and listen to what the man was saying trying to warn us about how our lifes would come to an end if we keep being blind to the fact the man was killed because of his words against these people not hiding the truth from us but it takes untill 2009 for us to here him say these thing when if we would have heard it if he was still breathing shit wouldnt be like this they would be scared of us we would have created our own black revolution not only would the blacks follow him people of all races would just like all people of race listened to his music but didnt here the words an i was one of them and now i wish i should have hered the words back then but i didnt an i pray to the all high that we are not doomed in the words of 2-pac only god can judge me now and thats how it is and will always be and for the illuminiti the all high is going to light your ass up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  318. piano man Says:

    just face the truth! there is no escape!

  319. Revillod Says:

    First, the words from our so called ‘Gov’ have made beleave what they want us to beleave. but the troth has been in front of us for year’s, an people dont beleave in the being who gave us life. The lord Our god, the end is near an there’s always holp if u have faith. Faith in your self because us as man kind we are strong, an that’s what they dont want. They want our freedom our rigth to think open your eye’s an see the the troth an it will set you free

  320. kaidis Says:

    people we need to come togeather stop all this hatred that we have for one another and we can put it twords them they are the enemy there the ones that have the world all fucked there the ones who started the east coast west coast war not biggie or 2-pac they had none thing to do with it they were just the pawns in there plot to destroy us open your fucking eyes look around and dont talk sbout be about it do something lets make some motherfucking noise they need to here us and be afraid they already fear us there to many they cant control us all they cant wipe us all out we have to start our revolution now or we are all doomed to be controled by them forever

  321. kaidis Says:

    you dumb stupid ignorant motherfuckers they came out with a movie about the shit and you dumb bitches still dont get that shit does stink man because of you all who dont have any faith like the all seeing eye listen up dumb fuck the all high is going to light yo ass up you just dont get it do you i think you should stay the fuck off this site who ever dont have any faith shouldnt be talking shit shoudnt even be talking because yo brain is all fucked up i think you need to be educated more you are the type of person that makes me sick to my stomach but god will forgive you he will and i pray he has mercy on your soul cause you no not what you do and for all of those who agree with me we gotta do something ya’ll we have to or our kids future is doomed

  322. Raider Says:

    EPic Failz

  323. dudeguypersonmanthing Says:


  324. sst Says:

    Illuminati=Jew !!!

  325. kaidis Says:

    all seeing eye and da rest of u dummies are going to burn in hell you fucking people are so fucking srupid god forgive you for u not know what u do

  326. NIMBUS((O))CLAN Says:

    I am the clan and Payne shall awaken my first son.

  327. NIMBUS((O))CLAN Says:

    Who is really ILLUMINATI!!
    Speak now!! Every Freemason reveal yourselves now!!
    For 2012 is near!!

  328. NIMBUS((O))CLAN Says:

    Mem samekh vav sofit

    Does this sound familiar
    The All Seeing Eye.

  329. Joeann Hemani Says:

    Your post is an inspiration for me to discover more about this topic. I must concede your lucidity expanded my views and I will immediately snatch your rss feed to remain up to date on any next articles you might release. You are due, thanks for a job well done!

  330. Rider I Says:

    Actually weather control is easy.
    I tried to make visit to Korea to see the front lines for myself and the miraculously that Region had its first huge storm in years, come to find out the Communist had been sowing the sky with silver nitrate. But that was because they need the water they say. LOL. 

    However, the controlling of everything is wrong. We do have a free society. Are the Illuminati’s in a good part of the world. I sure hope so. These are all wrong though. The illuminati stands for individual freedom. As the world has shone lately the illuminati is starting to lose its grip and the NWO are gaining control and power. The NWO are the Communist party and they believe in one ordained society where everyone works and everyone has the same thing. The illuminati who are currently losing the battle next paragraph I will explain, believe in individual freedoms, your right to religion and your right to self protection, your right to reap what you soe, and the right to be fundamental free, John Locke, George Washington, Samuel Adams, & the old school scientist who fought against the first communistic corporation the Catholics.

    Think about it. The NWO has tried for years they left a shell of the Soviet Union for the I’s to waist time and money attacking while they re set up in an easily communal enslaved country China. They where ripe for a new ideological perspective, as they where still under dictatorship rule.
    So after the Communist left Russia to die and weather without their support, they tool weapons, their stock piles of world ownership, and they moved to China. Here they planned to take the Western free societies by storm. The NWO had already started taking Europe with very Communistic style rules and laws, starting with their barristers and legislatures, then they decided the only way after McCarthyism to take out American was through using their best strength against them. Our belief in freedom. The Communist then played hard to get and waited till they where strong enough to attack. Once they thought they could take out the I’s they moved. The NWO opened up China for exploitation.
    Then they did, gaing the biggest stake in Free societies debt, lands, legal and legislative properties. This in turn is where we leave it out. The whole of American has turned its back on the I’s and individual freedom and they are know starting to be driven like cattle towards communal slavery. They undertones have started. We have been saying things. However, in America, the I’s do not run the show the citizens run the show. When the Communist propaganda department has whole warehouses of people blogging communist propaganda and they get paid for it and the I’s wish not to enlave people as such to fight back. We have a problem.
    As such we are left here. At a cross road. We know the NWO has taken root in the US, the last individual freedom country, we know they are more powerful than the I’s because of our love for individual freedom. We can only fight for freedom if our Citizens believe in it. If the Citizens do not believe in individual freedom then we die.
    Some of us will fight in the ranks the most powerful scientists in the world heads of many a good willed rebel unit. However, we wish not to take it there. We just wish for the Americans and the world to see what is going on and understand the Economic warfare that is now our century’s battle field.
    In legislation, the court rooms, and in marketing.

    This is the Illuminati that everyone hates and so thinks is bad. We have protected as much as the citizens of each country would let us, but they have to believe in us and individual freedoms are it does not work.

    Individual freedom of thought from incursion of pshyic spies or tools, individual freedom of protection to as much as the night watchmen, freedom of education, and freewill as much as possible without hurting ones neighbors.

  331. EAGLE1 Says:

    I am hoping that not all of Christianity is lumped into ya’ll’s facts. I am a Christian (not a Catholic) and I am just now becoming aware (sorry I was living, as has been pointed out, a very busy lifestyle) I remember the speach back in 1991 and even then I heard “a New World order” and I thought to myself what the world is he talking about. Now I have a clearer understaning. Thank you all for the research and i do appriciate the time spent in helping us to become aware. in fact It two weeks ago I was thinking about that speach and decided to google it, and low and behold I found a plethera of information. The thing that provoked my attention to President Bush Sr. speach was, i had been reserching the Roman Catholic church and I truly believe that they are definatly playing a part in this world takeover. They are using religion to do it. this upsets me alot, as I am a Christian and our country was founded upon the Bible. I know there is debate over this but for it not being founded upon it the founding forefathers quoted it alot. I love America and the freedom we have. This is the freedom that our forefathers had Life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. Any way thank you very much for the info and I will be doing all I can to raise awareness of the gradual takeover of our freedom. As a Christian I do believe that this is just a sign that the last days are upon us. However, I do believe I am not suposed to just lay down and be a door mat for the socialists/comunists to take my freedom of religion away without a fight. I would have to say as little David said to Saul in the Bible, when he wanted to fight Goliath and his brothers were saying no. David looked at them and said “is there not a cause”. I believe we have a cause to stand up for our freedom of religion and speach, etc.

  332. TheAllSeeingEye Says:

    Early Christianity was destroyed by the Roman Catholic church. Christianity was founded and based on gnosticism and much of its roots was torched when the great Library of Alexandria was set alight in Egypt.

    Jesus taught spirituality which he had learnt through the mystery schools of Egypt and on his travels as a young man throughout the far east. The secret teachings of spirituality has been suppressed by the throne for thousands of years.

    This is why modern day religions make people look outside of themselves for god or for an outside form of worship. Prayer is an outside source of worship. God warned about worshipping false gods and false idols. Jesus said the way to the kingdom of heaven was through the holy spirit.

    Look within and the truth will set you free, bring down false foundations and step beyond the veil of illusion.

    Christianity is a pure religion as are most religions who all teach spirituality in their early roots. All religions derive from ancient Egypt and much earlier Atlantean and Lumerian civilisations. The secrets of the order were brought into ancient Egypt by the god of wisdom and knowledge THOTH. Thoth built the great pyramid of Giza and the Emerald tablets of truth and wisdom were put there. Although by this time Thoth had incarnated as the Greek great messenger god Hermes.

    Jesus was initiated into the secret teachings inside the great Pyramid. The great pyramid of Egypt is very significant to spirituality.

    God is within all of us if we only choose to look within and find our soul. This is our heavenly connection.

  333. toza Says:

    I beleave it’s true that you try to tell us and I know that it will take time before people understand it.

    About climate control, I remember in 1981 in africa, I sow Japaneses and belger doing something to push the rain out of our town whail the were bulding a road.

    I know too that this technologie we use now is old l take an exemple like MOBIL TELEFON and many more. I think too that the 51 ZONE has many big secrets than we can think.

    thank you for doing this BIG JOB and GOD bless you

  334. Angel Says:

    The Illuminati were actualy a secret society based on science and disproving religion. They werent that bad guys. They were just like philosophers and scientists. To be honest not everyone beleives in god and wants to follow men who put women as practicly slaves. They had a right to beleive that religion wasent real.

  335. shapeofthingstocome Says:

    I’m glad to see that the comments posted show a lot more intelligence and reasoned thought from the UK contributors on both sides of the fence.

    I too have looked into and extensively researched the whole idea of the NWO and related issues. This is my conclusion:


    1) The media ARE getting much worse at reporting what I would call proper news. They seem to be missing important stories and hyping some out of all proportion. Some of their facts don’t always add up too so I am highly critical of the news we receive. I also agree we are fed rubbish by the television companies too regularly now. Maybe from an increase in the number of channels, or because it’s cheaper or maybe to dull our minds…you choose. Where have the good documentaries
    2) There does seem to be a lot of wealth and power behind the scenes pulling the strings of polititians and media. This is not necessarily a secret society though. Companies and the elite rich have always served themselves. Money breeds corruption!! There is plenty of corruption around the world orchistrated by big polluting companies, drug companies etc who don’t care about the people and want to make money. They have been using people for years – child slave labour to make clothes, destroying rainforest for profit. We let them do this!! We are at fault as we have kept our mouths shut and bought the cheap clothes. It’s been just too inconvenient for us to step in and they have got richer.
    3) The pharmaceutical industry is up to no good!! There is lots of extremely good evidence from reliable sources on the internet to suggest that HIV is man made, as is avian flu and swine flu. They are all spliced viruses, made up of a mixture of different viruses that would not naturally occur. See John Viapen (ex pharmaceutical industry) and Dr Hillman who in his later years admitted a lot of bad things his drug company did, including references to illnesses created from his vaccines. These include leukaemia and HIV. This documentary was put on by a doctor after the television company refused to air it worrying about the possible law suits. Plus see Dr Mercola interview with a neurosurgeon. The vaccine does not appear to be safe (believe me I researched for hours) and it does look like they tried to kill off the population when they gave out the wrong injections to several labs. If this had not been tested we would all be in trouble. All the ferrits tested died and the live flu strain should be impossible to have escaped in this way. It was a more dangerous varient than the H1N1. The media have not jumped at this vital story. It’s apparantly being investigated.

    Something strange has been happening here!! Population control seems possible when you look at this evidence. Not sure about the Mosche story although the footage and warning that he was going to give seem plausable. The CIA seem to have an involvement from the things I’ve looked at. Plus they do seem to have an agenda to ruin our health!! including trying to ban health food products!

    4) FEMA camps do appear to exist and are very worrying. Who and why? Another piece of the mystery that does seem to exist. NWO? Maybe, maybe not but somebody’s up to something.

    These things I know. Now what I don’t believe to be true:
    As soon as a conspiracy theory starts you get all sorts of nonsense. This belittles the facts that are out there and researchable.
    1) Reptilians, aliens etc – what utter rubbish!! Shame on you!
    2) Chem trails – again conspiritorial rubbish. Although I did find one convincing article from an engineer, although my interpretation would be different.
    3) Prince Charles’ association with the illuminati – absolute rubbish. I believe he’s a good man. He believes in herbalism (something those in power are trying hard to get rid of), helping the environment etc.
    4) Manipulating weather / mobiles????????highly unlikely
    5) Climate change – it’s taking a lot of hard work from some wonderful individuals to even get the Government to take notice of this issue. The evidence is there!! and what would the rich get out of it? One minute people are saying the man behind ESSO is in the illuminati, the next that they would make up climate change. If you hadn’t noticed big companies hate climate change – they lose profits.

    I do believe something is going on. There may be a power in control behind the scenes. In a lot of ways it makes sense but a lot of this is rubbish. Think about it.

    To Keet, yes if people post things they should be able to back it up!! Anyone can say anything otherwise and that’s what has been happening.

    Some of the evidence out there is very scary. American laws that have come into effect for example. A lot of stuff out there like the website of bunkers that has been faked ruins all this, as does insulting people who disagree with you.

  336. Susan Says:

    hi … new comer, my friend grazed the subject slightly, just wanted more info and or refrences on the matter

  337. shapeofthingstocome Says:

    p.s. to Keets

    It’s rubbish to say that one person cannot change the world. One dedicated person has always had the strength to change the world. Tell that theory to Karen Silkwood or Erin Brockovich!! They may disagree with you.

  338. keet Says:

    karen silkwood and erin brockovich didn’t change the world, they changed the way a country believed. just because something changes in the US it doesn’t mean it changes anything in the other countries. there’s still not equal rights for all men, women, cultures and creeds around the world. i don’t think they would disagree with me now. one person cannot change the world

  339. Illuminati Says:

    OK some of this stuff is true but this guy Is an Extremist and this is why some people don’t believe it! There’s no way in hell, one organization can Control every thing because if they Did then they would have already started the (NWO) NEW World Order Yes some politicians are probably part of IT but not every one That’s stupid!

  340. Detroit Says:

    “Survival of the fittest” makes sense to me….also look up Planet “X”, annunaki, nibiru, Igigi and Sumerian…..you won’t believe it!

  341. iezma Says:

    an ancient illuminati…

  342. pionir Says:

    why dont we form a secret society?
    ill be a leader.
    anyway i wanna ask you , if you believe in this, what shoud we do about it? maybe form a secret society, kill those guys, or something else, like forming a secret society?
    you can kill them but if you decide a peacefull way like forming a secret society ill be a leader.

  343. jago Says:

    are you guys aware that there are already serious secret plans to implement a one world bank? YES SECRET- i mean plans you have no idea of but with a bit of opened eyes and ears to monitor whats goin on in the world today, u could see things are happening.The thing about this one world order is, those carrying out these secret plans are not smart at all. they are very dumb and keep making a lot of mistakes but they clean up very well. The problem is we humans are too involved in our everyday lifes, eg party, drinking, sex, sex and more sex ohhh yeeeehhh, music, celebrities and sad enough we actually listen to the rubbish from the media. These are all instruments to hide the real events of our world today. People if you dont know please get informed but if you are dropping messages trying to confuse other innocent people about the truth which is well known to u about all this conspiracies and all, then u ar a 4king idiot and a rat and i hope u burn in hell 4eva and eva and i dnt mean da christian hell, yeh mayb da christian hell but i mean HELL.

  344. Secret Attraction Says:

    The new year is a perfect time for change and self improvement. Make 2010 the year that you attract the life you deserve. Let positive thoughts lead to productive actions and then to the perfect life!

  345. keet Says:

    jago, from your last post all you’re saying is that you’re as bad as this conspiracy NWO. you want people to burn a horrible death because they don’t believe or follow what you follow.

    if they monitored what was going on and wanted to keep this secret then people against them would be dead and dont be posting rumours on the net.

  346. pionir Says:

    jago please save us. we dont want to go to hell. please inform us

  347. E Says:

    if they control every thing what about this?

  348. E Says:

    any thing as big as Christianity has coruption in it one reason i dont belive in organised religon. the only reason that there are secrit sosiatys is because of greed and arogens on one or both sides. as far as the 21 things yes i could see how that could be true but i do not think that one organisation could control every thing or it would not be vary secrit because every one would be in it.


    What cracks me up, is that most comments below me are so stupid that i’m really starting to think that humanity is evolving into retardation. The Illuminati is real, the NWO is real, HAARP = Weather modification IS TRUE look it up before you spew shit from your mindless body. Bejing admitted to manipulating weather for the olympics, look it up and get a clue.

  350. keet Says:

    china tried lowering the pollution for the olympics by banning certain reg number plates on certain days; this reduces the amount of CO4 which then reduces the chance of rain and the heat. its not the HAARP that controlled it at all. where do you read all this stuff? remember not everything on the net is true.

  351. Kris Says:

    ummm if the illumanti do exist don’t you think they’dbe reading this or any conversations flagged by their name, conspiracies, theories or anything of the sort… you guys are dumb… end of discussion, the world probably will end on 2012 cause no one is doing anything about it. instead they worry about taxes and credit cards, but they dont see things like the Haiti disaster… more will come. just wait.

  352. Jim the average J0 Says:

    Yo, here’s to those who are a bit uneducated about the subject.

    I’ve done my fair share of research, found over the years many information about the illumanati which seems, over extreme almost like a movie, as a young teenager i was intrested.
    the “group” illuminati are real for starters, its a major fact.

    They have large amount of “Lodges” as they call them all around the globe, where they perform rituals, some lame shit for old guys with no wives and no social life.

    Bohemium Grove; has a large politic history, i’ll let you’ll diside about that place lol.

    Most of you i read your comments, pretty moody bunch some of you 😉 only kidding and i noticed some of you have some really good arguments both sides.

    im not a strong beliver on this whole thing but i know my research.

    1. controlling the weather, wind change, electromagnetic fields, clouds, can ALL be man made, fact. BUT whats the point of them to do that..2012 there going to blow us away (thats a joke right there before you call me a T4rd)

    2. Music industry, basically everywhere, look for symbolys, hand shakes and shit. seems petty and stupid but there is for sure something up with that. havent got a final view point though so wont say shit.

    its coming up 6am. i like this web page. let me here what you guys have to say also.

  353. keet Says:

    Jim the average J0
    i know the illuminati existed thats a proven fact, however im not too sure if they still exist. i am interested in this NWO conspiracy however the more people tell me on here the more i disbelieve it. i think there’s a lot of people on here trying to stir things up on here.

    there is secret societies all over the world, however, theres not one big group that is controlling everything. there are some trying to control everything. theres been many societies that have tried to rule the world, greeks, vikings, gengis khan, british empire etc, however none have lasted.

  354. Jim the average J0 Says:

    Perfect answer to be fair.
    I have some pretty extreme friends who push the bullshit onto others.
    with no facts or personal experience to back them up.
    Fair enough alot of that is true.

    I’m from london and very intrested about the 7/11 undergournd bombing
    and 9/11.

    Personally no one can say who it was, if you saw what happend in london, the cctv of the explosion on the bus, the apparent terrorist looks REALLY terrorfied that he has discoverd a time bomb in his rucksack.
    the train explosions however was planned almost like the 9/11 apparent “demolitions” in 9/11.

    I’m not telling you what exactley happend but i’ve done my research and know what not to belive, i have a good bullshit meter 😉 but who’s to say it was NWO? no one except the people who think illumanati are scum.

    My final verdict, let them take over, we might get free Robot’s in 2020.

  355. delta steve Says:

    This stuff is great. LOL. Even if the Illuminati are real, everyone who believes in them and wants to see them fall are arguing on this site. LOL. No wonder they’ve been around so long. I’ve read a little bit on the subject. It seems that everybody knows a little about each aspect of the illuminati but not much about a single circle within the group. They say they control the finances, they say they control the politicians and religion and you name it. If it exists someone thinks the Illuminati controls it, lol. I bet some conspiracy nutt thinks that The Count, on Seseme Street, uses deliberately organized number sequences in code to send subleminal messages to the youth of today. LOL. I’m not going to say that there are not secret societies that have a lot of influence in economies, or religon or politics, but the idea of one group that controls it all is a little far fetched. But hey, that’s just my opinon. If you still want to buy multiple Illuminati study books at $30 a pop, go for it. I, instead, am going to download some porn. LOL

  356. Jim the average J0 Says:

    steve well put.
    The Bilderberg Group or Bilderberg group was and still is one of the largest company/organisation which controls a large sector of Banking/finance , politics, media and military. Every meeting of which is held under secrecy.
    A former steering comitee member of the bilderberg; Denis healey said

    “Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”

    There are many many groups like this around the world…Theres plenty of wealth to go around, basically all im saying is it’s like the hirachy system, those at the top stay at the top. they themselves are the one group, always the richest most powerful people. The polls “The 10 most richest people in the world”? like Simon Cowell etc…media faces, no. i do believe not, oil, Money Cloning or some people might know it as the banking scam, tax money etc etc goes on, is worth more than records and computers.

    so yeah steve if your one of those guys that like researching or what not this is an intresting subject to look at.
    and again im not a guy trying to force you to believe illumanti are real and most powerful 😉 no.
    just the true shit.

