Step 27 – Heartbeat of the Universe


can you hear that? no, what is it?

that, my friend, is the Heartbeat of the Universe.

pulsing quietly, ever-present, in a dance of atoms and molecules

inside stars, inside the mind, inside the stomach of a tiger

the pulse and beat of the cosmic creator, the arch mathematician

a symphonic patterning, overlay of rhythms, disparate tones

all working for a higher unity

moving through the densities, ascending to ever higher scales

it is a tune playing today, in joy, in resonance

it is here, it is now

the Cosmic Pulse.


scored for strings, organ, and harp


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10 Responses to “Step 27 – Heartbeat of the Universe”

  1. Tim Price Says:

    Not bad. Sounds a bit “Tweety” and somewhat muddied. I’m no musician so I can only relate my impression, rather than discuss in technical terms.

  2. @g33kgurrl Says:

    I think it’s quite lovely. I am not mad about oboes when the notes are in the higher octaves, but I LOVE cellos.

    Some of my most favorite classical arrangements have been performed by a saxophone quartet. I think that some of these pieces you are composing would be simply magical if arranged for a sax quartet.

  3. Glebe2037 Says:

    I like this a lot … well done you !! Some fast fingering needed there 🙂

  4. OM Says:

    Great blog. I put a link to 100musicalfootsteps at multiuniversus. We have a little bit of Bach there, trying to force the trashy ears of the ordinary world. Thanks for visiting us. Namasté.

  5. Immigrant Son Says:

    Please convert this piece into an orchestral masterpiece with real instruments. It’s too nice to leave it as a midi!

  6. Molly Says:

    Wow. That is really all I can say.

  7. Mary Says:

    Yes, Molly, yes Immigrant Son! The generosity and delight of these posts is astonishing. Thank you thank you ggw_bach!

  8. Doraz Says:

    You have done it again! BRAVO! *)*

  9. Kat Says:

    very lovely! thanks, i needed that.

  10. Luisa Salata Says:

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