7 Ways New Media is Destroying Old Media


we are witnessing the overturning of a media system that has been in place for 100 years now. By old media, I mean –

– film

– tv

– radio

– books

– newspapers

here are 7 reasons why these industries are being blown up day by day:


1. speed


first and foremost, the internet is about speed. A page load in under a second, a tweet that goes from end to end around the planet in a single send click. Speed is the name of the game. If media is all about information, then relevancy and timeliness are key. New Media is Now Media –

— blogs: type up your blog entry, hit ‘publish’ and you’re on the web.


2. zero cost


all these Old Media models have some business model where you pay up front. Even for things like tv and radio, you have paid subscription models. You want, you hand over the Cash. Well, the internet blows this up. It gives you all the content … and its FREE. Zero cost. It might be ad-supported or whatever, but in almost any case you can think of, the information and Content is there online … just a link or search away. New Media beats Old Media here because it is inherently more democratic – everyone has access to it regardless of income.

prime example: music industry. startup and independent bands GIVE AWAY their music online, and make their living by promoting their tours, selling merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, etc). Music can also be done as a passionate hobby; rather than as a fullon profession. With little drop in quality with today’s digital tools.


3. bypass censorship and control


old media is notorious for its ‘Gatekeepers’. Wanted to have a book published? submit to editor, and get his expert thumbs up or thumbs down. Writing a letter to a newspaper? wait and see if your opinion is ‘suitable’ to be published. Want to get on the radio for an interview? apply, and grovel. The Gatekeepers kept YOU out, because they wanted control and total domination of their respective media. New Media says a big F*ck You to this. I’ll say what I want, however I want, and let the audience / readership decide if its worthy. New Media is all about the people; not the Corporations and Politicians like it used to be in the bad old days.

example? youtube. anything goes. what gets popular is what gets popular; not decided by the size of your ad budget.


4. relevancy


today’s world is all about targeted information. With Old Media you often had a conglomeration of Information, in the hope of appealing to the widest possible audience (think of a tv channel, with its various programming throughout the day, trying to ‘target’ the viewers; or newspapers with their various sections – news, business, sports, entertainment – trying to deliver a load of daily information). New media is not interested in this broad, shotgun approach. As I mentioned before, the smallest single unit of New Media is a web page … and that can be highly targeted and relevant. Google here delivers the dose to the reader / viewer / listener.


5. feedback


New Media is almost defined by the ‘User Comment’. whether its on Amazon, imdb, or Facebook timeline, the user gets to have their say, if they feel strongly enough. This completes the feedback loop; the creator of the content puts their ‘stuff’ out there, and then the reactions can come back to him. New Media is a two-way inter-active process. Old Media (books, film, tv) doesn’t have this component at all. Feedback means that you are INVOLVED.

best example: amazon.com. there are many reasons for Amazon’s early and continued success, but the user reviews are one of them.


6. so-called ‘Cloud’ Content


new media is all digital. that is, it doesn’t have a physical component. It can’t be lost, dropped, broken, or smudged. BIG ADVANTAGE over physical media formats which must be packaged, shipped, taken care of, stored in your house, and alphabetically ordered (if you were like me, that is :-)). New Media is there … living on the web … and while url’s can change, if you feel strongly about a web page or audio file or video segment, you can save to your hard disk in a flash. But primarily, the content is ‘out there’ living on the web, in the Cloud, the distributed system we know as the interwebs.

my favorite examples: Google Books. a library of books and more books just a search bar away. While a lot of the content has been restricted by the publishers, there is still an amazing wealth of glorious finds out there. Google Maps. enough said.


7. the Singularity


as a consequence of the above (that New Media is ALL DIGITAL) … that means that everything is accessible from your computer screen. You have your big 22 inch screen, nice side speakers, mouse + keyboard … the the whole interwebs is at your fingertips. All the aforementioned media formats (film, tv, radio, books, newspapers) have been subjugated and integrated into the vast beast of the Internet. This so called ‘New Media’ is a summation, but also expansion of everything that has come before. In some circles this may be termed the Singularity. And in this case specifically, the Singularity of Information; a total Black Whole …  increased, condensed, spiraling, and abundant information … interlinked, bound, and constantly cross-referenced. This is the most exciting part of New Media; that it BRINGS TOGETHER that which has been disparate before. it Reconnects.

information. people. the world. Re-united in one New Media.


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thank you

blessings and peace



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9 Responses to “7 Ways New Media is Destroying Old Media”

  1. Donald Berment Says:

    Yes, new media has changed the way we interact with information. Ther are many positives with this change and also many negatives. The character of personalities is going to require greater development attention, if we want to reduce the negative consequences of this change. In addition, there are still numerous locations where old media has not penetrated as yet and there are still many locations where old media will be useful for a long time to come.

  2. fjpoblam Says:

    The media has changed the way we interact in one very important way: one person may no longer own creation. For freedom of speech must equal my freedom to speek your words, my freedom to play your music, my freedom to display your art, with reckless abandon, and without accreditation.

    We have decided censorship is reprehensible, and good that we have, for censorship of copying, via our level of technology is not possible.

    One person may no longer own what s/he creates, perhaps even to the extent of a personality.

  3. On the Money Says:

    It’s a fact that most bloggers get their “news” from mainstream media. It’s also true that the authorities are desperately trying to install web3.0 and either directly censor our web use or do so indirectly through the self-censorship we will increasingly practice under the current oppression of surveillance. Mainstream media is full of sh*t, but for those few outlets of investigative journalism that still exist … the world will be much darker if they disappear. Even the Guardian’s editor-in-chief admits that he wants to go to a Huffington Post model where “very few will be paid” … Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.

  4. Deborah Mourey Says:

    love it, you have a real vision of how the revolution is taking place and why it won’t go back to business as usual in the future. I would add the concept of virtual groups/tribes/communities etc. While my interests and tribes may morph, those who correctly identify me and my interests/needs, will get my attention and my money! thank you.

  5. Joharuking Jaani Says:

    Thank you for your post!

  6. C. Mendoza Says:

    Ok. So the future is now. What for? The contents the new media can offer are under-exploited. In most places internet more asked information is porno. So, I don’t see any progress, if there is no more exchanges between south and south, for instance. If more prono available is the main result of speed, zero cost, bypass control, relevancy, singularity… What for???

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