Step 23 – Self Identity


as one moves forward in time, one’s identity is constantly changing.

once a child, now a high school student, then a college graduate, worker, spouse, then parent. Our roles revolve and change over a lifetime. Different skills, different experiences.

but for what end?

we end up with stories to tell; some funny, some wise, a lifetime of different places, different faces.

but somewhere in there, something remains constant. A consciousness, a knowing, a perceiver.


right now, my self-identity is tied up with music, and a spiritual path. It has been a road traveled for 10 years now. Fun, exciting, unexpected, challenging.


but this too is a phase. Our self-identity is who we choose to live our lives as; the various positions we occupy in society. The key, I think, is not to cling to it too tightly.

Michael Jackson is just a memory of who he was, as is Michael Jordan. The roles pass.

in the end, all that is left are the memories.

Memories of a self-identity that once was.


blessings and peace

scored for harpsichord solo


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14 Responses to “Step 23 – Self Identity”

  1. Just Here Says:

    Beautifully written.

  2. Barbra Says:

    Excellent post!

  3. Esmaa Self Says:

    Yes! When we decide to take no further steps, we have chosen decay.

    To whatever is over the horizon!

  4. Howard Says:

    Thanks for that!

  5. Copywriting CopyDragon Says:

    This was nicely done. At age 64, I’ve observed this phenomena. When remember back, it’s like getting to remember the lives of almost some other person. That is to say, it’s almost like television … only real.

    I created a collection of over 400 micro-stories about myself and others, spanning a hundred years, and you’d probably enjoy them, as they are mostly funny, often thought-provoking, and sometime ephipanies.

    That’s what your post did for me today.

    If you’d like to hear about Texas, St. Louis, England, Los Angeles, San Francisco, China, and living upon a volcano in Northern California, see Adventures of Bloggard. I don’t know if a link will work. I’ll try. If no worko, please simply search for Adventures of Bloggard.

    Thanks for the great post! Harpsichord’s not bad either.

  6. chitsung Says:

    nice music!

  7. Jenovi Says:

    Well said. I couldn’t agree more to your opinion about playing different roles in life. Every single person has his or her own agenda, one chooses to display different identities in the face of the public and when being alone.

  8. Doraz Says:

    I believe the memories of our past, whether it be 1 month ago or 10 years ago, factor into the development of our personalities along the path of our lives. Some stay with us and some become less significant. I love how you expressed yourself in this post, thanks!

  9. latmario Says:

    Deep thoughts.
    Well, our literal bodies (as experts say) get totally replaced at least once (or twice) a year. Thus, we change…in every aspect.
    Nice music on the site btw.

  10. Inspiratie voor vanmorgen | Overpeinzende Says:

    […] gesproken over muziek en spiritualiteit. Vandaag stapte hij uit dat schema met een stukje over identiteit. Hij herinnert ons er aan dat we steeds veranderen. Hij is echter van mening dat er iets constants […]

  11. Says:

    Very, very nice! I went thru a major Bach harpsichord stage and still come back to it. Interesting, your mix of the old and the new. Have you listened to Jean-Philippe Rameau? I find he’s good for springtime…

    Thanks for sharing and best wishes with your path.

  12. Sharing inspiration | All Considering Says:

    […] intersection of spirituality in music, generally. Today he stepped outside that box to write about self-identity. His post serves as a useful reminder of how we evolve as people. How different we are today from […]

  13. pris thomas Says:

    I too feel/know I have a consciousness other than my every day one. It is the better part of me by giving new ideas (I am an artist) which in turn I give amazing amounts of gratitude to the universa/life force as I take the action necessay (paint the painting). I say “thank you” often… I have been a student of Earnest Holmes (The Science of Mind) for about six years and I’m at peace. Being 72 and “in recovery” for 23 yrs… This is a beautiful extension of the 12-step programs spirituality. I did not start these words with a “plug” intended, but what the heck. Check out Intenational Centers for Spiritual Living (ICSL)…

  14. massey ferguson 135 Says:

    massey ferguson 135

    Step 23 – Self Identity | 100 Musical Footsteps

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