Step 28 – White Magic


magic has a bad rap these days. after all, one cannot ‘conjure’ things out of thin air, can we?

or perhaps we can?

maybe we should examine what we mean by ‘magic’, and in this case, so-called ‘white magic’.

Magic, at its core, is about getting results. There is no real modern analogue for this term. Some self-improvement circles bandy the notion of being ‘effective’, ‘real’, or ‘getting what you want’. Nice expressions, but what is REALLY happening?

1. an idea, image, or desire flashes in the mind

2. we want to see this happen in ‘reality’.

3. we effect this change (or not, depending on the case :-))

magic is about making this process seamless and efficient. Forget all the past baggage associated with this term, just concentrate on the results and the process.

magic is about consciousness and the transition from the mind into 3-d reality. The more we can make this happen, the more we ‘materialise’ … not out of thin air, but through conforming with real, practical principles.

nothing spooky about it!


scored for two flutes, and one cello


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13 Responses to “Step 28 – White Magic”

  1. planetcity1 Says:

    loved the music πŸ™‚

  2. warofart Says:

    This totally applies to 3d modeling and animation.

  3. Doraz Says:

    I believe your insight into life is right on the path of discovery and magic within us. I love this! You always seem to get me to “think and reflect” on things going on in my life! Thanks!

  4. avadesigns Says:

    Lovely music, I truly enjoyed listening to it this morning. I also agree with your white magic.

  5. uninvoked Says:

    interesting subject too. I use music all the time to pull the right emotion out of a story, or to capture the exact emotion I want. When I’m too pissed to speak with my BF (a one time occurrence) playing the correct music loudly both calmed me down, and oddly enough made him think. Perhaps music is the magic of today.

  6. G Says:

    On the iPod it goes! πŸ™‚

  7. viv66 Says:

    I was delighted to see you at my blog yesterday, ggw, and have popped over to say hello.
    I am off to work in a second but shall have a listen to the music when I get home. I really enjoyed the article too, as you say, magic has a bad press but its something much less complicated than people imagine.
    Have a great day/night(it’s night in Oz now, yes?)
    ps, is it ok if I add you to my blog roll?

  8. Susannah Says:

    Loved the music and the post – I enjoy your tweets too. πŸ˜‰

  9. paulhaynes Says:

    Like this piece a lot ggw. and your ideas from what i’ve read so far resonate a lot with my own. See you around on Twitter.

  10. thecall2order Says:

    I enjoyed the effect of movement in white as I ventured off into the image! Your collection of images is truly awesome and I appreciate your efforts in inspiring culture through cyberspace. Peace be with you from Poetic Prophets!

  11. Kat Wynne-Roberts Says:

    it is especially heartening to hear someone composing real music on this day.

    a peace is about me as I recall the tones.

    thank you.

    kat~ : )

  12. lookingforbeauty Says:

    This music has a wonderful meditative quality to it. I can see how your attention to detail is necessary to achieve a seamless perfection in your musical creations.
    Rudolph Steiner felt music was the highest of all the arts – the most ethereal. I understand his point of view because music floats through the air but when it is finished it’s simply gone! The fact that we can hear recorded music in the comfort of our homes is sheer magic to me.
    All the other arts are more tangible, visible.
    Thankfully there is a means of writing music on a page so that others can perform, but it is so different from the end results. Without the cognoscenti, musicians trained in the interpretation of these marks upon a page, there is as good a chance of repeating and performing the original creation as there is a chance of the rich man getting into Heaven.
    I’ve checked out a few of your blogs. I’ll be back to see/hear more of your musical magic.
    also posting as

  13. Stephanie P. Says:

    The artist who made this picture is pretty mad it’s here with her name cropped out. I posted this picture on pinterest and she contacted me personally!

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