  357. Jim the average J0 Says:

    This message goes out to JAGO. not to far up from this post.

    your Quote:
    “are you guys aware that there are already serious secret plans to implement a one world bank? YES SECRET- i mean plans you have no idea of”

    yes ofcourse and you know all fo there secrets.
    it’s people like you who are retarding the nation 😛 sorry bro its true, i saw it on youtube…nerd 🙂

  358. John Says:

    Too many things to say… But,

    All seeing eye, I’m a little behind you in your quest for Truth but I’m in the same path as you.. I love your ideas. You look like a nice person. Have you noticed that the people that don’t believe in all this are very violent, arrogant and less educated in general? (In the way they write etc.. I’m french and i write better than a lot of people here..Wtv out of subject lol)
    And the people who believe in this are generally the same one who wants a Change in the human way of living and wants the human race to live peacefully, be free and to love each other… I wonder if there’s a llink between this?

  359. keet Says:

    john have you read the comments? i got abused for questioning some of these speculations. the people who believe in it are the ones that are giving abuse, it doesn’t sound like friendly people to me; it’s more like the opposite of what you’ve said. they are the type of people that sound like darth vader, “If you’re not with me, then you’re against me”. it’s not a peaceful way of living, they show the opposite… i wonder if there’s a link between this?

  360. Djyovani Says:

    Sangue De Jesus Tem Poder! !!!!
    Toda Lingua Comfessara e Todo Joelho Se Dobrara

  361. hellen Says:

    Keet to prove that weather can be controlled there is a US owned base in Alaska that generates a very high magnitude of electromagnetic frequencies that are directly linked to the arora borealus look it up! No like i don’t know the name of the base off hand but it is a very secretive base and i have hear from several people, that are now dead, that it also has a counter part naval base that work together which both emit extremely high electro-magnetic frequencies that can actually alter the air around the bases. The men that informed me of these bases i have researched and they both served in top secret projects with the government. I believe very truly that it is possible to control both air waves, and sound waves to alter many different things. If you put a single grape into a microwave which emits microwaves it can rpoduce plasma. check it out. Also there has been investigation by agencies unknown on the Alaskan base and the investigations have been halted due to life threatening observations. which was deadly force threatened upon them if they were to continue to do studies upon the grounds. which were in the area outside the do not pass barrier.

  362. hellen Says:

    in compliance with everyone’s lovely view. I would like to state that many different people are in various different groups around the world. There are free masons there are branches for example. which were derived from the illiuminati. the views of these groups were for self perfection. Not for perfection of the world. Also perfection of the secret society. I honestly believe that the views on this page are those of people. People which could be in secretive groups. Also people who aren’t in secretive groups. The question for me is who’s opinions are who’s? hmmm. Makes you think. The ability to rule the world is there because there are so many who are involved in the secretive groups. I lived in a specific area that nearly 60% of the population knew each other and were involved in these secretive groups together. No, they weren’t swingers. One title was the FTW, which i believe is also linked to a group called the fraternal order of the spider web. the majority of the population in the area were in either of these groups and were all friends. I was not in either group and in little time was given a very disliked life. Shortly after I pointed out names of groups I. lost my place to live and also had no other choice but to move. I also was threatened with my life on many different occasions. With no reason for the threat. Perhaps I stumbled to close to something I shouldn’t have known about.

  363. hellen Says:

    i also didn’t disclose all the groups names. as feeling threaten i will not.

  364. hellen Says:

    keet study your history please! the Illuminati have been around since shortly after the death of Christ… or should i say the year 0012 is when there is actual evidence of the Illuminati Back then they were supposedly the protectors of religious secrets. I saw a documentary just 2 days ago that showed a man that believed that he had found the holy grail, or the cup that Christ had drank from before his death, then was later either held by Mary Magdalene and/or one of the apostles. the story to his discovery was following a story that Mary Magdalene was the one who took the cup and took the blood of Christ on the cross. to get to the point there was a man that was an heir to the white castle that claimed that he had possession of the holy grail. he later passed on and the archeologist who did the study found an alabaster cup that was carbon dated 2010 years ago. If your not aware carbon dating is only allowed on sturdy subjects the cup 2010 years old was still in great condition and was only held in a box with a handkerchief. also alabaster is what the cup that Christ drank from during the last supper. the last part i just thought was a cool story

  365. Unicorn777 Says:

    Keet…..What would you accept as proof of the existance of the Illiuminati ?? List 1…2…3

  366. hellen Says:

    ok i did some more research and found that the Illuminati formed 0666 or was believed by conspiracy theorist i have found more than one occasion that it was formed earlier.

  367. keet Says:

    so helen, you’ve searched for things on the internet and heard things from other people? it must be true then. who says that this base in alaska is not just a base that is designing and building new contraption other than controlling the weather. people have to cure their tunnel vision and look outside of the circle.
    doing research you found out that the illuminati have been in existence since 0012ad and 0666ad? which one do you believe? it proves the point that not everything is true, thats why they’re called conspiracies. roswell was not an aliens space ship from another planet, it was new contraptions that no one knew about. remember that photo of the loch ness monster that went believed for years and the photographs of the fairies at the back of the garden? both turned out to be fake years later by the people that actually produced the photos.

  368. delta_steve Says:

    Once again I am bored working my dead end night shift. But, at least these people are keeping me entertained with laughter. Weather machine……….really? The US has a weather machine? So how do you explain Katrina? Or was that some illuminati conspiracy in order to__________ (fill in the blank with whatever non-sense you want), since you know, America kind of owns New Orleans. I don’t think a rational government (with the all seeing power of the illuminati) would punch themselves in the dick like that. Weather is just the weather.

  369. John Says:


    “The US has a weather machine? So how do you explain Katrina? Or was that some illuminati conspiracy in order to__________ (fill in the blank with whatever non-sense you want), since you know, America kind of owns New Orleans.
    I don’t think a rational government (with the all seeing power of the illuminati) would punch themselves in the dick like that.”

    Really? You really think your government cares about you?! I’m not so sure about that..

  370. keet Says:

    john, i think he means why would they do it when it costs the government billions of dollars in costs.

  371. John Says:

    Keet, the billion dollars they are spending is ours lol If they don’t have enough money after that, they will just tax us more. It’s that easy.

  372. keet Says:

    im sure that they have many better ideas than to just create a pointless disaster so they can spend billions of your dollars on the costs. seriously what would be the point?

  373. delta_steve Says:

    I know the government cares about me. They feed me, and pay me, and make sure that I have what I need. I am a US Paratrooper (and have been for 11 years). If I don’t get taken care of then I raise hell. lol. I’ve been all over the place (war and just traveling) and every place is different. I don’t see any connections with the different cultures other than religion. And if the secret organization(s) are in control of them then why have the religions turned on them? The Holy See (Vatican) can actually excommunicate a member of the church (not just priests but all people of catholicism) just for being a member of The Freemasons or other secret societies (Pope Clement XII, 1738). I’m sure that Mecca has a similar policy when their followers join a group of that nature. Even Ganghas Khan fled Europe and never came back, after a short private meeting with The Pope. With such massive forces in opposition, not to mention in the open and not secretive in any way, to secret societies bent on manipulating governments and such for dominance how can they gain the hold that they need for “world” domination. Granted, the Masons did a good job in Europe, if they did what the church thought they were doing. Clement XII declared the basic tenants of Freemasonry to be a threat not only to the basic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, but also to the stability of governments and society. The Church was not only upset about them because they were not advocating Christ (declaring that they have the secrets to human perfection, eleminating the necessity for Jesus in this matter) they also feared that they would enfluence Europe into becoming too liberal (possibly they got that one, lol). I’ve read articles about priests on “under-cover” assignments infiltrating Masonic lodges as members spying for the Church. The Church, in turn, made all ceremonies and secrets gathered known. If there was an Illuminati the Church would have exposed them by now. This is what I truly believe. No jokes this time on this blog.

  374. delta_steve Says:

    Secret Societies will never control the world. GOD WILLS IT!!!!


  375. delta_steve Says:

    And maybe someone can “inlighten” (lol) me on something. The Masons, I guess, use the eye but so do the Illuminati. Are the Masons, supposedly, a branch of the Illuminati (much like different masonic lodges have different religious backgrounds or creeds), or are they seperate secret fraternities that chose the same logo? What are the chances of that? Is it possible that the Illuminati did exist at one time (probably in the dark ages or renaissance period) and either died out or were hunted as the Templars were? And the only reason the fear of them exists today is because people themselves associate all secret societies with or as the Illuminati? I can see that happening. And to see the eye on the dollar is not surprising to me (if the eye is masonic in nature), it is fairly common knowledge that many of the founding fathers were Masons.

  376. Jim the average J0 Says:

    all im saying is check out the scummy dollar bill.

  377. keet Says:

    thats the only thing that most of you can say, ‘see the one dollar bill’. seriously, you need more than that to convince me that theres people controlling weather, banks, medicine, politics etc. it seems that theres a lot of people that dont like the government’s around the world and want something to believe in that makes them feel good about themselves. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, you people are the ones wanting to change the world and take control, you are starting to rebel against the world, you are the ones starting this NWO and you wont realise this until it happens.

  378. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Did you take you swine flu jab Keet? LOL!

  379. keet Says:

    why, is that something that the government use to control our minds and ways of thinking?

  380. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Let’s kill two birds with one stone here…

    One, the immune system of our genetic makeup naturally deals with disease and pathogens, it’s a natural property of our DNA potential.

    So, by getting people to accept a pandemic they basically create a problem, then they create a solution to fix a problem they create.

    How does this benefit them and not YOU?

    They make big money out of a crisis which keeps the pharmaceutical corporations in big business and helps to fund black projects.

    Create a FEAR induced problem that 1) Takes people’s minds off of other important factors that the elite don’t want people to address, kind of a distraction or media diversion away from other matters that are in need of more attention such as organised financial meltdown of the economy or secret amendments to take way civil rights in constitutional laws. Also deviating other matters concerning the war in the middle east or more discreetly what the governments and elite are getting up to behind closed doors.

    The same sort of confusion and division happens in corporations. The management creates a split workforce by getting the workers to argue among each other and bicker among each other by introducing split differences among the workforce. They pay people differently and create favouritism which all stirs up competition and anger among the workforce. What happens here is that while people bicker and complain about each other nobody questions the management or authority. They get to do what they do without any questioning or confrontation for they have successfully split the workforce, creating rule and divide.

    The government do the same thing and the media supports this. They create a story to divert public interest and offer a solution which benefits them financially and also takes the pressure of other issues off their backs.

    Fear is a tool they use to manipulate and control, it works every time for they know the masses of uneducated, indoctrinated and submissive sheep that look up to them will always come calling for help when they introduce a problem. It makes them money, it keeps them in control and it also gives them the opportunity to repeat the procedure for future events.

    The Swine flu epidemic has now been officially quietened over, the emergency lines have been cancelled and the threat has been called off.

    The common flu claims more lives than the swine flu, yet we never have any fuss over this, why? People accept the common flu and understand the symptoms, there is little threat, the immune system deals with it, it is all state of mind.

    People that mostly die from flu are people that have terminal illness, health problems or are old or possibly young. It is very rare for a healthy and fit person to die from a case of flu.

    Another side issue here is what are they putting into vaccines and drugs? Are they doing more harm than good to the physical and mental body?

    Remember, the pharmaceutical industry is a business that are out to make profit. They are also owned by the governmental elite. If the governments need to use the pharmaceutical industry to suit their agenda or interests what’s stopping them?

    The people!!!!

    As long as people keep believing and trusting the daddy figure and outside source they will never fully understand their self within, their minds, spirit and physical body.

    The biggest trick was when mankind stopped worshipping God and worshipped false gods and idols.

    What does this mean?

    It means mankind look outside of themselves for salvation, for guidance, for fulfilment and never look within themselves for God, guidance and good health.

    If we rely on outside sources to lead us then we are giving up our divine rights for freedom and freewill.

    The other trick was when mankind believed they had freewill and freedom.

    Who is in control of your thoughts?

  381. keet Says:

    lol! well quite clearly all seeing eye, you are the one trying to control my mind. sorry for urinating all over your fire but…

    …you’re telling me that you dont take guidance from anyone else at times? where did you get all this from about the NWO? did you trust someone else and believed what they said?

    swine flu was a new flu that people did not know much about, thats why people panic about it. the same occurred during the russian flu, spanish flu, bird flu etc. you obviously dont know much about viruses

    a virus has a protein body and fiber legs. the body contains a DNA substance. it then attaches to one of your cells and inserts the DNA into the cell. the DNA starts to multiply inside this cell then escape out when the cell has been killed, heading off to infect more of your body cells.
    your body replies to a virus using lymphocytes. once the B lymphocyte has killed off a virus it remembers how to battle against this particular DNA virus and therefore prevents your body being effected again.
    a vaccine is the virus with the DNA broken inside therefore it cannot effect your body, however your lymphocytes tackle it and remember how to defeat it making your body immune to that strain of virus. this is the reason why you get chicken pox once because you become immune. taking a vaccine is the same as catching the virus without suffering from the draw backs.

    it makes me laugh when people dont know how things work yet still say they are wrong.

    i know you’re going to tell me that this is what the NWO want me to believe but thats just a pathetic reply from someone thats been out smarted and has no come back to prove the other person wrong.

  382. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    swine flu was a new flu that people did not know much about, thats why people panic about it.



    You really need to do some research before making such outrageous and dumb claims!!!

    Swine flu is NOT a new type of flu.

    During the seventies there was an outbreak of swine flu and the vaccine they distributed to the public killed more people than than the flu itself…LOL!

    Jesus warned about people like you.

    “Never cast your pearls before swine”

    Look it up, research it, you might start to learn something…

    I really feel sorry for you, there is so much for you to learn, you are no more intelligent than a new born baby. All you know is what has been implanted within your mind by outside sources that support the system of control.

    You make a very good decision maker in the system, you pass the test, you regurgitate the information they give you…

    As for proof of anything, prove to me that all the things that are mentioned on here are false? Don’t just say the government and media say so, that is not proof as much as anything said on here is.

  383. Supremacy Says:

    Keet, information learned is more valuable than information given, this is why all seeing eye has got you by the balls mate. You cannot see past the end of your own nose and rather than at least give anyone else’s opinions a little thought, you begin to insult them and insinuate they are cult leaders. You claim that we are all paranoid but you, yourself, have claimed a fair number people on on this website are trying to brainwash you. In fact you have not been brainwashed, because even if we had the ability to brainwash you, you are an ignorant brain-dead cunt who would be of no use to anyone trying to cause a rebellion, N.W.O or otherwise. You also speak as if you are of age, an intellectual adult with enough life-experience to be able to propose an authentic-evidential argument for your views, but in reality, with you, age has brought bitterness, paranoia and scepticism instead of contentment and knowledge. I truly feel sorry for you and your skag-addled mindset. Respect to All Seeing Eye.

  384. keet Says:

    supremacy have you read past posts on this? you’ll find out that all seeing eye is just trying to get people into arguments, i am not questioning him on his believes, he can believe what he wants, im questioning him about explanations of what he believes. nice to see that all you who cannot give any intellectual conversations turn to insults; or try anyway. it makes me laugh the more you try and abuse me. as the empire says
    ‘i can feel your anger…
    …strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!’
    who says that you are not the one that is wrong? who says which religion is wrong? who says any religion is right? most religions have something in common; abraham. what happened to the millenium being the end of the world? all robotic appliances will turn against us and destroy the world like in terminator.
    keep the insults coming, i’ll just keep waiting for a decent conversation with explanations with more intellectual people than yourselves.

  385. delta_steve Says:

    I took my Swine Flu shot. I had the bubble gutts for a few days after but I was the only gu in my company to feel sick. So I feel that my bubble gutts were more of the aftermath of local Iraqi food and not the Flu shot. I think it’s funny when people think that shots are given to control people. The government has to, by law, de-classify information, military and agency operations, as well as “special projects”. The government has already atempted mind control and deemed it impossible. Scientists haven’t even figured out how everything in the brain works yet, let alone controling it. I blame white people, lol. White people love a good conspiracy story. So one white guy tells another white guy some bullshit about how “the man” has been controlling the world with one eyed dollar bills and swine flu shots, and the conspiracy spreads like a California forrest fire. I haven’t figured it out why yet, but WASPs love a good conspiracy theory and (also the reason unkown to me) Tibet.

  386. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Delta Steve,

    There are benevolent people in power as much as there are malevolent. The problem throughout time is that the malevolent works its way to be in control and the benevolent people let it happen even by bribery or through blackmail.

    History seems to repeat itself. There is a major swing between the forces of good and evil, one overcomes the other until the other polarity regains control.

    This is the need for the pyramid system.

    Imagine the bottom of the pyramid as point A and point B, one representing the left side the other the right side of polarity, good and bad for example.

    Now the tip of the pyramid which we can call point C is the intermediator or balancer, the point of control.

    Now the balance should really always be central which means there will always be good and bad, it is the law of creation and for everything to exist. This is the polarity, male and female, light and darkness, ying and yang, alpha and omega.

    When you grasp this theory of nature you will understand how things work.

    The problem is who gets to control the pyramid of creation or gets to be the intermediator, the balancer.

    If either point A or point B takes control of point C we will face an imbalance which will mirror the imbalance and also throw the spiritual essence within nature in turmoil, forcing humanity away from their true essence.

    When people understand the laws of creation and for everything to exist they understand how some of this conspiracy stuff is very possible.

    The key to any truth stems from information, and that information can only be sorted when two sides of the coin are analyzed. This is why they say that the truth normally rests in the middle of any argument.

    If there is smoke there has to be fire.

  387. delta_steve Says:

    Hey Eye, I never said that conspiracies don’t exist. I just don’t believe in an all powerful organization that controls literally everything. Muslims have Karbala and Mecca which control all of Islam. Catholicism (the largest christin faith in the world) is controled by the Pontiff (pope) and both religions (making up most of the world) have oulawed secret societies. With this much pressure on a society that has it’s hands in “everything” there would be fanatics that would attack this organization instead of a train station (just an example). And if I was a free leader or a dictator, and I got bullied around by these face-less hooligans in Armani suits (probably made of puppy skin and baby seal eyes for buttons) I would expose the shit out of them and go to war. There is a lot of shit that goes down in this world. There are conspiracies (we still don’t know “everything” about the JFK assassination), but don’t tell me that it’s all just one group’s ambitious leadership behind it all. It’s just a rediculous concept. Man has the potential of participating in both good and evil deeds. There is no balance. And I take what I said back, there is one man that controls the world, Satan. And he will continue to control the world until Jesus comes back and kicks him in the dick and throws his sorry ass in the lake of fire (or as my pirate buddies would say “Lake of fahr”).

  388. delta_steve Says:

    Hey Eye, I didn’t read all of that message you wrote to Keet because your words, my eyes, not a good combination. But, I did see the part where you said that immunizations are pointless. I wonder if FDR would agree with you. But hey, you don’t have polio, so fuck him right? I mean that’s what you’re saying right?

  389. delta_steve Says:

    All seeing eye, I was looking at earlier posts, because I was board. And you mentioned that “early christians” were killed off by the Catholic church. What historical referances does this come from? The earliest Christian recordings (other than the Greek scriptures of the bible) would be on the first day of the Church’s existance, and yes the church has been keeping detailed historical documents since then. The First day of the Church was when St Peter baptized 3000 people in one day, apx. 30AD (I can’t remember the exact date off hand but around there). On that day Christians became organized and not just a group of believers that were roaming the streets preaching the word. I still don’t understand why eveyone is so anti catholic when We are the only ones to do a sacrament of blood, in which we pray for the souls of those that never had a chance to know of christianity. We accept all forms of christianity. If someone wants to “become” catholic and has already been baptized in the name of God, then there is no need to give him another one. Also is a baptism special for the baptiser or for the baptisee? We believe that a priest or rev. does not have to give the baptism, because it is the baptisee that is being cleansed. We are also the only church that has not and will not change it’s CHRISTIAN LAWS for anyone, but the protestants seem to be the ones that change with society instead of staying loyal to GOD’S WILL. Gay men and women allowed into the church community, even as CLEREGY!! I have gay friends, so don’t think that I’m a gay basher or anyhing, but my friends also know how I feel about it. That I feel that it is un-natural and against God’s laws, but I accept them for who they are. I am a social liberal, but a conservative catholic. And as I said before, we are also the only Christians to outlaw secret societies, with the exception of the Kights of Columbus and the reason is because any priest is allowed to attend their secret meetings, even if that priest is not a member. The reason is because secret societies give oaths to men and organizations that do not bring honor to God. If these societies were to ask their members to change their faith, I wonder how many members actually would.

