I Am NOT An Object






12 Responses to “I Am NOT An Object”

  1. mommymystic Says:

    where do you find this stuff??? stumbled and tweeted…

  2. Bodhipaksa Says:

    Shame they’re in black and white. I can’t tell if the skin tones would match my decor.

  3. swapnap Says:

    Ghosh! Dont know what to comment.

  4. fibi Says:


  5. Pam Says:

    I’ve got the bookcase i was looking for a coffee table to match 😉

  6. Richard Says:

    Ummm the TV’s a little crooked… you guys think you level that off a bit?

  7. fish Says:


  8. Lool Says:

    That’s kind of gay

  9. loonyroot Says:

    this is the gayest thing ive ever seen… and how did they keep their dongs from dangling down in the first one?

  10. sam Says:

    thats uniqe .. keep on the human work .. i hope i can be part of this 😉

  11. Habibies Says:

    heheh………….. sexy stuff furniture lol 😉

  12. Erick Ogolla Says:


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