The 7 Golden Rules of Social Media


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if you use twitter, SU, digg, facebook, flickr, reddit, etc, these principles will have you nodding your head:


1. if you want people to pay attention to you, you have to pay attention to them.

Portrait of happy businesspeople shaking hands

put simply, you must RECIPROCATE. without this, nothing will happen for you. You can add as many friends as you want, spew out as many messages as possible, but people will just ignore you. Social media is about Establishing Relationships. This, first and foremost.


2. no more spam


bad behaviour is punished with a simple block or unfollow. Instant lifelong banishment. Goodbye to the spam of the email days; in social media YOU have control over what you see and what you don’t see. Big difference.


3. good stuff spreads. Fast.


this is like the word-of-mouth effect in the real world, except times 100. even 1000. Good stuff reaches ‘1 person’ they pass it onto 7, then 7 times 7, in a chain that ripples out in MINUTES. Stuff that is GOLD does rise to the top. Fast.


4. be real


doesn’t matter what social network you’re on, keep it real. People will appreciate this no end. Everyone is sick of reading advertising copy all over the web, show some humor, insanity, goofiness, or insight. Be different, be real. No-one is as boring as a newsreader. INJECT personality. everyone’s got it, just let it show 🙂


5. pick your avatar carefully


doesn’t matter if it’s your real face, a cartoon character, a famous portrait, or just a logo, your Avatar says EVERYTHING. It’s the first point of contact, and the first thing that people will associate with you. Even more than your user name. It sums you up … in 90 by 90 pixels. Choose wisely.


6. log on daily


this sounds like a pure no-brainer, but I have come across people that use twitter maybe once a week. BIG NO NO! the web runs at Warp Speed! Like warp 9.9, doesn’t get much faster than that! If you really want to be in a Social Network, you have to be available, and commit something of yourself to it. It doesn’t have to be hours a day (although some people take this route), but a once-a-day checkin is the very minimum. Be active, be involved, be alive.


7. ask questions, and learn


social networks are evolving systems. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle, some individual insight based on their total experience. There’s HEAPS to learn. If someone seems to be doing it better than you, just ask. It’s very flattering when someone says: “how did you do that” … and in most cases, they will share some of their knowledge. It only empowers YOU to ask questions, doesn’t make you look dumb at all. Be humble, and open.

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that’s just a few of the things I’ve learnt!

blessings, and peace,



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27 Responses to “The 7 Golden Rules of Social Media”

  1. Phil Harrison Says:

    Simply excellent! Thanks.

  2. planetcity1 Says:

    Thanks. These are good LIFE rules also 🙂

  3. The Connection Says:

    the information changed my whole way of thinking about promoting my businesses online

  4. teijastro Says:

    this is( icons) the start to a global symbol language

  5. Eric Says:

    Really great article… solid lessons and tips gleamed from this. Thank you.

  6. SPwrite Says:

    Great article!! it puts a few things into place for me that I am just becoming aware of, so thanks!!!

  7. mommymystic Says:

    Good post, although I have to admit I am still a bit of an ambivalent social networker…sometimes it all starts to feel a bit frantic, and a bit TOO much like ‘you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ you know what I mean? Like recently I updated my blogroll and I could see everyone I included felt obligated to add me, and I really had just wanted to share the blogs I liked! Maybe I am too much a purist, and have to get over it…but this is all good advice nevertheless, and I HAVE to change my avatar…

  8. Nowzen Says:

    Great advice, I’m shy and not a social networker, but I love hearing other people’s ideas, learning and exploring – I’ll have to work on the expressing myself/participation part.


  9. Lou Sagar Says:

    Excellent….I particularly like the effort to emphasize
    pace and rhythm….Social Media will be like “air”……Everyone
    will need to breathe…just stay tuned…and tuned-in…

  10. Zuzanna M Says:

    I found this page quite educational and to the point!

    Thank you:O)

  11. Outdoors2 Says:

    Great observations and advice!

    “Be active, be involved, be alive.”

    Well said ggw

  12. Shade Law Says:

    This is so very inspiring, thank you very much I really like it 🙂

  13. RB Says:

    These are really helpful! Thanks

  14. isolabella Says:

    Thank you. Couldn’t Twitter eliminate some spam?

  15. JeD Chan Says:

    Thanks! I really like your stuffs!! Keep it up!

    God Bless!!

    JeD Chan

  16. Barbara Hamilton Says:

    This should be issued to every newbie on joining a social network.
    Excellent job!

  17. Lunasea Says:

    True and true. Great information – not only for social websites, but for life as well.


  18. ZiggyZool Says:

    As always another Great article! Just wanted to say thanks, You are the epitome of Rule #4 – never boring always real.

  19. guy Says:

    I really want to go fishing.

  20. Cindy Says:

    Excellent list. I’m bad about the daily thing. Life gets overly busy and a week has gone by since I last twittered. And seems like everyone has lived a year and I’ve missed it.

  21. EddieStarr Says:


  22. Cori Endrody Says:

    I fully agree… it’s hard to keep up with publishing daily, but it is so important.

  23. Tree Says:

    Always give great TIPS – I am fascinated and always have a yearn to learn something everyday. Keep em coming , cause i will always read up. Love all the articles -They’re : Useful, Helpful, encouraging ……… brings on Momentum and it stimulates my brain power.
    makes me feel Goody , good , good. and that means A Lot !

  24. drdigipol Says:

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  25. Erin Says:

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Derana Sadahatama Oba Mage Says:

    Derana Sadahatama Oba Mage

    The 7 Golden Rules of Social Media | 100 Musical Footsteps

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