  390. keet Says:

    can i just ask delta steve, if catholics accept all forms of christianity then why do they not accept protestants? also, the christian bible has changed over the past to try and match with new facts that come about. i’m not saying there isn’t a god, i’m not saying there is a god, im just asking why things have to be change when new information is found

  391. delta_steve Says:

    All seeing eye…..But the church never changes Holy Law (God’s Law). Doctrine will be changed sometimes. For instance, the church will allow Orthodox and Angelican priests to convert to Catholic priests. Most Angelicans and Orthodox priests are married. The discouragement of divorce is by God, Priests remaining single is doctine, God’s will srpercedes doctrine, so in this case the men are allowed to keep their wives and be priests. I’ll admit that some times there is schism between the church and other groups. But it is usually short lived. Like the Orthodox and the Church in the late 11th century. For 50 years they were in Schism with eachother but when Alexius I Comnenus (King of the Byzantine Empire) asked Pope Urban II for assistance from the envading Turks, Urban II convinced the Kings of the west to go to war, and the first crusade was started. Jerusalem was a secondary goal, the primary goal was the preservation of Europe. After almost 400 years of Turkish and Arabic aggression towards Europe (Starting with Spain 711AD and ending with the Bulkans in 1092AD). The Church and the Orthodox put their pettiness aside and worked together to save the people of Europe. And they have had friendly relations since. Then the Angelican Church has been in Schism with the Vatican for a long time (since King Henry VIII) because the church itself was based on a liberal foundation. Now they are in even more schism, not because of what the Vatican is doing but because the angelican church is using it’s political power to attack the Church (with in British boarders). They are saying that the church is in violation of human rights for not allowing gays and women to be priests. But the flip side is, as they become more liberal and change as society changes the true English christians have been leaving their church for Catholicism. So in the end, they are destroying their own faith from the inside out, just as perversion destroyed Rome.

  392. alexander supertramp Says:

    I think everyone that dismisses the idea that this article has some truth in it without researching it themselfs is proving that the system the powers that be, whatever you want to call them, have set up a self proctecting system, as everyone wants to protect their own little worlds. Many things said here are true as i have spent years researching it myself, other points like the weather i didn’t know, i knew they were shooting electronic pulses into the atmosphere for communication between satalites and earth, they say this themselfs but i didn’t connect all the dots. People who have opened their eyes to the way the world is need to be carful not to use insults at people who have not as this will only increase their defensive walls. People will only see the truth when they are ready and nothing we say will change that but we can make this information available for when when they are. Remember the greatest gift is to be proven wrong as it makes you a little smarter.

  393. alexander supertramp Says:

    The other problem is every group i’ve come across on these subjects mostly still believe in some sort of institution still, be it nations, religion, scientific or social. This blinds to the whole picture, history is our best guide although itself manipulated to suit the ones who have wrote it but comparing different cultures historic records on the same events and you can slowly build yourself a rough picture and the one thing history does teach us is power corrupts and the more power you have the more it does this, so how can we believe the ones you control the true power of today are any different, which makes the article not only possible but proberble.

  394. alexander supertramp Says:

    To the point of any religion, its main purpose is to control people, you can enslave people on a mass scale and they will accept this if they believe there is somthing better waiting for them when they die. The Romans knew this, and at the end of the Roman empire needed a new religion to satisfy the masses, their old gods were somthing to fear and did not acheive this, so they adopted the pagen religion of Christianity which took care of them in their afterlife, very much like the Egyption religion of old which acheived the same goals. That is why there are so many similarities between the two religions. There is no point replying to my comments with insults as this acheives nothing. i am open for debate not for name calling as i have seen before on this page

  395. keet Says:

    alexander supertramp i like your idea of what a debate is.
    electronic pulses are what is used to give a better picture of what space is made of, similar to what we use to see what is lying underneath the earth or even inside a womans womb.
    was christianity not formed before the romans came about? the old testament was written before the birth of christ and included one person that brings many religions together, abraham. pagan was the main religion of the uk until 3 monks came over from ireland and spread the belief of christianity, not the romans. the romans were against christianity

  396. delta_steve Says:

    Rome didn’t accept Christianity until hundreds of years after the death of Christ. The reasons/cause of the Roman conversion is debatable. There was civil war at that time so many of the records were destroyed for one reason or another (probably just by angry looters and rioters). The church “controls” no one. We all have free will. You can choose to follow the bible or not to. I am deffinately not a perfect christian, but I try my best to be a good man and hope I am forgiven for my sins. Some people like to distort the biblical laws and call it “controling people” but I look at it as protecting people. By following the laws you prevent STDs, crimes of all sorts, disconnections within the family, community breakdown, the indifference of men when your fellow man is in need, the list goes on. The idea or concept of anarchy is great; people living in organized groups of there own choosing and living life without the restraint of government, religion, etc. But history and human nature have proven that eventually one or more of these groups will become militant and attack other groups for one reason or another. The “controling” laws set down by the church is designed to implace checks an balances to combat these natural destructive human disfunctions. People like to blame religion for many wars and acts of violence throughout history. It is true that religion is the “surface” cause. But the ego is the root cause. The ego is the largest disfunction of the human being. That thing that makes a person to believe that he HAS to be right and prove it to the world because no one wants to be wrong. If religion did not exist, these wars still would have been fought but for a different cause, such as “my grass is better than your grass” or “my river is cleaner than your river”. These are stupid examples I know. I’m sure you have seen this before. Where some guy loves his car so much that he identifies himself with his car and when someone hurts his car he takes it as an attack against himself. And will actually kill a man over his car! No, I do not blame religion, friends, I blame the human disfunction that is the ego.

  397. alexander supertramp Says:

    The pulses i read about from Haarp itself was being used to clear atmosphere disturbances to make it easyer to connect with satalites, they said themselves that they blast giga watts worth of energy into our atmosphere for this reason, this worrys me as we are only just grasping the idea of chaos theory and how everything in the universe is connected to each other, do they really know what effect this is having on the planet. They say it pushes out the outer atmosophere but only for a moment, some scientist say that it distorts the inner atmosphere, but what really disturbs me is that i only heard about this by searching on the internet, surely experiments of this magnitude should be openly debated in the public eye.
    As for Religion being an answer to prevent the evil in the world i will question certain atrocities that the Catholic church has been linked to;
    -The witch hunts of the past, where hundreds of thousands of innocent women were burnt to death to suppress womens rights.
    -The nuns treatment of unmarried mothers which took place until very recently.
    -The stories about the cover up of the child abuse coming out of Ireland at the moment.
    -The conflicts between Protestants and Catholics, the ancient crusades between Muslins and the Vatican.
    -The conversion by the church on conquered people, who had their own beliefs and customs stripped form them if they were willing or not.
    I’m not saying religion is responsible for all evil they just their fair share. Also how big of the percentage of the churches wealth goes back to the poor as the Vatican seems to have a great deal of wealth, when there are so many people in need in the world.
    Christianity was around before the Romans adopted, like i said it was a pagan religion, a sort of branch of the Jewish faith, the bible we know today was designed by the Roman senate in the age of Constantine. They choose which gosbels went into the universally accepted canon. There were other versions but they all differed in some way and were not accepted by all forms of the faith. No one really knows who wrote the gospels historically as many of stories were passed down from generation to generation so open for distortion. Like i said before if you compare the stories within the two testaments not only with each other and with other religions you can see many similarities, for instance the story of Jesus the son of god and the story of Horus the sun god from Egypt, both were born December 25th, both from virgins, both of their arrivals were marked by a star from the east, adorned by three kings, both were crucified died for three days and resurected, both had 12 diciples and both performed miracles. So were many other gods throughout history to name a few Attis, Krishna, Dionysus, Mithra and Odin. why the same story over and over again, many believe they are really the stories made to track the movement of the sun (the life bringer) through the star constellations. This you need to research for yourself and make up your own mind, but have a look at the cross of the zodiac and notice that the sun is in the centre of the cross and the symbols of the constellations there are many symbols there used by the church today such as the fish of Pisces and the symbol you see on people cars, just coincidence.

  398. Shadow Says:

    Yay. A comment not by any of the recent writers. I didn’t read everyone’s post, but let me just say that Free Masons, Illuminati, Bilderberg, and many other secret societies are real. But let me inform everyone; They are not the big dogs in this pre-new world order(or maybe there already is one?). The real boss is unknown, the top of the pyramid, head-honcho, and is the REAL secret society. Does anyone actually think that if any of these posts or any of these small, not-so-secret societies really posed a threat to us lambs to the slaughter, that they would be allowed exist or appear? There are many things that are well hidden to the public and many fail-safes that prohibits and controls the media and other forms of information. Last point on this post; Let’s say that I am wrong, that there is no conspiracy and no ultimate secret society controlling everything, including smaller secret societies. If this was the case, why all these subliminal messages? Why make “Angels and Demons” and “2012”? If these events weren’t a threat to national security or public panic, then why indulge and subvert the general public with crap from the ultimate American lamb-controlling system, Hollywood? If they were a threat or a hoax, wouldn’t the president or some other big figure address the public to inform the people of this largely growing lie of the end? If you’re thinking that this is something that can be brushed off, think again. Both 2012 and Illuminati/secret societies rumors and information are found everywhere on the internet. This isn’t something to take lightly by anybody. So why isn’t the big dog doing anything? It’s because he knows it and most everyone who is in on it knows it – the fact that we all have already lost our freedom to think on our own. They know that we now NEED Hollywood, now need these idiotic conflicts with Russia, China, and “terror” and that without a shepherd to lead the sheep, they would be lost and eaten alive by the wolves(don’t know who they are). The shepherd is many things and the stick he uses to herd the sheep is the media. The ideas of 2012 and New World Orders are both freedom and fear and to keep us from straying, the shepherd shows us the stick, both a symbol of security and of control, used to do just that, secure our distrust and to control our thoughts and fears.
    Oh, and about Delta_Steve’s comment that the ‘Scientists haven’t even figured out how everything in the brain works yet, let alone controlling it.’
    Screw if scientists haven’t figured it out, all they need is to see what makes the brain tick, and guess what, they have. A single tick here and single tock there and you can make someone go insane.
    Last message (not thought): To all the commentators who refuse to even ‘peek’ at the untold and look beyond the shepherd’s stick; don’t fool yourselves. You don’t know everything and I sure as hell don’t have all the answers. But instead of denying what is intimidating and unknown and (obviously)in front of your face, try taking a peek, try losing the shepherd and the herd, you’ll be amazed at what lurks on the other side of the hill, that is, if the wolves to get to you first.

    P.s. Why doesn’t the shepherd just: put up a fence, kill the wolf, appeal to the wolf with food, tame the wolf, hire more shepherds or someone else to scare the wolf, live next to another herder to increase production and to keep better eye on the cattle, etc.? This seems a lot smarter than walking in circles around dumb sheep with a stick, making yourself look even more dumb. Message to “the man” who controls it all, besides God.

  399. Shadow Says:

    Hey, I just read a post where The All Seeing Eye and keet were duke-ing it out about the flu, viruses, and what-not. Keet is right about how vaccines are made, but TASE is right about the swine-flu never being successful. (side-note; some lady took the swine flu and still got infected with the swine flu, read up on it) Also, vaccines are not quite as reliable, seeing as how viruses are highly adaptive and ever-changing. We’re just lucky that they don’t change fast enough to kill us off in weeks of infection and become airborne. I also agree wholeheartedly with TASE that the pharmaceutical and FDA in general do not want to ensure the safety of the people, but instead want to ensure the safety of their bank accounts. The FDA approves pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have the least impact and cost the most, while the best products that somehow makes the shelf all don’t have a FDA approval stamped on them. Most of these extremely helpful drugs/medicine can improve health, life/aging, and give the body what it needs to stay healthy. Many of these things used to be used in daily life, but has been removed from daily use most likely from an ‘outer source’ influencing FDA and doctor recommendation. For example, old applesauce and raspberry products use to be made or come in with their stem and/or leaf, but don’t anymore because it was deemed ‘harmful’. What they don’t tell you is that the stem and mainly the leaf holds powerful anti-oxidants that help with growth and the immune system. Many leaves have the same properties, which is why tea is so good for you(minus the caffeine). Doctors and FDA screw the little people like us over for a measly buck-a-piece, but hey, that’s like a billion dollars if every citizen buys a bottle or product.

  400. Shadow Says:

    About this blog now; I believe that most of what was written is true, but that it doesn’t matter until people start coming up with visual or solid evidence. I can say or relate to one of the 19 Illuminati control topics, but it won’t really matter. For example, the weather control, real(but I don’t think it has enough power to keep a hurricane running for so long), but no one is going to believe me even if I told them that in Wausau, WI, there is barely any major natural catastrophe, yet when winter comes along, it conveniently snows when it shouldn’t or that the snow of 2008 in Wausau was fake. Ever see a fog with a blizzard with snow that doesn’t melt all at 24 degrees Celsius? 24 degrees is too warm for snow to stay solid while falling, not to mention not melt when in contact with skin and body warmth of around 86 degrees, and ever see it snow with a fog? I’ve seen and known of snow that has fallen in a carbon monoxide environment, but it quickly turned to slush and was never in a blizzard. the CO causes a fog-like state and is warm, but if you’ve ever been to Wausau, you’d see that a heavy CO environment only comes during spring when everyone is back outside and when the earth starts releasing pent-up gasses after the snow starts to melt. This brings up another point. The un-melting snow is only possible if there is enough Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere. And for environmentalists, listen up, cars and farting humans do not create enough CO2 to cover the atmosphere with CO. If we did, there’d be a large-ass hole in the ozone, not just blots. Those retarded power plants that burn coal as energy on the other hand has enough to damage the ozone, but still not enough to put that large-ass hole in there. With natural releases of CO2, though, there is enough, but like with power plants, the build-up of CO2 is in a concentrated area only.

  401. post nubila phobus Says:

    Good and evil are only perceptions experienced through the human mind. When we separate our selves from this reality we unlock the truth and all realities will become evident.

  402. Club Penguin Says:

    I agree with what they were saying just not as strongly

  403. Speranza Says:

    We’ve come to end this stupidity of the Humanity. The illuminaty are afraid of angels. They have the All seeing eye to see the future and far beyond a simple human being. They have supreme powers but are not God blessed. They can connect to each other through telepathy and read the human mind, hypnothyse. But even the most powerful of them is not greater than a simple angel.

  404. Connie Aguilar Says:

    I truely believe the illuminati are real because I am a descendants of the illuminati. The illuminati wants to destroy the world. The’re evil. I am an evil person myself.

  405. katrina morales Says:

    hello.illuminati are atheist..if you control anything are you saying that you are more powerful than God..well thats very ridiculous…

  406. dadao Says:

    good day to some and a horrible day to some…if there is an illuminati or secret society running things, then lets just continue to do what we are doing now, Live With It. What are we doing except trying to sound smarter than the other. No one here, or anywhere it seems, has the power to stop any “secret society” and yet we are still here, why worry about that that is intangible, let it be. The non-secret societies that we know about are the one’s we should worry about, i.e, governments(politics.law.order), churches(religions.cults.superstition), and society(us.we) itself, the three undeniable forces of power, influence, war, and everything good, bad, and evil. Personally, the illuminati was and maybe still is. What they defend or their purpose is unknown to anyone who is not illuminati.
    Truth is open eyes, open ears, open mind, dont speak, dont reject, dont accept, Evaluate. only an opinion(neither true nor false) for all those self righteous fools here who think their opinion is Truth and others are False.
    I challenge, anyone here, with the time, to a game of Life.
    Where religion is a pestilence, faith is important to the human spirit, so be it, the nuturer’, the all-mother, Herth

  407. frogfailess Says:

    the Illuminati is the Satan naphew because all the programs under the illuminati is not good for people.Illuminati,Freemason and so on is Satanic program.The Satanic means is Dajjal.you all must be know about it.

  408. is seriously confused Says:

    a man at my college told me about this so i wanted to read up! but i am so fucking confused it is unreal. I JUST WANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS SO BADLY IT IS UNREAL IS THIS STUFF TRUE OR NOT!

  409. is seriously confused Says:

    and just to let you know i do not believe in GOD JESUS or any thing else so is it possible for me to understand this?????

  410. Nina Says:

    It’s all true. It maybe hard to swallow but it’s all true. It’s overwhelming and seems like something in the movies. It’s a shame that the world we live is like this, it’s disgusting and sad. Yes the NWO is Satan because hedon’t give a damn about no one, not even his stupid ass followers!

  411. Nina Says:

    he doesn’t* excuse my typo in line 3

  412. The All Seeing Eye Says:


    Satan and his foll lowers has only a short time of existence within this godless world we live in.

    Satanism and Luciferism which is the worship of the EGO is NOT going to be the polarity of control of this world for much longer.

    We will all welcome the light whether we are prepared or not….

  413. frogfailess Says:

    sure,the Satan or Lucifer is a BAD!!! they not like the all race in the world accept the Zionis or Jew only.the Jews assumptions another race are pig/ghoim.so,they worship the satanic or Lucifer not the true God.when you follow the historical from the Mesopotamian or Phraoh, you can assess the Satanic and Lucifer activities in the world.take the good mind and deduct the Bad programs from Satan.

  414. frogfailess Says:

    sure,the Satan or Lucifer is a BAD!!! they not like the all race in the world accept the Zionis or Jew only.the Jews assumptions another race are pig/ghoim.so,they worship the satanic or Lucifer not the true God.when you follow the historical from the Mesopotamian or Phraoh, you can assess the Satanic and Lucifer activities in the world.take the good mind and deduct the Bad programs from Satan.and one of the satan activities in the world is WWI and WWII.may be they will blazed the world war III

  415. keet Says:

    who is this ‘true god’ that you keep mentioning?

    also WWIII has already begun…

  416. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    The true god is all around us.

    We are all a small part of the whole that is god, but sadly most people are disconnected from this reality and will serve false gods that serve the ego and represent the fall of man.

    When you learn this reality, feel it and connect to the truth you will see the light which is the only true force within the universe. Darkness exist through one factor and that factor is the absence of light.

    Grasp this concept and you will start to walk through life with eyes open.

    The eyes of truth are always watching YOU!!!!

  417. keet Says:

    who is this ‘true god’ all around us then?

  418. David S.Greer Says:

    It is well known that a perfectly built V8 gas engine if balanced and blue-printed and tuned to perfection will run so smooth with all of a thuosand or more parts all moveing in conjunction with each other, when they get it rite the harminus sound of the freqencysof all the parts working off each other is a marvel to hear. Know that the frenquincy of all liveing things on thise planet and thise pertanes to mostly humans, if everybody was working off everybody and evrythind to the best of the there ability the site of and the sound of the fenquincy of this planet would be something to behold, But when a controling force does somthig to bring things in order there seems to be somebody around to throw dirt into the gears to keep out the perfect tuneing-WHO?!!!

  419. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    David Greer,

    That is a very good way of explaining the laws of nature. Just like an orchestra, if all the instruments are in harmony with each other and playing in tune with the rhythm of the notes the end result will be the sound of beautiful music. But, take one instrument playing out of rhythm or an instrument which is out of tune then the music will be flawed and not pleasant to the ear.

    This is like the flaw within the human species. There is only one driving force that can play beautiful music and that force is the light. Most of the human species is like an out of tune instrument trying to play in a harmonious orchestra that we call the universe.

    If an instrument is not in tune with the orchestra which is made up of many different instruments then there will be imbalance.

    This is the problem with the human species. For the past few thousand years humans have been an out of tune instrument playing in the universe. The universe has had to work hard to accommodate an out of tune instrument and the time is coming when this instrument will be finely tuned to be in harmony with the universe.

    We have been living in the Dark ages for too long and this cycle of change is long overdue. It has been called the Dark ages because we have been living in the polarity of darkness that has held the human mind prisoner of itself. It has been an age of suppression and an age where mankind has looked outside of themselves for fulfilment and faith. An age where the few has been able to control the many because of the many’s insecurities that has restricted evolution and expansion of consciousness. The Age of revelation is coming, an age of knowing and expansion of consciousness where mankind no longer needs to look outside of their field of creation for guidance.

    This will be the destruction of the ego and all the manifestations that has held the mind prisoner of itself.


    Do you know what the word government means?

    I will educate you today.

    The word govern means to CONTROL.

    The word Govern was used throughout the early Roman Empire. The title was given to a person who ruled and controlled a nation or province.

    The word MENT is a very old word derived from ancient Egypt and Hellenic Greek. It is an old Latin name meaning MIND!

    SO here we have it in a nutshell Keet…

    The word GOVERNMENT which people blindly look up to and give their confidence in to run our society and make our laws for us, laws that are supposed to be in the best interests for us and protect us means to simply CONTROL THE MIND.

    And people accuse people of being cultists and on here to brainwash people when people are already brainwashed and controlled by their governments. The most inhumane thing about this is that they don’t even hide it from you. A simple bit of research and intuition spells the meaning of their existence before your very eyes.

    Our own governments are basically playing GOD with mankind. Are they what the bible warns about as false gods and idols?

    Walk through life with opened eyes and inner knowing and the light WILL set you free.

  420. keet Says:

    ment has developed from a french or a latin word, not this egyptian stuff you keep going on about. govern comes from a greek word ‘kubernan’ meaning to steer.
    you keep trying to link everything together by saying everything somehow is to do with egyptian times.

    the government is not to control your mind, its to control your country, hence why we have elections so we choose who we want to steer our country as it moves through good and bad times.

    you’ve still not answered my question of who is this ‘true god’ you mentioned

  421. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    No –

    Ment means mind. Look up any dictionary on the Internet or any Latin to English translation website and you will see that the word MENT in Latin means MIND.

