Step 35 – Water, Water, Everywhere


do you drink enough water?

I often wonder so myself. At high school, I was very active in sports (running, cricket, squash) and would spend half my days all sweated up (I hope that’s not too raunchy 🙂 but yeah, always active. I drank _enormous_ amounts of water. Plus the food I was eating was fried, baked, or processed in a package. That only accelerated the dehydration issues.

that continues to this day.

still drink gallons of water, even if I’m not as active.

I notice in the summer months, especially, I can get a ‘dehydration’ headache very easily. Sort of a buzz in the mind, as if the pressure isn’t right. Quickly fixed with a few glasses of lukewarm water. Always amazes me that ‘cure’.

I’ve also read that Not Drinking Enough Water can cause gastritis and ulcers, heartburn, constipation, and even arthritis!! not sure about these ailments!

but what about you, do you drink enough water? and what type? (purified, bottled, filtered?)

and what about fluoridation? does that scare you?


original music by ggw_bach

scored for clarinet, harpsichord, and piano


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24 Responses to “Step 35 – Water, Water, Everywhere”

  1. planetcity1 Says:

    i drink filtered well water now but grew up with fluoridation — the fluoridation, I believe, kept the cavities at bay…

    and, yes, i try to stay hydrated, as i live in the sunshine state of Florida…

  2. Smiffy Says:

    I drink a lot of water but then our house runs mainly on rainwater. Whilst we have to switch to mains for washing, etc, for a few weeks of the year, we’ve always got rainwater to drink.

    For drinking/cooking, the raw rainwater passes through a 2-stage filter, 1 micron fibre, then 1 micron charcoal. Much better taste than filtering through a Brita jug. Very pleasant to drink and also makes very good tea and espresso.

    No, fluoridation doesn’t worry me but then neither is is relevant to my situation. The chlorine in mains water is unkind to my skin which is why I hate these dry spells – waiting for the rain so I can switch back to the good stuff!

  3. Dezarae Says:

    I do not drink enough water. I used to when i bought Dasani ( the best tasting water i have ever tasted! But my husband thinks it is a waste of money, so he bought the filter thing for the sink. But he made a mistake and showed me that he runs the filter twice. I just cant bring myself to drinking it…. plus it is not cold enough for me.

    I think the tap water phobia began when i was little and we went to Nebraska. I was a kid, did not care about drinking tap water. Drank the tap water. The water along with everything i had eaten came back up. It happend another time as well. So i guess i am afraid of getting sick from drinking tap water.

  4. thefirminc Says:

    I know I don’t drink enough water and now you made me very worried! There is something I also heard about the difference between drinking cold water and room temperature. My doctor informed me to stick to room temp as the cold can actually be damaging! Talk about damned if you do! I am off to get a drink now as that list you put is running through my head!

    Nice piece sir. Take care Alan

  5. TaBiZZeL Says:

    Oh My I never know about drinking luke warm water i’ll have to try it next time!
    I try to drink enough water but sad to say im one of the million who don’t drink what i should. I drink about 2 litters a day, and living in AZ should drink about 1 to 2 gallons a day!
    After reading this i diffenetly need to drink more. So i’ll have to do it slowly

  6. Kurt H. Hoyer (Kopi) Says:

    I drink distilled water. To understand why distilled water is the best for the body read Dr. Norman W. Walker’s book “Water Can Undermine Your Health”. Dr. Walker sees water pollution as a cause of arthritis, varicose veins, cancer and even heart attacks. By drinking distilled water, juicing,
    raw foods (salads, fruit and vegetables) you can bring back health to your life.

  7. Warofart Says:

    I should drink more water, definitely. I actually heard that drinking cold water doesn’t do anything to harm you, au contraire mon amie, it helps you burn more calories since your body needs to spend more to bring your body up to a higher temperature.

    At least your music helps me do my homework…

  8. Jose Says:

    in certain areas the “hard” water causes dental problems so people “soften” the water… most bottled water is city water that’s been processed… the cheapest way to get better water is a at-home filtering system, from an inexpensive facet filter to an elaborate under the sink or entire house filter.

    To make sure you drink enough get a refillable bottle that you wouldn’t mind having around (see and take it with you.

  9. susan Says:

    I drink water in cycles. Some days I drink so much and then other days not nearly enough. I know I suffer from dehydration– I teach in Fl. where the climate is warm to warmer as the year goes on and in a class room with no windows. Since I teach 2nd graders it is quite difficlut to just leave them and say, “Sorry, guys, I have to run to the bathroom!” I do worry about the chlorine and there is not nearly enough in our water here. Some nutrionists say we can actually drink too much water. How much do you think that would be?

  10. Archer Pam Says:

    I drink a lot of purified water. We can drink too much, however. 6-8 glasses per day is okay for the average person. We get water in the foods we eat as well.

  11. herocious Says:

    i drink chilled tap water in a jug. i drink all day, and that’s all i drink aside from black tea when we have it.

  12. Sangaroon Says:

    I didn’t drink water at all until recently I have to take medication with water!

  13. Maija Haavisto Says:

    Actually many people drink too much water, especially in the summer. You need adequate salts too, or it just goes right through you. Not drinking water can indeed cause constipation, but I doubt it can cause arthritis.

    In general the benefits of drinking water have been exaggerated. Sure it’s a good thing to drink water, but people get the impression more = better. Some Finnish models have even been hospitalized for hyponatremia. It can be deadly.

  14. seekinggnosis Says:

    ” I’ve also read that Not Drinking Enough Water can cause gastritis and ulcers, heartburn, constipation, and even arthritis!! not sure about these ailments!” Yes that’s true, its because acid starts to take over. We need water to water down the acid otherwise all kinds of ailments begin including lower back aches, altzeihmers (sp?) etc

  15. seekinggnosis Says:

    There are many other ailments linked to constant or chronic dehydration.

    I didn’t grow up a water drinker, just had tea, but in the last few years I have been sick a fair bit due to not drinking enough water – its amazing what dehydration can do to various parts of your body.

    I heard it was linked to alzheimers last year and a friend mentioned that her family member has it and they didn’t drink any water and their child who also doesn’t drink water suffers from lots of migraines. Proably not the only cause.

    I agree with Maija, going the extreme with too much water isn’t good for you either. I think we just need to keep sipping regularly and be aware of the state of our body. Strange how we just get used to running on auto pilot until something breaks down.

  16. silvercrone Says:

    water is essentiall to life,
    music is essential to comfort-
    thanks- for that

  17. ritesh Says:

    Most of the time I drink filtered water, but i do drink with moderation… anyone who drinks too much water and will have to go to the toilet too frequently 😛

  18. Michael R Wills Says:

    i have AD/HD and my meds dehydrate me so much, so Im always trying to fight cotton mouth. I can’t drink tap because I can taste what seems like metal in it so majority it’s bottled.

  19. Shad Corsi Says:

    Sorry, aber das bezweifel ich ganz stark…Baer

  20. Pinkie Vanner Says:

    Sorry, aber das bezweifel ich ganz stark…Baer

  21. Maynard Hermsen Says:

    Sorry, aber das bezweifel ich ganz stark…Baer

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