Step 14 – Cleaning One’s Fridge


diet plays a crucial role for those on the spiritual path.

one good thing to do, is to empty your fridge. Check out all those condiments, those soft, pulpy veggies, that fruit juice from 3 months ago. A total cleanout, and start all over again.

monitor what you are putting into your body; for ultimately that comes to shape consciousness.

is it fresh? is it nourishing? is it the food of life?

each has their own path. Some will abstain from meat, others will thrive on it. Some will love fruits, others don’t have a sweet tooth. Whatever the specifics, there is a tailored diet for your body and condition in life; one matched that will give you energy, vibrance, and well-being. Up to you to find it.

But one can start by emptying the fridge. Start from empty, and build.

bon appetit!

scored for oboe and piano.


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15 Responses to “Step 14 – Cleaning One’s Fridge”

  1. fibi Says:

    Beautiful.. As always..

  2. Jas Says:

    Tks for dropping by my blog. 🙂 Ur blog is full of wisdom. I shall visit often.

  3. Molly Says:

    Great post. I am fortunate to have a minimalist (way minimalist) husband who has, in our two and a half years of marriage, had a wonderful impact on me. Pre-marriage, there were biology experiments abounding in my fridge (good healthy foods, i was just not as vigilant about buying only what I would eat, and letting things rot). Post marriage our fridge is more in alignment with our life. If I know I am going out of town or out to dinner that week, I don’t buy as much. I guess what I am saying is that the fridge situation has been a work-in-progress and I am happy where it is now. if there are veggies about to go bad, I throw them all in the crockpot and make a stew, etc.

    Food is so important—we are what we ate, as you stated in a roundabout way in your post. Such an important topic. Thanks for posting it. And, as always, beautiful music.

  4. Paul Mackenzie Ross Says:

    There’s room for a lot more H2O in that sparkling appliance by the look of things. I feel that its last incarnation is very similar to my current… and, although I love sliced peppered wurst it’s sitting there uneaten whilst I’ve been veggie for a week!

    Got any tips on brain food and energy food? I need some revitalising, been tired all week and can’t seem to shake it off.

  5. angelcel Says:

    Through sheer lack of space, we, as a family, have the size fridge a single person might use and although it does often drive me nuts, it means that I have to be careful what I buy and use and, as you say, being mindful of what you eat is no bad thing at all.
    Lovely music…I hear the influence of your musical heroes.

  6. Lydia Says:

    The fridge is a great place to start uncluttering.

    A more important place to shape your consciousness is to start uncluttering your mind.

    Do you meditate?

    Do you cleanse your emotional memory stored on the meridian system?

    Do you consciously enable your mind to create the life you want to live?

    Are you achieving with ease what you already know you can create?

    Do you consciously replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones?

    If you carefully choose what you put in your mouth, your choice of what you put in your mind should definitely be on the same level of care.

    Your body is your subconscious mind.

    You are what you think.

    Love the music – I’ll be visiting soon again.

  7. damyantig Says:

    Excellent suggestion.

    Only problem is our fridge (s) are currently stocked up with beer from our last party.

    Sigh, must get back to cooking, and hence, grocery shopping.

    Btw, I really like the music!

  8. Doraz Says:

    Great advise! I am going to do this! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy yours. Will be by often! Happy weekend!

  9. okathleen Says:

    Tis true, you are what you eat, but I don’t want to become a grapefruit. Lovely, different posts.

  10. as i am Says:

    what a great idea!! love the idea. 🙂

  11. Elena Says:

    Food is so important… I wish I had the money to buy more quality foods. Or the land to plant my own.

  12. Esmaa Self Says:

    Well I am glad I have already taken stock and retooled (some 10 yrs back) for there simply is no way I’m tossing out my homegrown veggies and homemade nearly-everything-else! 🙂

  13. Esmaa Self Says:

    To Elena I say: you can do both things. You can.

  14. Says:

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  15. website Says:

    Just finished cleaning the fridge. I am surprised at how much room I have in there. I have also added some of my fruit and veg into containers all chopped out. I think I will be buying some more as I have run out. Such a great idea and saves a lot of space.
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