    There are a thousand sources that point this out on the Internet alone yet you seem to think it means Steer, sources please??

    The word MENT does NOT mean steer!!!

    Here are some examples Keet to educate you.

    The human mindset

    Being out of one’s mind.

    Losing faculties of one’s mind

    A fear of being insane.

    Someone who has more intelligence of mind and teaches.

    The process of thinking; especially thinking carefully.

    I would do a little bit better at your research if I was you.

    Govern means CONTROL

    Ment means MIND

    Govern – ment

    means control the mind.

    Let’s go back to school Keet

    Why do you think they call it a CLASS room?

    CLASS meaning Status as in RICH class or Poor class!!!!

    You’re either born a commoner or an aristocrat. The term CLASS determines the separation of status.

    Words and symbols are staring people in the face of their TRUE meaning yet people are too dumbed down to even notice the facts…

    Are you one of these people Keet?

  422. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    Just noticed you were referring to Govern and not ment,

    My apologies


    The word Govern is to control where even the mainstream definitions do explain this case. Govern was to control the land in the ancient time. This is why the Roman leaders of a province were called Governors.

    The word MENT is Latin for MIND. It derives from ancient Greece yet Greece and Egypt were very united during Hellenic times. DO you even know your own history?

    Greece ruled Egypt for hundreds of years, look it up.

    The word Govern is to control or even steer as you say, but the word ment means mind in Latin.

    So your governments are either CONTROLLING your minds or STEERING your minds. You choose, whichever?

  423. keet Says:

    ‘mens’ means mind, not ‘mentum’, DO you not know your latin?

    in latin ‘mentum’ is used to express the result of an action

    and last but not least governMENT

    so the government means ‘to steer’ and to ‘take action’ not control your mind.

    do you even know your literature?

  424. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    You can live in denial all your life Keet, your loss not mine.

    The word MENT is Latin for the MIND. There is a thousand references online to point out this fact. You can ignore them or turn a blind eye to them but please don’t refute the definition when the definition is staring you in the face. I know my literature, but more importantly, I know the truth. I do not follow the mainstream like a blinded sheep. The words are there to be seen, the true meaning is there to be discovered.

    Why do you think T.V shows are called PROGRAMS?

    They are called PROGRAMS because they are PROGRAMMING the MIND of the viewer. Just like a computer software program, the computer delivers the commands of the PROGRAM. The human mind is a computer Keet, it functions on one important ingredient and that ingredient is INFORMATION.

    Whatever INFORMATION is fed into the human brain determines the function of the brain.

    As for your other examples of words ending in MENT, all can be associated with the function of the mind. Alternatively, they can also mean a phrase of action like you suggest, but the word MENT in its root form derives from ancient Greece and its true Latin meaning is MIND.

    Moment releases the time of the mind.

    development is the developing mind.

    management is the managing of the mind.

    movement is the moving of the mind.

    treatment is the treating of the mind.

    improvement is the improving of the mind.

    The word MENT has been disguised and incorporated into words like MENTality and DeMENTia which is words associated with the mind.

    For anyone who is misunderstood, I suggest they do their own research and find the Latin meaning of the word MENT and of its origin.

    I’m not interested in any other words derived from Latin. The word MENTUM is a completely different word which has a completely different meaning. The focus is on the word MENT.

    The truth is staring you in the face if only you have eyes to see.

  425. keet Says:

    program comes from the latin word ‘programma’ meaning ‘write publicly’

    you’re getting this whole latin words mixed up

    ‘ment’ is actually a latin word however it does not have anything to do with the english word ‘ment’.
    the english word ‘ment’ is from the latin translation ‘mensum’,
    where as the latin word ‘ment’ means ‘mind’,
    therefore they are two separate words meaning different things.
    translating the word ‘government’ from english to latin would be ‘kubernan mensum’
    translating the latin word ‘kubernan ment’ into english would be ‘govern mind’

    ‘ment’ in english is not ‘ment’ in latin. you refuse to believe this because this is the truth, and it is proving your statement wrong, you are like a blind sheep.

    The truth is staring you in the face if only you have eyes to see.

  426. The All Seeing Eye Says:

    translating the latin word ‘kubernan ment’ into english would be ‘govern mind’

    Your words not mine.

    Thank you for at least acknowledging this fact!

    Govern means Control or Rule

    Ment means mind in Latin

    Control or rule the mind.

    The truth is staring you in the face if only you have eyes to see.

  427. keet Says:

    my statement is that there is n such word as governmind in the english dictionary. try searching for it if you dont believe me.

    you yourself has just agreed to me that the word ‘ment’ (in latin) means ‘mind’ (in english) and that ‘mensum’ (in latin) means ‘ment’ (in english).

    you are still unable to correct yourself due to the facts being thrown straight at you.

    government is an english word not a latin word.

    anyway, ‘ment’ could have been added to the word ‘govern’ for a whole different reason; to change a word from a verb to a noun like the words, attach-ment, establish-ment, contain-ment, adorn-ment, defer-ment, etc

  428. frogfailess Says:

    you know one of the organization the name is CFR is KA’ FA’ RA’..if you translate in arabic language…the CFR means is KAFIR..KAFIR means is no religion .they worships the SATAN/IBLYSS.the KAFIR is not trusting the GOD but they trusted the LUCIFER from SATAN government.

  429. stazcia Says:

    i think that god wil eventually come through and save us good always wins in life in movies in everything god made us and he made everthing around us sooo all i can say is god bless hopefully ill see you in heaven

  430. Fernando Says:

    Everything u are saying might be most likey wrong because they control so much including the media that they could be purposly writing stuff about them selfs. The control everything so don’t u think that they could have us killed if we treatended them.

  431. vanhviid Says:

    I’m awe-struck in suspense. Do you guys really meen to say, that you believe all those conspiracy theories? I meen – hey – you must be americans – that’s all I can say. Yes I do agree, that governments (especially the american) tend to bigbrother our behinds, trying to control the masses by watching what’s going on whereever they can (phonecalls, instant messaging, etc) – but compare your country to China, if you think you’ve got it bad – I dare you! 😉

    @keet – hey man, I’m right there with you – can I take some of the heat? I’ve got a feeling this could be massive, and I really need to kick back! 🙂

  432. keet Says:

    thanks vanhviid, glad to know im not only one thinking outside the circle here and looking at other possibilities 😀

  433. vanhviid Says:

    Well.. Somehow I am wondering when the good people in here are going to be a little more educated about things. Although I have seen references in several posts here, which refer to “the enlightened”, but really, what enlightened? Is it the Bavarian Illuminati or the so-called “Brotherhood”, based on the old families from all the way back through history? (Yup, I actually DO know what I am talking about – though just because you read something, it does not meen it is so – or that you have to believe it!) s-)

  434. julie Says:

    I would add 22. they can read and control humans mind without human consent using some waves and devices. their technology are so advanced already and possess real threat to the society. and this is really dangerous. if you do not believe me check CIA mind control and HAARP. you can just do a little research on the net and see what they are doing and they are everywhere, not even in states, every country has secret society. you all people who do not believe are just blind to see, but sometimes it is better to stay blind and live in your own imaginary world. ignorance is a bliss.

  435. keet Says:

    and naivety is a sin…

    dont believe everything on the net; i could post up that a group of rebel youngsters of a secret society have taken the white house and control everything that obama does, and some people out there will believe me. this is a world that you have to think for yourself and not believe everything that you are told or that you read.

  436. Johnson Says:

    The 11th one was the BEST…

  437. pooptube Says:

    I agree. They are always watching me even when I was on the toilet the other night. I was in the middle of a remarkable cheese dumpage when all of a sudden I saw a shadow on the wall of the bathroom…..in my very own house!!! I was scared shitless! Well, that’s not entirely true as I hadn’t made my deposit yet but let me tell you, I was about to deliver that fecal matter block down my poop shute and as I was engaging in the act of straining, that shadow began to inch towards me and whisper sweet nothings. An example of what I heard was, “Oh how I love the smell of your poo. I wish you would back your fart dispenser right into my awaiting nostrils. I want you to back up your heat stick releaser onto my nose.” How in the hell was I going to attempt such a maneuver in the middle of a life altering colonic expulsion? I thought that shadow was very rude and making quite impractical demands on me so i decided pinch the loaf and just leave the bathroom. As I wiped my little bung hole with tissue and examined the sticky stink collected on the tissue, I actually had a yearning for more sweet nothings to be uttered in my direction by my new friend the wallshadow. I sniffed the stanky brown mess and decided it wasn’t worth keeping in my collection box which is an old shoebox that I place only the most interesting and delightfully odorous used tissue that had made contact with my rectal ring post-dumpage. I felt that nostalgic feeling for my shadow whisperer and wondered if I hadn’t been too hard on him. Well that’s exactly the problem with the illuminati. They don’t visit me enough either.

  438. vanhviid Says:

    And here I thouhgt this thread was dead (that’s thread with a “d” – not a “t” – dear conspiracy people!) Hi again keet! 😉

  439. Dudeman Says:

    The question should focus on WHICH SOURCE IS MORE RELIABLE. Tv, newspapers, and other sources from the real life are great. The fact is though, that the net gives you more opportunities to choose from. Of course many of those theories are not right. But what gives you the right to prove them wrong or right??
    We need reliable sources. NOW!
    I mean…what is this discussion about?
    ::: Getting ruled by politicians, the media, rleigion, etc. or by the Illuminati(including media, politicians, etc.)? You know what: I don´t give a shit. Both sucks!

    (i´m not from the states so my spelling is probably not right. But i threat is written with a t)

  440. vanhviid Says:

    As stated earlier in this thread (yes thread as opposed to threat – which is something entirely different), I am not from America either. Heck – english isn’t even my native language! Anyway – what I wrote, was supposed to be a pun – nothing more – and if you were offended by it, that says something about you. I will agree to the need for more unbiased information sources – but how do you suggest we go around getting that? You aren’t som radical thinker, who believes we can just “remove” the existing media and set up a new framework “we” can rely on? This btw is meant as a question – not an accusation.

  441. pooptube Says:

    I wish you guys could offer me some advice. Damn, I will take any advice at this point. That shadow appears whenever he wants to, I have no control. Police, Firefighters, State Troopers and the hospital all say the same thing. Don’t worry about it, it’s only a shadow. They refuse to admit that it takes the shape of a 12 spoke wheel, eight pointed star or even the sun. Information About the Star of Astaroth Mer Ka Ba Meditation is difficult to come by and they refuse to talk with me even when I tell them about my wallshadow friend showing up and the whispering I eminently hear. Then the hospital workers start whispering with each other. I need to rent a video camera I think and tape that shadow but unfortunately he usually appears right when I am making number 2.

  442. chyn30 Says:

    Read 1984 by George Orwell.
    It talks about mind control, and its very interesting.
    I believe in the Illuminati and the Federal Reserve controlling our
    government, who on here actually studies it?
    i do, but I would love to here more.
    Also look up the Dollar bill conspiracies.
    Its pretty creepy.

  443. vanhviid Says:

    You read 1984? Did you notice when it was written? – yup – 1948.. Turn the two last digits around – and voila! Anyway – a groundbreaking novel by a brilliant author.. But still fiction! 😉

  444. clinton Says:

    this is not a lie this is true i have family and i have done a lot of work in this study you can see it most of all in buildings you see every day look very close and u will see symbols if u need to say anything or u think i am lieing: yu g00t 2 c0m3 f!Nd we yes this is wat we do if u think u can do dis i will find u if u realy need 2 (315) 13205 i will c u s00n

  445. keet Says:

    we’ve got to come find you? why cant you tell us anything on here like everyone else has done?

  446. vanhviid Says:

    And perhaps a spelling class in cram-school would be nice too.. But I think he/she wrote that HE would come finding US if we needed him/her – or something like that.. But really – it did not make any sense at all..

  447. keet Says:

    the ‘w’ is an upside down ‘m’, so instead of it being we it turns into me,

    “yu g00t 2 c0m3 f!Nd we” = “you got to come find me”

  448. vanhviid Says:

    Thanks.. But I was focussing on the latter part of the “message”! Which clearly stated, that he/she was going to come find me/you.. I stand corrected! 😉

  449. Jim Johnson Says:

    whether any of it’s true or not none of it’s “secrets” these theories have been on the internet as long as I can remember (and I remember windows 95) and people been arguing about the same shit over and over for years

  450. vanhviid Says:

    As long as civilization has existed (as we know it), there have been numerous conspiracy theories – or you could say – as long as man has existed, paranoia has been a factor in society. It probably never ends, but hopefully we have become more sofisticated and/or well-educated over the years, and are capable of making more rational decissions wether to believe or not! I’m not saying none of what’s been written here holds any truth – I’m just saying that most of it it nonsense. Please tell me I’m wrong – and show me why! Don’t think for a minute, that I’m buying into any of it because some people are spouting horse-hockey as their favorite pass-time! 🙂

    @Jim Johnson: this text is not pointed at you – you seem as a decent enough sort! 😉

  451. charbella Says:

    ok this is funny……………

  452. pure Says:

    keet, control of the weather is here look up haarp, it is a device that is being used to “control” weather its more like manipulating.

  453. keet Says:

    pure are you saying that anything you read on the internet has to be true?

    if i start a web page describing how the australian government is controlling the world and creating the icelandic volcano to throw out masses of ash cloud, would you believe it? or do you already know that the illuminati are already creating this volcanic ash themselves?

  454. JeeDawg Says:

    Hi all!, i just saw this thred out of the blue kinda and decided to throw in my 2 cents.

    Now the guy who wrote this isnt far off from whats really happening in the world if you take the time to research these subects. This is in regards of KEETs first comment really , since the rest just seems to be a heated argument between all of you. Have you taken the time to research HAARP and other gov./military projects of the sort? There are actual U.S Patents from the patent website that you can look up, of military people and scientists having these technologies to, if they wanted, manipulate the weather… i know it sounds crazy but when you get down to the science and physics of it it really is possible. Go read the Space Preservation act of 2001 (HR 2977), they list a ban on all known weapons such as Laser, Plasma, CLIMATE, TECTONIC, CHEMTRAIL, Ultra Sonic, Psychotronic and more LOL! Then they have a section banning all ”Unacknowledged or Undeveloped Weapons”

  455. JeeDawg Says:

    For those who are hardcore anti believers in conspiracies, just research ”conspiracies that turned out true” or something of the sorts youll be really surprised lololol. Like the shameful CIA run Operation Midnight Climax wish was to operate brothels , and dose unconsenting people with LSD to study its effects. This was a sub-project of MK-ULTRA, the CIA’s mind control program.

    Another good one is Operation Northwoods, the U.S gov. wanted to stage falseflag in the united-states and then blame them on Cuba so they could invade it. Disgusting stuff. I could go on with these true ”conspiracies”.

    Now i dont think the Illuminati control all of the aspects stated in the original message, but i do believe all those to be controlled by elites, and if you go up the chain , everything is in fact run by a few people, a shadow government.

  456. keet Says:

    jeedwag- do i keep haven’t to repeat this to all you researchers that look on the internet for ‘truth’? anyone can come up with a conspiracy and if they put in a few extra bits and pieces to try and blindfold people into believing that what they are stating is true and that there is no other possibility, then it works.

    things are kept secret between governments, countries, communities and people for reasons being that others can try copy what they are trying to produce and learn from their work.

    some conspiracies end up being true yet others dont such as the roswell UFO crash, it turned out to be a blimp that the government was experimenting with. the alien autopsy, the nessy photos and much more.

    now you can believe what you want, however i am more sceptical on these kind of things and look at other possibilities before i jump the gun and believe the first thing that i read. if we were under a NWO that were controlling us and what we think, then we wouldn’t be able to be having this debate now would we?

  457. JeeDawg Says:

    I agree with you KEET, too many mindless people believe anything they read on the internet and that is really sad. Some retards start ridiculous stories of reptilian overlords from the united federation of darkness or w/e , and have legions of other retards following it and spreading it to others.

    Personally ive been reading into these things for quite a while now and concerning a ”shadow” government, theres too much evidence to deny it anymore. Look at the CFR, Trillateral Commission , Bilderburg Group…. the big families like the Rothschilds and Rockafellers and Bush’s….they are the ones in power.

  458. keet Says:

    yes there are many organisations like that, however due to there being so many, it means there is more competition of who wants to be the leading group or ‘NWO’. this only means that due to the amount of secret societies that seek power, there is not just one big group controlling everything. People have tried it before and failed, or only succeeded for a sort time (and even then, they haven’t controlled ‘the whole world’).

    basically it all comes down to the saying, “too many chiefs and not enough indians”

  459. danny Says:

    lmao at this bull haha u people are not normal and u all seem to have to much time on ur hands…..lol what made me laugh was the bases on the moon HAHA

    also ur saying britney a sex slave? how would u like it if just bcuz u had a talent and got famous some freaks say ur a sex slave….or if it was ur sister they say that about? u all make me sick u need to get a life and live it….just like everybody else is u ppl in the end always end up been wrong

  460. JeeDawg Says:

    This is a useless conversation with very closed minded people who dont bother to research any of this.

    Its not my fault you dont know how to use the internet properly and you dont know the difference between bullshit sites and the real deal. Im sorry you cant be bothered to do at least 1h research on at least one of these subjects (i suggest 1 through 9, 13, 14, 15 and 17)

    Im not saying its the Illuminati or any other secret society, but all of these aspects are indeed controlled, not for the benefit of the regular guy.

    the CFR, Bilderbergers and the Federal Reserve…. those guys and the people around them are the ”secret society” imo. Just research these guys thoroughly and youll see alot of this is true.

  461. JeeDawg Says:

    Having an opened mind doesnt mean believing all the crap there is on the internet either…. but there are very legit things on here too.. im sorry you feel that the whole internet is a lie, maybe you should go back to watching American Idol or all the propaganda you call news.

    “”It cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions.””
    –Henry Kissenger

    “”Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”
    –Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

    “”We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”
    –David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

    Man i could go on and on about these guys in public saying these things, then you research what they do and you see.

  462. keet Says:

    i thought there was a decent person that i was having a debate with there then comes out the same as all the others say,
    “you dont know what you’re on about”
    “you haven’t bothered doing any research”
    “Its not my fault you dont know how to use the internet properly”
    “just research these guys thoroughly and youll see alot of this is true”
    come on people, can’t you see that you are become the ones wanting to make everyone believe and follow one thing; you’re own believes.

    Why would several groups work together if they wanted to ‘rule’ the world? there would be fueds and disagreements between the groups and it would cause them to collapse as they turned against one another.

    just because some well known people have said about this it doesn’t mean it has to be true.

    i dont actually watch any of this reality TV or soap operas or any other kind of make belief stuff like that. Why is it that when i state that there could be other possibilities, people tell me i dont know what i’m on about?

    jeedawg give me several links that give us this strong evidence that this stuff is true.

  463. vanhviid Says:

    @keet.. Perhaps a little infantile, yes – but on the other hand – when you are convinced something must be true, you have a tendency to shut out all other possibilities (eg: that maybe there isn’t a greater conspiracy)

    @JeeDawg.. Just because we don’t necessarily agree with your opinions (yes – they ARE just that, until otherwise proven) – it doesn’t meen we are less truth-seekers than you, nor that we do not research!

    I never stated that you (everyone believeing there is a greater conspiracy to take over the world) are/were wrong – I just don’t believe in it!

    @JeeDawg.. Definitely not based on the vague quotes you call evidence, and even less based on your assumption, that you are the one with the answers, and hence can patronize anyone who does not agree – that’s borderline arrogance!

  464. They Don't Care About Us Says:

    THESE ARE TOTAL LIES!! Righhhhtttt…they control the weather….sure they do!!!! 🙂 They DO NOT control me!!!!

  465. sammi Says:

    i think no matter where you go in the world we always seem to find some way to conflict . so i studied astronomy and found that the univese and everything init is created , preserved and then eventually destroyed . I even peered into the human body and found cells fighting other cells .. we seem to be living in an age or rift in time where fear fight and chaos exist this must mean there was an age where truth and charitee peace existed . This is self evident we are one human family we are being manipulated by our selves and instead of wasting time i bid you to help the less fortunate without any gain ,see how faryugo nwo or no nwo , if you want to change the system change your self first and then watch the doors open .. i see where society seems to be pilgrims to false kings but then go attain a stand and see if you can try to do any better than them , by trying to speak from the heart not mind and unite in harmony with ourselves before we can even begin to mention this figure called god but thengodis1

  466. Jamison Gier Says:

    Hello may I use some of the content found in this entry if I link back to you?

  467. hope Says:

    this is real. the illuminati is real for sure. Jesus Christ the Son of the living God is the safest place that u can run to.
    theres no point in bashing each others heads with words and name calling. all u have to do is believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord of all
    and that He died for our sins and rose, yes, rose from the dead and is now seated on the right hand of God the Father in heaven, u will be safe.

  468. 1 way to check Says:

    1 way to check if they really exist is stand in front of the White House, shouting “You Illuminati suckers-Go to hell!”. If you get killed after that then yup,they exist.

