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Step 26 – Overcoming Fear and Aversion

February 28, 2009


fear is the mind killer
overcome fear, and you conquer the world

how often have you heard that said?

too many, I bet.

but truly, is there anything to it? if we overcome our internal fears and aversions, what will be the end result? a more satisfied, robust, expressive, creative human being? Really??

let me make the case:


1) in fear, we withdraw and don’t try new things. Hence we stop learning and growing in our mind. Ideas become stagnant, recycled, we become “locked in” to a fear mindset. The world becomes scary!

2) in fear, we stop connecting with others. Other People are best source of joy there is! Getting their input, sharing some of your own story … social cohesion has many benefits.

3) in fear, we lose the connection to Source

4) in fear, we start doubting our own abilities to cope with the world. We reduce our own stature in comparison to others, and in doing so, hand them our power. Bad!!

5) in fear, we doubt the inherent goodness of others. One paints them as this or that, and we stop seeing Reality for what it is. It becomes a clouded vision..

6) in fear, we cannot Love fully.

7) in fear, we live in a little box of a world, not seeing its wonders, joys, explosive beauty. A narrow, constricted, defensive mindset. Fear is a COMPRESSION.

so all up, fear is not a good thing!


scored for organ solo


Step 25 – Acknowledging Reality

February 25, 2009


when one comes across Liberating Information, one can get very excited.

start dreaming, envisioning, turning your life in a new direction

that is WONDERFUL when that happens!

but there is one caveat to that:

effectiveness is the measure of truth

if the information you have is truly Empowering, Liberating, and Self-Fulfilling, then it will lead to effective action. In your own life, in the lives of others, and in the whole world in general, the Positivity will spread.

it is a very easy test to apply.


one checks Reality, and Acknowledges what is going on.

scored for 2 trumpets and piano


Step 24 – Respect the Other

February 22, 2009


there is only one golden rule:
“do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”

or perhaps one could rephrase this as:
“treat others, as you would treat yourself”

this reworded version is much kinder, benevolent, and compassionate.  Less self-interested, and more unifying in its approach.


treat others, as you would treat yourself

can you imagine such a world?

scored for 2 violins, and 2 cellos


Step 23 – Self Identity

February 18, 2009


as one moves forward in time, one’s identity is constantly changing.

once a child, now a high school student, then a college graduate, worker, spouse, then parent. Our roles revolve and change over a lifetime. Different skills, different experiences.

but for what end?

we end up with stories to tell; some funny, some wise, a lifetime of different places, different faces.

but somewhere in there, something remains constant. A consciousness, a knowing, a perceiver.


right now, my self-identity is tied up with music, and a spiritual path. It has been a road traveled for 10 years now. Fun, exciting, unexpected, challenging.


but this too is a phase. Our self-identity is who we choose to live our lives as; the various positions we occupy in society. The key, I think, is not to cling to it too tightly.

Michael Jackson is just a memory of who he was, as is Michael Jordan. The roles pass.

in the end, all that is left are the memories.

Memories of a self-identity that once was.


blessings and peace

scored for harpsichord solo


Step 22- Complex Brew

February 14, 2009


life is a complex brew

many components.

to succeed, the right mix is needed:

combine –

1) mind: thoughts, wishes, desires

2) body: food, exercise

3) spirit: meditation, dreamwork

once the right balance is achieved, life becomes an easy, smooth flow; challenges arise, and are met with an equanimous mind. One no longer stresses.

full confidence is achieved.

prepare for 70 years, then simmer.

scored for violin and cello, flute and bassoon.