Step 38 – Abundance

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abundance is a mindset, a certain frequency you can tune into.

for example, look at those that are rich and successful; even if they lose their fortunes, or undergo a business collapse, they get straight back into the game, into the hunt. Being down and out is NOT PART OF THEIR THINKING.

those that accept defeat, their current situation in life, they DO NOT HAVE this Success Mindset.

this can be changed. this can be learnt. Abundance is an attitude, one that can be shifted at will.

We learn from those that are more successful, more skilled than us.

“fake it to you make it” is a coming saying. Especially for those starting a new, difficult profession.

Adopt the mindset – “I am the prosperity, I am the Abundance” – and your life actions will begin to match your mental state. And in time (sometimes quick time!) the Abundance will come flowing in.

and Abundance is not necessarily in Material Riches. Abundance is in happiness, joy, fulfillment, skilled abilities, emotional balance, familial reconciliation. Abundance is a FULLNESS IN LIFE; a total satisfaction.

Abundance. It can be ours. Just shift your thinking 🙂



original music by ggw_bach

In The Shadows Of Time (~15 min)

a long solo piano work; a journey through the dark recesses of the mind; to emerge of the other side – victorious, triumphant, and blazing in the sunshine of the fullness of life.


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blessings, and peace



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2 Responses to “Step 38 – Abundance”

  1. Nina Says:

    SO TRUE!

  2. Satrisn Wolders Says:

    Respect, Respect, Respect, so useful and interesting blog, well done

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