  469. Really? Says:

    “1 way to check if they really exist is stand in front of the White House, shouting “You Illuminati suckers-Go to hell!”. If you get killed after that then yup,they exist.”

    Hm… I wanna try that then 😀 I can haha.

  470. tombyron Says:

    Obama and his godamn burger buddies can go suck a rock.

  471. Whoaa.....kay.... Says:

    “Obama and his godamn burger buddies can go suck a rock.”


  472. building maces. Says:

    Do not worry. The Illuminati will not be able to accomplish this. As long as I am around and my organisation, this will never come to pass.

    The world order will come together at one point, but not through mind-control or wars. It will just happen on its own eventually. But that is irrelevant.

    The world is so close to creating it, and once it is there the Illuminati will have no where to hide. In this I speak the truth.

  473. building maces. Says:

    nah Im just joking, I think a world oder would be cool, but Without the mindcontrol.

  474. michael Says:

    Your a fool. If such a society does really exist and their goal is to control the world under a singular world order than you should support them. think about it war, poverty, crime, all of these things would decrease and more importantly monkeys like you would be persecuted.
    If what you say will come to pass than i hope we meet on opposing sides of the battlefeald.

    -Forever Illuminati-

  475. remiryce Says:

    fuck those who dont believe these illuminati fucks want to take over and establish martial law fuck right in the ear and fuck what you heard we will no be manipulated and controlled we will fight to the bitter end keet shut the fuck up learn something keep that shit all the way 100% these bastards wanna control it all and i 4 one wont stand for it u live comfortable if u want and dont believe i will fight them to the bitter end and wait for the sound of gabriels horn and hope the god lets me in to his house those who follow these satanic cults eat a dick (eat a sack of baby dicks mutha fuckas) killuminati to all who will turn on god and jesus i’ll be waiting and ready to rebel no one controls me no man or creature under god will judge me i put my faith in the lord and follow his voice as we wage war on these communist wana be bastards die by my hand and the hand of the son of god may he have mercy on you weak minded ones who wont wake up and free your mind times running out pal better know when the time comes will you be on these crazy bastards side and burn in hell for matrial riches you cant have in the afterlife ha i plan to be in the land of milk and honey chillin with the lord and gaining knowlege for all eternity

  476. michael Says:

    your open eyes are as blinding as the darkness that you so foolheartedly fear. you must see that the night is always darkest before the dawn. only a fool would still fear nightfall. fool there is no place for you in their utopia. you will burn like all the rest.

  477. keet Says:

    remiryce, learn where the commas and full stops are on your keyboard, and if god is so good then why would he let all of these organisations exist?

  478. vanhviid Says:

    Fun never stops in this thread.

    But it would seem, that most stuff written here as of late, has gone completely ape.

    OMG.. You are actually right about the commas and full stops keet, remiryce doesn’t use on of them in the whole post! 🙂

  479. Dajni Says:

    That is a bunch of bs. You really believe that the pope is an illuminati agent. I mean, get real. Some things I can understand but dont pull the Holy Father Pope Benedict, the Vatican, and Catholics into this.

  480. DisCorupted Says:

    This is MADNESS

  481. dRC Says:

    Funny how so many people so easily say that all of this is lies. It’s not. It’s as real as it gets. Most of you just haven’t been paying attention very properly. Most of you don’t even want to acknowldge that this is the world we live in. As it is SO different from what we’ve been taught it’s seems surreal. It is. But it is reality. We DO live in a world where basically everything is controlled by a small group of psychopaths. We DO live in a world where the media is controlled, education is controlled, the pharmaceutical industry is controlled, food is controlled, the military is controlled, money is controlled, it goes on and on. Summing this all up sounds ludicrous. That’s because it is ludicrous. But it’s true. All you have to do to find this out is to do some research. Find out which person is involved with who and with organisations etc. Find out where the money for everything comes from. Find out who basically controls all these facets of our life and you will soon see that it completely and utterly insane. And then I haven’t even started on the fact that most of the men that run this planet are involved with occult practices, because the vast majority of them is connected to secret societies. And the worst part of that is, is that these societies have been around since the beginning of recorded history. I’m talking Babylonian times and even before that. (While Babylon is very important to them). It’s so disturbing to comprehend what is going on on this planet that while researching it, it seems like a bad hollywood movie. Not knowing anything about the subject and reading these claims will have you go: “This guy is a nutter”. It’s normal. People said the same about Galileo when he said the earth was a sphere instead of flat. It took people a while but they finally accepted the truth. The day will come too that most people who now say that conspiracy nutters are freaks and are making this all up or whatever you wanna say about it will come to realize that it is in fact reality and we have a responsibility as humanity as a whole to make sure our children and their children have a sane world to grow up in.

    If we don’t soon wake up, ‘1984’ and ‘A Brave New World’ will become the bitter realities of our day to day lives.

    Get this into your head:

    – The history of this planet as told in official history books is a lie. It has been manipulated to suit the agenda of the global elite. Events like for example the Holocaust are being used and blown out ot of proportion to have people accept the creation of the Zionist state we now know as Israel.

    – The elite want a central money system, a world bank, a world currency, a world religion, a world government, a world army, and no more sovereign states whatsoever. (Although this may sound as a good idea (in theory it can be)), realize that the people who have been funding ALL of the wars of the last centuries, the people who control all the oil, money, drug running, and every other corrupt aspect of our society will be running this thing. Would you like psychopathic criminals governing you and your kids? I think not.

    – Look up the term New World Order. Don’t just look at conspiracy sites. Look at our ‘leaders’. George Bush Sr. talked about it in 1991 (11 years to the day of 9/11), Gov. Nelson Rockefeller talked about it, Pope Paul VI talked about it, Richard Nixon talked about it, Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about it, David Rockefeller talked about it, Henry Kissinger talked about it, Bill Clinton talked about it, Tony Blair talked about it, Gordon Brown talked about it, the list goes on and on and on and on.

    – All of the people listed above are involved in the creation of this New World Order. The biggest power structures on the planet; The Vatican, The USA, Britain, Russia, France, Germany, The EU, The UN, you name ’em! They are all onvolved and controlled by the same forces. Yes it sounds ludicrous. But yes, it is also completely true.

    – Events like the Financial Credit Crisis we’re having, Banks going bankrupt, September 11, Swine Flu, Global Warming, The BP Oil Spill, The War on Terror, SARS, AIDS, etc. are all events either created by them, supported by them or manufactured by them. Sounds ludicrous again doesn’t it? Research it, and you’ll find out.

    I could go on for days filling this webpage with information but of course I won’t. Find out for yourself. Open your mind to the possibility that this might actually be true. Because face it; Why would I want to make this up? Why would I want to convince people that this is true if it is all paranoid bullshit? I’m not doing this for fun. I’m utterly serious.

    WAKE UP!!

  482. vanhviid Says:

    Hmm… dRC?? There’s one word for this (actually three combined):

    Paranoid personality disorder.

    I’m really sorry for you, but I’m sure some medication might alleviate
    your distress.

    You didn’t mention UFO sightings though – that would have made the
    diagnosis clear!

    On the other hand.. Let’s for a minute ponder on your words.

    If we assume you are absolutely right about everything, wouldn’t it
    be prudent to assume also, that the New World Order is already here?

    If this conspiracy dates all the way back to the Garden of Eden (you mentioned Babylonian times and before!) – wouldn’t “they” have accomplished their goal by now?

    Really it seems like illogical ramblings to me, and like all the others
    here stating similar beliefs, You haven’t made one valid point to prove your statements.

    You mentioned that everybody said “it” was all a lie, *that* is a class example of paranoia!

    Anyway – flame me all you like! Untill you come up with something tangible, I can’t really take any of your “truths” seriously.

    I figure your “wake up call” was meant for yourself!??

  483. eating sunshine Says:

    there is a shocking and overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the existance of the illuminati. i dont believe the illuminati are possessed by ‘the devil’ (unless of course your useing the term devil to describe money, because they are definately possessed by that). i dont believe that they are lizard people or spirits oractually enlightened. infact, i very much doubt that they even call themselves the illuminati. but they are a band of greedy and evil people who believe themselves to be better than most other humans because of their bloodlines, just like how Nazi’s believed they’re bloodline was descended from the people of atlantis..

    official papers leaked to the press from the 1960s onwards depict very pressing evidence that the illuminati, or rather, shadw government, have been and still are manipulating those in power, and the people of the world. it’s not so much brainwashing as careful pushing in the wrong direction. think derren brown. misdirection and manipulationof the mind. yes, you still have the choice to walk down the street, which drink you chose, when you eat, how you dress and the music you listen to, who you vote for (although im not entirely sure that votes havent been rigged for a very long time, considering most of the presidents of america have had strong ties with round table brotherhoods and illuminati actions, and those that havent have been quickly assassinated or served extremely short terms.) but you are bombarded with advertisements designed to manipulate.

    i believe this ‘brotherhood’ is definately real. mostly because all of the things the illuminati stand for and want to achieve HAVE and ARE happening.
    1) gain control of the worlds money (the world bank; US money used to have silver backs, but that was discontinued and now money is just paper or a number in you bank account… both of these things are technically worthless)
    2) destruction of the environment, in order to deplete the worlds human population
    3) gain control of worlds oil and destroy most of it to increase prices (convienient then, for the lat two points ive made, that recently the oil pouring into the ocean in the gulf of mexico has STILL not subsided, even though there seems to be nothing about it in the news anymore)

    theres so so so so so so so much more!
    in the 60s a group was put together to have a ‘meeting’, if you will, to discuss the posibility of world peace. the papers writen about these discussions were not supposed to be make public, but were leaked to a newspaper. it was said in the meeting that world peace is unobtainable and harmful to a stable society and the government were advised to create hoaxes of UFOs and environmental issues in order to keep the public petrified of things that they could not control, which would obviously make them more obedient and vulnerable.

    i dont think the destruction of religion is a bad thing personally. it causes the majority of wars and problems for this planet that we share, but its morals are good. it was designed to be a guideline to a happy and friendly life, teaching you to be respectful to your parents and kind to your neighbours. teaching that the only crimes are those that have victims. (except for the part that your body is on loan from god.. i dont like that. my bodies mine and ill do what i want with it so long as i dont put anyone else or myself in danger). but creating one religion for the whole world is wrong. it would destroy all of the beautiful cultures and diversities of the people of this planet.

    i could say so much more, but i’ve just got back from work and im very tired and dirty, but i can always elaborate if needs be.

    also keet.
    WE ARE ONLINE! WE DO NOT NEED T USE COMAS OR FULLSTOPS OR ANY TYPE OF PUNCTUATION IF WE DO NOT WANT TO. tis isnt an essay, we’re not going to be graded on it. have you ever stopped to think that that person may have a difficulty that means they can’t fully grasp punctuation? or that maybe, just maybe, they know that there is absolutely no need for correct spelling or perfect sentence structure, because as long as you’re understood why does any of that matter?
    also. you are a buffoon who seems to be spending an aweful long time contradicting everything on this site when obviously the majority of people are not taking you seriously. you are wasting your time trying to convert people who have realised what is truly going on behind the scenes, you could be talking to others who agree with you about how silly you think we are.

  484. keet Says:

    @ eating sunshine – i’m sure that even a disability with punctuation, im sure they would still put in a full stop somewhere. i never mentioned about spelling, just put in full stops at least, because a sentence can be misinterpreted if it is wrongly misread.

    people have ‘realised what is truly going on’? what is truly going on? why are you all disagreeing with each other about why, how and what all this is about? you all seem to be disagreeing with each others beliefs.

    @dRC – tell me these places where i can find out factual things instead of conspiracy theories. give me a few links to websites that prove your point.

  485. vanhviid Says:

    @eating sunshine.. I’ll have to disagree with most of what you write – and I’m getting tired of commenting on all the garbage with no substantial evidence behind it – so on to the things we can actually agree upon!

    You *do* state some valid points (Yes you read it correctly!)

    I *do* believe the American government, media and weapon industry, deliberately keep the citizens in check by promoting fear and hatred. This has nothing to do with any “Illuminati” or “brotherhood” or what not.

    Watch an American newscast on any channel, and there you have murder, rape, war, threats against other countries, lies about other countries having weapons of mass-destruction, etc., etc.

    I don’t want to pummel “yanks” – your government and media does it so well already – and I pitty you!

    And to be honest – I fear I would be more or less paranoid too, if I had been raised in the US.

    Some of these thought are based on what I read/view in the news, and other things I’ve been told by some of my american friends.

    You could say this is all hearsay, as it is not something I have experienced in real life – that’s why I write “I believe” and not “I know”!

    That’s a huge difference from stating that “The Illuminati is here” etc.

    If any of you guys in here, would show me some facts, I would be more than willing to listen.. Sofar I’ve seen nothing!

  486. pooptube II Says:

    I wrote a post on the Georgia Guidestones and posted links underneath to prove that they are real. This is a weird monument that should be looked into, especially when people are claiming they need facts.

    Unless something went wrong when I posted it, it does say ” Your comment is awaiting Moderation”, however long that takes to be done with.

  487. vanhviid Says:

    @pooptube II – posted it where? The only instance I have found here on this thread, is the post you just wrote!

    I do know about the Guidestones though, and what’s written on them. I don’t see what that should prove though. Maybe I missed a post you wrote explaining this?

    I have searched the whole thread here, without finding any references (or links). Do elaborate! 🙂

  488. pooptube II Says:

    I was very impressed a while ago with the person named Poop tube. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing and almost had to use the bathroom part way through reading his post. I liked it so much, his name inspired me to name myself after him, or her, though it sounds like a him.

    I know that no one can explain this, but what about the Georgia Guidestones that were erected in Elberton, Georgia. They’re what look to be 10 rules for the future almost like a 10 commandments which tell people how to rule and govern over humanity and the earth. What bothers me most about them is the first inscription – “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with Nature”. These stones are very large and would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more to construct.

    On an explanitory tablet off to one side of these stones reads: “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason”. Someone or group does have the funds and push to want to erect this monument which attracts contraversy, an should seeing how its differs from the main ideals of the area. Its more than just having freedom of speech, its a direct hit to about 90 percent of humanity. I haven’t been able to find out who or what group actually funds this, but not enough attention has been brought to this. I’m not saying its ‘Illuminati’ or ‘Masons’ that are up to this kind of stuff, but I sure as hell don’t like a public display of rules which, again, could be a hit out on 90 percent of the population.

  489. pooptube II Says:

    I can’t seem to cut and paste links to websites or my post will say: “Your comment is awaiting Moderation”. I would like to give links but that is holding me back from comments being posted. The above post is what I originally sent but with links to informative sites underneath. Look up the Georgia Guidestones, it’s kinda spooky. The sites won’t be hard to find, and it will be proof that people are asking for, that crazy stuff is going on.

  490. vanhviid Says:

    Well. I can tell you that someone with the pseudonym “R. C. Christian” supposedly hired the people who erected the monument back in June of ’79.

    There are loads of conspiracy theories about it – but nothing “concrete” 😛

    I do respect you as a “truth seeker”. I want to know the truth about a great many things myself. The problem is that mostly, I hit my head on conspiracy theories, which are (99,99% of the time) concocted by some American individual without a clue – or at least without any reasonable evidence to back his/her statements up!

    And I also respect you for not going over the edge, trying to convince everyone of your theories. That’s refreshing on this thread!

    Regarding the “original” pooptube.. Well he/she did make me laugh a couple of times – though he/she didn’t really add anything original to the thread.

    I wonder why noone ever commented on his little “Scrotie McBoogerballs” -ish tale.

    A lot of flatulence in that one! 😉

  491. pooptube II Says:

    The stones aren’t a conspiracy, who funded them maybe, but what I’m trying to get at is that there is evidence of crazy stuff like what people are posting on this site, and you can just go on a website and see it. Its concrete, well stone, but I don’t have to make accusations of it being ‘real’ or not. Just be a little more careful about what conpiracies, or not, are being posted.

    I agree backing things up with concrete evidence is a must, but then again, are people on this site going to go any further than research the internet for info.

    By the way vanhviid, those emoticons are really annoying… say what you need to say, if its going to be annoying, let the words do it.

  492. vanhviid Says:

    Didn’t really try to be “annoying”.. But I don’t think the emoticons did it anyway.. So why don’t you say what’s bothering you? I’m not trying to yank your chain here.. But you sure are yanking mine now!

    I tried to be polite about not agreeing to your oppinions here.. But what is it you want?

    Anyway – if the emoticons bother you so much, why don’t you look at some of the other statements here in this thread? They clearly don’t live up to your “no emoticons” “rule”! Even though they (to some extend) follow your way of thinking!

    I guess keet is absolutely right about all of the conspiracy thinkers here..

    Shame.. I really hoped otherwise.

    Anyway – I could have misunderstood you.. Explain why emoticons irritate you so much!??

  493. vanhviid Says:

    Forgot the emoticon.. 🙂

  494. vanhviid Says:

    To answer one of your questions.. I don’t think at all, that the internet does anything but confuse.

    So I seek for knowledge other places too. Your perhaps right about most people on this thread, though I can’t really say.

  495. vanhviid Says:

    And another thing.. Clearly, most people here *don’t* use emoticons.. Is that a sign of a conspiracy?

    (I’m saying I’m wrong about a statement about emoticons being used here by some of the conspiracy thinkers!)

    Anyway.. If emoticons annoy you, I don’t really see what wouldn’t!

    I’m not annoyed that most of the people here spout crap about something they know nothing about.. I will admit that I’m the main user of emoticons here on this thread however – so be it..

    No harm done as far as I’m concerned.. Free speech, etc….
    If you still know what it means..

    Here’s another emoticon for you.. 😀

  496. pooptube II Says:

    That was just weird, three posts on emoticons. Someone’s sensitive. hehe.

    I want pooptube back!

  497. julezz Says:

    Theres lots of proof out there if you just look for it, the goverment want a new world order, with a population of no more than 500,000000 check out the georgia guidestones that have just appeared out of no where, no one will admit to putting them there, written in different languages , they explain what the goverment want to happen,,we will see major changes by 2012,,, 9.11 was a conspiracy, theres so much proof on that 1, and what about the chemtrails, has any1 noticed all the lines in the sky lately, these are not contrails but chemtrails, contrails are normal and dissapear after 10 to 15 seconds, chemtrails stay in the sky for hours then spread into a thin wispy cloud, its not normal, the goverment have already said there trying conquer global warming by spraying chemicals and pieces of metal in the sky, another load of crap, i’ve researched the bilderberg group and all the plans for a new world order and i believe it, theres to much evidence to just say its bullshit, they’ve been planning this for over 100yrs, theres so much stuff i could say look up i don’t have enough space on this page, those who don’t want to believe will soon find out, when obama says theres gonna be change , he means it andnot for the better,, for proof that they can control the weather , google haarp and tesler technology, russian scientist detected high level frequency just outside of hati, just days before the earthquake, suspicious? i think so, x

  498. Mantis Says:

    do any of you actually take the time out of watching those mind control boxes sat in in the corner of your room. Just google New world order under the news section and you’ll see how many articles have been writen about this subject, these elitists, illuminate, new world order wankers are waving all this information in front of our faces but most of us are to blind or ignorant to see whats going on do some research people before taking the time to rubbish others who all ready have.
    The sign of an educated man is to accept other peoples ideas without taking them as your own.

  499. guillermo Says:

    this is all true they have the technology to manage the weather, and our minds but we just got to stay off the media , and believe in god cuz he’s our last hope.

  500. jessica Says:

    have u guys noticed that the people who believe in this illuminati junk are black people? the only celebs who follow this junk (jayz, 2pac, kanye) are all black? THATS BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE HAVE ANCESTORS WHO PRACTICED THAT BLACK MAGIC BULLSHIT THEREFORE THEY STILL BELIEVE TIL THIS DAY NO MATTER HOW MODERN THEY ARE, THEY WILL ALWASY BELIEVE IN THAT VOODOO BULL!! since us caucasians are the most successful people in this world, believe us when we say ILLUMINATI DOES NOT EXIST

  501. liedson Says:

    to this day and time racism is still alive in you jessica? well thats just low from you! reconsider what you have posted.

  502. delayne Says:

    Everything here is true but the weather thing… thats stupid if you think they control the weather.
    and they dont 100% percent control everything… only god does.

  503. Kimber Michlich Says:

    Wow! What an eye opener this post has been for me. Very much appreciated, bookmarked, I can’t wait for more!

  504. Bethrehem Says:

    People! I don’t wanna talk about it…couse i know them people gon talk about it! But all i hope is that your sight clears so you can see the truth!

