Step 24 – Respect the Other


there is only one golden rule:
“do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”

or perhaps one could rephrase this as:
“treat others, as you would treat yourself”

this reworded version is much kinder, benevolent, and compassionate.  Less self-interested, and more unifying in its approach.


treat others, as you would treat yourself

can you imagine such a world?

scored for 2 violins, and 2 cellos


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14 Responses to “Step 24 – Respect the Other”

  1. planetcity1 Says:

    ah, a gentle breeze, a sun-filled day, being one with nature and the floating of butterflies…

    thanks for the music, my friend 🙂

  2. Robert Miller Says:

    excellent, beautiful.

  3. donbracken Says:

    A wonderful pause. Touches the spirit. Thank you.

  4. WarofArt Says:

    SO peaceful and relaxing. Thanks a bunch.

  5. Sangaroon Says:

    Beautiful, peaceful and soothing, Love from patchara.

  6. Doraz Says:

    I personally love this! I only have sorrow for the people in this world who do not feel like they should treat themselves with kindness and love, instead they take the other path…..

  7. Patrina Says:

    GGW think this piece is beautiful, and the text is so true –


    Thankyou for sharing,


  8. mistressdidi Says:

    What a wonderful blog and service you offer to The Whole! Many blessings to you! Thanx!

  9. The Diamond Coach Says:

    Soothing to my soul. It fit perfectly with what I am doing right now. Ahhhh.

  10. Molly Says:

    Beautiful piece, ggw. And yes, I can imagine such a world.

  11. Kimberly @ Kimberly Edwards Blog Says:

    A very important commandment! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Kimberly 🙂

  12. Respect the Other « dig-n-dash Says:

    […] Step 24: ggw_bach […]

  13. Stephen Says:

    GGW – this is a really wonderful piece of music. I’ve listened to it three times and once I get back to my Mac I’ll download it into iTunes.

    Thanks for making this available to us.


  14. Ricky Graf Says:

    Good morning! What a great Twitter wake up call. Thanks.

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