  505. Paula Says:

    This is all true I absolutely believe in everything this posts says but what’s with the Alex Jones thing… He’s helped A LOT of people open their eyes about the illuminati and the government,you’ll see him protesting against the bilderburg group and everything. He sells shirts, other assesories (with his website logo infowars.com) and a lot of videos with a lot of good info about them too, plus people can be members of his other page (prisonworld.com) by paying like $5 a month…so thats how he gets his funds (and btw he’s had 3 monybombs in like 7 or 10 years and thats how he’s been raiseing some money to improve his equipment, expand their offices, etc… ). He needs to get money from somewhere other wise he wouldn’t be able to do all this research to help us be inform of what’s going on in the world. He’s also interviewed all these independent researchers and people who have been involved with the government who are also against the illuminati and they’ve written books about their experiences and tips to let people know how to deal with certain things the government has done/are doing to us and thats how they get their funds. He’s also become good friends with David Icke (a very well known conspiracy theorist) who is also helping people opening their eyes by going around the world and talking to people about all this, and also hes written a lot of books about his experiences and things we need to do in order to beat the illuminati/governement, and that’s how he gets his funds…So really Alex is not the only one who’s out there trying to get his point accross to people about the illuminati independently… I don’t see anything wrong or fishy about that, I’m actually really glad he’s doing this for our own sake!

  506. Paula Says:

    And btw jessica it’s not all black people who are involved hunny, let me give you the list of white people who are involved ok…britney spears is involved, lady gaga is involved, madonna is involved, justin timberlake, christina aguilera, emminem, ozzy, bono, bob dylan, angelina jolie, chris angel (the magician), elton john and many more… and not to mention BUSH, CLINTON AND THE ROYAL FAMILY and also others in their same level ok so its not all black people, get it right!

  507. Paula Says:

    And btw jessica it’s not all black people who are involved with the illuminati ok let me give you a list of some while pople involved ok hunny…britney spears, maddona, christina aguilera, bob dylan, angelina jolie, chris angle (the magician), bono, elton john, emmiem, lady gaga, ozzy and the list goes on, not to mention the BUSH FAMILY, CLINTON AND THE ROYAL FAMILY and other people in their same level….so get it right!

  508. Fanci Says:

    To be a completely intelligent and well rounded-off person, I completely believe in the Illuminati, or Freemasons. Myself not being a person to believe in “conspiracies”, I’ve done tons of research on the subject and everything fits in just like a puzzle piece. I have everyday evidence right now.
    In my school district, our head of education made a new program called “C-Scope”. It means that every single class in every single school is learning the exact same thing on the exact same day, everyday, no matter what. We have to learn what THEY want us to learn, not what we should be learning. Not only that, the Texas Board of Education is writing a new history book that leaves out everything we should be learning, and replaces it with American Constitution, and all the good things in History.
    And if you pay attention, it all completely makes sense. I mean, maybe not the “2012” bullshit or anything like that, but it goes WAY back in History. It all adds up, every single part of it.

  509. keet Says:

    @ fanci, if all this illuminati stuff is true and you believe that all education programs are the same, then why (with the british royal family included in the NWO thing) is it that the British education system is nothing like the one in the US? surely if it was world wide then all education systems would be the same

  510. 15 passenger van Says:

    Hi thank you for publishing this stuff, I was going to attempt something very the same so this information is useful. -Billy K.

  511. Ro_The_Prodigy Says:

    All i gotta say to Keet is, i know you really don’t want this to be true, i sure as hell didnt, but that kid that was talkin about assasinations was right.. please don’t talk shit to me cuz i do respect you and what you say, so aply the golden rule. Look at the speech Jfk gave shortly before he was assasinated, look up micheal jackson warning us about illuminati, look up ol dirty basterd talkin about the government was trying to kill him, and now he’s dead, look at heath ledger, he playd in a movie with many occult symbols and shortly after he died, not sure why, and pimp c from the ugk group supposedly died on syrup but he was also speaking out on illuminati, rapper Jay makes good music, i listen to him still, but he has a song that says murder jesus 666 satin when reversed, obama “yes we can” is thank u satan reversed, i tried myself with a microphone, and when he says “let me express at his inouguation hes saying “serve satin” backwards. these are all video on youtube and many other sources. No one is rying to give you any proof so let me be the on to try to explain, i found ou a bunch of things, just like how explosives were heard drung 911, not like a plane crash tho but like a demolition explosion, with alligned bombs, if u watch the video, explosives go off down the columns of the bulding. Please for yourself look up the things i mentioned, i’m willing to hear you out aswell.

  512. Ro_The_Prodigy Says:

    Jay Z

  513. keet Says:

    Well do I have to mention this again, drop a brick on top of another brick and see what happens. Do you really think that a government would be foolish enough to make such a lame attempt at blowing up the twin towers? Do you not think that in the 21st century they would have made a much more professional job of it? The terrorists are winning in this war, because the west is turning on itself blaming its government for these attacks instead of the actual culprits themselves.
    Do you seriously believe everything you see on youtube, because if you do then you must not be as intelligent as you make yourself out to be, (no offense intended).
    Did you believe everything Michael Jackson said? “yes we can” is “nac ew sey” backwards. If you try hard enough, you can link anything together, to me a bigger threat at the moment of world domination is that so called religion they call Scientology, that is the secret society that tries to turn its believers on its non-believers, the same as terrorist groups do.
    I’m not saying I don’t want it to be true, I’m just asking for better evidence then these youtube videos, speculations and all the rest of this so called evidence that is just word of mouth.

  514. Message for keet Says:

    Wow Keet you are commenting on this site from last year 2009 til now ..thats great man

    Seek not to understand so that thou
    mayest believe, but believe so that
    thou mayest understand.
    – Augustine of Hippo

    Keet you are commenting on this website by taking heed unto all words of others So this is a Message from BIBLE to you
    (Ecclesiastes 7:21) Also take no heed unto all words that are spoken;
    lest thou hear thy servantcurse thee:

    JESUS LOVES you Keet GOD Bless

  515. keet Says:

    It also says
    “believe in god and he will forgive you”
    Is that a way of making people believe in ‘God’?
    Why does the Bible keep changing its mind about certain things to try and fit in with whats happening in the world?
    I’m not saying I don’t believe in god, nor am I saying I do, I am however asking that if there is so much certainty in the existence of god, then why does the religion keep changing?

  516. a q Says:

    Help, They are on me, i think they whant to take my life, I KNOW SOMETHING that No Human Knows, Plss OPEN your eys they are watching everything, I hope i am a live in one year so i kan help this Civilization

  517. Ahmed Says:

    Jessica, your so retarded you should look better on the internet and find out that the thru illuminati are white people..
    look at bush look at the bilderberg famili..rothschild familie UK’s Royal famili look at madonna, you stupid cunt

  518. Ahmed Says:

    everybody needs to open their eyes..and read all about it an together we can try to do something against them..because they control almost everything going on without us knowing
    they control history the control media religion and many more

    i’m a muslim but i’m not speaking in the name of allah but in human name
    we need to help ourselves out of this nonsense, probably we can’t do anything but if we don’t try then they obviously will tackle us down

    forget about them illuminists and satan worshippers

    we need to know the truth and so we have to read thr bible or the qu’ran

  519. G4 Says:

    “All Seeing EYE”– YOU ARE A VERY VERY Intelligent human being, who seem to be in tuned with yourself and this universe. I’ve enjoyed reading your post on here.

  520. Nostradamus Says:

    IF you connect the writings of nostradamus with the so called “secrets of the illuminati” then u would see that among certain sections of thes two catalysts of evil are found within each other. just the flat out fact of one or the other seprately neither one makes any sense. but when u read view the pope commiting evil deeds in Nostradamus it connects to the fact that the illuminati are evil. the stories are sketchy but cn lead to new findings of religious sanctions for both illuminati and God followers

  521. andy smith Says:

    hi new believer here. Well in the last 5 years anyway since leaving the armed forces

  522. andy smith Says:

    personally im not sure of exactly who is doing what, but definatly believe their are far too many coinsidences and events unfolding right in front of our eyes. I know it all sounds far fetched to some but no more so than the idea of a man with a beard sitting in the clouds making sure i dont play with myself

  523. Me Says:

    This is the reaal truth. It may be seen everywhre. You are stupid, not educated , fat people with brainwashed. You don’t know the world, because you are the product of these peole. And you spred it round the world. God will judge you and i hope He forgive you.

  524. DrewLokz Says:

    ok first off theres some bullshit here….weather isnt controlled thats bullshit religion isnt controlled thats also bul shit education doenst make u their slave it makes u smarter…so thats also a lie medicine? PSSSHHH ok really? ive taken many antibiotics in my lifetime and not ONCE have i worshiped satan wanted to kill stab shoot whatever…so thats a lie and and that stuff bout food controling us?? LIE the rest of the stuff is true tho

  525. Alien Shift Says:

    I hacked the Pentagon for self-incriminating evidence
    Of Republican manufactured white powder pestilence
    Marines Corps. flack vest, with the guns and ammo
    Spittin’ bars like a demon stuck inside a piano
    Turn a Sambo into a soldier with just one line
    Now here’s the truth about the system that’ll fuck up your mind
    They gave Al Queda 6 billion dollars in 1989 to 1992
    And now the last chapters of Revelations are coming true
    And I know a lot of people find it hard to swallow this
    Because subliminal bigotry makes you hate my politics
    But you act like America wouldn’t destroy two buildings
    In a country that was sponsoring bombs dropped on our children
    I was watching the Towers, and though I wasn’t the closest
    I saw them crumble to the Earth like they was full of explosives
    And they thought nobody noticed the news report that they did
    About the bombs planted on the George Washington bridge
    Four Non-Arabs arrested during the emergency
    And then it disappeared from the news permanently
    They dubbed a tape of Osama, and they said it was proof
    “Jealous of our freedom,” I can’t believe you bought that excuse
    Rocking a motherfucking flag don’t make you a hero
    Word to Ground Zero
    The Devil crept into Heaven, God overslept on the 7th
    The New World Order was born on September 11


  526. Austin Alexander Says:

    i hate whenn dumbasses say the illuminati doesnt exist. Open your eyes to 100 % and maybe you will become un-brainwashed

  527. Andy Smith Says:

    Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. A programme that blew my mind. Presented by Richard Gage a member of the American Institute of Architecture. Anyone in any doubt as to the cause of the collapse of the WTC should watch this. He aint a conspiracy theorist he is a leading architect proven in his field. At no point does he give a biased opinion. The scary thing is how stone cold and obvious the scientific facts are when the collapse of WTC is compared with the characteristics of a controlled demolition.

  528. nautica Says:

    Everything this stuff is talking about is true! The whole new world order stuff is true…you can only help the oneds that want to be helped.if they dont believe you just let them dont believe.But when the shit hit the fan you better have GOD on your side..because if u didnt know they worship the devil and the devil wants more power than GOD..So he’s building up an army so be ready..Everyone thinks in 2012 is just gonna be about techolghy but know you will see..AND trust me they are smart ass hell so dont let them know that u know to much u will come up missing

  529. Message for Keet Says:

    on what basis u say Bible is changed..it is said Jesus died for our sins and rose again ..it never ever changed ..’Truth is truth when we disbelieve in lie.’

  530. andy smith Says:

    bible hasn’t changed. so explain how in bible it is a sin for a man to lie with another man yet churches now allow gay priests. unless god came down and changed this himself then it is an obvious indication of a system created to manipulate the masses. as the gap between religion and society gets bigger religion has to adapt to attract an audience. surely if the bible is legit then it must be adhered to. religion is nothing more than a smoke cloud to confuse and cause conflict while the priest, vicars, cardinals etc get away with molesting children. if ure still turning to god at this stage then ure in for a shock similair to the muslims who believe there gonna get handed virgins in heaven cos allah apparantly runs a brothel up there

  531. Yeayea Says:

    First of all the whole world is a game. And some of the people on this website are an illuminati. The whole thing in Iraq is a game for them to get money from the oil they steal. Why did we attack Iraq they didn’t do nothing. Open your fucking eyes people it’s a game. What’s going to be in 2012 nothing but a normal yea. We are entering a different dimention. And for all you people think we are going to die you are wrong. the mayas disappeared they didn’t say they finished the calendar no one did they didn’t finish beacause the disappear.

  532. miguel Says:

    All of you must stop slandering each other,and concider this.Look at the times.Rents continually rise dispite the cries of the many .government officials cheat on the campain trail an place who they wish in office.All of their hairs turn gray.Wars are started without process of voting by the people.Laws are not respected ,they are overturned to the judges convenence.(The rich go free the poor are jailed). people are using the media to exploit the peoples.They brainwash students in school with lies, like christobal columbo descovering america. while never telling you that the vatican released him from jail.He came to steal,rape,murder,and inpose catholic beliefs under the sword.The symbols used bythe illumminati were stolen from the the Egyptian culture. The Eagle,the Eye of Horius,the Paramid,and later on the Ankh was changed to a cross,the Swashsticker used by Hitler.The key to the knowledge is re—search .Study the history of the Rothscilds of barvaria anyou will find that the socalled jews are not .In about 870ad the khazars or the Ashkenazi converted to Judism.Here is the beginning.Study your history know thy self. There is an old saying;There is someone behind the thrown,that is greater then the king himself.Thomas Pitt.

  533. miguel Says:

    My bad, its William pitt. I know my spelling sucks ,who cares ! EInstien and Jimi Hendrex could Not spell,but what an impact they left.

  534. Maisha Gutkin Says:

    Thanks for this terrific post, I am glad I detected this website on yahoo.

  535. burun estetigi Says:

    sounds like the words of a slave!

  536. Erik Says:

    Good teacher..tha one about education.

  537. Killuminati Says:

    You fuck tards who dont believe in the illuminati are brained washed ass holes wake the fuck up why did every good person who was against them die and none of the bad guys did. Its common sense they control the media you can find stuff on tv. they control the bank. If you care less about the money it give them less power but thats not all that we will have to do.
    DO SOME MOTHERFUCKING RESEARCH!!! The people who dont believe forget you your just pussies that are scared to know the truth. My job is done here

  538. tyler Says:

    i agree with killuminati. and i do believe that the illuminati has a plot to to do somthing terrible to our country. they want us to buy there products, listen to there music about parting alll night, and to doubt the truth. just so we dont find out there plot.

  539. tyler Says:

    they keep us boxed in on the things they put into the world but trust me ppl, they only make the future look good so they can make it hell. and they will pay soon in gods wrath.

  540. Cardoo Says:

    What will happen in 2012 and why in 2012 and not later?

  541. Let.It.Go Says:

    Wow. If the Illuminati is real, which I believe it could be, why are you guys fighting about it? It’s seriously not worth the arguing. And to those of you who are saying “Oh, let’s go stop them”.. Well, why are you busy talking and arguing about petty things on here instead of “building up forces”? The way I look at it, what’s done is done. If people want to take over the world, let them have fun trying. If you play into this thing enough, you’ll start to believe it. If you believe it, you’re more likely to get pulled in, which many of you have voiced vehemently that that’s the last thing you want to do. So why bother with it? I hardly think a minuscule association of madmen is going to be able to take down the world as we know it. You know for a fact people will do anything to get attention.Yes, people such as Jay Z, Rhianna, and Lady Gaga have been reportedly involved in things such as FreeMaison and the Illuminati. Have you ever stopped to think that they know of websites such as this one, and they know the sort of rise this subject is able to get? I’m sure that they do. Sure, the Illuminati could be real, and controlling things such as the music business. But then again, maybe it’s not, and people such as Jay Z are doing this to get all sorts of attention and publicity. Whether they exist or not is a whole different subject. All I’m saying is that many of you, if not all, are fully grown adults. I myself am a fourteen year old adolescent. If I can realize these simple circumstances, why can’t all of you?

  542. Cinner Says:

    I think it’s all very interesting and that it’s (at least) good to know that it’s a possibility this is all true. But doing some research on the subject on the internet, makes me feel like I’m getting brainwashed a bit as well. I think there are a few different groups on this planet fighting for power and control and I’m just hoping they keep each other balanced without killing many of us ignorant and innocent puppets. Always question things and think for yourself. And then do what you think is right.

  543. LazyNinja Says:

    I don’t want to be mean but Keet….

    that can’ t read between lines and is an idiotic FKN moron!

  544. Zionsword Says:

    Well don’t be distracted…the truth is that Jesus Christ is coming soon, so the illu wants to distract you from the truth…Accept him as your lord and savior before its too late….remember the scriptures of the bible: no matter how red as furnace your sin maybe, come to me(God-Jesus Christ) and i will make you as white as snow…don’t let anyone or body tell you that God will never accept you back..it is a lie…He is waiting for you to come back with a truly repentant heart…Pray to him and He will listen to you…He is the true God, Jesus Christ…He loves us all!

  545. Zionsword Says:

    Well don’t be distracted…the truth is that Jesus Christ is coming soon, so the illuminati wants to distract you from the truth…Accept him as your lord and savior before its too late….remember the scriptures of the bible: no matter how red as furnace your sin maybe, come to me(God-Jesus Christ) and i will make you as white as snow…don’t let anyone or body tell you that God will never accept you back..it is a lie…He is waiting for you to come back with a truly repentant heart…Pray to him and He will listen to you…He is the true God, Jesus Christ…He loves us all!

  546. Muslim Says:

    illmunate is everywhere .. la alah ala allah

  547. kmm Says:

    Ohh Gossh

  548. roger Says:

    u guys are full of shiet..

  549. Zionsword Says:

    But pardon me, did anyone seem to notice that most songs about love and unity has been blocked or sanctioned on youtube…Is it coincidence or conspiracy???well, Let God’s will be done….Jesus Christ lives…believe it or not….

  550. Bettye Erbst Says:

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  551. Zionsword Says:

    But pardon me, did anyone seem to notice that most songs about love and unity has been blocked or sanctioned on youtube…Is it coincidence or conspiracy???well, Let God’s will be done….Jesus Christ lives…believe it or not….

  552. The Righteous Says:

    They want to increase the unemployment so that people will start to riot, then they can send in the army and instill marshall law. They’ve set up FEMA camps around america that will act as death camps for those people that wont completely comply with their rules and ways of living. America will lose its grip on being a super power and become more like a 2nd world country with the Amero taking over the dollar (thats Mexico, USA & Canada having one currency). Once the superpowers become less powerful and the 3rd world countries become 2nd world countries, the whole world will become the same and the few super rich left in the world will call the shots. The few will rule the many, just like the pyramid on the back of Maddonna’s coat at the beginning of this post. The all seeing eye keeping tabs on the majority.

  553. Dez Nuts Says:

    This shit is crazy they control every thing…SMFH…Fuck them fag ass devil worshipers…Im Ride’n wit God

  554. FUCK IT!!!!! Says:

    well this is all kinda funny to me i stumbbled across this website and i think its funny a 14 year old spells better and makes more sence then all you fuckin retards and to the dumass that cant spell school you might want to consider going back, and yes the bible is true the other shit on this site is BULLSHIT…… P.S FUCK OBAMA AND HIS MAMA FOR MAKIN HIS DUM BLACK JUNGLE ASS somebody give that monkey a banana and get him out of the WHITE house now they have to rebuild it its contaminated by his afro ass

  555. chris Says:

    Illuminati exists or not its secondary.

    what if Illuminati exist , each and everything in this universe is equally powerful. Everyone will live forever. There is no death for the soul. Beleive me there are better things than we had ever seen and ever imagined.

    Our mind is limited to what we see hear and it works like a computer from the data we give.But if you start to explore it internally you will start the real journey to the centre of your mind none other than the entire universe.

    Forget abt illuminati, aliens, everything. You alone is the supreme being.The day you know that you wont care for anything.This is all within you.

    Be happy and live in peace.

  556. freaky_mf Says:

    hold yr horses pple,ths is a real shit guys th illu runs th world no mattr wat.The bibble doesnt tell u th truth,bibble is jst an ordinary book tht convince u th LAW .we are all th Pit bllz to th evil………

  557. Alexander Says:

    When December 21, 2012 comes to pass, i will awaken and i will help everyone on the process towards Spiritual Fullfillment. Scorpio is my Zodiac and this is my game. I will save you all, even the ones who disagree.

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  565. NonoYoBizNez Says:

    Well, while I agree with most of this looks like we’re pretty helpless according to you. You forgot to mention what we can do about it besides the truth part. If Alex Jones isn’t telling the truth then I dint know. What would you suggest genius?

  566. Lisa Strally Says:

    I really have wondered how og and Magog will gather the 4 corner on the earth to fight against jesus at Armahagdon . Now this is making sence to me . I alway thought it would be a trick making u think it is something other than Jesus . And with all UFO stuff they are brainwashing u into thinking it is that . In the bible it talk’s about jesus charoit . it u were to see the in the sky it would very well frighten us and we would the of it as a UFO .

  567. LUNGANI Says:


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  569. Jackman Says:

    I read the blog and many of the comments. The info on the Illuminati is mostly all true. HAARP does exist and can control weather. Any one who thinks our President really runs our country (USA) is out to lunch. He is nothing more than a puppet for the big boys, Illuminati/Bilderberg group. He was choosen by the Bilderberg group. Don’t believe he got voted in. In fact you can’t believe half the shit the Government tells us. If you do not believe this then we have no chance of saving this country. If you don’t believe this you are the problem with this country. Wake up America, before it’s too late.

  570. Someone Says:

    So if they control everything… I don’t understand how the hell all this makes sense when we’re controlled by them – you’re like “telling” us the truth but under their control. Irony much? Or maybe I just don’t understand. We, humans, can be a confused lot.

  571. knowledg Says:

    maybe because you are not aware of it.. some says, ironic, but think the true knowledge this conspiracy have had… they are totally alleviating a momentum which you as a person would rather be not into or be like a vamp of nuances…yes,its true that the illuminati or the enlighten one could have the knowledge of enlightenment which they had say but why there are some who is on pit right now.. what would these “alleged knowledge” had gone if they’re all gonna die also….very pathetic. the only thing to be aware of is be more knowledgeable in terms of biblism…know there is christ. know that there is evil. know that this evil would destruct and distract you form the true know which GOD inculcate to our mind….think about this: after your death, what is your HOPE?

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  573. Yeshua Says:

    Only half of this it is true but unfortunately its enough for them to do whatever they want! But one day they are going to be deceived!
    The one they are worshipping and following is not a very nice one!

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    can we pliz be given a break.wat are those stories about illuminati?can you pliz do your things without trying to change our minds with your stupid things?we are tired to hear about u guys.

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    You all know that anti-illuminati forums like this are constantly being monitored? Anyways I know they exist and play mind games with us. Why do you think there is all this publicity about the illuminati? It’s all psychological warfare with the rest of the world. Ever notice that Roman ideologies have been adopted by the illuminati? Latin is spoken in the Vatican, etc. Their perception on ultimate human control is much like the system used by the Romans. Rome had more than 80% of the citizens below the poverty line, the social, political and economical were all held in check by just 5% of the entire of Rome. The plebeians were the poor 95% while the wealthy patricians were the 5%. Although a very insignificant number, the patricians were the permitable ‘Law and Order’. All of politics and the entirety of Rome rested on the ‘good’ judgements of these people, but as they say power corrupts and certainly they were corrupt. by manifesting their greed through instabilities in social orders they were guaranteed continuous power. Also one very crucial similarity with the illuminati and the Romans is that they killed, and when they killed they wanted everyone to know. Many consuls in Rome who stood up against the corruption were brutally murdered, like wise the so called ‘drug overdoses’ of the celebrities. Also if you do some research on the triumphal arch you’ll notice that many famous figures compared themselves with the analogy of the arch and as such, like the war heroes of the legions, they too marched through the arch as a sort of ritual to affirm them victory in their campaigns and good luck. Two well known figures who were well versed in Roman military tactics and to some degree obsessed with the Romans were Napolean (excuse the spelling) and Hitler. With the success story of the Roman’s expansion and single citizenship (New World Order), many modern nations have based their standards and have aspired to build a modern and ‘refined’ Rome.

  579. brookielala Says:

    hello everyone my name is Brooke, I am an illuminati believer. I know from all of the research on this topic that yes they do control a lot of things but it takes you to discover that information. The illuminati can be anyone, or anything. In fact in reality it is actually a mindset in itself. Illuminati is latin for illuminate or to shed light upon.It is a self made culture and was discovered a really long time ago. If shedding light is a good thing then why are these types of people being attacked? Its because it is a decoy. I wont go on because i know someone on here is just going to say im wrong and stuff but this is my opinion backed up by facts. SO no one can say im wrong or right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Well good luck to all of you believers and non believers. The world is full of conspiracies and rumors and what not.

  580. kaakoouu Says:

    you Only have to know that there is a secret societies whose controlling a lot of things we frequent..
    don’t forget that they control the internet so what we are saying doesn’t mean shit to them .. we are talking about something doesn’t exist … if it was true what we are saying and watching on the Net.. they would remove it from the net !! sorry for my English ..

  581. kaakoouu Says:

    i posted this 2 comments the 28th i don’t know why they wrote 29th !!

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  583. brookielala Says:

    finally, someone who doesnt have undermine everything that I say. I know that there is someone that can make sure that all of the secrets are kept ” a secret” for a reason. America is a place of idiocracy and evil and no one is going to change that.

  584. ali Says:

    the ppl who dont believe in this is that their so brainwashed by the media open ur fuking eyes the evidence is right in front of u

  585. Yeshua Says:

    Freemasons are forbidden to tell their secrets to the rest of the world! If they try they are tormented by the spirits (demons) inside of them. They will suffer enormous pain. The only way is to quit freemasonery, for good!!!
    An thats the problem. It’s not that easy.
    Well…. actually it is! You just need to know how.
    And today is your lucky day! I will tell you!
    You simply have to let Jesus enter into your heart! BAAM
    Easy isn’t it!
    The only one that can free you from freemasonery or illuminism or occultism or satanism…. (all the same shit)
    is JESUS!
    And once you did that! There is no one!!!!! And I mean NO ONE (The Rock xD) that will keep you from speeking! They will fall one day! That’s for sure!
    God Bless you ALL! and I mean all!
    even YOU (whoever is reading this)

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    …question: what is the illuminati’s ultimate goal?

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  588. Yeshua Says:

    OK first of all you need to know that illuminism is only a different level of freemasonary!
    When you become 32nd degree of freemasonary you are initiated to the 3 secrets of freemasonary!
    Yes the are only 3 secrets! not 21! These are not secrets! only facts!
    And the secret that responds to your question is the second one!
    -> We worship the devil!
    That’s their ultimate goal! Destroy Christianity!
    And I repeat… Christianity!!!
    Not Islam, not Buddhism, not Hindouisme, not Mahayana, not Scientology, not everything you want…
    -> Christianity
    They hate Jesus above all!
    But of course they can’t tell the world that they worship the devil
    so they use secret ways of doing it!
    They try to control nearly everything to finally control YOU!
    They don’t want you to follow them!
    They don’t want you to worship the devil!
    They just want you to stop worshipping God!
    And that’s why they are big Assholes!

  589. whoggieboggie Says:

    get a life in the real world lol yeah you have a job your not happy with come to the place where you fill with material things called home because you think it makes you happy but you lie to yourself knowing it doesn’t.get married and end up not being happy.watching tv and seeing horrible things all the time being told you can’t do that you can do this.oh but if you eat this thing you will get a horrible disease.told that the phsyical world is all there is and ever will be and that we all doomed because were horrible people because of something other people have created.creating horrible diasters to makes everyone feel depressed causing lower vibrational frequencies.this is far from the real world people. people who think this stuff is not true are the one’s who will probly believe anything there told from the media and goverment exaggerated example if it gets worse and people believe what ever they are told from the media goverment “recent bulletin we need to take you children away for research and will need to keep them as sex slaves.” which already happen by the way im sure the victims of this kidnapping are far from saying these things don’t happen.

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  592. Kingkisses Says:

    @ Keet ..I think you’re being ignorant here. I have read alot about your comment that has been posted here. You seem to know the truth but yet, you condemn it.. It’s either you’re into these people’s world or you’re just shallow-minded in everything you do. Reason up! Wake up! Rise up! ..and learn something new. The information being posted here by great men and women are sometimes gifts from God to the World. He gives them the knowledge and ability through dreams and visions to be able to share so the world would know what is really at stake. You don’t have to be weak, slow and vulnerable. Makes me think you dont even know your left from right. The Bible has been tempered and some vital information has been lost. I don’t know how but I do believe it is the making of these people that made it happen! I am not an american either but i think I know a little more about what’s going on. If you wish, I could give you links to read more to broaden your brains. Bro, stop acting like a KG-child and wise up.

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  600. Luxra Says:

    LOL at everyone.
    The jews made up the whole Illuminati bullshit to make you stop from succeeding in your lives and worry about things that will never happened. They are growing stronger and wealthier while we are living in lies.

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    All of you are wrong lols the illuminati is awesome they just really fucking hate the government, like a lot. I do to as well, I worship no one and I hate Christianity as well. As do illuminati. They don’t control a goddamn thing but the retards around them. Lmfao at all of the people living in the dark.

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    Ask yourself this question:
    Why do freemasons, satanists and illuminati waste all their energy and time making christianity look bad?
    If they think that christians are so stupid and weak why all this effort? They should put us aside and rule the world. They shouldn’t care about us!
    But maybe they just happen to know that christianity is the only thing that can open the people eyes.
    And Jesus the only one that can save us!!
    I actually want to thank all the freemasons and illuminati.
    Because thanks to you guys I became even a better christian.
    Your hate for christianity makes my faith stronger.
    I hope one day you too will open your eyes and see the real light. The light of Jesus Christ!
    And I hope it won’t be too late for you!
    God loves us all!

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    people only judge other’s if something threaten’s them. e.g their belief’s in this cause. the majority of human’s seem to be brainwashed to thinking they are always in the right and they hold all the answers. they seem to love the feeling of thinking they’re superior to others, you’re anywhere but near the truth. noone can truly know everything their-for noone can disprove anything, so why try, read.. either aspect or move on. you’re only lying to yourself if you think you can. if you have nasty opinion’s you think sharing them is going to help? it just causes more friction between your race. which never helps noone.

    Follow your own path’s, at the end of the day, that is what makes you all unique, but respect others while your on your way.

    Love & Light to all, and i wish you all the best upon your journey.

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  686. EatMe Says:

    Do they control the person that created the fake Madonna picture above?

  687. aaronkrizanik Says:

    The person who put this information out is correct about SOME of the things he or she is talking about, but its clear to me that they are new to this view of the world. WHO set up his word press account? HMMMMM?!?!?! I mean come on..the idea is to be aware that there is conspiracy and people out there hiding behind the scenes manipulating the rest of the world. This post is the perfect example of what happens when somebody begins to learn some things, and goes blasting out the door to tell everybody because it make them think they will look more intelligent and important than everybody else. In the process, it turns people off to information because its appears to just be the ramblings of a nit wit, which it pretty much is. HOWEVER, that doesnt mean some of the information is not accurate. Ugh…

  688. trucha Says:

    why would this be like that? coincidence?

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  691. James Says:

    God is the creator nd the finisher of everything nd the is no men who is powerful as Him, so they can control the four corners of the world bt they can’t control the spirit of the men…

  692. RM Says:

    Look, there are true things on the Internet, you just have to filter out the pages of lies. The problem is that with the so-called Information Age, the “ones” who are really in control, the Zionists, have enough bullshit in place to confuse the average person and deceive them, thereby keeping them from the truth. They are preparing you for their Messiah, Lucifer (Satan).

  693. odayne mclean Says:

    I an 17 years old and turning 18 and I want to be a part of the Illuminati

  694. emed mahmoud Says:

    fukkk illiminatii im emed nd i will take use down if its the last hting i do mother fukers fukk the devill

  695. targetting Says:

    If you kill a man and there is no one to witness it, is it still murder or must someone witness for it to be so? illuminati exists and denying the reality only shows how blind you are if not you are one of them and are out to cover-up. When everything else fails, everyone cries to God, not to science or illiminati. Mark time there but eventually you will come back to God your maker and call upon the name of Jesus Christ to deliver you from the bondage of illuminati.

  696. praiseetrnalfatherforever Says:

    I will give a clear meaning of names of users so obvious leading us in to slaughter just like wolves wearing garments and masks of sheep to confuse lost sheep. Please pray to the God, the one and only, superior among all and every beings that is seen and unseen always to keep a clear head for people will lead you into the darkness and keep you in confusion, chaos and preoccupation. In preoccupation as we are at present, being trapped as slaves to work and fear. I might be wrong with the names, but they are so obvious;
    Keet: I find that user name to refer to the owl that can be found in the doller bill of America. Do research. It’s the Owl goddess that illuminatus and cults pray for wisdom.
    Eon: Is a dragon eyed cover book, one eyed (a sign of illuminatus) that was written by Alison Goodman, book named EON dragoneye reborn
    The illuminati: Once again obvious
    All seeing eye: another obvious symbol of the devils eye. One eye.
    shadow of rei: That sounds like the the film adaptation of Rei Mikamoto. The Japanesse director of multiple cult movies, he did manga Kyonyo Dragon, Director Takao Nakano gleefully takes on the creeping horror genre with an additional dosage of sex, cuteness and gore in the one and only Japanese way. Tapping on another signature industry of Japan, the film starred several well-known personalities from Japan’s adult movie industry, with multiple award-winning AV idol, Sora Aoi, as the main protagonist. It might just be a symbolism of what is being the real dark side of the films, its shadow. Be awake!!!
    Note even the author*, the person whose picture is in the site is obvious. What’s wrong? He wore dark glasses, creepy isn’t it??? Wake up, don’t be fooled.
    Shapeofthingstocome: Obvious offender, I suppose.
    Obviously I can’t point out all and every illuminatus for you my friend(s), but you need to keep an open mind and be awake of what is misguiding. For the Lord says, during the days before my return, there will be false messiah and prophets, false christ(s). Pray always for strength for we are being weakened bit by bit and eventually lost conscious and of reality, as straying sheep being lead to slaughter.
    Note that I seek forgiveness if I offend, but my findings are just my thoughts, you either take it or leave it.
    Maybe I am right; if I were, they are just writing junks and empty words to create confusion to readers who seek understanding in the dark secrets of illuminatus. They must be illuminatus themselves. Mongrels, deserve to be punished in the long-term no its eternity, trading your soul for stupidity. You know there is always light in the darkest place, you can always turn to the light, and it’s your choice.

  697. stephanie Says:

    illuminati is every thing! ppl just dont get it cuz they cant understand the things they are being told

  698. devils servant Says:

    You all believe in what you want ,dont you?

  699. Favs -- Plus Super Funny Stuff | Pearltrees Says:

    […] 1. they control the media. yep, cnn, bbc, fox news, printed pages. Everything to celebrate Angels and Demons (dan brown’s latest film), I play a little devil’s advocate here. After all, the Illuminati CONTROL EVERYTHING, don’t they? 2. they control banking. yep, and deliberately crashed their own financial system. 21 Hidden Secrets of the Illuminati « 100 Musical Footsteps […]

  700. Lana Says:

    they are bastards they want young children to be advanced and disneys the worst ever all they ever talk about is love love love! they want children to see that so they do the same. all these celebs are idols to people but what are they really nothing anyone could be famous if they wanted but they dont want to because they dont want to join freemasonary! all these freemasons already have us under control they want all of us to be dead, they want at least 80 pecent dead especially muslims! i am a muslim and jews hate us i hate them but mostly all the celebs hide that they are jews but they are some people dop not know this all the secrets behind celebs but they need to know! so tell everyone you know please!

  701. Daniel B Says:

    illuminati exist. Tupac was a rapper who tried to resist them. guess what he is dead. look at the new gloves in the NFL. you have to make a pyramid to complete the logo. If you don’t think it exist then get the thumb out of your arse. Real people with real jobs. Real talk. by the time we all realize we will be dead.. or join this group of satanist. If you do see you on the other side of the apacolypse BIATCH

  702. Daniel B Says:

    btw i am christian. i don’t think the illuminati care. KILLUMINATI all through your body.

  703. biynaman Says:

    actions speak louder than words, a voice of one can not be heard…..live today die tomorrom have hope in faith without hope there will just be sorrow. do not give in…….you are a prisoner of your own mind, you have the choice to set your mind free or die a puppet

  704. chrissy Says:

    to the 1s puttin this down…have u researched it ?? u really should

  705. Resumes Says:


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  708. Ben Dover Says:

    this is some dark sh*t

  709. tash Says:

    Makes u think and makes sence in a way

  710. click Says:


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  711. Anonymous Says:


  712. Jessica Says:

    Every lie has a little bit of truth in it

  713. simth Says:

    all i know is that Jesus is ready to save if u come to him. his at your door if you come to him

  714. open source Says:

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  716. antoinette Says:

    They are trying to control everything, they have not succeeded yet !

  717. Zazo Says:


  718. Zazo Says:

    Read this. Already the work of the masonic groups in your world is weakening
    Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 @ 09:00 pm
    Download article as PDF
    My dearly beloved daughter more and more of those who know My Teachings are finally accepting that I am now communicating with the world through these messages given to you.

    The power of the Holy Spirit will awaken those dead in the love for My Father to savour the Word of His Beloved Son.

    I, Jesus Christ, wish to give you encouragement in the suffering and trials which you may be experiencing.

    This suffering will not last long.

    My Love for you is so strong and My Mercy so great that I will not allow you to suffer the torments inflicted on you by those who wish to control your nations.

    Already the work of the masonic groups in your world is weakening.

    Your prayers have mitigated their evil deeds and rendered them to be ineffective.

    They will try to destroy your faith but you, My Remnant Church, will keep the flame of truth alight.

    You must not fear if you trust in Me.

    Only by trusting in Me, your Jesus, can you feel at peace.

    Please keep close to My Sacred Heart and do not allow fear to destroy your lives.

    Once you love Me and live life as you know I expect you to then, you must live your lives in love, prayer and contentment.

    When you suffer offer this up to Me and move on.

    Do not allow anything to turn your heart away from Me.

    Keep close to Me and I will protect you, guide you and lead you to safety.

    Your beloved Jesus
    Saviour of Mankind

  719. BDEDEB Says:


  720. Matty Says:

    wow, So many Ill informed… The 21 points are real and are here… Dont believe it? Start at the Beggining… Start reading and researching what happened in Bavaria 1776 (Adam Weishaupt) and how the Illuminati really started. by 1882 there were more than 2000 Freemasons that joined the Illuminati. Thanks to a meeting at Wilhelmsbad. You can actualy see a structure of the Pyramids at that exact location. Back then even the Builderberg was helping to finance this re-launch of the Occult. If you start your research from here you should come accross what happened. You want truth? You start doing research on symbology (That never lies). check out all these occults working togeather (Nights Templar, Golden Dawn, Astrum Argentum (Aleister Crawley), Ordo Templi Orientis (Aleister Crawley), Skull & Bones, Bohamian Grove, Illuminatie, Freemasons, etc…) And tell me those dont exist when facts are actually available) You simply need to find these facts and for the weather control (Non-believers) just type H.A.A.R.P gear in Alaska and see what they could do… Then come back and dare say this is Bullshit… Sorry for you non-believer of the conspirical facts… because when they strike you’ll wish that you prepared yourselves… Till then… Take care folks…

  721. melinda Says:

    Thank you for spreading the knowledge! LOVE ALWAYS

  722. anonymous Says:

    They definitely do not control me but I swear I’m gonna die with their major leaders

  723. mahnoor Says:

    beleive me or not but as a muslim i and we all muslims believe tht hazrat Isa as(Jesus) and hazrat Mehdi(AS) are the lights in this dark era and they’ll come and save us from these evil powers and dajjal :)and i think december 2012 will be a big event for this

  724. Patrick Says:

    This is so so bad for the Americans to be controlled by an evil spirit

  725. Kevin Says:

    *(I Thank and Praise the lord every day for (He as Been Good )

  726. ddddddddddddddddddddddddd Says:


  727. Unknown Says:

    Guys.. if you all not believe this post.. just try open illuminati.org. after that press ctrl+a. and one more.. just open 1 dollar money. you will see the truth. M.A.S.O.N

  728. human Says:

    they can control everythig but not God

  729. wekm Says:

    we are all in big shit.

  730. Musalmaan Says:

    No plzzz beleive this is true make a research by yourself u’ll see
    They are destroying the muslim

  731. Astra's answer... Says:

    Most people who are brainwashed…do not realize they are! Most will be of the attitude ” I’ll believe it when I see it ” …not realizing we can only see 10% of reality with our human eyes! But it’s reality! It really exists. Our limited human vision is not capable of seeing 90%. The people of this type of mindset often claim to be scientifically minded, and so believe in nothing thats not visible to them, and tangable. Well that is a scientific fact…we are in fact almost blind!! The people who take the first step on the path to seeing the bigger picture become open, and knowledge of beyond the baser animal instincts floods in. The reason why believers do not usually show “proof”…is because the path to knowledge is different for everyone. It’s many bit’s realized that slowly fit to form the jigsaw. That’s why the advice given to new ones that don’t believe..is to research yourself. My advice would be to first realize many that know of the higher control systems are scientific/fact based people..others are spiritual…I’m both. For they both merge, and are the same. If you think theres truths to the Illumin@ti agenda I would recommend checking out from the history of ancient religions right up to now, and look at the connections. All the way back before Eygpt to Mesopotamia/Babylon. Just flick through the images used in their belief structures..then onto Egypt, throughout Europe/ Greece etc…up to Templars, and Christianity, Masons, and now! It sounds a lot but have a look for the connections between these, and flow with the info your drawn towards! Also checking out how frequencies effect us, and are used everywhere in Daily life to hold our mindset down. The Fibonnaci sequence is the code of life, it’s in everything. The controllers use parts of this code to maintain mass “dumb” mindset. You will see proof of this if you look.Then have a look at a vid on youtube called “The magic of planetary alignments on human conciosness”, it’s a short vid but uses science to explain the effects of nature/our cosmos on us. We are being blocked from nature, and our own nature is being used against us. It is so sick when you realize how these people are manipulating us through our own nature/our DNA, our very essence/the essence of “God” if you believe of a creator? It is being raped by these men. The control systems have become tighter, and tighter with evolution in technology, and science. They now at this moment control our food, water..(which are filled with poisin to lower vibration) For example flouride attack’s the pineal gland in the brain, and blocks you from your true essence (if your spiritual this is the seat of God, and your connection to the creator/your higher essence). Scientific tests also confirm this action. In the UK in 1993 a law was passed to prevent any claim arising from death, or damage from flouride. Yes it’s a law you can do nothing if someone dies from flouride..ask yourself why this is wriiten into law. The poisins in food are just as alarming, and what I’ve said on flouride is only the main effect it has on the brain that I find disturbing. There are many harmful effects on your body. Aspartame is a sweetener in food//mostly in kid’s sweets, and drinks, check that out as another small example. Now they are globalizing this new GM market, and are destroying peoples gardens in America that grow their own food, and herbs. There are recent stories on this..harmless people trying to be self sustaining are having the natural food ripped up. You are to only have complete dependance, and pour money into poisin food markets. When nature, home growth is illigal..when now nature is illigal from us we have no freedom left. The system//matrix around us is an elaborate hoax we are convinced we need. Everything we need nature provides, and it’s only fears pushed on us that force us to believe we need any of the restrictions. They control what you see, and hear, and how it effects you, they control what you eat, and drink, and how it effects you. Religions of men are twisted, and tainted, and used to tech litral meaning hiding from you the truth of higher, real meaning. Most of the important teachings were intentionally left out to suit the agendas of greed, control, and power..(also the sexism agenda). The truth is that “God” is inside of us..(hidden in our own brain/DNA), and is above us in the forces of nature..the cycles of the cosmos, the universes, right down to the seasons…we only ever needed ourselves, and nature. Searching inside the self, spiritually, or with science is how you find your higher self..”God” The main secret “they” hold is how nature really is. The timing of cycles, cosmic alighnments, power points on Earth, symbols are used to heighten their power. When we all realize the “magic”, or true “science” of nature, all nature..the cosmos is nature. Well when we see the natural magic “God” gave us they lose. We can win without violence, with knowledge, and by dis-regarding the fear they enforce. The same knowledge they have, and use against us. This will no longer be a viable weapon for them because we’ll know, and can then also use “God’s” divine order of timing, sequence, sound, to heighten our natural being, unite and then the systems are useless. We can litrally think ourselves out of current limitations to see the whole divinity of nature, our true power.

  732. ismail Says:

    i m geniuse hhh

  733. BGA Says:

    is it not wise to be aware of what is happening around you then to be blinded and not know? Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you should believe everything you read, but for interest sake and to have the knowledge of knowing and understanding what is happening around you.

  734. mojo50313@gmail.com Says:

    I believe it!

  735. lilly28 Says:

    worst shit i have ever read !!! this person must have been really bored…. control the weather?????? wasnt there any thing constructive u cud have done and interesting all the ignorants fools believe this shit

  736. What a Co-inkidink Says:

    You know what anyone that doesn’t believe that innocent people die all the time is stupid
    Kanye West said on stage he sold his soul to the devil and yet the crowd still cheers why you say because they had their ears wide shut
    We live here in America and think we own something but news flash stop paying your mortgage and you won’t have a house.
    Stop paying your car insurance and you won’t have a car.
    The News is scripted and read to you while you sleep like a bed time story. There are 500,000 makeshift coffins bought with our tax money right now by FEMA sitting in Georgia on American soil and for what? Are we at war no but i call it a secret war.
    They are changing what money looks like already. Have you seen the new 100 dollar bill looks funny to me.
    There was a shooting in Philadelphia that failed to get peoples attention in front of the freemasons church they say he was standing there firing at cars riding pass. On the internet clip they say he shot at the free mason church. We know everything about everybody elses church and place of worship but theirs. Wake the fuck up people or be a casualty.

  737. arthur mont Says:

    lilly28 and every other cnn slave in here,if you really think this is all a conspiracy theory then you are the ignorant ones… you are in love with your comfort zone, your system but you dont realize the filth it is constructed on… the worst part is its not your fault… what is your fault is your decision not to do further research on this, your decision to turn a blind eye… this isnt a disney movie, neithr a nightmare cuz theres no happy ending for the slaves of the illuminati anf theres no waking up.


  738. Apiwe Gijana Says:

    I don’t know what to say about illuminati according to what I’v read…is this the truth?

  739. reality Says:

    the government is puttin more chemicals in our nessesitys and wat we wear wat we eat lets rise is time to learn the reality of our origins WE THE PEOPLE NOT THEY THE government the wait and the strrugle are over seveare cases fuck that is the government puttin shit n our heads

  740. reality Says:

    We the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT THEY THE GOVERNMENT

  741. TruthbeToldLiesbeHidden Says:

    That keet guy is stupid..

  742. Aaron Says:

    They don’t control Christianity, if anything they would try to stop it. They also can’t control the future, because God does. But I do think they may control many things behind closed doors.

  743. realtalk Says:

    you are all stupid if you think illuminate doesnt exist. everything is controlled to how they want it, technology, food and everything else. MONEY is power.

  744. realtalk Says:

    that keet guy is afraid, its so clear.

  745. .. Says:

    this is true.People should not leave rude comments,this person is trying to help.The problem with people today is that they can’t control their own minds,someone makes up crap about a ”disease” that doesn’t even exist and they make you get vaccine.That’s how it goes.The countries that control the bloody world,they don’t put the truth in school books,the delete bad information from history,they don’t want anyone to know that they are controling human kind.and at the olympic games of 2012,there were pyramids with the all seeing eye,That was bloody weird.

  746. .. Says:

    It truly is a mystery how all those bad things happened in Japan.Someone made that happen.They chose to attack Japan because it is very powerful.

  747. ... Says:

    Perhaps people should try a bit harder to not be imprisoned by technology.It is an awful issue.And I will never understand how someone can believe everything they hear.

  748. Christine Says:

    I have two simple things to say:

    To you crazy ass pathetic conspiracy theorists that need to severely get a life… I salute you. Continue spreading the information out there, they’re going to have to wake up one day. יהוה is good to us.

    To you normal level headed people that follow your supposed reality blindly, you have been warned. You individuals are the ones that are losing, you are nothing but drones. It is you who are the ones who need to get a realistic life.

  749. rhianna Says:

    Some people choose to believe such idiotic things because they have nothing better to do with their lives than sit around and dwell on the paranoid schizophrenics wannabe lucifer lovers who are ‘supposedly’ able to control every aspect of one’s life include the bloody environment. The only person who can change the weather is Mother Nature.

  750. our removals site Says:

    What’s up colleagues, how is the whole thing, and what you want to say on the topic of this paragraph, in my view its really awesome for me.

  751. rojielyn T. penero Says:

    love god hate illuminati

  752. maggie Says:

    Ok true illuminati exists but you guys are giving them too much credit everything that is happening today was well written down in revelation you should not be surprised about the church working with the illuminati for they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    But above all those who accept LORD JESUS CHRIST as the savior and the lamb of God almighty need not worry about the illuminati because they have no access to those covered by the blood of the risen Christ who conquered and defeat the devil and his arch angels during his ressurection.

  753. machinee Says:

    please people i beg you illuminati really exist why do you think all the good people died…people that are passionate about changing the world for good.. examples are.. michael jackson, bob marly, tupac martin luther king listen to there music its all about love, peace, freedom etc..all these people were killed because the illuminati don’t want the world to unite and love one another..the media came up with there lies, they gave us the wrong information on how these people really died..please people lets come together and fight against these people they are the government and they are taking away our freedom. go on youtube and search for why illuminati killed michael jackson watch the videos then you will understand more..

  754. jeff Says:

    its damn true. they show us what they r gonna b do through movies n media.

  755. researcher Says:

    what be believe here are all lies. everything is controlled by them even selecting the president and killing the president. do you believe that there are aliens or UFOs? it’s true. in fact, the american government has a living alien in their lab and also the UFOs they collected since 40’s. why they are hiding the truth from us? because they don’t us to change our beliefs that they are Gods. as what I’ve said, they control EVERYTHING. poverty, deaths, wars, fame and many more. if you are so intelligent and wouldn’t follow them. you’re so dead. what do you think is the main reason behind the death of ronald reagan?

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  757. FuckTheIlluminati Says:

    I know for a fact most of tthis is true now to all the people on here sayin its all bullshit answer me this and you can search this its a fact in 1995 an illuminati member called steve jackson invented the card game “illuminati: new world order” now remember this was in 1995! Thts very important there’s 1 hundred cards and all the cards are predictions basicly bad predictions now the biggest 1 is the card that has a picture of the twin towers with a plain crashed into it n all smoke comin off them the exact image of the actual attack and the title of the card is “terrorist nuke” the next card after is a picture of the pentagon agen on fire with smoke rising from it n the title is “pentagon” this game was released in 1995! When did these attacks happen? Now explain how that is a coincidence? There’s no way around that thts the biggest clue ever some say they did it to reduce the population of the world then started a war over in so millions more will keep dieing others say just an excuse to go to war just for oil there’s also a video on youtube where a woman openly speaks about the goverment controlled her followed her watched her 24/7 litrally and mind controlled her litrally you need to put things together before you go jugding saying its bullshit

  758. hakan öner Says:

    you say we are the sheeps but you are a sheep even when the shepherd of you is jesus which writes a book caleed bible by free will of his mind for the condition of his days and he is one of the smarttest men ever been but now this is 21th century everyone have potential of being prophet and shepherd of self if they dont mind set us in school let us be free in school and stop learning history (who kill who) we will be more peaceful and in school they make our religion , ego , love of country stronger and from the movement we born they send us to school to get a job and make money and we forget about happinies and we only know this organization from unreliable source but we know that on original copy on the top of the page of Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen they have illuminati symbol and it makes us feel home in world and if they are going to control stupid human beings who wants war they are right because there are too many stupid who kill for their country religion and command of one man , 2 men wants to fight and they let innocent people kill each other.The truth is the unknowable as the buddhists said and we still believe in god who makes the world in 6 days and send adam and eve to earth because of an apple and believing in something that lie can be only sin and you dont want be sinner because of your greed to go heaven after you die.we must be intelligent stop war , stop politics , stop division , throw away all of our prejudice race religion country and realize somehow we are doing something called lliving in an mystery miracle called universe which is living is god and reunite but first we must AWAKE from this nightmare and if you feel anger from my comment it is only because you might afraid im right and believe me i am and im getting crazy of living in this prison which has invisible fences of society and the world we shouldnt be afraid of new life of where we always stay as when we are children.. ,

  759. miriam bogenhagen Says:

    I cud not agree more,as the saying goes,money is the root of all evil,who then is evil?people with the most money,queen elizabeth is the great hore of babilon as revelation reveals,let those who have eyes see

  760. Kyran Titterton Says:

    If the illuminati controls everything, why are people so worried then!!!!!!

  761. Carol Forsyth Says:

    people are so worried because since they control everything else then they simply can control us. We do everything they want us to do. Right?

  762. amine Says:

    i’m moroccan and i hate illuminati & NWO

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  764. Elijah Michael Pacheco Says:

    There is actually scientific, symbolic, historic, and religious truth about the article. To the people who don’t think they can change someones mood and the weather, welcome to real life. We were always change the frequency in a machine, but most of it is not noticeable so it probably takes a long time to actually do something to your mood and you might think that you control your mood and if the frequency was strong enough it can quickly change your mood and give you cancer. Frequency waves really is light waves and if anyone remembers the news about light rays coming out of the pyramids around the world, it’s like the light coming from the all seeing eye.

  765. Garrett Says:

    People are clueless to evidence and that is the strength of the illuminati it’s a brainwash. Hell emoji’s are satanic if you connect the dots. So is every major musician movie star political leaders and so on. Since 2008 people have had 4 years to get it right and it didn’t happen. Hope your heaven sent and your hell proof.

  766. Marilyn Says:

    It is an interesting and frightening thought. I can’t deny that such things are possible. Just take a look at the lyrics in songs and in some you will find themes of ‘selling your soul’. That’s enough to make me consider alternative musical choices! I actually like classical music and enjoy playing my own music (even if it sounds terrible to others, I am enjoying learning and making up my own tunes).

    Religion is tricky but that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in the morals presented in the bible aren’t great moral ethics in which one should be living by anyway. In fact I think they are great ways to live life. (Thinking of the 10 Commandments). How good would life be if we lived by such ideals? Having been educated in Wicca and other such religion’s, I have decided that whilst there are some good ideals there, that there are also some not so great ideals. I decided to turn away from that path and look back to the bible and Christ’s examples, especially the Gospel of the Kingdom. However the story of the three wise men brought me back. (The three wise men were said to be the Magi and that they met Jesus when he was about seven (not a baby and yes they did follow a bright star to where Jesus was). Jesus gave to them a box in which he told them not to open. Not many people know this story, but two of the Magi I believed opened it and inside they found a rock (I think or a fiery rock, it’s been a while since I heard this story so am remembering what I can). The towns that these Magi had lived faced terrible perils and got hailed on by fiery rocks resulting in fire of those areas. This is why Jesus said to not open the box in the first place. Perhaps this is how the myth/fairytale of Pandora’s box started?)

    As for politics… My humble opinion suggests that it’s akin to a distraction. They may believe they are doing good and sometimes they do, but other times it’s questionable. However I am no judge but I do have my own ideas/thoughts.

    As for weather weapons, (aka: HAARP) I’m sorry but I do believe that this technology is in operation. From my limited understanding, I believe that it works like a laser/frequency hitting a part of the ozone layer to stretch it (away from the ground or toward the ground) which then causes a reaction (disturbance) in the atmosphere.

    As for the occult (which is hidden knowledge) you would need to be very careful treading here. I do not discredit that today’s magic is tomorrow’s science after all Einstein/Newton/Pythagorus ideas had to come from somewhere! Now they call it science! The Golden Spiral is another mathematical idea that is incorporated into such artistic works like the art of Leonardo Da Vinci. I wish I could take credit for this information but I did actually learn about it!

    When I first started considering this information in 2008 I didn’t know if it was true or false, so I simply put it in mind as a ‘I do not know’. When coincidences became more apparent I began leaning towards the probability of such information as being highly possible. It doesn’t mean that every illuminate site you come across is providing the correct information but it does ask one to start questioning things they thought they knew.

    That’s my humble opinion. At the end of the day I am not threatening anyone’s beliefs but rather question things that I thought I knew to see if things can be explained in a simple (common sense) manner.

    If Illuminati are about control, then what does it mean to control something/someone? Consider our lawmakers? Is the law always fair? I was once told by a number of people in this profession that there is no such thing as justice in the courts. If they don’e believe what does that means for everyday people like you and me? It’s quite a thought! Control is not always a good thing. Control determines who knows what and who gets what. Isn’t that what control is?

    It’s evident in workplaces. Managers have more control over normal non-managers who must seek a managers approval. Managers don’t always get things right either and so on up the ladder. Control can turn into manipulation by those few at the top of the chain of command. I have witnessed such circumstances (fair/unfair) in my everyday life, so imagine what could be happening on a global scale, if such things are filtering down into the commoners everyday lives! That’s quite a thought to ponder as well.

    Anyway I’ll probably remain somewhat skeptical about the illuminati for now, until more information becomes available and I start witnessing things for myself. Until then I can only ask the question! (Then remember that life is too short, so live a happy life by treating others as you want to be treated and the world becomes a better place)… With that in mind, I’m gonna have homemade pancakes for lunch!!!

    Please remember that all I’ve expressed about in my comment are simply my own humble opinions (as well as educators opinions that I have no reason to not believe at this point of time) and anyone reading them can choose to believe or not believe. That is the choice that everyone makes for themselves. I respect your thoughts/decisions as I hope you would respect mine! What would this world be if we couldn’t express ourselves!!!
    Besides in some things I may be completely wrong and hence have the opportunity to learn from others. However I do believe in anchoring things with common sense where and when I can!

    Thanks for reading my comment!

  767. mystery_princess Says:

    catholic is a false religion

  768. mystery_princess Says:

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    Please notice the picture above with an upside-down cross. In his article, The Kingdom of Satan, Professor J.S. Malan says this about the inverted cross . . .

    “This cross is not broken, but turned upside down. It indicates the rejection of Jesus Christ and contempt for the gospel of salvation. Inverted symbols are typical of the opposite values pursued by Satanists. People who are sometimes sacrificed to Satan on Black Sabbath are crucified upside down in accordance with this tradition.”

    “…even now are there many antichrists…” —1st John 2:18

    It is easy to find Satanic websites and occult stores where you can purchase all types of items with inverted crosses. The “Upside Down Cross” symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus. Necklaces are worn by many Satanists. It can often be seen on Rock singers and their album covers.”

    “…and no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”
    —2nd Corinthians 11:14.

    The “Bent Cross” is a grotesque emaciated depiction of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God who died to provide salvation for those who believe in Him. This scepter is used by the Popes on many occasions. Its occult ramifications and connections cannot be disregarded.

    Pope John Paul II with frontal view of the Bent Cross.

    Pope John Paul II with side view of the Bent Cross.

    The Catholic religion often calls herself the “Mother Church.” She’s NOT the mother of Christ’s church! By calling herself “mother” she is telling on herself. Is this the abomination spoken of in the Scriptures? . . .


    (Revelation 17:5)!

    Notice the Catholic religion calls herself a woman. The Bible calls Catholicism a whore, and what a GREAT WHORE she is—committing spiritual fornication with the kings and rulers of the earth (nearly every king throughout history has had some type of political, economic or religious ties with the Vatican). Read about how Nazi Germany and the Vatican worked together to murder millions of innocent Jews in the holocaust! Read The Vatican’s Holocaust. She’s DRUNKEN with the blood of the saints. Study the Inquisitions—the torture and killing of tens-of-millions of people.Oh, even the antichrist is naked in light of God’s word.

    “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists (Popes and priests); whereby we know that it is the last time” —1st John 2:18

    “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color (official Vatican colors), and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls (the Vatican is filthy rich), having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations (the Holocaust, inquisitions, etc.) and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY (very few people realize where the Catholic religion started), BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS (who seduce people into their damnable religion) AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” —Revelation 17:4,5

    Catholicism’s ill-gotten children profess to know Christ but do service to Satan by disregarding the commandments of God in order to keep the traditions of men which papists even themselves call “TRADITION.” Why is she (the whore) called a mystery? The antichrist spirit of ancient pagan Babylon, though seemingly long fallen, lives in the rites and blasphemies of the Roman Catholic religion. Now that ancient Babylonian false religion lives today within the Catholic religion, disguised by Christian names. What a Satanic scam! The queen of heaven is now… Mary! Mystery Babylon lives, undetected by doomed millions across the world.

    “The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN…that they may provoke me to anger” —Jeremiah 7:18

    Notice the Halo around Mary (especially her head). The is an idolatrous practice of the Catholics which symbolizes deity (that she is equal with God).The Babylonians practiced the same idolatrous worship to the Queen of Heaven. Mary is NOT deity, she was a normal every-day woman. Yes friend, Satan is definitely working in the Vatican and in Catholic organizations all across the world. Though most Catholics will deny worshipping Mary, the evidence says something very different! They bow down and literally pray in the name of “Mother Mary” to a graven statue of Mary. This is sinful idolatry! They are lying through their teeth. God makes CLEAR in His Word that He will NOT share His glory with another (that includes Mary).

    “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.” —Isaiah 42:8

    How could anyone be so foolish to actually bow down in prayer to a statue of Mary, yet at the same time deny that they are worshipping her? Talk about crazy! God clearly command us in the second of the Ten Commandments NOT to make unto ourselves ANY graven images.

    “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:” —Exodus 20:4

    Do the Catholics need glasses? It says right there in black and white in Exodus 20:4 that we are NOT to make unto ourselves ANY likeness of anything that is in heaven!!! Mary is in Heaven. We are NOT to make any likeness of her according to Exodus 20:4. So what do you call a statue of mother Mary?It surely is a likeness of her, a graven image! Here’s another shocker…

    “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them…” —Exodus 20:5

    Ok, so then why does every Catholic BOW DOWN before a statue of Mary in their worship places? I’ll tell you why… because they are practicing FALSE religion totally void of the truth of God. You can argue whether or not you are worshipping Mary as your bowing down to her; but one thing is for certain, God has commanded us in Exodus 20:5 NOT TO BOW DOWN to her. Even if your not worshipping Mary, you ARE SINNING if you bow down to her because the Bible strictly forbids it! As I write, millions of people all around the world are bowing down to Mary in violation of God’s Word. Yes, Satanism is in the Vatican!

    “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” —Mark 7:7

    “For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.” —Mark 13:22

    Sister Faustina’s blasphemous Image of Divine Mercy. Notice the occult New Age pyramid.

    Why is Catholicism So Popular?

    “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” -Mark 7:7

    “For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.” -Mark 13:22

    The Roman Catholic Teaching on Salvation and Justification (refuted)

    Pope John Paul II – Burning in Hell

    Fifty Years in the Church of Rome (by Charles Chiniquy, a former Catholic priest)

    Thirty Years in Hell (by Bernard Fresenborg, a former Catholic priest)

  772. mystery_princess Says:

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  773. mitchen Says:

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    illuminati = illusion=system =money = materialistic = forgot that there is one and only god . thats what they where trying to make, to set u away from god to make u beleve that u human are your own god .
    why are we trying 2 understand the universe ?
    i tell u the universe how is made .its made from 10 dimensions the 10th dimension is god the source of realising energy . the source of life . earth must be nature not like we made it . remember ur nature not what u have become . WAKE UP

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